Descendant blog tour excerpt 5 by ElanaJohnson1


									Descendant blog tour: Excerpt #5

In this scene, Kye and Abby have gone to visit Kye’s dad. With his help, they have figured out a

major bit of information that tells them why the Dark Ones are chasing them, and why it’s

absolutely crucial that they don’t get caught. Abby is already suffering from some sensory

overload, and then she is hit with a vision that is highly unusual, even for someone with Sight.

       Eoin is still talking, but his words become a distant buzz as a vision slams into me like a

tornado-force wind.

       Pale violet eyes are reflected in the window of a cab, driving past rows of tall buildings.

A hacking cough drowns out the heavy metal song playing in the background. A cell phone rings.

       “Did you find the address?” asks a raspy voice. “Good. I’m nearly there.” Another

cough. “Don’t worry, I’ll bring the ring. Remember our deal. You get the ring, and I get Raina.”

       “Abby!” Kye shakes me. “What? What’s wrong?” He has me cradled in his lap on the

sofa, though I have no memory of moving there.

       I sit up, shaky, my eyes darting to Eoin. “He’s here. He’s coming for me. For my ring.

They know where we are.”

       Kye tenses, his voice alarmed. “Who? Who’s coming?”

       I shake my head as I push myself up to stand, looking around for my duffle bag. “I don’t

know. Someone.” Another flash—eyes reflected in glass. “The guy from Yellowstone.”


         “Are you sure?” Eoin hurries to the window and looks down at the street.

         “I’m sure.” I shove my arms into my coat sleeves and strap on my duffle bag. Kye frowns

and trades me for his backpack, claiming it’s lighter and we’ll be faster this way. I shrug and

sling his pack over my shoulders.

         Kye zips his coat and turns to Eoin with a look of regret. “Sorry, Dad. Wish we could


         Eoin slips the paper inside Kye’s backpack. “Maybe you should wait to retrieve the Key.

Come back in a month or so?”

         Kye shakes his head. “We don’t have a month. Besides, if we leave New York without

that Key now, we risk losing it to the Dark Ones. They must know that’s why we’re here. We

can’t take the risk.”

         Eoin taps his head with his fingertips. “You’re right. Be careful.”

         “You aren’t coming with us?” A knot sinks into the pit of my stomach. I had so hoped to

have a parent around to be responsible.

         “No. I need to preserve the records. I’ll catch up with you in a few days.” Eoin wraps his

arms around me. “Be safe.”

         I hug him back. “We will. Thanks for everything.”

         “My pleasure, [...]” He lets go of me and says goodbye to Kye. After a few murmured

words and manly pats on backs, they pull apart, and Kye and I race down the stairs and burst

onto the street. On the run for the second time in two days.

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