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  Spring 2 011                                                                                                          I n Pr i n t

  WHAT’S HOT:                      BehrNORTH:             BehrSOUTH:              BehrWEST:                            THE EVENT:
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                    A completely new                                                          -S

                  and better experience

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                                                                                                                                 * Where available

                         “2011 is going to be a very exciting and important year for MAG with the Pro. With our Pro sales
                         organization fully staffed with an outstanding leadership team, and currently 55 full-time Sales Reps on
                         the ground in 34 of Home Depot’s top-40 Pro markets to complement the efforts of our 450 in-store Sales
                         Reps, we believe our timing is right to gain more market share with this very important market segment.
                         The combination of a world-class Sales team, world-class services, world-class brands and products—
                         including the launch of KILZ Pro-X,TM formulated for the Pro, offering a price-point advantage and the right
                         quality—will help us achieve our goals and grow share. Importantly, The Home Depot® views our BehrProSM
                         program as one of the key drivers for growth for their organization for 2011 and beyond. We believe we
                         have made the right investment at the right time, especially as the economy starts to turn. Thank you all
                         for your Obsession and Dedication to Excellence.” — Randy Chambers Executive VP, Sales

Ta b l e o f c o n t e nts

                         4 What’s hot
                         Experience BehrPro.SM It’s more
                         than a company culture; it’s in
                         our DNA.

                         6 Primed for success
                         Behr’s 2011 advertising blitz;
                         Achieving 100% fill rate takes
                         efficient coordination

                         8 BehrNORTH
                                                              12 BehrWEST                          16 HD spotlights
                         Behr® spec’d for nearly 50 Home
                                                              Customer required digital color      Getting to know our partners
                         Depots and all U.S. Burger King
                                                              renderings as well as product and    at The Home Depot
                         corporate offices
                                                              price breakdowns; no problem
                                                                                                   17 Profiles
                                            10 Behr-
                                                              14 Profiles                          Meet your DTP Field Service
                                                              Meet your Regional Operations        Technicians
                                           600 acres of
                                          rolling hills                                            18 Business successes
                                         soon to be ringed    15 Did you know?                     Celebrate the successes of some
                                        by miles of Ultra     Avoiding application problems        of our customers
                                        white fence           from lap marks to alkaline burn
                                                                                                   19 Events
                                                                                                   NARI night, Alignment walks;
                                                                                                   CAI event; KILZ Pro-X training

                                                                                                   22 Behr champion
                                                                                                   Meet a ‘certified’ champion

                                                                                                   23 IBS recap
                                                                                                   Relive the moment—the BehrPro
                                                                                                   lounge; the media event; 3-D
                                                                                                   ‘can’struction; The 3 Painters

                                                                                                           2   BehrPro Connect
                                                                                                                              Ex e c u t i v e s

 “In the same way that ‘Owning the last mile to the job site’ remains
       the focus of our Direct to ProSM services offering, ‘Owning the
  hearts and minds of the Pro’ is our focus for the grander BehrProSM

    program. To that end, we have coined ‘Experience BehrProSM ’ as
 our invitation to the professional to join us in this disruptive new
 way of succeeding in business. To live up to our promise we must
      be fanatical, and sometimes maniacal, about how we provide
   world-class, over-the-top service at each and every opportunity.
      As you personally encounter other
   great examples of world-class service,
         consider how you can use those
     examples to improve the experience                                    People,
        of our customers. This continued
  focus will help us ‘Own the hearts and
    minds of the Pro’ today and for years
   to come.” — Joe Richardson Senior VP,
          Professional Products and Services                               and Services
        “Being fanatical about service is a                                                            “Customer service is the key to a
      must. As we continue to invite Pros                                                              winning strategy in any business;
   to ‘Experience BehrPro,’ we understand                                                              it is also the most difficult to sustain
     the importance of constant, reliable,                                                             and emulate. I truly believe our new,
         and repeatable service. Knowing                                                               innovative Direct to Pro service model
      their product will be delivered by a                                                             gives Behr/KILZ® and The Home
      Behr Field Service Technician 100%                                                               Depot® a competitive advantage in the
 accurate, 100% complete and On Time                                                                   market over the traditional paint stores.
  is what they deserve and is just part of                                                             Our key focus in 2011 will be on People,
         the overall ‘experience’ we work hard to provide every day.       Products, and Services. People: ensuring that we are staffing,
    We understand that a decision to return to a restaurant may not        training, and supporting all of our Sales Reps inside the stores and
    just depend on the quality of the food, but also the service and       out in the field with the necessary tools and knowledge. Products:
the overall experience provided. We believe the overall experience         we are all very excited about the new KILZ Pro-X TM product
provided by BehrPro is what will keep Pros coming back for more.”          launch that fills a big product gap that we had in our breadth
               — Phill Markes Senior VP, Transportation and Distribution   of products. It will be available in all Home Depot stores by

                                                                           the end of May. Services: we will continue to expand and invest
                                                                           in our delivery options, order processing, lead generation, and

                                                                           product information systems. Thanks to everyone’s support, we
                                                                           continue to deliver on our promise to the professional customer
                                                                           world-class service and top-quality products at a compelling value.
                                                                           I look forward to seeing all of you in the field in 2011.“
                                                                           — Colin Jaffe Senior VP, Sales Operations

S p r i n g 2 0 11   3
W h a t ’s h o t

                   What does ‘Experience BehrPro’ really mean? What          meet those needs—moving from three regions
                   makes Behr’s professional service program better          to two, exponentially increasing the number of
                   than the competitions’? Is it just giving lip service     Pro Sales Reps, and adding three Regional Pro
                   to the Pro? Who really delivers on their promises?        Sales Managers in each region—making Behr more
                                                                             accessible in the marketplace.
                   Be assured that when Behr Reps refer to Experience
                   BehrPro, they take the commitment seriously and           Products Behr has been a trusted name in quality
                   will take every measure to ensure the Pro is serviced     and durability since 1947 and our ever-evolving
                   beyond their expectations. From Jeff Filley down!         Experience BehrPro program builds on that success.

                                                                             Behr’s products stay on the leading edge of tech-
                                                                             nology with products that make a difference to the
                                                                             Pro, such as Behr Premium Plus.® And last year, Building
                                                                             Products magazine recognized Behr Premium Plus Ultra®
                                                                             as a 2010 Most Valuable Product. This year, the

                                                                             stakes have been raised in the industry with the
                                                                             introduction of KILZ Pro-X,TM a product line
                                                                             specially formulated just for the Pro.

                   It’s a company culture. It’s in our DNA.
                   It’s more than just words, it’s a way of life at Behr,
                   and it has permeated the company culture and
                   defined us—and how we treat the professional
                   customer. And it’s not just the Pro customer;
                   it affects every aspect of how we conduct business.

                   Experience BehrPro is a promise we make to our
                   Pro customers every day—that’s 365 days a year
                   —to provide the best products, service, and
                   support in the industry. And while many companies
                   are cutting services, raising prices, or closing
                   their doors, Behr is actually expanding its range
                   of products and services. As Behr President Jeff
                   Filley stated recently, “Behr is poised for the future.
                   Together we are building trust, developing new
                   relationships, and winning one customer at a time.
                   Our value proposition is unique and without rival.”

