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									Israel Time Travel
     Jewish civilization and
national identity were formed
over 3,000 years ago in the land
 of Israel. For 3,000 years, Jews
   maintained their presence
    in the land. Though the
 majority of Jews were forced
 to live elsewhere, they always
       yearned to return.

   In 1948 the Jews declared
        statehood in the
 only Jewish state in the world,
        naming it Israel.

 Join us as we travel through
  time to Israel, a journey of
three millenia of struggle and
      triumphant return.
                       Israel Time Travel:
                          1850–721 BCE

                     1850 - 1700
     Tribes that would later be known as the Israelites
    migrate to Canaan, an ancient region between the
   Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. All three of
  today’s major monotheistic religions believe Abraham
led these tribes and that his descendants, Isaac and Jacob
        (who is called Israel), were born in Canaan.

             1300 - 1200
      Israelite settlements multiply
         in the hills of Canaan.

                                         King Solomon expands
                                        the Israelite Kingdom and
                                        builds the First Temple in

                                                         722 - 721
                                                    Assyrians destroy the
                                                  Northern Kingdom; exiled
                                                  Jews become known as the
                                                       “10 lost tribes.”
     King David makes
  Jerusalem the capital of
   the Israelite Kingdom.
                     Israel Time Travel:
                     586 BCE–400 CE
              586 BCE
The Israelites’ Southern Kingdom, Judea,
    is conquered by the Babylonians.
   Jerusalem and the First Temple are                       63 - 64 CE
                                                   King Herod’s massive building
    destroyed; most Jews are exiled to
                                                     programs turn the Second
 Babylonia, located in present-day Iraq.
                                                   Temple into one of the wonders
                                                       of the ancient world.

                                                            66 - 73 CE
                                                         Jews revolt against the
                                                      Romans and are defeated.
                                                          The Romans destroy
                                                      Jerusalem and the Second
                                                        Temple and rename the
                                                       land of Israel “Palestine”
                                                      in an attempt to insult the
                                                            Jewish people.

   538 - 515 BCE
 Jews return and rebuild
   the Temple (Second                                 135 - 400 CE
  Temple) following the                        Jewish life thrives in Galilee and
   Persian defeat of the                     Tiberias. The Jerusalem Talmud (an
       Babylonians.                        ancient work of Jewish law) is completed
                                                in the third or fourth century.
                        Israel Time Travel:
 A wave of Jews returns to Palestine, led by 300
prominent rabbis from Europe, and join the Jews
         already residing in the land.

            1520 - 1625
       Jews continue returning to
  Palestine in large numbers, despite
  increasingly harsh treatment by the
         Ottoman authorities.                           1882 - 1903
                                                   Waves of Jewish pioneers
                                                   immigrate in what is now
                         1864                       called the “First Aliyah.”
               Jews are the majority once
                 again in their ancient
                  capital, Jerusalem.                          1897
                                                          Theodor Herzl
                                                        organizes the First
                         1882                           Zionist Congress,
                     School language                     inaugurating the
                   programs begin to                     modern political
                   revive Hebrew as a                   movement for the
                    spoken language,                    national liberation
                       a movement                          of the Jewish
                       spearheaded                     people and for Jews
                      by Eliezer Ben-                  worldwide to return
                     Yehuda. Hebrew                    to Palestine, joining
                       becomes the                       Jews who already
                     language of the                        live there.
                    Jews in Palestine.
                        Israel Time Travel:

                                       Jewish population in Palestine reaches
                                     650,000, one-third of the total population.

           1917                           UN Resolution 181 recommends
 In its Balfour Declaration,           partitioning the British Mandate over
  Britain declares it favors          Palestine into a Jewish state alongside an
restoring the Jewish national                         Arab state.
    home in Palestine, the
  ancient homeland of the
        Jewish people.                      1948
                                        Israel declares

   World War II: Nazi forces                          1949
  exterminate 6 million Jews,          David Ben-Gurion becomes the first
 two-thirds of European Jewry       prime minister of Israel. The first Knesset
and almost 40 percent of world     (Israeli Parliament) meets. The 120 Knesset
    Jewry, in the Holocaust.           members include three Israeli-Arabs.
                        Israel Time Travel:
   The Knesset enacts the Law of Return,
  fulfilling Israel’s mission to “ingather the
 exiles” and affirming the right of every Jew
to enter the country and acquire citizenship.

                                                     Israel successfully defends itself
                                                     against existential threats from
                                                        five Arab countries in the
                                                               Six-Day War.

 Operations Ezra and Nechemia: Israel
 rescues 121,000 persecuted Jews from
Iraq, where the Jewish community dates
           back 2,500 years.

                          1952 - 1964
                           As persecution
                         grows in the newly
                        independent North
                         African countries,
                            240,000 Jews                        1969
                        immigrate to Israel.     Golda Meir becomes prime minister
                                                 of Israel and is the third woman in
                                                   the world to be a head of state.
                        Israel Time Travel:

  Israel successfully defends itself
against the surprise Yom Kippur war
   launched by Egypt and Syria.

   The Entebbe Rescue: After terrorists
 hijack a French plane and hold Jewish
 passengers hostage, Israeli commandos
   fly 2,500 miles to Entebbe, Uganda,
     and rescue the hostages. The feat
    deals a major blow to international
  terrorism, electrifies the world, and is
      memorialized in many movies.

                                                    1984 - 1985
                                             Operation Moses rescues 8,000
                  1979                       Ethiopian Jews from Sudan and
    Peace treaty with Egypt is signed by          brings them to Israel.
  Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and
 Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin,
witnessed by U.S. President Jimmy Carter.
                        Israel Time Travel:
    Israel launches its first satellite, Amos,
   becoming one of only eight countries in
      the world with a satellite program.

                                                         Immigration from
                                                  the former Soviet Union to Israel
                                                      nears the 1 million mark.

Operation Solomon: Israel rescues 14,200
Ethiopian Jews in 36 hours, bringing them
     to Israel aboard Israeli aircraft.

                                            King Hussein and Israeli Prime Minister
                                              Rabin are at the signing of the 1994
                                             peace treaty between Israel and Jordan,
                                            witnessed by U.S. President Bill Clinton.

  Oslo Accords are signed with
the PLO. Israeli Prime Minister
 Yitzhak Rabin, PLO Chairman
Yasser Arafat, and U.S. President
     Bill Clinton are present.
                       Israel Time Travel:
                                          Israel is ranked second in the
                                        world, just behind the U.S., in the
                                        number of startups and first in the
                                          number of startups per capita.

                               from Gaza.

                                                      Shimon Peres receives the
                                                         Nobel Peace Prize.

         2006                                              2010
     Gilad Shalit is                         Israel’s economy expands by 4.5
kidnapped and is still in                    percent. In contrast, the average
    captivity today.                      growth of the 33 other OECD nations,
                                           which are characterized as developed
                                                 countries, is 2.7 percent.
  Israel has more companies                                2011
listed on NASDAQ than any                 Initial drilling confirms that a huge gas
       non-US country.                    field is off Israel’s Mediterranean shore,
                                           50 miles west of Haifa. Tamar gas field
                                            prepares for the first deliveries of gas
                                                            in 2012.

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