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					The Very Best
of Egypt

      The Khan El-Khalili Bazaar   Karnak temple in Luxor                               Philae Temple

                   Great Sphinx             Tutankhamun                Temple of Ramses II, Abu Simbel

                                                            And your holiday doesn’t
                                                            have to stop there....

                                               River Nile

  The Very Best of Egypt
  An exclusive 14 day
  fully escorted tour
  Prices start from


  Tour highlights                                                                EGYPT

    Multiple night stays at every point
    Stay at the Mena Oberoi House,
    Visit to the Egyptian Museum,
    including entrance to the Mummies
    Great pyramids of Giza &
    the Mighty Sphinx
    Temples of Ramses II,                    On this tour, every sight takes your breath away. The
    Abu Simbel                               splendour of Karnak and Luxor, with their brooding temples … the
    7 nights aboard one of the Nile’s
                                             colossal stone figures at Abu Simbel … the mighty Aswan Dams … the
    newest and most luxurious cruise         desolate Valley of the Kings. Just when you think nothing could match
    vessels M/S Darakum                      what you have just seen, there comes something even more amazing.
    Temples of Philae, Kom Ombo,
    Horus, Karnak & Luxor                    You see the mighty pyramids, the Sphinx and the
    Valley of the Kings
                                             wonders of the Cairo Museum with the treasures of
                                             Tutankhamun’s tomb. One thing you’ll certainly remember as
                                             long as you live, is your leisurely seven night cruise on one of the most
                                             opulent Nile cruisers, M/S Darakum. Like Cleopatra you cruise,
                                             pampered and serene, down the great river from one astonishing site to
                                             the next.

Extend your holiday
Why not extend your stay with a few
days in a luxury hotel on the
beautiful Red Sea coast. Here you
can simply relax on the beach and be
pampered. See page 157 for details.

                                          Luxor Spices
                                          Local                                              Luxor Temple

                                                Any questions? Talk to us on 01704 88 3000 or visit       151
      The Very Best of Egypt
      Day 1 Departure from                        After your visit, your afternoon is free       Day 4 Cairo
      London Heathrow                             to take a look at the city. The largest        Today you are at leisure. You could
      Your Egyptian journey starts at             city in the Arab World, it is                  visit the famous Citadel whose
      Heathrow with a BMI scheduled flight        nicknamed "The City of a Thousand              building was begun by Saladin in 1176,
      to Cairo. Here you meet your Tour           Minarets" for its wealth of architecture.      and the 19th century Mosque of
      Manager and companions whilst               It is full of extraordinary sights, like the   Mohammed Ali. The Khan El Kalili
      enjoying complimentary drinks and           cities of the dead – cemeteries where          bazaar is great fun. You’ll find all
      snacks in the executive lounge. This        over five million people live.                 manner of good things, from hand-
      evening we convene in the hotel for         Meals: Breakfast                               woven carpets to brilliant papyrus
      welcome drinks and dinner.                  Hotel: Oberoi Mena House                       paintings – perfect gifts and
      Meals: Inflight, Dinner                                                                    mementos. There are also personalised
      Hotel: Oberoi Mena House                    Day 3 Cairo                                    cartouches in gold and silver bearing
                                                  This morning you visit the Great               your name in ancient hieroglyphics.
      Day 2 Cairo                                 Pyramids of Giza. These massive stone          A trip to Memphis, Egypt’s oldest
      This morning you visit Cairo's Egyptian     structures were built around 4,500             capital is worth it to see the 33ft
      Museum which gives you a first glimpse      years ago on a rocky desert plateau            Colossus of Rameses II, whilst Sakkara
      into the life of the ancient Egyptians –    near the Nile – and they do not                is also an extremely interesting
      a prelude for what is to come. No           disappoint. Guarded by the equally             archaeological site. It is dominated by
      matter how many museums you have            famous Great Sphinx, they are all that         the famous step pyramid of King Zoser,
      visited, you will never find one more       remains of the seven wonders of the            which is centuries older than the
      fascinating. Not surprisingly it has the    ancient world. Although they                   ones at Giza.
      finest collection of Egyptian antiquities   epitomize ancient Egypt, the biggest           Meals: Breakfast
      in the world, with over 136,000 items       pyramids were built during a relatively        Hotel: Oberoi Mena House
      on display dating back to 3,100 BC.         short period, early in a civilization that
                                                  lasted almost three millennia. The
      As you can imagine, it’s hard to know       mummified bodies of Kings Cheops,
      where to start, which is why your           Kefren and Mykerinos were ferried
      guide is so invaluable. Things to see in    down the Nile to be prepared for their
      the museum include the astonishing          journey to the afterlife within these
      collection of riches found in               massive monuments. If you wish, you
      Tutankhamun’s tomb including his            can go inside one of the pyramids for a
      gold coffin – 450 pounds of solid gold      small additional cost.
      – and the Mummies’ Room, where you          Meals: Breakfast
      see the remains of nine Pharaohs.           Hotel: Oberoi Mena House

