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May 2011 - AIT Intranet - Athlone Institute of Technology


									                      ATHLONE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY

                              BRIEFING BY PRESIDENT

                                        MAY 2011


The New Engineering Building is handed over and working well. Most people including
lecturing staff and students are happy with the result. However, some issues have yet to
be resolved e.g. the issue of payment for remedial works to walls and roof. Liquidated
damages at the rate of €10,000 per week were deducted by the institute from the
contractor for late completion. The contractor, the design team and the institute met
informally on the issues in dispute at the offices of the institute solicitors. No progress
was achieved at that meeting all subsequent correspondence has also failed to resolve the
outstanding issues. Meetings with the conciliator have taken place and a conciliation
meeting will take place later this year.

The Science laboratories are complete with upgrade of the new foundation laboratories
for sixty students. A new pharmacy laboratory has also been added.
The institute has made an application for funding to the Dept for upgrading the existing
science building. The estimated cost is approximately €1,705,000.The Dept agreed to
provide funding for the upgrade of €1, 705, 000, It is hoped to go to tender by the 6 th of
May and commence work on the 1st of June with completion scheduled for the 1st of
September 2011. While this is a tight programme we believe it can be achieved.

Sports Building
The enabling and ground works for the new sports building are nearing completion . The
works are on programme. Tenders for the main contract for the sports building were
forwarded to the successful contractors in February these are due back on the 31st of
March. It is hoped to commence work in early May with a completion date of 10th of
January 2012. While again this is an extremely tight programme we believe with the
right commitment and attitude of all parties involved it can be achieved....

Other minor works planned for the summer period are the extension to HGV for a
training area. The upgrade and modernisation of the canteen, kitchen and storage area,
moving goods-in to the energy building, refurbishment of the existing goods-in area to
accommodate office suite for the School of Business.

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Media coverage
The awarding of four new distinguished fellowships by AIT to Patrick Cooney, Stephen
Grant, Mary O’Rourke and Dr Don Panoz on 29 March received extensive national and
regional media coverage. Both The Irish Times and the Irish Independent carried
photographs and reports of the event, as did the local press. There was also a considerable
pick-up of the story on various websites and online fora.

Other events to receive coverage included the Junior Cert Business Awards, the
pharmacy technician conference, the annual Sports Awards, and the In the Loop music

Nationwide programme
The first segment for the AIT Nationwide programme was filmed on 23 March. The RTÉ
news feature programme will dedicate one entire show to marking the fortieth
anniversary of the institute. The programme will feature a combination of interviews with
students, researchers, graduates and staff and will highlight the extent of engagement
between the institute and the region. The show will be broadcast before the summer.

Social Media
AIT’s Facebook page now has approx. 3,000 fans, a number that has doubled in the past
12 months. This positions the institute amongst the highest ranking educational Facebook
pages in Ireland. Eight-four per cent of fans are in the 18-34 age bracket.

      Diagram 1: Total likes for

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                   Diagram 2: Gender and age breakdown of fans of

         Diagram 3: Total likes for

The alumni association Facebook page has now reached 400 fans and plans are in place
to grow this further.

AIT’s Twitter account has 388 followers. Analysis of the Twitter account influence is

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Online Annual Leave Project:
Phase 2 will be rolled out to the remaining Salaried Staff week commencing 18th April

Professional Development Committee:

Directors Report -PDC Approvals First Quarter
Meetings Held January and March
Course Title                                           No of Approvals
Teaching and Enhanced Learning Module                                5
Assessment and Evaluation Module                                     8
Professional Certificate in Radiation Safety                         1
MA Management                                                        1
Occupational Health and Safety                                       2
Fundamentals of Windows                                              1
Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching                           1
Masters in Health and Safety                                         1
MBA                                                                  1
PhD - Fine Art                                                       1


Registrar’s direct report to Governing Body in May 2011
It is proposed that the registrar will provide a presentation to the chair and members of
the governing body at its meeting on 03 May 2011. This meeting will cover three distinct

   1. A report on the HEA Study of Progression (October 2010)
   2. An update on the CAO process for 2011
   3. Interim feedback from the institutional review of March 2011

Institutional Review
The expert panel visited the institute from 21 – 23 March 2011. Sessions were held with
governing body members, senior management, staff, students, and stakeholders. The
interim feedback, upon which the registrar will report at the meeting on 03 May 2011, is
positive. To date the registrar has provided a feedback presentation to each department,
to the functional areas, and to student representatives.

