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									Instruction for completing the Unit Outline Template
This document provides instructions for preparing your 2010 unit outlines. Please do not insert text
into this document. Please insert your text into the ‘2010 Unit Outline Template’.

Before you start inserting text in the Unit Outline Template (i.e not this document)
   1. Before you begin inserting text to your Unit Outline, ensure that you select ‘Save As’ and
      save the Word document to your nominated working area/location.
   2. Complete the footer by inserting the relevant semester and year.
   3. As the template is laid out with styles, you can use Cut and Paste to bring content from
      another document in. If you experience problems with the formatting, use Cut and Paste,
      but use Paste Special and paste in as Unformatted Text.
   4. When you are ready to convert the approved or peer reviewed document to PDF format,
      ensure that it is converted using Adobe Acrobat 9.0
   5. You do not need to have Adobe Acrobat 9.0 installed in order to update the unit outline, but
      you do need it in order to create the PDF file. In some schools the administration officer has
      been asked to create the PDFs for you. If you undertake this role yourself then please
      ensure that you have Adobe Acrobat 9.0 installed – DO NOT use any other pdf writer.
      Adobe Acrobat 9.0 is the University designated software and MUST be used. If you do not
      have it installed, contact ITCS.

To convert a document to PDF
    Open the faculty approved Unit Outline document in Word.
    Click on the Acrobat ribbon (this will only show if Acrobat 9.0 is installed.
    Save the pdf to a location, browse and select as appropriate.
    The word document will be converted and saved.
    Upload the pdf to your fully online unit or web enhanced unit as appropriate.

                                                                                                       Comment [D1]: Fill in the gap with
                                          FACULTY OF                                                   Faculty name

                                                                                                       Comment [D2]: Fill in the gap with
                                            School of                                                  School name

                                                                                                       Comment [D3]: Replace with
                                             Campus                                                    Campus Name or Online

                                                                                                       Comment [D4]: Follow with
                                           SEMESTER                                                    Semester number, year

                                                                                                       Comment [D5]: Replace with
                                       Unit Code: Unit Title                                           Unit code: Unit Title

                                          UNIT OUTLINE

CREDIT POINTS       10                                                                                 Comment [D6]: As from Australian
                                                                                                       Catholic University Handbook
PREREQUISITES/COREQUISITES/INCOMPATIBLES                                                               or faculty unit outline or delete whole
                                                                                                       row if not applicable
1                                                                       Semester , 20

                             Office Location:                                                       Comment [dmr7]: Room number,
                                                                                                    building, campus



DESCRIPTION                                                                                         Comment [D8]: As per description in
                                                                                                    Academic Board-approved unit outline
                                                                                                    (the same as in the Handbook -

TEACHING TEAM                                                                                       Comment [Y9]: Insert names and
                                                                                                    contact details of all tutors etc. Delete if
                                                                                                    not applicable

Mode/Attendance Pattern:                                                                            Comment [D10]: Specify relevant
                                                                                                    mode as appropriate, eg. lectures,
                                                                                                    tutorials, workshops; fieldwork/clinical/
Duration:     12 week-semester or equivalent in intensive block mode.                               practicum; intensive block mode; online

              You should anticipate undertaking 150 hours of study for this unit, including class
              attendance, readings and assignment preparation.

LEARNING OUTCOMES                                                                                   Comment [D11]: Number your
                                                                                                    learning outcomes. They should be
On successful completion of this unit, you will be able to:                                         those listed in the Academic Board
                                                                                                    approved Unit Outline.
    1.                                                                                              The learning outcomes of each unit
    2. etc                                                                                          must include the new ACU Graduate
                                                                                                    Attributes that are specifically
                                                                                                    developed in this unit. Do not list all
Each unit in your course contributes in some way to the development of ACU Graduate Attributes      ACU Graduate Attributes, only those
                                                                                                    you will explicitly develop and assess.
which you need to have demonstrated by the time you complete your course.
                                                                                                    Comment [D12]: It is suggested that
                                                                                                    you have no more than 8 specific
You can view the ACU Graduate Attributes for all courses by following this link ACU Graduate        outcomes.