                   Behr walks the walk and talks the talk when it
                   comes to Experience BehrPro, and here is the proof:

                   Expansion The Experience BehrPro program
                   is about meeting the needs of the Pro with
                   innovation, quality products, and speed to
                   market. Last year, Behr reorganized to better

                                                                                                         4    BehrPro Connect
Service The cornerstone of Experience BehrPro is          are in the field, working hand in hand with Pros.
an innovative service program called Direct to Pro,SM     As part of one of the largest professional service
that is now active in nearly all of the country’s top     teams in the nation, our Reps are ready to assist
40 markets. This dynamic program is far-reaching          with product details, account questions, and
and meets and exceeds the needs of the Pro by             special requests. Their ultimate goal is to create
offering free direct delivery to the Pro’s local Home     a relationship—a partnership—with the Pro
Depot store or to the Pro’s job site by a certified       customer, helping them with all their needs
coating specialist who can walk the job site,             in growing their business.
answer product questions, and help troubleshoot
                                                          Value The Experience BehrPro program is also about
any problems they may have. This program also
                                                          great pricing and value. The Home Depot® offers
provides guaranteed order fulfillment within 72
                                                          a discount of up to 20% on every Behr® and KILZ®
hours of placing an order.
                                                          purchase, based on the Pro’s annual volume. There’s
Advice Behr’s Experience BehrPro program is a             no prequalification, no membership fee, and no
                     promise to stand by our Pros. Our    complicated sign-up.
                          trained and knowledgeable
                                                          Technology Yes, the Experience BehrPro program
                                         Pro Sales Reps
                                                          extends to the World Wide Web. Behr’s products,
                                                          tools, and services are all at your fingertips at
                                                          behrpro.com—and now at espanol.behrpro.com,
                                                            Behr’s Spanish-language site. Here, Pros will find
                                                               online color tools, color sample ordering,
                                                                 and a technical library.

                                                                  And because we are now a mobile society,
                                                                  Behr is exploding onto the mobile
                                                                  consumer market, brimming with all the
                                                                  online features found on Behr.com. One
                                                                     of our new, exciting mobile apps is
                                                                        ColorSmart by BehrTM Mobile, a free,
                                                                          first-of-its-kind mobile app for your
                                                                            Apple® iPhone.® It’s convenient,
                                                                             easy-to-use home-decorating
                                                                             inspiration on the go!

                                                                              So the next time someone asks,
                                                                             “What is Experience BehrPro?” you
                                                                            can tell them that it’s the unique
                                                                          perspective we have cultivated,
                                                                        which puts our Pro customers’ needs
                                                                   first. That is why more Pros are choosing
                                                               Behr for their products and services. Be proud
                                                               to be a part of the experience!

S p r i n g 2 0 11    5
Primed for success           At Behr, we believe in total customer focus, which means shipping 100% complete and on time. To do so
                             means efficient coordination between suppliers, manufacturing, transportation, and distribution centers.
                             • Behr’s Supply Chain department is like the conductor in a symphony orchestra. For the music to sound
                             good, all the musicians must be at their best, including the conductor. Supply Chain must coordinate all the
                             personnel down the line to produce beautiful music. • Whether it’s a Do-It-Yourselfer or a Pro contractor,
      Leading the pack       the job can’t get done if the paint is not available. That is what makes shipping 100% complete so important,
    On February 16, 2011     and Behr’s dedication to shipping 100% complete so strong. Behr will deliver, always.

                                                                  Fill ’er up!
   the first KILZ Pro-X TM
   sale was made at The
    Home Depot ® Store
  #6673 in El Monte, CA                                              It’s not enough to offer
 by Behr Pro Sales Rep.
                                                                  world-class products if you
 Tom Maruna. The order
                                                                  can’t deliver them complete
went to Luis Trigueros of
                                                                    and on time. That’s why
 North Hollywood, paint
                                                                      having a 100% fill rate
 contractor for Regency
                                                                    is a critical ingredient in
      Apartments, which
    has units throughout
                                                                       Behr’s quality story.
 southern CA. Formerly                                               Meet our Supply Chain
       a Vista and Dunn-                                          Planning/Scheduling teams
     Edwards customer,                                             that make it all happen...
Trigueros was sold after
he was shown the value
 of KILZ Pro-X, its color
 availability, competitive
       reproduction, and
    quick turnaround on
  deliveries. And he has
been extremely satisfied
                             NORTH                                                                           WEST
  with KILZ Pro-X. More
                             Allentown, PA Left to right: John                                               Santa Ana, CA Top left to right:
 market share taken!
                             Gauna, Michele Seip, Brian Deibert                                              David Werdel, Chris Bilek, Barry
                                                                                                             Shade, Mike Kelly, Dave Lacey,
                             St. Louis, MO Left to right: Mike
                                                                                                             Jimmy Curtis; Middle left to right:
                             Hummert, Denise Jacoby, Barb
                                                                                                             Damien Ibarra, Ryan Christensen,
                                                                                                             Hector Gonzalez, Dennis Goheen;
                             Chicago, IL Left to right: Rebecca                                              Bottom left to right: Ledda Casimiro,
     Have a unique way of    Pucher, Brian Tinker, Helen Wu                                                  Ryan Christensen, Lisa Paciotta
 showing your Behr pride?                                         Atlanta, GA Left to right: Kristy Alley,
 Share your big idea here!                                        Kyle Turner, Tammy Pardee
      E-mail us a photo at                                        Dallas, TX Left to right: Monica
   promarketing@behr.com                                          Florea, Eddie Jones, Rita Brent

                                                                                                                       6    BehrPro Connect

2011 ad campaign highlights
Behr’s ‘universe’ of services

             ehr just kicked off an im-
             pressive new ad campaign
             that’s built around the
             Experience BehrPro ‘universe.’
             This campaign will highlight
different segments of Experience BehrPro
in future ads—from innovative products
to world-class services—which creates
flexibility and will be a powerful tool
in getting the word out. Look for our
print ads in the following publications:
Professional Remodeler, Professional Builder,
Remodeling, JLC, Builder, Qualified Remodeler,
and Constru-Guía al día.

We’ve also created several Experience BehrPro
web banner ads for various Web sites and
e-mail newsletters throughout the year.

As you can see, we are off and running with
a strong 2011 marketing campaign to bring
our story to the Pro in all mediums.

S p r i n g 2 0 11   7
                                                      Sales Rep. Spotlight

Top 10 Pro Sales Stores
                                                      Meet Matt Madrigal
                                                      Madrigal is a Behr Pro Sales Rep. in the Chicago market
1 Olathe, KS                The Home Depot #2218
                            Rep: Laurie Tinklin