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Delegation of Authority at Levels 9 & 10
In 2010 the institute made renewed application to the HETAC for delegation of authority
at Levels 9 & 10 in polymer engineering and in life and physical sciences, and Level 9 in
software engineering. An expert panel under the chairmanship of Dr Tim Creedon
convened in the institute in January 2011. While the interim feedback proposed that the
panel was satisfied in respect of polymer engineering and software engineering, it
advised that the application in respect of life and physical science be more closely
focused on particular domains. In April 2011, the institute working in conjunction with
the HETAC and the panel chair made progress on this matter and the panel is now
considering delegation at Level 10 in respect of toxicology and molecular biology. A
report from the HETAC is awaited.

Continuing approval for research in specific domains
AIT is approved to conduct research in a number of specific areas. This approval is a
status that confers an element of independence but one that is inferior to full delegated
authority. In April 2011 the institute will undertake a self-evaluation of these areas to
inform a report to be made to the HETAC by month’s end. The purpose of the report is
to support an application for a further period of five years of approval in respect these
domains. As a quality measure, three external objective experts with complimentary
perspectives are invited to join this internal evaluation.

An Chéim
A number of institute officers are contributing to the build and the testing of the CAPP
(Curriculum Advising, Program Planning) facility that will lie at the heart of the
management information system from summer 2011. This process has attracted
considerable discussion and concern and the board of an Chéim, on which the registrar
sits, is keenly conscious of the potential risk involved in this project. The matter is also
being closely observed by the Council of Registrars.

New degree in Sports Science with Exercise Physiology
A external validation panel chaired by Ms Marion Coy, former president of GMIT, sat in
early April to consider submissions from the school of science. While the formal report
is awaited, the immediate return from the panel has recommended the adoption of a new
Level 8 degree in Sports Science with Exercise Physiology. Contingent on approval from
academic council, this is advised to the CAO for inclusion in the CAO Handbook for
2012. The school is minded to offer this programme by direct application in September

Postgraduate Diploma in Learning & Teaching
A separate validation panel under the chair of Mr Dermot Finan, a former registrar of IT
Sligo, has recommended the proposal to institute a postgraduate diploma in learning and
teaching for the sector. This is the culmination of a shared sectoral offering with
elements contributed by a number of institutions. That AIT is chosen as the locus of the
overall award is a particular honour and evidences the respect in which the institute’s
commitment to learning and teaching enhancement is held.

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Supervisors & Invigilators
A plenary meeting for all supervisors and invigilators is scheduled for Tuesday, 19 April
2011. This is the continuation of an annual event that is intended to share good practice
and to update and inform the invigilation staff who contribute significantly to the work of
the institute.

Special meeting of the ASQ committee
The Academic Strategy & Quality committee, the work of which attracted the
commendation of the institutional review panel, is hosting another of its occasional series
of developmental workshops in May 2011. The committee is convening on 10 May next
in the institute boardroom from 14.00 – 16.00 hrs to host a workshop on academic
integrity and plagiarism to be presented by Dr Sharon Flynn who is the assistant director
of the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) at NUI Galway. All staff
members have been informed and invited to this workshop with places being reserved for
the earliest applicants.