Attributes (                                                          Comment [D13]: Start with a verb
                                                                                                    that specifies what students should be
                                                                                                    able to achieve and demonstrate eg
All Australian universities have their expected Graduate Attributes – ACU’s Graduate Attributes     ‘explain’, ‘analyse and evaluate’,
                                                                                                    ‘debate’, etc.
have a greater emphasis on ethical behaviour and community responsibility than those of many
other universities. All of your units will develop some of these graduate attributes.

Your course is a professional program that requires development of particular attributes for        Comment [Y14]: Fill in the name of
                                                                                                    your course or delete these two
accreditation purposes. These are also included in the Learning Outcomes.                           sentences if this is a generalist program

On successful completion of this unit, students will have developed their ability to:               Comment [k15]: Please list only
                                                                                                    those graduate attributes that you have
                                                                                                    mentioned in the learning outcomes –
       GA1    demonstrate respect for the dignity of each individual and for human diversity        i.e not all 10 graduate attributes.

       GA2    recognise their responsibility to the common good, the environment and society

       GA3    apply ethical perspectives in informed decision making

       GA4    think critically and reflectively

       GA5    demonstrate values, knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to the discipline
              and/or profession
2                                                                         Semester , 20
        GA6   solve problems in a variety of settings taking local and international perspectives into

        GA7   work both autonomously and collaboratively

        GA8   locate, organise, analyse, synthesise and evaluate information

        GA9   demonstrate effective communication in oral and written English language and visual

        GA10 utilise information and communication and other relevant technologies effectively.

CONTENT                                                                                                  Comment [D16]: As per the content
                                                                                                         in the Academic Board-approved unit
Topics will include:                                                                                     outline. You may provide additional
                                                                                                         and/or updated detail or, where the
                                                                                                         Academic Board-approved unit outline
SCHEDULE                                                                                                 provides for some options in content,
                                                                                                         you may specify the chosen options.
                                                                                                         The content must enable the student to
                                                                                                         fulfil the learning outcomes of the unit.
ASSESSMENT PROCEDURES                                                                                    Comment [D17]: Schedule of
                                                                                                         teaching, tutorials and when
OVERVIEW OF ASSESSMENTS                                                                                  assignments are due, tests to be taken
                                                                                                         etc. For a unit taught over a semester,
                                                                                                         usually week 1 to week 12. Schedule
                                                                                                         may also specify required or
                                                                                                         appropriate readings and/or learning
Brief Description of               Due       Weighting       Learning            Graduate                activities for each week or module.
Assessment Tasks                   Date      (%)             Outcome/s           Attributes              Comment [D18]: Detailed
                                                             Assessed            Assessed                assessment tasks must be listed here.
                                                                                                         Table may be adjusted – minimum
                                                                                                         requirements are specified here.
                                                                                                         Comment [D19]: Any graduate
                                                                                                         attributes listed in the learning
                                                                                                         outcomes must be assessed and
                                                                                                         included in this table.

In order to pass this unit, you are required to …………

Please include in this section the following information as per the assessment policy (Assessment
Policy and Procedures -

       word limits for each assessment task or equivalent requirements or restrictions;
       presentation requirements;
       the nature and extent of group work or collaboration required or permitted and any related
       specific marking criteria and weightings for each assessment task (other than
        examinations), including referencing requirements;
       clear details of any minimum essential requirements, such as compulsory attendance or
        compulsory completion of some or all of the assessment tasks;
       instructions on how, where and/or to whom students should submit their assessment tasks
        and whether a cover sheet is required.

3                                                                         Semester , 20
OTHER UNIT INFORMATION                                                                                    Comment [D20]: As well as the
                                                                                                          generic notes here, particular rules
It is your responsibility as a student to ensure that you have the prerequisites or co-requisites for a   governing the conduct of a unit,
                                                                                                          including safety requirements that are
particular unit. You may not enrol in this unit if you have previously passed, or are currently           specific to a discipline, must be clearly
enrolled in, any unit identified as incompatible with this unit. If you do not meet these                 stated here together with the
                                                                                                          consequences for non-compliance (see
requirements, then you must see your Course Coordinator.                                        

                                                                                                          Expectations about elearning can also
You should also become very familiar with the Student Tutorials in Blackboard, since almost all           be placed here. For example, you may
                                                                                                          want to indicate that students are
ACU units now utilise online learning: see                                  expected to check for emails and
                                                                                                          announcements in their Blackboard unit
STUDENT FEEDBACK AND CHANGES TO UNIT                                                                      at least once a week.
                                                                                                          Comment [D21]: A statement is
                                                                                                          required outlining how the unit has
                                                                                                          been modified in response to student
                                                                                                          evaluation. Please provide 2-3 points.
                                                                                                          Modifications might be as basic as
                                                                                                          updating readings, re-sequencing of
                                                                                                          content, or changes to assessment.

