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                    Master of Science in Software Engineering

                    Drexel University's College of Engineering       Concentration Tracks
                    is an internationally recognized leader in
                    engineering education. It is the third largest   Students select an area of concentration, or
                    private engineering college in the United        track, which allows them to take a cohesive,
                    States, with numerous faculty recognitions,      more specialized set of courses supporting
                    highly ranked programs, and research             their individual career interests.
                    accomplishments. The online software
                    engineering degree program draws on the          Three tracks are available:
                    diverse expertise of distinguished Drexel            Computer Science: for individuals
                    University faculty. In its online format, the        interested in a variety of technical
                    program continues Drexel’s tradition of              topics pertaining to the development
                    leadership and excellence in educating               of software systems.
                    engineers for successful careers since 1891.
                                                                         Engineering: for individuals interested
                                                                         in techniques to model engineering
                    Master of Science in Software
                                                                         problems and offer software solutions.
                                                                         Information Science and Technology:
                    The online M.S. in Software Engineering              for students interested in applying
                    degree is designed to address the rapid              software engineering to information
                    rise in demand for software engineering              systems problems in commercial
                    professionals by offering courses and                organizations and other settings.
                    degrees that provide students with the
                    skills employer's desire and knowledge           Program Features
                    needed to make an immediate contribution
                                                                         Rigorous study in software engineering
                    to the workplace. The multidisciplinary
                                                                         courses with the option of taking courses
                    curriculum provides an understanding
                                                                         in Engineering, Computer Science, or
                    of the latest technologies and tools that
                                                                         Information Science and Technology.
                    are being developed and encompasses
                    behavioral, managerial and technical                 Taught by experienced faculty who are
                    aspects of software engineering.                     successful professionals in the field and
                                                                          consistently recognized for their scholarly
                    The software engineering degree program
                                                                         work and professional achievements.
                    is designed specifically for students who
                    are interested in a range of application             Highly interactive e-Learning method
                    domains. It prepares students for key roles          designed to challenge and engage
                    in industry, government agencies, academia           students, while remaining convenient
                    and other institutions.                              for working professionals.

                    Graduates of this program have found their
                    degrees to be highly valued credentials in          What our students say...
                    the field. Many have advanced as senior             “The online course are flexible,
                    managers within large engineering firms or          feedback from professors was timely,
                                                                        and group projects were interesting.”
www.drexel.com/se   became successful as entrepreneurs in the
                    software engineering field.                         “Excellent course. Team projects
                                                                        and use of presentation software
                                                                        were great learning tools.”
Admissions Criteria - Engineering               How eLearning Works
                                                                                               For more information, visit
and Computer Science Tracks
                                                Delivered fully online, through Drexel's       www.drexel.com/se,
   A four-year bachelor’s degree in             highly interactive eLearning method, the       call (877) 215-0009 (toll-free),
   engineering or computer science from         program offers unprecedented convenience       or e-mail info@drexel.com.
   an accredited institution in the U.S. or     and flexibility for working professionals.
   an equivalent international institution.         You take courses part-time and have
   A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B) for          access to lectures, reading materials,
   the last two years of undergraduate work.        assignments, exams and your professors
   For any additional graduate work, the            using a standard computer connected
   average GPA must be at least 3.0.                to the Internet.
   Complete graduate school application.            Students interact with your instructors
   Official transcripts from all universities       and classmates through e-mail and
   or colleges attended.                            web-based threaded discussions.

   Two letters of recommendation                    All readings, work sessions, assignments
   (professional or academic).                      and other tasks are prespecified and
                                                    monitored on a continuous basis.
   Submission of your resume and a 500
                                                    Written assignments, exams, access to
   word essay on why you wish to pursue
                                                    grades and feedback from instructors
   graduate studies in software engineering.
                                                    are all online.
   International Students must submit a
   TOEFL score indicating a minimum of          Employer Sponsored Programs
   600 (paper exam) or 250 (CBT exam).
                                                We collaborate with corporations and
Admissions Criteria - IST Track                 employers nationwide to provide access to
                                                our programs through lower rates and
   A four-year bachelor's degree from an        tuition reimbursement plans.
   accredited institution in the U.S. or an
   equivalent international institution.        Financing Your Education
   A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B)
                                                     Government aid programs are available
   for the last two years of undergraduate
                                                to students pursuing degrees and
   work. For any additional graduate work,
                                                     taking at least six credits per term.
   the average GPA must be at least 3.0.
                                                    Interested applicants should ask their            Drexel Online
   Scores from the General Aptitude Test of
                                                    employers about available tuition
   the GRE. Applicants who have at least a                                                     Express mail services address:
                                                    reimbursement benefits.
   3.2 GPA for the last two years of their
                                                                                                      One Drexel Plaza
   undergraduate work may be eligible for           Deferred payment plans are available
                                                                                                3001 Market Street, Ste. 300
   admission without the GRE. This decision     through Drexel’s Bursar’s Office.
   is made by the associate dean of the
                                                                                                   Philadelphia, PA 19104
                                                    Drexel University accepts Discover,
   College after reviewing the application.         American Express, and MasterCard.
   Complete graduate school application.
                                                                                                 U.S. postal mail address:
                                                For more financing information, contact the           P.O. Box 34729
   Official transcripts from all universities   Financial Aid Office at (215) 895-2537 or
                                                                                                  Philadelphia, PA 19101
   or colleges attended.                        the Bursar’s Office at (215) 895-1445.
   Two letters of recommendation
   (professional or academic).                                                                       PH (877) 215-0009
                                                For further information about this                   FX (215) 895-0525
   Submission of your resume and a 500          program, please visit us online at                    info@drexel.com
   word essay on why you wish to pursue         www.drexel.com/se.
   graduate studies in software engineering.
   International Students must submit a
   TOEFL score indicating a minimum of 600
   (paper exam) or 250 (CBT exam).

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