152   Any questions? Talk to us on 01704 88 3000 or visit
Pyramids of Giza
      Day 5 Cairo to Luxor                       Day 8 Aswan &                             Day 11 Valley of the Kings
      This morning you fly to Luxor to join      Philae Temple                             Today it is entirely different to how it
      the luxurious M/S Darakum for your 7       This morning after visiting the High      once was. The desolate Valley of the
      night Nile cruise. Without the rich        and Old Dams and The Unfinished           Kings appears quite nondescript, but
      fertility created by the flooding of the   Obelisk, take a short boat ride to the    contains 26 royal tombs – and 63
      Nile the civilisation of the Pharaohs      island temple of Philae, dedicated to     burial places in all. For nearly 500
      would never have been possible, and        the goddess Isis. Then, a romantic trip   years Pharaohs were buried here, but
      nearly all the cultural and historical     in a felucca to visit the Botanical       the only royal tomb ever found intact
      sites of Ancient Egypt are found along     Garden.                                   was Tutankhamun’s. After exploring
      its banks. There is no more idyllic (or    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner           some tombs – the brilliant paintings
      practical) way to see them than the        Vessel: M/S Darakum                       give a good picture of ancient life –
      one you are about to experience.                                                     you visit the Valley of the Queens and
      Meals: Breakfast, Dinner                                                             the Mortuary Temple of Rameses III.
      Vessel: M/S Darakum                        Day 9 Abu Simbel                          Massive reliefs depict his victories
                                                 This morning you take a short flight to   (and what happened to prisoners).
                                                 Abu Simbel to see two of the world’s      Relax back onboard this afternoon.
      Day 6 Karnak & Luxor Temples               most magnificent monuments. Built by      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
      This morning you visit your first          one of Egypt’s greatest Pharaohs,         Vessel: M/S Darakum
      temple, Karnak. This is not just a         Rameses II, these great temples were
      temple. It is a city of temples – the      almost lost beneath the waters of Lake
      largest religious sanctuary ever built     Nasser. The inner hall of the Great       Day 12 Luxor
      and a place of pilgrimage for nearly       Temple was placed with such precision     This morning, it’s goodbye to M/S
      4,000 years. The sacred enclosure of       that the first rays of sunlight reached   Darakum and off to your hotel to put
      Amon alone would hold ten                  the sanctuary twice a year: on the        your feet up or look round Luxor.
      cathedrals. The Hypostyle hall at          pharaoh’s birthday and the anniversary    Meals: Breakfast
      54,000 square feet with its 134            of his coronation. Afterwards you fly     Hotel: Hilton
      columns is still the largest room of any   back to rejoin M/S Darakum, with an
      religious building in the world. Besides   afternoon for reflection.
      the main sanctuary there are smaller       Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner           Day 13 Luxor
      temples and a vast sacred lake. You        Vessel: M/S Darakum                       We have left today free for you to
      reach nearby Luxor Temple by an                                                      enjoy the delights of Luxor or simply
      avenue of Sphinxes – Egypt's rulers                                                  relax in the hotel. There is what must
      from Tutankhamun to Alexander the          Day 10 Cruise Aswan                       be one of the world’s best situated
      Great added to its glory. You then set     to Luxor                                  infinity pools over the Nile and
      out for Edfu, watching the banks of        After the wonders you have seen,          excellent views of The Valley of the
      the Nile go by.                            enjoy simply relaxing and watching the    Kings. This evening over a farewell
      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner            life on the banks of the great river as   dinner with your fellow travellers
      Vessel: M/S Darakum                        you cruise back to Luxor.                 you’ll recall the extraordinary sights
                                                 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner           you have seen.
                                                 Vessel: M/S Darakum                       Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
      Day 7 Temple of Horus & Kom                                                          Hotel: Hilton
      This morning you see the Temple at
      Edfu, dedicated to Horus the falcon-                                                 Day 14 Arrival into London
      headed sky god, whose eyes were the                                                  Heathrow
      sun and moon. This, the best                                                         You fly on Egyptair to Cairo to
      preserved temple of all, gives you an                                                connect with your BMI flight to
      idea of how they all looked. Back on                                                 Heathrow. Perhaps you have made
      board you sail for Kom Ombo, once a                                                  friends on your tour as many clients do
      training depot for African war                                                       – and you’ll make plans to meet again!
      elephants. Here you see the temples of                                               Meals: Breakfast, Inflight
      Sobek the crocodile god and Haroeris
      majestically situated on the Nile’s
      banks before sailing for Aswan.
      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
      Vessel: M/S Darakum