IHEQN External Examining Working Group
The Irish Higher Education Quality Network has established a cross-sectoral working
group to consider external examining. The IHEQN was established in 2003 and provides
a forum for the discussion of quality assurance / quality improvement issues amongst the
principal national stakeholders involved in the quality assurance of higher education and
training in Ireland. It is supported by both universities and institutes of technology. The
registrar is representing the sector on this group and the first meeting was held earlier this

Staff from the registration department/business school together with colleagues from
sister institutes took part in the second tranche of modularisation training for banner –
with a proposed go-live date this coming August. A team from An Cheim/Deloitte,
provided 5 full days of training, covering CAPP, Progression, Examinations, Assessment,
On-line registration, and Graduation. Banner and IT staff are now engaged in the system
testing over the coming days and weeks.

Ms Una O’ Connor (Acting Librarian) attended the joint annual conference hosted by the
Library Association of Ireland & CILIP (The Chartered Institute of Library and
Information Professionals) on 14th April 2011 in Mullingar. This year’s conference
theme was,

The Future Starts Now: Libraries adding Value through Information & Innovation.

Dr Marian Fitzgibbon (Head of Humanities) presented a highly entertaining and thought
provoking lecture, Delineating the public space at this conference. This was at the
invitation of COLICO (Committee on Library Co-operation in Ireland).

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Access Office
The 6th annual afterschool project run in collaboration with Westmeath Community
Development was run in March/ April. Fifth and sixth class primary school pupils visit
the Institute one day per week for 5 weeks. They do their homework and play some sport.
Students from Social Care and Sports Management volunteer and get to know the
children over the duration of the project. The objectives of the programme are to raise
educational aspirations, reduce inhibitions about Third Level educational environment
and improve school achievement.

The Saturday Maths programme was run from January to March, facilitated by James
Kennedy and Karol Fitzgerald. Sixth year pupils from approx. 20 local Secondary
Schools attended.

AIT have linked up with Westmeath and Offaly VEC’s Music Partnership programme.
An application for funding was sent at the end of March. This music fund is supported in
part by U2. See for further details.

Medical Centre
The Medical Centre was relocated due to the building of the new Sports Centre. The new
location is just outside the rear exit (next to tills) of the main canteen.

The Institute Nurse, Paula Mc Clean attended the Irish Student Health Association
Conference in Galway on 18th and 19th March

Paula Mc Clean and Anne Cooney (Health Promotion Officer) attended the annual
Sexual Health Conference organised by the Guide Clinic, St. James Hospital. It provided
an update on sexual health promotion, facilities and developments in Ireland to-day.

Healthy Campus-March 2011

Healthy Options Competition
The fifth annual healthy options cookery competition (in collaboration with Humanities
Dept. Lecturers - Katherine Grace and Kelly Gallagher) for first year Culinary Arts
students was held. The competition was linked to Athlone Meals on Wheels. The brief
was to produce a main course and dessert suitable for the elderly.
The standard was extremely high this year. Mr. John O Hara presented the certificates.
The final recipes will be included in a recipe booklet for Athlone Meals on Wheels and to
be used in the community. Photographs were distributed to the media.

Careers Office:
Job Opportunities/Internships
The Careers Service continues to advertise positions for local and international
companies through e-mail, the web and through the Lecturing staff at the Institute. It is
also envisaged that the Alumni will provide a useful link to job opportunities going
forward. There is high demand for Graduates from the areas of Computing (Business

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and Engineering and Software Engineering). There are also good opportunities for
Accounting Graduates.

Six students have been interviewed by IBEC for the EOP (Export Orientation
Graduate Trainee Programme) and the Careers Office has helped them prepare for
interview in the hope that they make the shortlist and get a graduate placement. These
students are from a variety of backgrounds but mainly Business and Hospitality Studies.
Internships continue to be advertised through IBEC and FÁS and the Careers Office
hopes to promote the Graduate Training Scheme once announced by the new
government. This is expected in May 2011.

Collins Mc Nicholas recruitment agency attended the college on Wednesday 13 April
with a view to recruiting students from the areas of Mechanical and Electronic
Engineering for work in Holland. There are approximately 25 positions available for
Level 7 and Level 8 Graduates from the current recruitment drive. The School of
Engineering have supported the initiative and provided facilities for the initial screening
of students.

