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					Descendant Blog Tour: Excerpt #1

This is Abby’s first day at her new school in Jackson. She is already feeling overwhelmed after
being nearly plowed over by some boys having a snowball fight before school, and then meeting
Rose, who talks faster than some people type. This scene happens at the beginning of drama
class, while the teacher leads them all in some Thai-chi movements, and is the first time Abby
and Kye come face-to-face, sort of.

           Following his directions, my classmates and I stand with our feet shoulder-width apart,

eyes closed, and sweep our arms in circles, aiming first at the floor and then moving toward the


           “Push out all the dark energy, and pull in your chi,” Mr. Akers says in a soothing voice.

“Pull in the light, the good, and the happy. Concentrate. Breathe in the positive.”

           I feel calm. Balanced. Stable.

           Until the door behind the stage slams open and a burst of frigid wind hits me from

behind. Shivering, I turn toward the source of the distraction.

           Someone forces the door closed, pushing hard until the latch clicks. He’s standing in the

shadows, so I can only see his outline, but my breath catches when he steps into the light and

tosses his coat on a chair. His hair is short up to his ears, but from the top grows long enough to

wave softly around his face. Smooth skin stretches taut over the lean muscles in his arms. This

guy works out. My heart stutters when our eyes meet. His are pools of the clearest blue I’ve ever

seen—a blue that seems to pierce straight through my soul. A spark of familiarity races down my

spine. I know those eyes from somewhere.

           Why won’t my heart beat normally?
        “Glad you could make it to class, Kye.” Mr. Akers doesn’t even have to look; he already

knows who just came in. He continues to lead the Thai Chi movement as if there was never an

interruption. “I assume you have a good reason for being tardy?”

        “Yes, sir, I do.” Kye’s voice is musical. And familiar. He’s the guy who was talking to

Mrs. K. in the office, but that’s not all. I could swear I’ve seen him before, heard his voice

before. “I can get a note if you want,” he says, tearing his eyes from mine. “Val sends his

regards.” He takes a place on the stage, far away from me, assumes a Thai Chi stance, and

mimics our movement like he’s been doing this his entire life. His breathing is even and slow, as

if he hasn’t just come bursting in from the Arctic. As if he isn’t as affected by me as I am by him.

        Mr. Akers opens one eye and peers at Kye. “I see.” Kye nods and Mr. Akers closes his

eye again and finishes the warm up session—apparently needing no further explanation. My

intuition spikes and I’m curious. There was something in the look they exchanged, but as hard as

I try, I can’t figure out what.

        I try to see into Kye’s energy field, but I can’t. For some reason that has nothing to do

with the stage lights, I can’t see Kye’s aura at all.

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