154   Any questions? Talk to us on 01704 88 3000 or visit
Pre-bookable holiday excursions                                                                             For more details and
from £28 per person                                                                                         to book please call
                                                                                                            01704 88 3000

Sakkara Pyramid                   Cairo Citadel                          Cairo

Cairo                             Half Day Citadel & Bazaar              Luxor Museum
Half Day Memphis & Sakkara        Saladin built this fortress to         This museum is beautifully-lit
Memphis and Sakkara (Saqqara)     protect ancient Cairo and it sits      and organised. It contains the
are as fascinating as Giza.       on a high hill above the old city.     mummies of Pharaohs Ahmose,
The Step Pyramid of King Zoser,   The Khan El-Khalili, one of the        founder of the New Kingdom,
one of the world’s oldest stone   greatest bazaars, not only in          and Rameses I - with other good
structures, dates back to 2700    Egypt, but all the Middle East is      things including a fine
BC. Its designer Imhotep, the     famous for oriental souvenirs and      reconstruction of a palace wall
first architect to build stone    handicrafts.                           from the tomb of King
tombs is the first whose name     Prices from £35 per person             Tutankhamun.
                                                                                                           Karnak temple in Luxor
still lives.                                                             Prices from £36 per person
Prices from £38 per person

Pyramid Sound & Light Show - prices from £28 per person

                                   The Sound & Light Pyramid Show
                                   is a beautiful presentation. As the
                                   dusk falls, stories of the past
                                   magically unfold … the music,
                                   voices and lights are your guide                                        Sphinx
                                   through the mysteries surrounding
                                   the Pyramids of Giza. The greatest
                                   touch is that the “star” is the
                                   Sphinx - what narrator could be
                                   better placed to recount the                                             For more details and
                                   history it has witnessed over so                                         to book please call
                                   many thousands of years?                                                 01704 88 3000

                                                                         Pyramids of Giza
The Very Best of Egypt
Prices from £2,995

                                                                                                                Luxor Hilton                   Cairo - Oberoi Mena House

                                                                                                           Pan Pacific Hotel
                                                                                             M/S Darakum, Cruising the Nile                             M/S Darakum
                                                                                                                                                        Pan Pacific Hotel

                                                         Cairo - Oberoi Mena House

                           Luxor Hilton                               Luxor Hilton                                                              M/S Darakum, Restaurant