Final Result Notation       Range         Descriptor                                                      Comment [D22]: Including this table
                                                                                                          is a matter for your academic
Grade                       Guide (%)                                                                     judgement as LIC, but many staff find it
High           HD           85-100        Clear attainment of all learning outcomes, with complete        a helpful guide for students. You still
                                                                                                          need to provide clear definitions of what
Distinction                               and comprehensive understanding of the unit content,            constitutes HD, DI, CR etc. for each
                                          development of relevant skills and intellectual initiative to   assignment task.
                                          an extremely high level.
Distinction    DI           75-84         Substantial attainment of most learning outcomes, with a
                                          high level of understanding of the unit content and
                                          development of relevant analytical and interpretative
                                          skills to a high level.
Credit         CR           65-74         Sound attainment of some major learning outcomes,
                                          with good understanding of unit content and
                                          development of relevant skills.
Pass           PA           50-64         Satisfactory attainment of a range of learning outcomes,
                                          with basic understanding of unit content and
                                          development of relevant skills.
Pass           PC                         Some attainment of learning outcomes with basic
Conceded                                  understanding of some unit content and some skill
                                          development. Only the HOS can allocate this grade.
Fail           NN           0-49          Little or no attainment of learning outcomes, with limited
                                          understanding of course content or skill development.
Adapted from Sadler, D. R. (2005). Interpretations of criteria based assessment and grading in
higher education. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 30:2, 175-194. The
percentage range should be used in conjunction with the descriptors.



RECOMMENDED REFERENCES                                                                                    Comment [dmr23]: Refer to the
                                                                                                          library requirements for reference lists


4                                                                          Semester , 20

It is the responsibility of ALL students to access, read and familiarise themselves with the following
ACU Policies and Regulations. These are to be found in the ACU Handbook
(, which is readily available in the Library or on the Internet. The
Academic Honesty Policy is very important and you must understand that plagiarism, collusion
and recycling of assignments are not acceptable. You must read the Assessment Policy and
Procedures. If you have any queries please see the Lecturer-In-Charge.

ACU Handbook (

Academic Regulations and Policies (

See especially:

          Extension for an Assignment
          Factors affecting Performance


       Review and Appeals

Academic Honesty Policy (

Career Development Service (

Please contact the Career Development Service on your campus via the online booking service for
individual appointments and workshops. Career Service can assist you with finding employment,
preparing resume and employment application and preparation for interviews.

Conduct and Responsibilities (

Acceptable Use of IT Facilities (

Assessment Policy and Procedures (

See especially:

        Completion of Assessment Tasks

              Group Work and Collaborative Assessment

              Personal Circumstances Affecting Assessment

              Submission, Collection and Retention of Assessment Tasks

              Resubmission of Assessment Tasks

Deferred Examinations – refer to Examination Policy and Procedures
5                                                                         Semester , 20
Student Support (

Student Support

Staff in the various units of the Office of Student Success offer assistance to all students. If you
are experiencing difficulties with learning, life issues or pastoral/spiritual concerns, or have a
disability/medical condition which may impact on your studies, you are advised to notify the
Lecturer-In-Charge, Course Coordinator and/or one of the services listed below as soon as

Academic Skills (

Online Booking (

The Academic Skills Unit offers a variety of services, including workshops (on topics such as
assignment writing, time management, reading strategies, referencing, etc.), drop-in sessions,
group appointments, and individual consultations. It has a 24-hour online booking system for
individual or group consultations.

Counselling Service (

The Counselling Service is a free, voluntary, confidential and non-judgmental service open to all
students. It is staffed by qualified social workers or registered psychologists.

Equity and Disability (

Please contact the Equity and Disability Unit as early as possible if you need education
adjustments because of a disability or chronic medical condition.

Campus Ministry (

Campus Ministry offers pastoral care, spiritual leadership and opportunities for you to be involved
with community projects.

Indigenous Education Units (
The Indigenous Education Units on each campus provide information and support for students.

Elearning (

Online learning materials are available for you.

6                                                                         Semester , 20

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