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									March GOOD TIDINGS                                               Nonprofit Organization
Published Monthly                                                   U.S. Postage
                                                                        Permit #14
Queensbury United Methodist Church                                 Glens Falls, NY 12801
460 Aviation Road
Queensbury, NY 12804

Return Service Requested

        March 24th


Queensbury United Methodist Church Staff

The Rev. Ray Stees…………….Interim Pastor
The Rev. Meredith Vanderminden……Dir. of
                        Spiritual Formation
The Rev. Judy Humphrey-Fox…Pastoral Care
Debbie Romanazzi… Administrative Dir. of
               Pre-School/School Age Care
Betty Lehecka……………..Church Secretary
Carol Ann Elze-Sussdorff…..Choir Director/
                                   Organist                          March 31st
Ken Babineau…………………….Custodian
Nick Norton……………Weekend Custodian

Next “Good Tidings” deadline:                              Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
Weds. Mar. 20 – Mail Mar. 27                                     The People of The United
                                                                    Methodist Church
                             March 2013
                             Good Tidings
                       Volume 33, Number 3 – February 28, 2013
                       Worship Service: Sunday 8:30am & 10:20am
                           The Rev. Ray Stees, Interim Pastor
            The Rev. Meredith Vanderminden, Director of Spiritual Formation
                       The Rev. Judy Humphrey-Fox, Pastoral Care
           Church Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., Monday through Friday
           Phone: 518-793-9728/Fax: 518-798-6593/E-mail:
                  Pre-School and School Age Care Phone: 518-798-8206

March Worship

March 3              3rd Sunday in Lent    (Purple)              Communion
                     Isaiah 55:1-9
                     Psalm 63:1-8 (UMH 788)
                     1 Corinthians 10:1-13
                     Luke 13:1-9

March 10             4th Sunday in Lent   (Purple)               Daylight Saving Time Begins
                     Joshua 5:9-12
                     Psalm 32 (UMH 766)
                     2 Corinthians 5:16-21
                     Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32

                     One Great Hour of Sharing Sunday – your gifts on this day lay the
                     foundation of all United Methodist Committee on Relief work by
                     covering the costs of doing business. This means all contributions
                     designated to specific programs can go 100% to those programs
                     because UMCOR’s basic expenses are covered.

March 17             5thSunday in Lent (Purple)
                     Isaiah 43-16-21
                     Psalm 126 (UMH 847)
                     Philippians 3:4b-14
                     John 12:1-8
March 24   Passion/Palm Sunday (Purple or Red)
           6th Sunday in Lent
           Liturgy of the Palms
           Luke 19:28-40
           Psalm 118:1-2 (UMH 839)

           Liturgy of the Passion
           Isaiah 50:4-9a
           Psalm 31:9-16 (UMH 764)
           Philippians 2:5-11
           Luke 22:14-23:56 or Luke 23:1-49

March 28   Holy Thursday (Purple or Red)              7pm Service in the Sanctuary
           Exodus 12:1-4 (5-10) 11-14
           Psalm 116:1-4, 12-19 (UMH 837)

           1 Corinthians 11:23-26
           John 13:1-17, 31b-35

March 29   Good Friday (No Color)                     7pm Service in the Sanctuary
           Isaiah 52:13-53:12
           Psalm 22 (UMH 752)
           Hebrews 10:16-25
           John 18:1-19:42

March 30   Holy Saturday (No Color prior to sunset)   6am – Midnight Prayer Vigil in
           Job 14:1-14                                        the Sanctuary
           Psalm 31:1-4, 15-16 (UMH 764)
           1 Peter 4:1-8
           Matthew 27:57-66

           Easter Eve (White or Gold)          Easter Vigil

March 31   Easter Sunday (White or Gold)
           Acts 10:34-43
           Psalm 118:2, 14-24 (UMH 839)
           1 Corinthians 15:19-26
           John 20:1-18 or Luke 24:1-12
The power of the resurrection lies in Jesus' refusal to be held captive. God chose to change forever that
death was the end of life. In rising, Jesus overcame the circumstances of his death. He rose above "victim"
to become "victor." God lets us know that with divine help we can rise above those events and situations
that threaten us. By accepting that promise we are freed to embrace life more fully and to love more
completely. That is my understanding of Jesus' gospel message. Please be encouraged, empowered and
embraced by God's ever-present Love and never-failing Grace, through the One who died our death and
rises (again!) for our lives!

                                      Rev. Ray

Lententide 2013
Rev. Phil Phaneuf
To the People Called Methodist at Queensbury UMC!

