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									                                                      JOB PROFILE

Job Title:                                               Senior Protection Project Officer
Place of Work:                                           Chengdu, with frequent and regular travel to
                                                         project sites in Sichuan
Salary:                                                  3.1. (RMB 5,490/ month before tax)
Reports to:                                              Programme Coordinator
Line management responsibility:                          Yes
Child Safeguarding Level:                                Level 3

Job Purpose

To ensure effective implementation and management of protection work in Sichuan province
and support the protection team in implementation of the Protection Thematic Programme

Key accountabilities

    To lead and/or implement the relevant project(s) in terms of design, planning, budgeting,
     implementing, monitoring and evaluating and to produce high quality internal and external
     reports to SC upper levels, donors, and media

    To prepare and submit budgets for the project activities to the line manager regularly, to
     authorise limited expenditure in line with the project budget and agree on the most
     effective management of the budget to achieve the project goals

    To contribute technical support to relevant areas relating to the project for project
     partners, parents, or other community members including training

    To work closely together with partners on implementing and further developing the
     project as well as on improving relevant policies and practices related to the project
     through advocacy and communications.

    To strengthen partnership with various partners to facilitate the implementation of
     projects and sustainability into the future when Save the Children hands over the project

    To lead the development of project proposals with Finance, Funding unit and Policy and
     Communications, with reference to the Programme Quality Team and write reports in a
     timely manner.

    To monitor the progress of the project(s) through regular project site visits and by the
     development of effective monitoring and evaluation systems for this project with advice
     from the Programme Quality Team and in coordination with the various partners.

    To contribute to the communications needs of the organisation, suggesting reports and
     case studies that will support fundraising or other needs

    To support the effective integration of child rights, child participation and protection
     principles into projects

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    To work with other stakeholders (children, NGOs, Donors, Government Departments)
     engaged in protection activities in order to strengthen protection work and to share both
     technical and financial resources in the interests of greater efficiency and effectiveness.

    To support China Programme initiatives relating to the implementation and integration of
     such cross-cutting issues as child-rights programming, disability and HIV/AIDS.

    To represent SC UK externally, actively networking to promote SC perspectives and
     building relationships that facilitate operations and bring into the organisation new
     insights on issues affecting children.

    To comply with the requirements of Save the Children’s child safeguarding and other

    To perform such other tasks and responsibilities as may be required from time to time in
     order to ensure the smooth running of the team and the Save the Children China

    To participate in field emergency responses within and outside of programme area when

 Previous NGO working experience

    Good understanding about UNCRC

Working contacts
All staff within Sichuan programme, protection project staff in each office, protection advisors
or experts from other country programmes or head office
Governmental and community partners, children, young people, volunteers, parents, other
community members, other NGOs, donors, and academic institutions

Person specification

    A professional qualification at (post)graduate level or equivalent in a related subject.

    A minimum of five years work experience in a related field, preferably in NGOs and with
     knowledge and experience of project implementation cycle, especially the ability to lead
     implement and plan activities in a timely manner.

    Strong communication skills and analytical skills

    Experience of training, capacity building, or advocacy is preferred.

    A flexible approach to work with good time management skills and the ability to prioritise
     work and meet deadlines.

    Willing and be able to travel extensively and regularly to project sites and within China.

    Fluent in English and Mandarin both spoken and written, with good report writing skills

    An understanding of and commitment to, the aims of SC as an organisation working for

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     social change and active in the promotion of the rights of the child.

    A commitment to support for cross-organisational initiatives and to team working and
     understanding of how to contribute to this.

    Ability to operate within a predominantly administratively self-servicing environment.

Child safeguarding level - level 3
The responsibilities of the post require you to work directly with children or young people,
individually or in groups

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