2 Egg Harbor Twnshp, NJ The Home Depot #0930          First job? Mr. D’s Banquet Hall on        How can Behr contribute to The
                        Rep: Joseph Buckbee
                                                      the east side of Chicago.                 Home Depot’s efforts to ‘Own the
3 Buffalo, NY               The Home Depot #1234                                                Pro’? The ability to deliver world-
                            Rep: Paul Benz            Favorite hobby? Playing hockey.
                                                                                                class service to the contractors, from
4 Poughkeepsie, NY          The Home Depot #1266      Favorite sports team? The Chicago         the in-store Rep. to the outside Rep.
                            Rep: Ryan Tompkins        White Sox.                                to the Direct to Pro team. We all have
5 Lodi, NJ                  The Home Depot #0932                                                the drive to be the best.
                                                      Favorite entertainment? Friday night
                            Rep: Kevin Monahan
                                                      movie night with the wife and kids.       Why do you like working for Behr?
6 Sicklerville, NJ          The Home Depot #0942
                                                                                                The family atmosphere; I consider my
                            Rep: Jordan Showers                             Who is your
                                                                                                coworkers part of my family. We have
                                                                            hero? My
7 East Syracuse, NY         The Home Depot #1236                                                something very special at Behr.
                            Rep: Brian Moore                               parents. They
                                                                           have sacrificed      What advice would you give a
8 St. Louis, MO             The Home Depot #3010
                            Rep: Brad Orzel                                so much to           Sales Rep. just starting with Behr?
                                                                           put four kids        This is a great company and if you
9 Seabrook, NH              The Home Depot #3404
                            Rep: Bill Dunlop                               through high         give 100%, you will be successful.
                                                      school and college, and allowed three     Listen and learn from those here now
10 Tewksbury, MA            The Home Depot #2668
                            Rep: Kevin Regan
                                                      boys to play hockey.                      because chances are they have been
                                                                                                through the same things, if not more,
                                                      What is the one thing people would
Top 10 Direct to Pro Stores
                       SM                                                                       and have battled through it.
                                                      be surprised to know about you?
1 Glen Mills, PA            The Home Depot #4121      I really enjoy cooking.
                            Rep: Jonathan Gilbert                                                 “Since the inception of the Pro
                                                      What is your history with The Home          initiative, Matt has made it a point
2 Glen Burnie, MD           The Home Depot #2501      Depot®? I started with Southeast
                            Rep: John Selby
                                                                                                  to become a better student of the
                                                      Associates, a vendor group in 1997.         business by educating himself and
3 Madison Heights, MI       The Home Depot #2731      I left for a year and returned to The       asking questions to further advance
                            Rep: Barton Brown                                                     his success with the Pro customer.
                                                      Home Depot. I will have been with
                                                                                                  He’s always played a lead roll on
4 Omaha, NE                 The Home Depot #3202      Behr 11 years in June.
                            Rep: Ryan Travalik                                                    our team here in the Chicago area
                                                      Biggest accomplishment? Winning             (Matt led the team in 2010 in Pro
5 Fredericksburg, VA        The Home Depot #4660                                                  sales) and this key sales driver was
                            Rep: Julius Glen Gause    the Presidents’ Cup last year at the
                                                                                                  no exception for him. His ability
                                                      sales meeting.
6 Flushing, NY              The Home Depot #1277                                                  to deliver value to our customer
                            Rep: Dimitrios Vardakas   What are your personal ‘keys’ to            every day will carry over to his
                                                                                                  new position, which will allow him
7 East Haven, CT            The Home Depot #6223      success? Respect: I treat everyone
                                                                                                  to provide positive results on the
                            Rep: Dave Sintay          the way I want to be treated. Hard
                                                                                                  outside as he has provided on the
8 Pontiac, MI               The Home Depot #2701      work: nothing ever got accomplished         inside for the last 11 years.”
                            Rep: Lee Martens          without hard work. Time management:
                                                                                                  Josh Richardson,
9 Merrillville, IN          The Home Depot #2001
                                                      we are only here for a short time;          BehrNORTH Regional Operations
                            Rep: Robert Blaylock      never lose sight of what is important.      Manager
                                                      Positive attitude: people tend to flock
10 Bensalem, PA             The Home Depot #4103
                            Rep: William Sedgwick     to others that have a general positive
                                                      outlook on life.

                                                                                                             8    BehrPro Connect

Sergio F u e n z a l i d a | M e r r i c k , N Y                                                                      Jim Holler, a Behr Sales
                                                                                                                      Rep. in the Allentown,

                                                                                                                      PA area since 2003,
                                                                                                                      will now cover that area
                                                                                                                      on the Pro team. Jim

                                                                                                                      has been recognized
                                                                                                                      with numerous awards
                                                                                                                      and understands the
                                                                                                                      dedication, hours,
Contractor uses Behr products                                                                                         relationships, and
to repaint Home Depot stores                                                                                          networking needed
                                                                                                                      to be successful.

RJB Contracting Inc. specializes in painting metal and concrete buildings. So when the company was
hired to repaint The Home Depot® Store #1208, they turned to Behr. • “Maryland Behr Pro Sales Rep.
Brian Sauer contacted me, along with RJB Contracting Regional Sales Manager Dan Osborne and President
Ron Bacskai, concerning a repaint of #1208 using Behr Premium Plus Ultra® Exterior paint,” said Behr Sales
Rep. Sergio Fuenzalida. “And Ron has about 45 painters that will repaint approximately 50 Home Depots
                                                                                                                      New promotions
next year using that paint.” • “The collaboration of Home Depot Building Services, RJB Contracting, and
                                             Behr has greatly improved the appearance of our store,” said
                                             Obiesie Okoro, Home Depot Manager. All parties involved
                                             couldn’t be happier with both the product and service. • RJB
                                             Contracting also uses Behr® for all the Burger King corporate
                                             offices around the country. • “We’re No. 1 for a reason!”
                                             Fuenzalida said.                                                         Abe Suleiman
                                                                                                                      has serviced the
                                                   Left to right: Ron Bacskai,
                                                                                                                      Philadelphia, PA area
                                                   Charlie Eck, Sergio Fuenzalida,
                                                                                                                      as a Behr Sales Rep.
                                                   Blain Williamson, John Richetti,
                                                                                                                      since 2000; now he
                                                   Jerry Mitchell
                                                                                                                      will cover it on the Pro
Frank H e r n a n d e z | N e w a r k , N J                                                                           team. His charisma
                                                                                                                      and dedication to

Decisions made easy
                                                                                                                      ‘Owning the Pro’ make
                                                                                                                      him a natural fit and
                                                                                                                      a great addition to the
                                                                                                                      Pro Rep. team.
Shelter turns to Behr for value and price

A     ccess Community operates four shelters in the
      New York area for homeless and less-fortunate
individuals. So, getting good value is critical.
                                                               Since the Access Community Purchasing Manager
                                                               had used Behr paint before, Hernandez said the
                                                               decision to convert their business to Behr was easy.
                                                               “It was a no-brainer!”
Behr Pro Sales Rep. Frank Hernandez heard from                                                                        Mary Jane DiMartino
HD Pro Account Rep. Tony Gonzalez, Store #910                  Access Community has already made two purchases        joined Behr in 1997
in Secaucus, NJ, that Access Community was                     and has two more on the way.                           as a Behr Sales Rep.
looking to do a repaint.                                                                                              in Philadelphia, PA, and
                                                                                                                      will now cover that area
“The previous Purchasing Manager at Access                                                                            on the Pro team, where
Community had been using Benjamin Moore                                                                               her ability to build and
and was over-paying,” said Hernandez. “The new                                                                        sustain relationships
                                                                                                                      will serve her well.
Purchasing Manager used to work for The Home
Depot, and he knew about Behr’s quality products
and service.”
                                                                Behr Pro Sales Rep.
                                                                Frank Hernandez
S p r i n g 2 0 11    9
    BehrSOUTH                                       Sales Rep. Spotlight

Top 10 Pro Sales Stores
                                                    Meet Jason Kael
                                                    Kael is a Behr Pro Sales Rep. in the New Orleans area
1 North Little Rock, AR    The Home Depot #1402
                           Rep: Robby Jones

2 Nashville, TN            The Home Depot #0722     First job? Working on a Home             Why do you like working for Behr?
                           Rep: Dean Norris
                                                    Depot reset team for a merchandiser.     Family, culture, and passion. I feel
3 Denton, TX               The Home Depot #6840                                              this is our three-legged stool, and
                           Rep: Randy Rivers        Favorite hobbies? Spending time
                                                                                             one every corporation should live by.
                                                    with my family, watching football,
4 Cedar Hill, TX           The Home Depot #0530
                           Rep: Jeff Barker         and fitness.                             What’s your most memorable
                                                                                             Behr ‘wow’ moment? Getting hired
5 Pearland, TX             The Home Depot #6567     Favorite sports team? The New
                           Rep: Bryan Doucette
                                                                                             with Behr over seven years ago.
                                                    Orleans Saints.
                                                                                             I never knew working could be
6 San Antonio, TX          The Home Depot #6547     Favorite entertainment? I enjoy          this enjoyable.
                           Rep: Jimmy Garcia
                                                    going to dinner and spending time
7 Kingsport, TN            The Home Depot #0702                                              What are your personal ‘keys’ to
                                                    with my wife and daughter.
                           Rep: David Hensley                                                success? Flawless communication,
                                                    What is one thing                        passion, and having fun every day.
8 Sugar Land, TX           The Home Depot #6860
                           Rep: Tony Ayala          people would be
                                                                                             What advice would you give
                                                    surprised to know
9 Greensboro, GA           The Home Depot #8584                                              a Sales Rep. just starting with Behr?
                           Rep: Vu Pham             about you? I have
                                                                                             Work hard and work smart every
                                                    worked for three
10 Southlake, TX           The Home Depot #0587                                              day. Listen, ask questions, and never
                           Rep: Bruce Humphrey
                                                    different paint
                                                                                             settle on mediocrity.
Top 10 Direct to Pro Stores
                                                    What is your history with The Home       “Jason brings a high-energy
1 El Paso, TX              The Home Depot #0522     Depot®? I was a Manufacturer’s Rep.      approach to his job every day that
                           Rep: Bruno Martinez      for more than 15 years.                  is contagious. He does a great job
                                                                                             with new initiatives and execution,
2 Davie, FL                The Home Depot #6326     Biggest accomplishment?                  as well as embracing any and
                           Rep: Lazaro Rodriguez
                                                    Subcontracting my house.                 all challenges to realize success.
3 Miami, FL                The Home Depot #6343                                              Jason has excelled in selling the Pro,
                           Rep: Brando Pennington   How can Behr contribute to The           building strong relationships, and
                                                    Home Depot’s efforts to ‘Own the         is open to continuous training and
4 Arlington, TX            The Home Depot #0554
                           Rep: Duane Latendorf     Pro’? By creating a strong partnership   learning. All of these attributes will
                                                    with The Home Depot and contin-          help him in his next challenge at
5 Miami, FL                The Home Depot #0277                                              Behr as a Pro Sales Rep.”
                           Rep: Luis Diaz           uously innovating the brand and the
                                                    industry.                                Lane Daniel,
6 Miami, FL                The Home Depot #6322                                              BehrSOUTH Regional Operations Manager
                           Rep: Luis Diaz