Dear beloved people of God,

May our awareness of God’s Grace which brings peace to all creation be
deepened in this Lenten landscape of prayer and preparation! The season of Lent
is a precious time of preparation through prayer and, rest assured, my prayers are
focusing on our time together, which will be very soon! We are already feeling
your hospitality and your prayers!

As you may know, we have many movements in our lives as we come to you!
Our son, Tyler, will graduate from High School mid-June and will be attending Baldwin Wallace University
in the Fall. We’re having a girl and her name shall be Fiona Faye Phaneuf! She’s due to arrive around the
20th of June!

My wife, Megan, and I are so blessed to share this next chapter of our lives together with you wonderful
people of God! Obviously, we will find strength and courage through the Holy Spirit on account of your
prayers: prayers of joy, and prayers of love! We thank you for your prayers and your love! We can hardly
contain our excitement and our deep desire to be with you all as quickly as July 1st can possibly come! In
the meantime, though, we will be journeying to you a number of times between now and July and we so
look forward to meeting all of you!

Some introductory letters include items more suited to résumés: education credentials and
professional accolades. You can find these elements of my story online and in other locations. More
important to me, in this letter, is for you to know that above all these things I bring, I wish to bring to you
my deep willingness to be your humble and faithful servant in the light of Christ’s Kingdom. God has richly
given to us the resources through which we can proclaim the Good News that Christ has died and risen; who
now is the world’s best hope for a life that is lived with eternity in scope!
As we move forward, may we do all things together in mutual love and servanthood for the sake of Christ’s
Kingdom: the Kingdom of Love and Hope! Will you join me, between now and July 1st, in praying this
prayer daily? I will pray this prayer each day as I prepare to serve you.

                             Precious Preparer of our prayers and our praise,
                                         Open us to Your ways.
                          Chart our minds toward compassionate understanding.
                             Tune our hearts toward fathomless friendships.
                            Strengthen our hands toward side-by-side service.
                                           For Your Kingdom,
                                            For Your Glory,

We already love you all and look toward that love growing ever deeper through the power of Christ’s
amazing love!

Rev. Phil Phaneuf

P.S. There are a number of ways through which we can get to know each other as soon as
My email address is:
My phone number is: 585-354-0132
My blog is:
You can find me on twitter @revrevvv
And you can certainly find me on FaceBook: just search for Phillip W. Phaneuf!
Any and all contact through these means will be welcomed and cherished
                     Want To Serve By
                     Helping With The
                     QUMC Youth?

                       Are you interested in
                       working with the youth of
                       our church? This is an open                   Program News
invitation to help with any of our current youth
activities and we gratefully welcome any new          We are better than half way through the 2012-
ministries. We currently have a Sunday School         2013 confirmation class schedules for both 7th and
Program, Children’s Choir and a 7th-8th grade         8th grade classes. The Fall retreat was held at
Confirmation Program. There are no programs           Skye Farm in October and our Spring lock-in at
for high school youths at this time. Have you got     church will be March 23rd - 24th. There are 8
ideas for other programs? Would you like to help      students in the 7th grade and 17 students in the 8th
with any existing program? If you have any            grade.
passion for youth activities we would GREATLY
appreciate your gifts and ideas. The 7th and 8th             We are in need of chaperones for the
grade teachers are especially interested in getting   overnight on March 23rd at the church. We
fresh ideas for all grades 7-12. We would like to     need at least 1 more male and 1 more female
assemble a team that will provide programming         chaperone for that night. Please call Lori
this Spring and then work with Rev. Phil Phaneuf      Shaver (793-1776) if you can help out!
when he arrives. Please contact Betty at the
church office (793-9728 or )               As in past years we have begun the 13-
with your phone and e-mail information.               week mentoring program with the 8th grade
Working along-side children and young adults is       youths. Many THANKS to the 17 adults, listed
one of the most rewarding ways to serve God.          here with their student, that have stepped up and
Please join us!                                       volunteered to be mentors for the confirmands
                                                      these coming weeks. When you see these folks
                                                      would you please extend your thanks also.

