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Dear Sponsors:                                                      Application #__________________

Thank you very much for your willingness to adopt a needy family this holiday season! You will be blessed as you reach
out to those who are less fortunate. Please keep the following guidelines in mind as you complete this process. Please read
these instructions carefully even if you have participated in the past. Please provide copies of these instructions to
everyone who is participating with you.

1. Please immediately contact your Adoption Coordinator with your 4 digit application number located on the upper
left corner so we know that you have received this information! Please also provide your Adoption Coordinator with your
contact information ( phone, email). Please contact your Adoption Coordinator with any questions instead of calling

 2. Please contact your family by phone asap ( if they have a working phone # ) to confirm the information on the
enclosed registration form ( i.e., the # of people in the home, ages, genders, sizes, individual needs etc.)

-At that time you can ask if they would prefer receiving food or a gift card to a grocery store. Find out where they shop.

-It is best to call in the evening as most of the school - aged children speak English. Or you can contact your coordinator
to see if they can make the call for you. MEND cannot provide a translator.

-It is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended that you visit the family before making your purchases. This will help
you in making your selections.

3. Please deliver your Christmas basket no later than Sunday, December 19, 2010. Please coordinate the date &
time with the family. MEND will be closed after December 21st.

-Mail your postcard to your adopted family as soon as you know the delivery date AND telephone your coordinator.
Please put your return address on the postcard.

-Please notify your Adoption Coordinator asap if you change the delivery date. Please notify your Adoption Coordinator
when the delivery has been made.

-MEND cannot make the delivery for you. The volunteers & staff are preparing hundreds of boxes for those families who
were not adopted or have special needs.

-Please notify your coordinator by December 9 if for some reason you are unable to provide the Christmas basket.


- Each family member should be given a new article of clothing (such as a sweater or sweatshirt).

- One or two gifts should be given to each child in addition to the clothes. See attached Suggested Gift Items.


- A gift for the parents will be appreciated such as a household item ( blanket, kitchen utensils, towels, space heater etc.).

Please do not purchase any big household items such as furniture or major appliances. MEND recommends sticking to
the guidelines in fairness to all adopted families.

                                                                                                                   Rev. 10/10/11
5. FOOD: A sufficient amount of food is needed for a festive Christmas meal & a few days after. See the attached list of
Suggested Food Items.

- The family may prefer to receive a gift card to their grocery store.
- During this time the family will not receive the food they normally get from MEND.

6. Although the $ amount spent for your adopted family is subjective & based on what you can afford, experience has
shown that a good estimate is $75.00 to $100.00 per family member. This includes clothes, gifts, household items and

Please provide at least the recommended minimum in these guidelines. For many of our families your generosity will be
the ONLY gifts & food they will receive for Christmas!

MEND encourages you to keep in contact with your adopted family throughout the year, if possible. Perhaps you will
consider remembering them at Easter, Thanksgiving & other times.

If you have any slightly used items, perhaps you can give then to your adopted family during the year & not at Christmas.

If you have any questions, concerns or problems, after reading these guidelines, please contact your Adoption Coordinator
at the number listed below.

                         Your generosity is greatly appreciated because it makes a difference!
                                                Thank you very much!

Your Adoption Coordinator - ________________________________________________
                             Name                    Phone

                                                    Suggested Food List
Quantities will vary according to the family size. These are only suggestions:
    5 lbs Ham or Turkey; 5 lbs Flour; 5 lbs Sugar; 5 lbs Potatoes; Dried beans; Rice; Canned Vegetables; Canned
        Fruit; Canned Soup; Jell-O; Hot Chocolate; Baked/dessert; Breakfast Cereal; Tuna; Canned meat; Fresh Fruit;
If your adopted family is Latino, it is a tradition for many families to prepare tamales for Christmas.
Your adopted family might prefer that you purchase grocery store scrip, a food gift certificate.

                                                     Suggested Gift Items
We suggest a minimum of $15.00 for each gift purchased. Please keep in mind that these are most likely the ONLY gifts
that the children in the family will receive at Christmas.

Children ages 0 – 5
Age appropriate games, books, stuffed animals, puppets, puzzles, blocks, toys to stimulate development.
Children 5 – 10
Arts and crafts supplies, books, games, small soccer balls, dolls, sports equipment, puzzles, legos, cars/trucks

Teens 10 – 14
Perfume, small purses, shower gel and powders, costume jewelry, calculators, watches, baseball cards, hair accessories,
stationery/diaries, wallets, sports equipment, baseball caps, magazines, books, art supplies, board games, large soccer
balls, posters, CD player, clothing, tote bags and backpacks.
Parents or Adults (Head of Household)
Linen, sheets, tablecloths, kitchen utensils, household items, blankets, space heaters, gift baskets, hygiene items, non-
perishable food.
                                                                                                                   Rev. 10/10/11

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