7 Hialeah, FL              The Home Depot #6378
                           Rep: Brando Pennington

8 Suwanee, GA              The Home Depot #1754
                           Rep: Nicholas Marrick

9 Largo, FL                The Home Depot #6321
                           Rep: Mark Krasowski

10 Tampa, FL               The Home Depot #0245
                           Rep: Richard Clement

Ken Lee | R o a n o k e , VA

Whiteout!                                                                        Small-market job
                                                                                 packs a big-product
                                                                                 punch in historic Virginia

          entral Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains give way to lush rolling hills and pastoral beauty. Here,
          you’ll find Waynesboro. • The Home Depot® Store #4654 is Behr Sales Rep. Ken Lee’s smallest
          store. But looks can be deceiving. • Last fall, Bob Rhett of RC Interiors, and brother John Rhett
of Rhett Architects, contacted D24 Associate Dan Nicholson of the Waynesboro Home Depot. And                          Bruce Nowak brings
Dan called Lee to meet with the customers. • “They were investigating white-paint options for many                    nearly 10 years of
miles of rough-sawn oak board and PT post fencing encircling a grand horse farm and farm conservation                 passion, excitement,
property. The Rhetts wanted a clean, high-quality finish that would not require constant maintenance                  and drive to the role
and would look beautiful from all angles,” Lee said. • To stay within their clients’ budget and needs,                of Behr Pro Sales
                                                                                                                      Rep. His outside sales
Lee and Nicholson proposed KILZ ®
                                                                                                                      background in the steel
2 Primer and Behr Premium Plus Ultra®                                                                                 industry, prior to Behr,
Exterior Flat paint. • “The paint was                                                                                 will lend itself well to
delivered to the beautiful Castle                                                                                     the Pro expansion in the
Hill barn, which presides over 600                                                                                    Houston, TX market.
acres of rolling grass hills, ringed
and checkered by miles of what will
be bright ‘white,’” Lee said. Beautiful
work, Ken!

                                                                                                                      New promotions

Phillip H a y e s a n d A da m L i e t c h | A t l a n t a , G A

Time is a luxury you don’t                  There was only one problem; all      “While processing the orders we
always have. Just ask Behr Pro              eight clubs had to be repainted      were faced with another challenge;
Sales Reps Phillip Hayes and                during the Christmas break.          they all had to be delivered on
Adam Lietch.                                “This only gave us nine days to      the same day,” Hayes said. “We       Jason Kael started
                                            accomplish this feat,” Hayes said.   coordinated this with the distri-    with Behr in 2003 in
Brian Fascitelli, HD Pro Account                                                                                      Memphis, TN before
                                                                                 bution center, and I am happy
Rep. at store #121, contacted               Once the bids were awarded,                                               moving back to his
                                                                                 to say that when the students
Hayes and Lietch about the                  Hayes and Lietch worked with                                              hometown in Louisiana
                                                                                 returned after the Christmas         in 2007. Jason’s energy
repaint of eight Boys and Girls             the painters to do the takeoffs on
                                                                                 break, they were amazed at the       and dedication to this
Clubs in the Atlanta, GA area.              all eight clubs and schedule when
                                                                                 transformation of each club.”        segment are clearly
                                            to paint each club.                                                       visible with his current

                                           Behr joins the club
                                                                                                                      relationships, and he’ll
                                                                                                                      be a great addition to
                                                                                                                      the Pro team. Jason
                                                                                                                      will be covering the
                                                                                 Timing, service—
                                                                                                                      New Orleans, LA area
                                                                                 keys to success                      for Behr.
                                                                                 in Boys and Girls
                                                                                 Clubs’ project

                                            Adam Lietch and Phillip Hayes

S p r i n g 2 0 11   11
                                                  Sales Rep. Spotlight
Top 10 Pro Sales Stores
                                                  Meet Michael Seele
                                                  Michael is a Behr Sales Rep. in Commerce City, CO
1 San Carlos, CA           The Home Depot #0628
                           Rep: Matthew Bailey

2 Anchorage, AK            The Home Depot #1301   First job? Scorekeeper and softball
                           Rep: Charles Camp                                                     “Michael brings a new level of energy
                                                  announcer for Westminster, CO.
                                                                                                 to Team Colorado. His passion for
3 Vallejo, CA              The Home Depot #0633
                           Rep: Ryan McBain       Favorite hobby? Collecting sports              growth, upbeat and can-do attitude
                                                  memorabilia.                                   is refreshing. From his first day on the
4 San Jose, CA             The Home Depot #1009                                                  job Michael showed great leadership
                           Rep: Joshua Bailey     Favorite sports team? The Denver               qualities with The Home Depot. Once
5 Bakersfield, CA          The Home Depot #1060   Broncos.                                       a department head in The Home
                           Rep: Steve Bragunier                                                  Depot, Michael understands their
                                                  Favorite movie? Big Trouble in Little China.   business model very well and knows
6 Chehalis, WA             The Home Depot #4740                                                  how to navigate through all the clutter
                           Rep: Jeff Norton       Who is your hero? My father. He is
                                                                                                 to get his work done efficiently and
                                                  the reason I believe that hard work            create time to drive the Pro business.
7 Fremont, CA              The Home Depot #6636
                           Rep: Danny Pittl       will get you where you want to be              His commitment to drive our
                                                  (strength and honor).                          business, communication with our
8 Chico, CA                The Home Depot #6609
                           Rep: Trent Kenney
                                                                                                 customer, finding ways to challenge
                                                  What is your history with The                  his stores, and his constant drive to
9 Santa Rosa, CA           The Home Depot #1379   Home Depot®? I worked for The                  improve himself clearly make him a
                           Rep: Tim Klassen       Home Depot from 2000–2008,                     stand-out individual.”
10 Salinas, CA             The Home Depot #1843   and grand opened two Home Depots               Arek Anysz,
                           Rep: Pat Minter        in Colorado.                                   BehrWEST Regional Operations Manager