.                                                                      Student – Mentor
                                                               Elizabeth Dexter-Kim Harvish
                                                              Aaron Murphy-Theresa DiCroce
The first
                                                              Caitlyn DiCroce-Susan Klippel
                                                                Mathew Pfoh-Joanne James
meeting for all
                                                                Eric Doty-Terry Goodemote
those interested in planning this years Vacation
                                                                 James Paolano-Paula Doty
Bible School is on March 7th at 6:30 pm in Room
                                                               Lauren Dwyre-Sandy Lowder
5 downstairs. The theme this year is "We are the
                                                                Owen Snowball-James Pfoh
Church". Please come with any ideas for
                                                               Jessica Gillespie-Patty Elmen
scripture, music, art, and fun in accordance with
                                                                 Peris Tushabe-Lori Shaver
this theme. We will be building it from the
                                                               Megan Goodwin-Ginny Mott
ground...up! Contact Jodie Davidson for more
                                                            Grace Vanderminden-Kim Weihing
information     at     761-6117    evenings    or
                                                                      & Susan Hummel
                                                              Luke Vanderminden-Jeff Jarett
                                                          Lindsey Kylloe-Meredith Vanderminden
                                                                Joshua Willis-Maxine Willis
                                                               Cassandra Mack- Amy Baker
                                                                  Erin Wright- Lori Shaver
Eagle Scout Project Funding Request - My name
is Benjamin Mack and I am currently a member
of the church and I'm working on my Eagle
project. My project is to replace the back staircase
outside of the church and the decking at the top.           Prayer & Healing Ministry
Part of the project is to raise the funds to
purchase the supplies. I would appreciate any                  He rescued me because he delighted in me.
help by donating any refundable bottles or cans                              Psalm 18:19
to Cash Can, which is located by KFC or if you
prefer you can call me and we can make other
                                                       When a friend told Jesus of the illness of Lazarus,
arrangements to get them. When you drop them
                                                       he said “Lord, the one You love is sick.” He
off at Cash Can, please make sure you inform
                                                       doesn’t base his appeal on the imperfect love of
them you are donating them to Ben Mack's Eagle
                                                       the one in need, but on the perfect love of the
project so I get the credit. If you have any
                                                       Savior. He doesn’t say, “The one who loves you
questions please contact me at 792-4232. Thank
                                                       is sick.” He says, “The one You love is sick.”
you. Ben Mack                                          The power of the prayer, in other words, does not
                                                       depend on the one who makes the prayer, but on
                                                       the One who hears the prayer.
                                                       We can and must repeat the phrase in manifold
                                                       ways. “The one You love is sick, tired, sad,
                                                       hungry, lonely, fearful, depressed”. The words of
                                                       the prayer vary, but the response never changes.
                                                       The Savior hears the prayer.
                                                                           Max Lucado
               Attention Men!
                                                                   From: The Great House of God
We will be attending, as a group, the Iron             Thank You, Lord God, for Your love for me, the love that
Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference on Saturday,            enabled me to come to you with all my needs. Guide me
April 6th, from 8:30am until 4:55pm, at                today as I lift my needs to You. Amen.
Loudonville Community church. This one-day
conference is for men of all ages; beginning with                       Prayer Works!
13 and older. Early group registration cost is $44
($29 for students ages 13-22) plus $8 if you want                       Prayer Ministry
the on-site optional lunch. There will be sixteen                  Every Wednesday at 11AM
different equipping seminars for men so there will
be something for every one of us. Conference                       Resting In His Presence
brochures are on the table in the Narthex.                       Wednesday, March 27 at 7PM
Additional information can be found at                        Healing Service
ml , click the Albany, NY link. We need at least                  Wednesday, April 24 at 7PM
10 men to get the group rate of $44. If interested,
please contact Jim Clark at 932-4510 or
                                                           ONE GREAT HOUR OF
                                                           SHARING – March 10th
Mission trip to HAITI - Healing Haiti is a
Christian organization that brings clean water,     Join United Methodists everywhere by
food, orphan care, eldercare, housing, education    participating in the special offering that supports
and lots of love to a suffering people. Dianne      UMCOR’s vital work by covering the costs of
Rutledge will be joining a mission team April 22-   doing business. This means all gifts designated to
28. Please consider supporting this mission with    specific programs can go 100% to those programs
your prayers and gifts. All donations are 100%      because UMCOR’s basic expenses are covered.
tax deductible.                Your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing lay the
                                                    foundation for UMCOR to manifest God’s
                                                    steadfast love throughout the world. Please give

Your scholarship committee will host a coffee
hour in April that will kick off our 7th annual
                                                    Thank You for all the wonderful Christmas Card
scroll sales. This fund raiser will continue over
                                                    fronts that have been coming in as a result of
several Sundays in Clark Hall immediately after
                                                    Debbie Romanazzi’s request. Because of your
each worship service. All donations will go into
                                                    generosity Debbie now has more than enough
the Andrew D. M. Cutts Memorial Scholarship
                                                    material for the project planned for the Pre-School
Fund. You may wish to have your gift be in
                                                    and School Age Care Kids!
honor or memory of designated individuals, which
is a nice form of recognition. Any support you
                                                    Green Fiber Recycle Program Note – When
may be able to provide will be gratefully
                                                    putting cardboard boxes (except Pizza Boxes
                                                    which can’t be recycled) into the bins, please be
                                                    sure that you are breaking down the boxes so that
                                                    they take up as little space in the collection bins as

