Descendant Blog Tour excerpt 2 by ElanaJohnson1


									Descendant Blog Tour: Excerpt #2

In this scene, Abby and Kye are on a bus, heading on an overnight trip to Yellowstone. Because she is the
last one on the bus, Abby is forced to sit next to Kye, who makes her all kinds of uncomfortable, because
he feels just too familiar, even though they’ve never actually talked before today, and who tends to
trigger bits and pieces of visions that feel…maybe inappropriate? For someone she’s only just met.

          “Sorry, gang. Running late, as always.” Mr. Akers sets down an armload of stuff and strips off his

oversized camouflage coat. Kye grasps my forearm and pulls me past him to sit next to the window.

“Best seat in the place.” His voice sounds rough, different. “More room, more privacy.”

          “Oh.” I gulp, and my heart races. Privacy? With Kye? I like the idea, as much as it terrifies me.

          While we ride in silence, I focus on how the descending sun lights the sky on fire, when what I

really want to do is stare at Kye. Something about him heats my blood, stirring feelings I’ve never

experienced and wouldn’t know how to describe. Even though I’m not looking at him, I feel his every

movement, hear the odd rhythm of his breathing that makes me wonder if his thoughts are as focused

on me as mine are on him. Part of me wants to believe he’s been plunged into the same type of turmoil

I’m currently experiencing.

          When his knee bumps mine, a vision appears in a blinding flash

          Fingers trailing over the bare skin of my arm, lips pressed against my throat, a hand caressing

the small of my back.

          Kye taps my shoulder, bringing me out of my daze. “Akers has a cooler up there. You want a


          I realize my mouth is dry and nod.
        The road is far from smooth, but he moves down the aisle easily, chatting and joking with Mr.

Akers like they’re best buds, and helping himself to the contents of the cooler like it belongs to him. A

few minutes later, Kye returns, handing me a can. “Here you go.”

        “Thanks.” I pop the top and sip, needing something to do with my hands, something to cool the

flames I can still feel in my face.

        “Will this be your first time?” He fidgets with the leather on his wrist.

        I gasp, nearly choking on a mouthful. “Um, what?”

        He purses his lips, doing battle with the urge to laugh. “I mean in Yellowstone.”

        “Yes.” Relieved to realize he didn’t mean that, I twist a lock of hair around my finger, trying not

to think about what that would be like. “Can’t wait to see what all the hype is about.”

        “You’ll enjoy it.” Something in his eyes tells me he’s talking about more than geysers and mud

pots, and twin feelings of anticipation and fear go to war in my stomach.

        “I … I’m hoping to see a ….”

        He tips his can up and knocks back the entire thing. My eyes follow the line of his throat as he

swallows, and once again, my own mouth goes dry. Needing the distraction, I take a long swig too,

chugging so hard that this time I do choke, doubling over while Kye pats my back.

        “Breathe.” He chuckles. “You okay?”

        I shake my head. “That went down wrong.” My back tingles where his hand touches a strip of

exposed skin, and a line of heat circles my core.

        Lips, warm and soft on mine, teeth scraping against my tongue.

        “Abby?” He removes his hand, bringing me back to my senses but leaving me feeling feverish.

        “I’m okay.” I scoot toward the window, needing to put distance between us.
       His hand curls into a fist on top of the armrest, but it’s his only reaction. “You were about to tell

me what you’re hoping to see.”

       I fold my coat into a pillow and try to prop it against the seat behind my head, still holding my

empty can. “A buffalo.”

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