Top 10 Direct to Pro Stores

                                                  accomplishment?                                What is the biggest hurdle you’ve
1 Everett, WA              The Home Depot #4713                                                  come across, and what techniques
                           Rep: Ryan Campbell
                                                  my Bachelors                                   have proven successful to overcome
2 Huntington Beach, CA     The Home Depot #6963   degree in Business                             it? Winning over the Pro customer;
                           Rep: James Bird
                                                  Management.                                    every Pro is diverse in their various
3 Los Angeles, CA          The Home Depot #1048                                                  needs, which makes it essential to
                           Rep: Milo Carr         How can Behr
                                                                                                 utilize the PEER techniques.
                                                  contribute to
4 Tracy, CA                The Home Depot #1020                            “We’re an elite Why do you like working for Behr?
                           Rep: Grant McMullen    The Home Depot’s
                                                  efforts to ‘Own         company that’s We’re an elite company that’s
5 San Diego, CA            The Home Depot #0680
                           Rep: Jonah Ponce       the Pro’? Sharing       passionate, and passionate, and consistently focused
                                                  strategies and                           on being the best.
6 Signal Hill, CA          The Home Depot #0648                              consistently
                                                  working together
                           Rep: Ray Echlin                                    focused on Most memorable Behr ‘wow’
                                                  as a cohesive unit                       moment? My first sales meeting.
7 Phoenix, AZ              The Home Depot #0485
                                                  will ‘Own the Pro.’     being the best.”
                           Rep: Carlos Figueroa
                                                                                                 What advice would you give a
8 Scottsdale, AZ           The Home Depot #0472   What are your personal ‘keys’                  Sales Rep. just starting with Behr?
                           Rep: Scott Bradshaw    to success? Hard work, being                   Put in the time you need in order
9 Los Angeles, CA          The Home Depot #6689
                                                  passionate about what you do, being            to be successful. Challenge yourself
                           Rep: Cesar Guerrero    energetic, and just having fun.                by setting your own goals, and be
10 Sierra Vista, AZ        The Home Depot #0443                                                  innovative on how you are going
                           Rep: Matthew Love                                                     to run your business.

                                                                                                            12    BehrPro Connect

                                                            J ohn Nankivell | Surprise, AZ

                                                            to grow
    Sometimes slow and easy wins the race, as Behr Pro Sales Rep. John Nankivell can
    attest. • “This is a customer that Carl Helm, HD Pro Account Sales Associate at The Home Depot® Store
    #456 and I have been working with for about a year and a half,” Nankivell said. • Helm first
    met Jess Patel, owner of the Quality Inn in historic Globe, AZ, in June 2009. “Carl brought me
                                                                                                       pays off with Arizona
    into the loop, and I stayed in touch and visited the hotel several times to build the relation-
                                                                                                       hotel owner
    ship,” Nankivell said. • Recent cold weather in Arizona caused some pipes to freeze and burst,
    flooding 30 rooms at the hotel. The rooms had to be stripped down to the studs. • “When Jess called
    a restoration company, he instructed them to only use Behr® paint due to our relationship,” Nankivell said.
    • “We have waited a long time for a sizeable order from this customer, but it was definitely worth the wait.”

Before                                    Color selection                      One of the color choices presented

    Matthew M a r v i n | L a Q u i n t a , C A                                                                     New promotions

    Going above and beyond
                                                                                                                    Brad Zinda began his
                                                                                                                    Behr career as a Sales
                                                                                                                    Rep. nine years ago.
    Pro ‘blown away’ by Behr’s product and service

                                                                                                                    He has great drive and
                 l Centro, CA is getting a face-lift,       further detail their needs as well as meet the          excitement about the
                 and Behr is right in the thick of it.      owner, John Gaddis.”                                    Pro initiative and he’s
                                                                                                                    incredibly enthusiastic
              Dr. Dax Chell, DBA, the General               Marvin and Dierkes used their PEERS training
                                                                                                                    about getting out
              Manager of Desert Properties, a property      to determine Gaddis’ needs, and learned they were
                                                                                                                    in the field to start
    management company, is playing a major role             having trouble with their current suppliers, Dunn-
                                                                                                                    driving Pro sales. Brad
    in the downtown revitalization.                         Edwards and Glidden. They also found out they
                                                                                                                    will be covering the
                                                            used 12 maintenance workers to do the painting.
    “I was introduced to Dr. Chell by my HD Pro                                                                     Minneapolis, MN area
    Account Sales Associate at The Home Depot Store         Dierkes offered to conduct a personalized training      for Behr.
    #1059,” said Behr Sales Rep. Matthew Marvin.            class. “They loved the idea,” Marvin said. “They
    “He took me around to the properties that they          couldn’t believe we would go to this extent for
    were planning to do in the first phase. He said he      them. This allowed us to take on a partnership-type
    needed digital color renderings, as well as product     role and open up greater opportunities down the
    and price breakdowns.”                                  road. The first phase of the project starts this week
                                                            with others to follow closely!”
    Marvin contacted Behr Pro Sales Rep. Jeff Dierkes.
    “We arranged a follow-up meeting to discuss in

    S p r i n g 2 0 11   13
P ro f i l e s

                 What are your current responsibilities?                                   What are your current
                                                                       Lane Daniel
                 I manage eight Behr Sales Reps covering stores                            responsibilities?
                 in Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania.                               I manage and lead a Sales
                                                                                           team covering Louisiana,
                 How long have you been with Behr? 18 years.           Operations
                                                                                           Mississippi, Arkansas,
                 What makes an effective leader? Someone who             Manager
                                                                                           and Memphis.
                 has a vision to succeed and leads by example.
                                                                                           How long have you been
                 Leaders have great listening skills, communication
                                                                                           with Behr? Since 1996.
   Getting       skills, execution skills, and teaching skills. They
                 are willing to change and are honest, sincere,                            How did you get started

  to know        determined, and approachable.                                             with Behr? I worked for
                                                                                           The Home Depot® through
                 Name a significant goal that you have achieved
 your Behr       in the past 12 months. My team finished #1 in
                                                                                           college, and Bill Snoddy
                                                                                           introduced me to the right
                 Pro sales under Kevin Call for 2010.
  Regional       Personal hero? My dad.
                                                                       folks. Doesn’t everybody want to be on the
                                                                       winning team?
Operations       What is your philosophy in retaining quality          What makes an effective leader? An effective

 Managers        employees? Have mutual respect and treat
                                     everyone equally in the
                                                                       leader should be in a position to make a
                                                                       difference in others’ lives, and should take on
                 Paul Adinolfi       workplace; develop a              responsibility. They should be ready to stand
                 B e h r N O RT H    team where everyone feels         out in a crowd, but have the ability to submerge
                   Regional          comfortable reaching out          themselves when needed. They should inspire
                  Operations         for help; establish clear         others with vision while providing a road map,
                   Manager           expectations and hold people      goals, and the expectation to succeed.
                                     accountable for their actions.
                                                                       What makes a great Sales Rep.? A special
                                     What’s on your playlist?          person that, no matter the obstacle, finds a way
                                     70s and 80s rock and roll.        to deliver. It’s someone who leads by example,
                                                                       communicates wins and losses, and will take on
                                     Family stats? Married for
                                                                       additional responsibilities to better the team.
                                     28 years to Anne; four
                                     children: Ryan, Kasey, Kara,      What advice would you give a Sales Rep. just
                                     and Brendan.                      starting with Behr? I would encourage them
                                                                       to challenge the current way we look at things;
                 Favorite hobbies? Boating, tennis, and looking
                                                                       there is always a better, more efficient way. Most
                 at classic muscle cars.
                                                                       importantly, communicate regularly with folks
                 What makes a great Sales Rep.? Someone who            outside of your group; there are a lot of exciting
                 is self-motivated, accepts change, has great time-    ideas that need to be shared.
                 management skills, and likes to work in a team
                                                                       Favorite cuisine? Anything that can be cooked
                                                                       in my back yard; I love to entertain.
                 What advice would you give a Sales Rep. just
                                                                       What do you know now that you wish you
                 starting with Behr? Welcome to the Behr family.
                                                                       knew 10 years ago? That digging in for the
                 Listen to your leaders, communicate with your
                                                                       details is much more important than being the
                 team, add value every day, ask questions, be
                                                                       first one to report the news.
                 consistent, and always do the right thing for
                 our customers.                                        What is one thing people would be surprised
                                                                       to know about you? My son will graduate from
                                                                       LSU this summer.