                                                      Beginning Sunday, March 3rd on the
   Daylight Saving Time Begins                                 History Channel
           March 10th!                              The Bible Series
 Set Your Clocks Ahead Saturday                     Get those DVRs programmed! 8:00pm on TWC
     Night So You Don’t Miss                        Channel 39 or HD 1839.
       Church on Sunday!
            (Prayers, gifts & service)
                 Our Prayers
Health: Tom Lee, melanoma; Pam Cox, Sandy
Wild’s sister-in-law, ALS; Linda Johnson, cancer;     03/01   Tom Callaghan
Joe DeMatties, recovering from knee surgery; Matt     03/01   Joshua Smith
Congdon, amputation; Bette Weeden’s brother-in-       03/02   Gary Greco
law, Bob Scanlon Sr., Lymphatic Cancer; Jeff          03/02   Marianne Perry
Corlew (Parkinson’s disease); Kenny Miner, Jr.,       03/02   Imre Tobias
cancer; Ryan Seeley (Leukemia); Lois Coletti’s        03/03   Adam Armstrong
daughter, Shiela Johnston, Hodgkins Lymphoma;         03/03   Martha Hagerty
Rose Meehl & Family, brain aneurism; Bette            03/03   Aaron Murphy
Weeden’s brother, Wesley, throat cancer; Stewart      03/05   Rob Doty
Gates, Sr., lung cancer; Marlo Parker, daughter-in-   03/07   Heidi Cole
law of Ken & Sandra Parker, cancer; Sandy Wild’s      03/08   Terry Bell
Dad, Ernie Dignan, ALS; Emily Ziegler, QHS            03/09   Carol Ann Elze-Sussdorff
Junior with leukemia; Edith Maurer (Patti Elmen’s     03/09   Meg Hagerty
Mom), heart; Ellen Meyerhoff, (Doug’s Mom);           03/09   Glenn Hubert
Doug, Sandy Lowder’s brother, fighting a rare form    03/11   Thomas Bell
of cancer; Matthew Blake, spinal cancer; Pat          03/12   Rich Weihing
Taylor’s mother, Shirley Haskoor; Mary Zoll’s         03/13   Richard Machold
cousin, Joann; Anna Maria VanDiest; Lois Coletti;     03/13   Tim Maynard
Ruth Bjerre; Pat Brayton’s mother, Roxanna            03/13   Marilyn Reed
Wescott; Craig Hobbs, MS; Eleanore Bodner’s           03/13   Christian Sander
daughter Jennifer, nieces Kathy & Karen, cancer.      03/14   Lynn Marie Conrad
                                                      03/15   Colleen Hiscox
In Military Service: June Talley’s grandsons,
                                                      03/15   Isis L. Varney
Chris Monti, Army and Jon Monti, Marines; Betty
                                                      03/16   Mark Griffin
& Joe DeMatties’ granddaughter, Heather
                                                      03/16   Nicholas Parmar
VanEvery, Air Force; Chris Shanahan, Army; Bob
                                                      03/17   Walter Reynolds
& Elaine Raymond’s son, Derek, Army.
                                                      03/18   Brian Callaghan
                                                      03/20   Jean McGuire
                                                      03/23   Lois Coletti
                                                      03/23   Steve Parker
                                                      03/24   Lisa Bohannon
                                                      03/24   Sarah Meacham
                                                      03/25   Margaret Kushner
                                                      03/26   Jeff Benway
                                                      03/26   Noelle Stevens
                                                      03/26   Jon Wild
03/10 Kim & Paul Gryga
                                                      03/27   Beth Saunders
03/10 Betty & Bill Kruger
                                                      03/27   Molly Stuart
03/22 Laurie & Scott Stuart
                                                      03/29   Heidi Mt. Pleasant
                                                      03/29   Cory Martindale
                                                      03/29   Christian VanGuilder
     …Keep these special people in mind when
                                                      03/30   Christopher Hummel
offering your daily prayers. Perhaps a phone call
                                                      03/31   Ella Nace
or a card to go along with your prayers. If you
                                                      03/31   Jeffrey Hubert
have any changes or you would like to add any
special date(s) to these lists, please call the
church office, 793-9728.

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