Descendant blog tour excerpt 4 by ElanaJohnson1


									Descendant blog tour: Excerpt # 4

In this scene, Kye and Abby have come looking for a man who can tell them more about the

missing Arawn Keys (ancient artifacts thought to be used to seal an entire community of demons

in an underground prison) and what those Keys have to do with them. They have already faced a

number of frightening, evil situations, and are feeling cautious about this one as well. They’re

short on time, but have just discovered that they’re in the right place.

       “Let’s find this guy so we can get out of here.” Kye pulls me up and keeps my hand in his

as we head back through the casino to the front lobby. The lady at the information desk frowns

when Kye asks for Juri but doesn’t know if it’s his first name or his last. She picks up her phone

receiver and turns her back on us, speaking in a hushed voice. Facing us again, she gestures at a

security guard. “Walt will take you to Mr. Juri’s office.”

       Walt, a big guy in a scary-looking uniform, eyes us up and down, causing my heart to

pound in apprehension. No turning back now. We follow him down the same hall we explored a

few minutes ago, but this time a cloud of dark energy looms, threatening to overwhelm me. The

lights flicker and dim.

       I squeeze Kye’s hand until my fingers ache, trying to tell him something’s not right. He

squeezes back. He feels it too.

       Walt opens the enormous door, and terror slams into me as I’m met with a pair of

familiar cat-like yellow eyes. I know this man. I remember seeing him the night Gram died. His

eyes bore into me and I feel an evil kind of heat in him. The blood drains from my face and the

air backs up in my lungs. Kye squeezes my hand. “Abby?”

       “It’s him,” I whisper. “I know him.”
       The man shakes his head. “Can I help you?”

       Kye’s muscles go rigid and he pulls me close with a protective arm. “Mr. Juri? Landon

Akers sent us.”

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