                                                                                              14    BehrPro Connect
   What are your current responsibilities?
   Western Oregon, Western Washington,
                                                                  Did you know?
                                                                                      What kinds of application and appearance
   and Alaska.
                                                                                                      problems should be avoided?
   How long have you been with Behr? 20 years.

   What makes an effective leader? Patience,
   decisiveness, and accountability. If you look
                                                                                      Without question, the appearance
   at all the great leaders in history, they had the
   ability to surround themselves with intelligent                                    of any paint job must be a priority.
   people. This is important in my opinion because                                    Lap marks—unfavorable stripes
   it’s impossible to do it alone.
                                                                                      and uneven sheen appearance—
   What is your philosophy in retaining quality
                                                                                      are dissatisfying to customers who
   employees? Treating people with respect,
   helping them achieve their goals, and providing                                    will likely demand that the job be
   an environment in which everyone on the team                                       redone for free, so reducing these
   feels they have purpose and value.
                                                            imperfections is important. • To avoid lap marks, roll
   What makes a great Sales Rep.? Having a
                                                            the full height of the wall and keep a wet edge on the
   bend-but-don’t-break attitude; being able to
   think on the fly; developing great relationships         roller. When maintaining a wet edge, each stroke of the
   with the customer; and letting your hard work            roller should overlap the previous stroke before the paint
   define who you are.
                                                            can begin to dry. The use of high-quality applicators will
   What is the biggest challenge you face in                assist in maintaining a smooth and even finish and help
   dealing with today’s economy? People look for
   value and savings. One of the biggest hurdles we         to minimize this imperfection.
   encounter is getting them to look past the price
   tag and understand what the product can really           Alkaline conditions are devastating      For those painting professionals
   provide in terms of value and savings.                   and can be avoided by measuring          working in new construction, it’s
                            What advice would you           the pH of masonry, stucco, or any        important to carefully select paint
   Mike Ve c c h i
                            give a Sales Rep. just          cementitious material before painting.   that offers a high level of durability
     Behr W E S T
                            starting with Behr? You         Alkali burns can also be eliminated      combined with ease of application.
      Reg i o n a l
                            have to know that the work      by using alkali-resistant products
    Oper a t i o n s                                                                                 Also recommended is the purchase
                            environment is always           that withstand hydrostatic pressure.
      Man a g e r                                                                                    of a brand that offers services
                            changing. Being flexible and    Knowing more about coatings              specifically geared to professionals,
                            understanding how to make       technology and surface chemistry         such as factory tinting and color-
                            decisions on your feet will     helps ensure that a Pro’s work           matching. This ensures the job is
                            be your greatest asset. Also,   continues to build client satisfaction   done right the first time, allowing
                            always be respectful to all.    for years to come.                       the Pro to move on to the next
                            What has been your biggest                                               project.
                                                            Other common dilemmas—
                            hurdle while working for        blistering, caulking failure, and
                            Behr, and what approach         blocking —can be minimized by
   has proven successful to overcome it? One                using top-quality products that
   hurdle I struggle with on a daily basis is staying       are characterized by cured-film
   organized. The approach I’ve taken is to                 flexibility and are designed for
   prioritize things as best as you can, tackle the         application to the specific surface
   task that will provide the most impact first,            being painted.
   and then work down the list from there.

S p r i n g 2 0 11     15
Ho m e D e p o t s potlights

Meet your dedicated Home Depot partners

         C a r r i e H o l l e r P ro D e p a r t m e n t H e ad | Aubur n, IN

         First job? Pharmacy cashier.                 How can Behr contribute to The             What has been your experience
                                                      Home Depot’s efforts to ‘Own the Pro’?     with Behr? I’m confident offering
         Favorite sports team?
                                                      Continue with the Home Depot partner-      Behr products to customers, after
         The Indianapolis Colts.
                                                      ship, and constantly look at expanding     using the products myself.
         What is your history with                    product lines to the contractor base.
                                                                                                 Why do you like working with Behr?
         The Home Depot®?
                                                      Biggest hurdle and successful              Excellent communication and constant
         I have four years of service, starting
                                                      techniques to overcome it? Being           support from the entire Behr team.
         as a kitchen and bath specialist;
                                                      accepted as a female in a male-dominated
         currently Pro department head.                                                          Why do you feel so many customers
                                                      industry. I overcame misconceptions
                                                                                                 are loyal to The Home Depot?
         Biggest accomplishment?                      through excellent customer service,
                                                                                                 Excellent customer service and
         Being promoted to department head.           product knowledge, and honesty.
                                                                                                 Associate product knowledge.

         F r a n k P a r a s R e g i o n a l P ro a n d R ental Manager | Gulf Region

         First job? Butcher apprentice for            What has been your experience with         have changed my life and made me
         a grocery store.                             Behr? As a customer that has used          the person I am today.
                                                      the products, I have always had great
         Favorite hobby? Golf.                                                                   What was the last sales experience
                                                      results. As a business partner, Behr has
                                                                                                 you had at The Home Depot that
         Favorite sports team? The New York           always been the most supportive of
                                                                                                 made you think ‘Wow!’? A customer
         Yankees.                                     The Home Depot and of our goals.
                                                                                                 came in to inquire about building
         What is your history with The Home           What excites you most about working        a ramp for her husband that lost his
         Depot? I’ve worked here for 16 years.        for The Home Depot? Helping custom-        leg in a car accident. We not only
                                                      ers realize their home improvement         designed it, but we actually went
         Biggest accomplishment?
                                                      dreams, regardless of the size. The        to the house as a team and built it.
         Training and developing new leaders.
                                                      people I’ve met at The Home Depot          Emotionally, it was overwhelming.

         D a v e P a l a n u k R e g i o n a l P ro a n d Rental Manager | Portland, OR

         First job? Home Depot Cashier.               How can Behr contribute to The             What has been your experience with
                                                      Home Depot’s efforts to ‘Own the Pro’?     Behr? Behr has been a great partner
         Favorite hobby? Golf.
                                                      Behr’s ability to aggressively grow        for me, always exceeding expectations.
         Favorite sports team? The Oregon             our Pro paint business will make the
                                                                                                 Why do you like working with Behr?
         Ducks Football.                              greatest contribution.
                                                                                                 Behr’s responsiveness and willingness
         What is your history with The Home           Biggest hurdle and successful              to go the extra mile to satisfy The
         Depot? I’ve been with the company for        techniques to overcome it?                 Home Depot and customers alike.
         15 years; first as a part-time Cashier,      Awareness of the many programs
                                                                                                 Why do you feel so many customers
         then as Assistant Manager, then store        and services that The Home Depot
                                                                                                 are loyal to The Home Depot? It’s our
         Manager of three locations. And now          provides and letting our customers
                                                                                                 people and the relationships that we
         Regional Pro and Rental Manager.             know about them.
                                                                                                 create with our customers.

