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Commitee Report Template by prancer88


									Report No.                       London Borough of Bromley                       Agenda
                                        PART 1 - PUBLIC
                                                                                 Item No.   A
                                         <Please select>

Decision Maker:         Plans Sub-Committee No. 1

Date:                   29th October 2009
Decision Type:          Non-Urgent               Non-Executive             Key

Title:                  ROMNEY, LUXTED ROAD, ORPINGTON, KENT -
                        CAT RESCUE OPERATION

Contact Officer:        Tim Bloomfield, Development Control Manager
                        Tel: 020 8313 4687 E-mail:

Chief Officer:          Chief Planner

Ward:                   Darwin

1.    Reason for report

1.1      Complaints have been received about a cat rescue operation at the above site.



2.1 No further action.


3.1     In 2007 the Council became aware that this property was being used as a cat rescue centre.
        The cats are housed here by an organisation called Animal Samaritans. All expenses were
        paid by the Animal Samaritans and the venture is non-profit making. At that time no further
        action was taken.

3.2     In 2008 a complaint was received alleging that the use had intensified. A further site visit was
        made but the situation remained as at the time of the 2007 visit.

3.3     In April 2009 a further complaint was received in respect of the use and 2 advertisement signs
        relating to the use. A further site visit was made and it was noted that an additional shed had
        been erected on the site. This shed like a number of others in the garden is used to
        accommodate cats. The operators confirmed that there has been no increase in the number
        of cats and stated that the number of cats was being reduced.

3.4     Of the two signs on the premises one has been removed voluntarily. This was a rectangular
        sign affixed to a tree which had been displayed since at least 2007. The remaining has been
        displayed since 2008.


4.1 The use of the premises for a mixed use for residential and cat rescue purposes has not
    materially changed since 2007 and does not amount to a material change of use, as a matter of
    fact and degree. The sign is of a size which has deemed advertisement consent. No further
    action is recommended.

      Non-Applicable Sections:       Financial, Legal and Personnel Implications
      Background Documents:          Enforcement files contain exempt information, as defined in
      (Access via Contact            Schedule 12A of the Local Government (Access to
      Officer)                       Information) Act 1985, and are therefore not available for
                                     public inspection.

      Ref: H(DC)/CW/09/285


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