Graduate Survey
The Annual Graduate survey is well underway with over 1200 replies received. The full
report will be published after Easter.

IRCSET Applications
AIT submitted 9 IRCSET Embark applications. 6 applications were from Science and 3
from Engineering. 7 were for PhD, 1 transfer and 1 Masters. Decision end April / early

SFI Funding
Dr James Kennedy has been successful in the SFI - Research Frontiers Programme. The
award which is worth €113,000 will support a post-doctoral position for 3 years.

President’s Seed Fund
The President has allocated funding to industry and non-industry based proposals. In total
the fund is worth over €400K.

Company Interaction
Covidien requested technical drawing training. Dr Ronan Dunbar, School of Engineering
is assisting with this..
NLC Training requested training for 20 tourism groups from the Midlands; this took
place in HTL on 30th March.
KCI requested Story Board design assistance for staff training; Eoin Langan/Eddie Ryan,
School of Business are assisting them.

Malaysia-Ireland Symposium
This symposium is taking place in the Engineering building from the 9th -11th June.

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      104 Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers have been completed by AIT
       /redeemed to date (2007 2; 2008 12; 2009 30; 2010 46; Jan--Mar 14).
      A call for Innovation Voucher applications opened on 1st April.
      A MIRC client has been awarded €1.2m funding as one of 11 partners in a €7.2m
       project under the ARTEMIS funding programme.
      The MIRC and Enterprise Ireland are currently recruiting for the Midlands &
       West Enterprise Programme 2011 - commencing in June.
      An insert and editorial re the upcoming Programme featured in the regional
       papers in the week beginning 11th April.
      Shasta, Europharma Concepts and ShareBiotech have been selected as case
       studies by the IOTI.
      Core Capital, a Washington-based VC, visited the MIRC on 4th April.
      Fleming College and Confederation College (members of Colleges Ontario)
       visited the MIRC on 6th April.
      The MIRC Manager participated in a Peer Review Panel on 14th April for a
       Certificate in Enterprise Skills being developed by IT Blanchardstown.


      The President and the Chairman of the Institutional Review panel visited the Hub
       on 21st March as part of the Institutional Review.
      Interim Feedback from the Institutional Review is that “Postgraduates engaged in
       research are well supported”.
      Minor completion works are ongoing in the Hub.
      Roscommon VEC visited the Hub on 11th April.


Since September 2010, the School has been involved in a wide range of activity. We list
here the main events and can provide further information if such is desired. This activity
is additional to the ongoing monitoring of students, the management of staff relationships
and the effective administration and delivery of 35 (30 undergraduate + 5 PG)
programmes. It does not enumerate the many activities engaged in by academic staff
with students: study trips, visiting lectures, group work; participation in community
activities; additional qualifications and educational experiences etc.)
      Effective transfer of Design section to main campus, involving interactions with
         staff, students and Estates management
      First externs’ induction day (15 October 2011). Twenty-two of the 43 external
         examiners in the School attended.
      Establishment with Student Services of writing tutorials for students

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     Successful HTL panel visit – approval of new BA in Tourism & Guest Services
     Pursuit of HTL research agenda (THRIC conference, PG student appointed, etc.)
     School response to recommendations of PR panel.
     Preparations for Fulbright Scholar appointment in September 2011.
     School promotion of programmes
     Consultation processes relating to new Level-eight degree and Postgraduate
       STEPS in Department of Humanities
     School and Departmental preparation for Institutional Review
     Creative practice research strategy project
     Development of Canada liaison
     Staff/ Students mutual expectations project
     Student project evaluation, Year 4 Tourism and Hosp Mgt.
     Fortieth Anniversary events