                                                                                                             16    BehrPro Connect
Meet                                                                                                                                 P ro f i l e s

Meet your Direct to Pro Field Service Technicians              SM

                       BehrNORTH                                         BehrSOUTH                                       BehrWEST

                       Phillip Johns                                     Jason Switzer                                   Deme Ordaz
                       Direct to Pro                                     Direct to Pro                                   Direct to Pro
                       Field Service                                     Field Service                                   Field Service
                       Technician                                        Technician                                      Technician

How long have you worked for Behr                    How long have you        “Jason continues      How long have you worked for Behr
in this position? I’ve been a Direct to Pro          worked for Behr          to be an example      in this position? Three years.
Driver a year and a half; an Equipment               in this position?          of an employee
                                                                               who has a sense      Do you have any prior history with Behr
Operator for more than three years.                  I have worked for
                                                                                of ownership of     before your current position? I have
                                                     Behr for four years in    the Direct to Pro
What is your biggest Behr-related                                                                   been with Behr for 15 years in various
                                                     other positions, and         operation. He
accomplishment? Being promoted                                                                      distribution roles.
                                                     in this new position      extends the best
to Direct to Pro Driver.
                                                     for over a year.         customer service      What is your biggest Behr-related
What is your biggest professional                                           experience to those     success or accomplishment? I’m a
                                                     Do you have any         he deals with on a
challenge? Becoming the best Direct to Pro                                                          million-pound Order Puller with several
                                                     prior history with             daily basis.”
Driver in the distribution center.                                                                  patches on my jacket.
                                                     Behr before your              Sam Atkinson                               “Deme’s attitude
What’s your most memorable Behr                      current position?               BehrSOUTH      What are your
                                                                                                                            is what makes him
‘wow’ moment? Going to Masco                         I did start as a Temp     Assistant Manager    personal ‘keys’ to        stand out. He’s a
headquarters for                    “Phillip has a   Order Puller on third                          success? I enjoy       team player, always
the Direct to Pro         commitment to Direct       shift and have worked my way toward            getting along with     giving his very best.
satellite launch              to Pro as a Driver;    my current position.                           others.                   He brings a ‘can-
                            coming in early and                                                                              do’ approach and
in Detroit.
                            staying late to make     What is your biggest Behr-related              Favorite hobby?         his experience and
What are your                 deliveries. To be a    accomplishment? I received an award            I love to play             versatility deliver
personal ‘keys’              Direct to Pro Driver    for Employee of the Year. The name of the      soccer.                    constant value.”
to success? Being            is to provide timely    award was the X-Factor, and was given to                                       George Picon
                           delivery, service, and                                                   What’s your most                    BehrWEST
productive, having                                   the employee who contributed the most to
                                quality customer                                                    memorable Behr                Shift Supervisor
a good attitude,               service. He has a     the betterment of the distribution center.
                                                                                                    ‘wow’ moment?
and quality work.               great attitude no
                                                     What are your personal ‘keys’ to               I’ve enjoyed my 15 years with Behr, and
                                 matter what the
Favorite hobbies?                                    success? Treat others as you would like        won the Driver of the Year award at our
                                  situation when
Working out,                 making a delivery.”     to be treated. Keep an open mind and           distribution center banquet last year.
lifting weights,                                     always look for answers. Stay motivated.
                                  Agustin Alvarez                                                   What is your biggest professional
and reading.                         BehrNORTH       Favorite hobbies? Fishing, hunting,            challenge? Public speaking.
                                  Shift Supervisor
                                                     and RC cars.

S p r i n g 2 0 11   17
B u s i n e s s s u c c esses

            avid Herlache, owner of David J. Herlache
            Painting, has more than 30 years experi-
            ence in the paint business. But when a
            friend said she was going to paint her
house with “some hyped paint and primer in one,”
he felt she was being sold a bill of goods.

“That’s when I met Behr Sales Rep. Luke Markes,”
Herlache said. “I told Luke I thought it was reckless
and unacceptable to make such claims.”

Markes assured Herlache that his
friend would be happy, and she was.
But Herlache had to check things out
for himself. “To my astonishment,
the job looked phenomenal.” That
was three years ago. Today, Herlache
is firmly ranked among the true Behr believers.                              Quality and integrity sell paint
“I’ve come to rely on (Behr Sales Reps.) heavily                                           contractor on Behr

to provide recommendations for products to be
specified,” Herlache said. “I can apply any product.

                                     is believing
It is their job to find the right one for me.”
— See David Herlache Painting online at djhpaint.com

                          Creative cooperation
                          Behr, The Home Depot® help Rhode Island business overcome challenges
                        The Partnership for Creative Industrial Space (PCIS) provides accessible space for small businesses to create
                        and sustain jobs in Providence, RI. The company is developing a historic rehabilitation project called Butcher
                        Block Mill, which will be home to artists, glassblowers, and woodworkers. Behr Sales Rep. Mark Lambrese
and Pro Sales Rep. Jeff Madigan heard about the project from Janice Tanzi at the The Home Depot Store #4285 Pro Desk. • “Janice
has sold building materials to PCIS Project Manager Erik Bright in the past,” Madigan said. “Erik spoke to Janice about his latest
                                                                                                   project and his need for paint.”
                                (Left to right) Janice Tanzi,                                      Tanzi contacted Lambrese, and he
                              Mark Goss, Mark Lambrese,
                                                                                                   and Madigan met Bright at the job
                                          and Jeff Madigan;
                                       (Far right) Erik Bright
                                                                                                   site. • “We walked the project and
                                                                                                   addressed his needs by specifying
                                                                                                   KILZ Complete® Primer and Behr Premium
                                                                                   Plus Interior Semi-gloss paint,” Madigan said. “Erik

                                                                                   was happy with the pricing and that we could deliver
                                                                                   directly to his project. He was very impressed with
                                                                                   KILZ Complete because of its use on multiple substrates
                                                                                   and is a low-VOC product that he could track for
                                                                                   LEED credits.” • Madigan and Lambrese said it was
                                                                                   the great communication between Behr, The Home
                                                                                   Depot Pro Desk, and the Direct to ProSM service team
                                                                                   that made it possible to service Bright’s needs in
                                                                                   a timely manner. That’s teamwork!

                                                                                                              18    BehrPro Connect

Remodelers treated to Experience BehrPro Behr was the talk                                           SM

of the town at the Chicago Chapter of National Association of
the Remodeling Industry’s NARI Night in February of this year.

           ehr Pro Sales Reps Don Thorne                                                                          Dermot McGuire
           and Matt Madrigal, and Behr                                                                            Behr Pro Regional
           Pro Regional Sales Manager                                                                             Sales Manager

           Dermot McGuire were on hand                                                                            “Matt Madrigal, Don Thorne,
to speak to more than 50 professional                                                                             and I were given an oppor-
remodelers about their businesses, and                                                                            tunity to take part in a NARI
were in a great position to talk one-on-one                                                                       networking event; we arrived
                                              “In the end, the attendees seemed surprised
with them about Behr products and the                                                                             armed with information on
company’s position in the market.             in all that Behr and The Home Depot® have to
                                                                                                                  KILZ Pro-X TM and Direct
                                              offer. I know we made a tremendous impact.”
McGuire said many were unaware of Behr’s                                                                          to ProSM — and give-aways

volume discounts and services. “We were                                                                           such as hats and shirts.
                                              Matt Madrigal                     Don Thorne
able to speak to our value proposition and    Behr Pro Sales Rep.               Behr Pro Sales Rep.               In the beginning, the percep-
available services,” McGuire said. “We                                                                            tion of Behr paint was not
                                              “The majority of those con-       “Most of the attendees were
made some solid contacts that we will                                                                             entirely favorable, as it was
                                              tractors don’t shop at The        aware of Behr, but were not
follow up on in the coming weeks, which                                                                           recognized as a do-it-your-
                                              Home Depot, so there were         aware of the programs we
will hopefully translate into moving their                                                                        selfer brand and they were
                                              a lot of misconceptions about     offer through The Home
business from their current provider to                                                                           looking for a Pro-focused
                                              Behr; it’s cheap, no discounts,   Depot. Although they were
Behr®/KILZ® lines.”                                                                                               product. That’s where KILZ
                                              and bad quality. But one          familiar with the KILZ brand,
Remodelers have been targeted as one                                                                              Pro-X came in. The KILZ
                                              contractor told us he uses        some thought it was primer.
of Behr’s key market segments. “Events                                                                            brand was held in much higher
                                              Behr all the time and loves it.   All in all, they were apprecia-
like this really go a long way toward                                                                             regard in this segment, and
                                                                                tive of our support and the
                                              Dermot McGuire’s informative                                        Pros were interested to hear
strengthening that relationship and                                             fact that they could receive
                                              presentation about who we                                           about this new product launch.
making Behr a ‘business partner’ to them,”                                      volume discounts through
                                              are and the services we offer
McGuire said.                                                                   The Home Depot and use it         In the end, the attendees
                                              gave the audience more
NARI has 58 chapters nationwide.                                                as a complete one-shop stop.      seemed surprised in all that
                                              options and confidence to
                                                                                                                  Behr and The Home Depot
                                              make their businesses better.”    These events are about
                                                                                                                  have to offer. I know we made
                                                                                getting the message out
                                                                                                                  a tremendous impact.”
                                                                                to the customers, building
                                                                                relationships, and having fun!”