                                                                                 M/S Darakum                                   Dining
Tour hotels                               Cruising the Nile                      In Egypt they have had thousands of           The food in the plush M/S Darakum
                                                                                 years to perfect the art of luxury. There     restaurant is excellent. There’s a choice
Days 1~4 Cairo                            Days 5~11 Nile Cruise                  is no more relaxing and luxurious way         of Egyptian or European dishes at
Oberoi Mena House                         For thousands of years people have     to take in many of Egypt’s most               breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Superbly situated, boasting a string      cruised down the Nile. Now you will on astonishing and memorable landmarks
of top awards in perhaps the worlds’      one of the Nile’s most luxurious       and sites than cruising aboard M/S            Day to Day Life Onboard
most competitive market.                  cruisers, the M/S Darakum. Sitting     Darakum. Your cabin faces the Nile in         Your days on board are planned around
You’ll soon see why.                      beneath an awning on a floating hotel, this floating palace with its exquisite       shore excursions which are arranged for
                                          sipping an iced beverage, perhaps      furnishings, elegant interiors, superb        the early morning and late afternoon so
Days 12~13 Luxor                          fanned by a soft breeze – marvellous!  food and service, bars – and even a           that you avoid the heat of the mid-day
Hilton                                    As you follow the route taken by long  swimming pool.                                sun. You have plenty of time to relax
The Hilton, Luxor's most                  dead Pharaohs along the mighty river                                                 and enjoy the passing scenery as you
contemporary and luxurious                you explore great temples, visit the   Accommodation                                 gently cruise from one fascinating site
spa resort has majestic views of the      tombs in the Valley of the Kings, and  M/S Darakum’s air-conditioned cabins          to the next.
sacred river - it's the perfect           marvel at colossal monuments. Can you are thoughtfully designed to the highest
sanctuary from which to explore the       imagine a more agreeable way to pass   standards with two twin or one king           Facilities and services
area's fascinating history. You are in    the time?                              size bed, private facilities, mini-bar,       You will find all the services and
for a real treat, all of our rooms are                                           satellite LCD TV and safety deposit           facilities you could want aboard the
within the garden wing and have                                                  box. Your cabin’s large panoramic             M/S Darakum. Besides the sundeck
views overlooking the Pyramids.                                                  window lets you watch the life along          with its round swimming pool there’s a
                                                                                 the banks of the Nile, which has barely       recreation area and bar, a pub,
                                                                                 changed over the millennia.                   discotheque, gift shop, mini gym and
                                                                                                                               lounge. On top of that there’s a library
                                                                                                                               and reading room, laundry and valet

   Extend your holiday
   Red Sea
   3 nights from £395 per person
                                                                                       Oberoi Spa

                                                                                       Oberoi Main Pool

 Oberoi Beach

Red Sea from £395 per person
3 Nights - Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh

• Return flights and transfers.
• 3 nights Deluxe Suite at Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh with daily breakfast.

After the astonishing experience that is Egypt, why not do absolutely nothing?
Find a secluded haven on the Red Sea Coast with its own private beach – do a
little sunbathing, take a dip now and then - and relax. There’s always the rare
marine life, if you feel really energetic.

                             Single Supplements will apply, please call for details.   Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh

                                                        2010 & 2011                                    Prices per person, based on Double/Twin Share.
The Very Best of Egypt
                                                                                                       Single supplement: £845
Departure dates & prices                                Departure date                   Price
                                                        21 October 2010                  £2,995        Supplements for Premium Economy or Business
                                                        04 November 2010                 £3,295        Class are available on request.
                                                        27 January 2011                  £3,295
                                                                                                       Cabin Upgrades - M/S Darakum
                                                        10 February 2011                 £3,475
                                                                                                       Junior Suite £259 - Single Supplement £259
                                                        24 February 2011                 £3,475        Senior Suite £375 - Single Supplement £375
                                                        03 March 2011                    £3,475        Presidential Suite £485 - Single Supplement £485
                                                        10 March 2011                    £3,295