The more routine activities of the School included

      Examination boards, Autumn and Spring
      Committee peopling
      Programme Boards, Semester 1
      Student representative meetings, Semesters 1 and 2
      Failte Ireland liaison
      Returns to external examiner based on reports
      Graduation
      Open Day
      Career Guidance briefings
      Mature students evening
      Post graduation promotional activities

School academic staff members have acted as members of
    Institute academic committees
    School committees, projects and working groups
    Class tutors
    Placement supervisors
    Undergraduate and postgraduate project and dissertation supervisors

The Head of School represented the Institute at many events including
    Panels in four other Institutes
    Programmatic Review in one other Institute
    As Chair of the Humanities board, Undergraduate Ireland
    As a guest speaker at Arts Council 25th Anniversary conference
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      As COLICO lecturer 2011 to the National Library Associations of Ireland, North
       and South
      As Chair, Readers Committee, National Library of Ireland
      As Board member, National Library of Ireland
      National Heads of School meetings

The Head of Department of Humanities recently accepted an invitation from the
Universidad Politecnica De Valencia in Gandia, Spain to partake in their 7th International
Week. He attended the plenary sessions on International Mobility and delivered a
conference presentation entitled “Graphic Design in Athlone Institute of Technology”.

The Head of HTL is the current member on the Executive Board and National
Representative for Ireland on the Association of European Hotel and Tourism Schools.
He recently attended a meeting in The Hague in preparation for the International
Conference and Competitions in November.

John Carey is a member of the Higher Education Committee on the AEHT. Earlier this
month he organised an International Workshop on Hospitality Management. He is also a
senior judge on the AEHT International Competitions scheduled for The Hague in

A second year HC Culinary Arts student-Stephen Featherstone- attended the AEHT
Youth Parliament in Austria earlier on this academic year. Over 30 participants
represented 16 countries. The agenda covered items such as tourism, gastronomy,
heritage, culture and politics.

Niamh Foley tutored a group of 12 Sport and Recreation students for the Royal
Lifesaving National Pool Lifeguard Award. All 12 passed on their first attempt. To date,
Niamh has tutored over 80 candidates for this award.

Joe Tierney organised an interactional activity event between a group of 50 senior
citizens and students on sport and recreation, hotel and leisure management, social care
practice and applied social studies. The activities ranged from interactional games, sit fit,
aerobics, circle dance activities, table tennis, badminton, and line dancing.

The Analytical Research Forum ARF11 is a major event for researchers in analytical
science and is held by the Royal Society of Chemistry.
Aimed at graduate analytical science students, the invited lectures have always been
selected to reflect a broad range of research interests. PhD candidate Ms. Alison Smyth
has had an abstract accepted for this year’s ARF to be held in Manchester in July. This is
a significant achievement as the ARF is the premier event of its type in the UK for the
analytical sciences and securing a speaking slot is always highly competitive. Alison will
speak on the topic ‘Chemical and biological qualification of selected UV filters as
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substances and formulated sunscreen products’. Alison’s work is supervised by Dr.
Cepta Brougham and Jim Roche.

A presentation ‘Challenges in Instrumental & Bioanalytical Measures of Some Endocrine
Disruptors’ was made by Jim Roche at the 2011 AGM of the Irish Doctors
Environmental Association held in Dublin on Saturday April 9.

SciFest 2011 at Athlone Institute of Technology
Post-primary school students from across the midlands attended the SciFest 2011
exhibition at Athlone Institute of Technology on April 14th. 177 projects were on display,
the work of 420 students ranging from 1st Year to 5th Year from 13 secondary schools in
the midlands. SciFest is a series of one day science fairs funded by Intel Ireland and
Discover Science and Engineering as project partners and hosted nationwide by the
Institutes of Technology. SciFest @ AIT featured a range of projects that spanned the
entire scientific spectrum.

Commenting on SciFest at AIT, Sheila Porter, SciFest National Coordinator, said,
“SciFest is a fun and exciting way to encourage an interest in science at school level,
providing not only an occasion to celebrate achievement and a job well done but also an
opportunity to encourage active and collaborative learning. The rapid increase in
participation in the competition is a clear indication of the interest and enthusiasm
among students and teachers in the investigative approach to teaching and learning
science. I would like to thank all of our partners including Intel, Discover Science and
Engineering, BT, Abbott Ireland, PharmaChemical Ireland and all the Institutes of
Technology. Without their support, none of this would be possible,” Porter added.

Students entered their projects into a variety of categories in the hope of gaining
recognition for their efforts. Awards presented to the winners, included the Intel Best
Project Award (Predictive imput touch system-Karen Garvey and Eva Barry, Our Lady’s
Bower), Abbot Runner-Up Best Project Award ( Home heating from household waste-
Thomas Maguire, Moate Community School), BT Best Communicator Award ( The
relationship between school entry age and academic performance-Anna Marie Reilly,
Phoebe Kelly and Nicola Fetherstone-Mean Scoil Mhuire Gan Small Roscommon) and
the best school award-sponsored by Professor Ciaran O Cathain was presented by Dr.
Noreen Morris (Scifest co-ordinator AIT) to Mr. Padraig Harlow, Teacher, Mean Scoil
Mhuire Gan Smal, Roscommon. This year’s SciFest also featured an added incentive for
the winners of the Intel Best Project Award, who will be invited to exhibit at Intel’s HQ
in the autumn from which one project will be selected to represent Ireland at the
International Science and Engineering Fair 2012 in the United States.

Please see for further information.

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EAMC Report Waterford Wednesday 13th April 2011

The European Analytical Measurement Competition

The Eurachem Analytical Measurement Competition (EAMC) was initiated by Dr Sean
Cawley of IT Carlow in 1999. It is promoted by Eurachem Ireland, the Heads of School
of Science and Council of Directors of the Institutes of Technology. Industry, academic
and state laboratories constitute the Reference Committee.

Last Wednesday, April 13th four students represented AIT in the Annual Analytical
Chemistry Competition which was held in Waterford IT. The EAMC competition was
designed to raise awareness among student analysts of uncertainty in measurement and
the requirement for excellence in analytical skills. It is open to teams of two full-time
third-level registered students studying laboratory sciences in Universities or Institutes of
Technology anywhere in Ireland and who have not yet entered the third year of their

AIT was represented by two teams Sile Ryan (Shannonbridge) and Emma Tighe
(Monaghan) from the BSc in Toxicology course and Oyeyemi Salami (Longford) and
Malgorzota Poplowska (Monksland, Athlone) from the Biotechnology BSc course. They
were chosen after an internal competition amoung all the year two students from the
Higher Certificate in Science, the BSc in Toxicology and the BSc in Biotechnology
courses. They were prepared by Dr Sean Reidy and Dr Brian Murphy. Brian has taken
over from Margaret Franklin this year. Margaret was in attendance to support the AIT
teams also on the day. At time of printing we are awaiting their results.

See photos below

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AIT students and staff at the European Analytical Chemistry competition (EAMC) in
WIT recently. Left to right : Dr Brian Murphy (AIT), Oyeyemi Salami (Longford) and
Malgorzota Poplowska (Monksland, Athlone), Emma Tighe (Monaghan) and Sile Ryan
(Shannonbridge) and Dr Sean Reidy (AIT)

Department of Nursing & Health Science

Dr Pearse Murphy along with other Heads of Nursing in the IOT sector and the
University sector met with An Board Altranais on the 15th of April 2011 for the bi-annual
meeting to discuss areas of mutual concern. This meeting was also attended by a senior
representative of the Irish Nurses Midwifery Organisation to discuss proposed changes to
internship arrangements for 4th year student nurses. Progress on consensus around EU
directive 2005 was discussed along with notification of an imminent green paper here.

Ms Laura Creevy a second year nursing student was successful in getting a Health
Research Board grant which will allow her to work with the HSE Dublin Mid Leinster
Speech and Language Therapy Services on a project investigating the effects of a specific
intervention. Ms. Creevy will also be writing up this project with the assistance of Ms.
Lorraine Gaffney (lecturer Department of Nursing & Health Science) as Supervisor AIT
and Dr Samantha Hughes (Quality Dept HSE) and Ms. Emma Gonude, Speech Therapy
Services Manager.
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The Nurse Midwifery Practice Development Unit HSE Dublin Mid Leinster region have
kindly agreed to fund Ms Patricia Phillip a second year nursing student in a project with
Ms Virginia Pye Director of Public Health Nursing Longford / Westmeath, investigating
the outcome of referrals made by Public Health Nurses to other health professionals for
babies at their 9mth developmental check. Ms. Sinead Bracken (lecturer Department of
Nursing & Health Science) will be supervising Patricia from AIT and Dr Samantha
Hughes (Quality Dept HSE) will also be supporting the project.

Ms Jennifer Hayes under the supervision of Dr Neil Rowan (lecturer Department of
Nursing & Health Science) is currently in the latter stages of her PhD studies and was the
successful recipient of a prestigious student scholarship that covers the cost of her travel
to deliver an important talk the International Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Conference in June 2011 in Chicago.

Dr Mary McDonnell-Naughton along with colleagues in the Department oif Nursing and
Health Science and colleagues from the Health Service Executive locally and nationally
has submitted a business plan for the development of graduate diploma in ID Nursing to
Dr Pearse Murphy for review. When reviewed, this plan will be forwarded to Mr Michael
Shannon Head of the Nursing Directorate, Health Service Executive for funding support.

Ms Elizabeth Fitzgerald a recent graduate of a masters by research in nursing under the
supervison of Dr Neil Rowan and Mr Des Cawley (Lecturers Department of Nursing &
Health Science) has had an article entitled Irish staff nurses perceptions of clinical
incident reporting published in the International Journal of Nursing and Midwifery in
February 2011.


 Students from Tullamore currently undertaking FETAC courses visited the Institute
  on 16 March. Peter Melinn, Head of Department of Business and Management
  Studies, along with lecturers Mary Collins and Jason Palframan met the group to
  discuss future areas of study the students may decide to follow.

 Lecturers Brenda Flaherty and Alison Sheridan attended ‘The Art of Internet
  Marketing 2011’ on 22 March in The Galway Bay Hotel. This event was a special
  online marketing briefing presented by John Coburn of PraxisNow.

 A group of third year business students, led by Sean Prunty carried out some market
  research for a company called Total Training. The students conducted 100 surveys in
  various locations around Athlone. The objective of the research was to find out from a
  cross section of Athlone shoppers what the Athlone shopping experience was like for
  them. Ms Brenda Farrell, MD at Total Training was very impressed with how the
  students conducted the research.

 The Business School was delighted to welcome Ms Joanna Bogna, a visiting
  lecturer from the University of Lodz, Poland. Ms Bogna delivered a guest
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   lecture to students on the Master of Business Programme on 22 March around the
   topic of ‘Chain Management’. Thanks to the International Office who organised the
   visit from Ms Bogna and to lecturer Brian Toolan for his assistance. We look forward
   to possible future opportunities for AIT staff to visit Poland.

 President of the Institute Professor Ciarán Ó Catháin and Peter Melinn welcomed Mr
  Eamon Siggins, CEO of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA) on 23
  March to discuss further links between our respective organisations.

 Mr Eoin Langan, Head of the Business School attended an Irish Accounting and
  Finance Association (IAFA) seminar in the Synergy Centre at the Institute of
  Technology, Tallaght on 25 March. Entitled ‘The Art of Publishing’, the seminar was
  presented by Professor Bill N Schwarz.

 Eoin Langan has continued with contributions to Shannonside Radio and has twice
  this month been involved with programmes discussing current economic affairs with
  one show being an outside broadcast from the Hodson Bay Hotel.

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