S p r i n g 2 0 11   19

      rom the north to the south to the west, Behr celebrated       price-point advantage and uncompromising quality, it explodes
      the first in-store look at the new paint product that will    onto the market at a time when Pros need us the most.
      turn the Pro market on it’s top, KILZ Pro-X.TM
                                                                    The Northern Division Alignment Walk was held at The Home
During the months of January and February, successful Regional      Depot® Store #3003. The St. Louis Sales team worked very hard
Alignment Walks were held in Orlando, St. Louis, and Tucson.        for weeks leading up to the walk to ensure the Paint department
                                                                    and Pro Desk were in top condition, and the KILZ Pro-X set was
“We set the very first in-store presentation of KILZ Pro-X and it
                                                                    completed. It was great to be able to share their passion and
looked great,” said Kevin Jaffè, Jr., Behr VP of Sales—Western
                                                                    incredible commitment to growing The Home Depot’s Pro paint
Division, about the Tucson Alignment Walk. “Our product
                                                                    business and to capturing market share from the competition.
rotation was focused on the selling strategy of KILZ Pro-X,
and how this will enable us to reach new customers and              Joe Richardson, Senior VP, Professional Products and Services,
Pro-segment market gains.”                                          along with Dan Adam, Merchant Paint department, were on hand
                                                                    in Orlando to introduce KILZ Pro-X to the Southern Division.
KILZ Pro-X is formulated to meet the needs of most Pros,
                                                                    Richardson talked about the strategy behind KILZ Pro-X, and how
which include Residential Remodelers; Property Management
                                                                    it will change the competitive landscape in the Pro market.
(both residential and nonresidential);

New Construction (single-family and                                                      With the introduction of KILZ Pro-X
multi-family); and Paint and Wall                                                        products, Behr is ready to walk the walk,
Covering Contractors.                                                                    and talk the talk!

KILZ Pro-X is the next step in the maturation                                            For more information on KILZ Pro-X
of BehrProSM services, providing relief for                                              visit kilzpro-x.com, and for more information
those Pros challenged by the economy                                                     on BehrPro visit behrpro.com
over the past several years. With its clear

                                                      Coast to coast, Behr and

                                                   The Home Depot celebrate the

                                                         launch of KILZ Pro-X

                                                                                            St. Louis


                                                Orlando                                                     20      BehrPro Connect

Here comes the sun
Behr makes friends, lands leads at Suncoast trade show
Behr impressed many of the homeowners and property managers attending CA Day & Trade Show in February at the Tampa
Convention Center. • More than 100 leads and contacts were collected, as Behr’s Tampa team was able to talk directly with the
professionals who specialize in working with management and residents of community associations in the Tampa Bay area. • This
year’s theme, Bridging the Bay, featured several hundred vendors. But it was Behr that stole the show. Behr Pro Sales Rep. Tom Crosier,
a 15-year member of the Suncoast Chapter of Community Associates Institute (CAI), felt the show was a huge success. • “When the
contractors and property managers realized that this was only part of the Tampa group from Behr, they were absolutely blown away!”
Crosier said. • Crosier and the rest of the team hope to capitalize on the success of the show through an e-mail campaign. This was
Behr’s second year at the popular trade show, which was free to the public.

What is CAI?                                                         The Home Depot, CAI, and Behr

                                                                     Besides being the worldwide leader
Community Associations Institute (CAI) is a national, nonprofit      in home-improvement products, The
association created in 1973 to educate and represent America’s       Home Depot has a unique relationship
300,800 residential condominium, cooperative, and homeowner          with both Behr and GLAC-CAI (Greater        HD Pro Account Reps
associations—and related professionals and service providers.        Los Angeles Chapter — Community             Edward Sepulveda and
                                                                     Associations Institute).                    Tanya Lopez
The Institute is dedicated to fostering vibrant, responsive,
competent community associations that promote harmony,               HD Pro Account Reps Tanya Lopez and Edward Sepulveda
community, and responsible leadership.                               explained, “We have gained the opportunity to grow the share of
                                                                     our wallet for The Home Depot and Behr by prospecting quality
CAI has more than 26,000 members in 58 chapters throughout
                                                                     leads within the Association, exposing all members to our Pro-
the U.S. and in several foreign countries.
                                                                     related services, programs, and added values that The Home Depot
                                                                     and Behr can bring to their business or their community.”

S p r i n g 2 0 11   21
Events                                                                                                                 Behr c h a m p i o n

                                             TM                           A.J. Moyer, Behr’s Director of Financial Planning and Analysis,
                                                                          understands the importance of accurate financial data, and what

Selling to the Pros
                                                                          it takes to get it. That’s why he finds his Senior Sales Analyst,
                                                                          Scott McMurtry, so valuable to Behr’s efforts to ‘Own the Pro’
                                                                          and keeping the company in the black. • “Scott is a perfect
                                                                          example of what we represent at Behr: Hard work and excep-
                                                                          tional performance,” Moyer said. • Moyer said McMurtry’s
                                                                          responsibilities include maintaining and compiling period-end
                                                                          reports for Behr’s Sales department, including critical
                                                                          information such as Point-of-Sale Analysis, Inventory Turns
                                                                          Analysis, GMROI, and other financial metrics. He also provides
                                                                          monthly adhoc sales reports to the sales force on request, as
                                                                          well as develops presentations for senior management and lead
                                                                          projects. • What’s more impressive is that McMurtry started
                                                                          with Behr just a year ago. “Scott has exhibited the ability
                                                                          to be a quick learner and add value immediately,” Moyer said.
                                                                          “I have been impressed with his ability to contribute to the
                                                                          Sales team in such a short period of time.” • “Scott has assisted

T    he introduction of KILZ Pro-X                                        Colin Jaffè in detailed Pro sales tracking and calculations,
                                      (Front row left to right)
     to the market is nothing but     Behr Sales Rep. Scott Heabel;       giving Colin more visibility into the Pro program,” Moyer
                                      Behr Pro Sales Rep. Matt
good news for our Pro customers.                                          said. “Colin has told me how valuable this analysis has been.”
                                      Madrigal; National Trainer Holly
But do you know the key features,
or how to sell it to them?
                                      Swanson; and Behr Sales
                                      Reps Joe DeSimone, Eliseo           Success by the numbers
                                      Vargas, and Jason Rudd              Scott McMurtry champions Behr’s Sales team,
That was the question on the
table when trainers and executives    (Back row left to right)            and provides the financial tools to move Behr forward
                                      Behr Pro Sales Rep. Don
from Masco met with Behr Sales
                                      Thorne; Behr Regional Pro Sales
Reps. recently to strategize about    Manager Dermot McGuire; Behr
how to sell this new line of paint.   Sales Rep. Casey O’Connell;                  Behr Senior Sales Analyst
                                      Behr Regional Operations                  Scott McMurtry with his wife
“We spent time going over the                                                  Lindsay on their wedding day.
                                      Manager Josh Richardson; Behr
attributes of the product line but    Sales Reps Ryan Crosier, Rob             They were married August 29,
spent most of our time focusing       Arlasky, Dan Baez, and Nick Krol;           2010 in Dana Point, CA and
on the right customer to sell         Behr Pro Sales Rep. Kevin Sykes              honeymooned in Jamaica.
                                                                                 Congratulations newlyweds!
to,” said National Trainer Holly
Swanson. “Using our PEERS selling skills, we not only came
                                                                          Favorite hobby? I love
up with methods to sell to our contractor businesses, but also
                                                                          to play golf.
how to teach our D24 Associates to sell KILZ Pro-X to the
right customers.”                                                         Educational background?              standing of both the Sales
                                                                          I graduated from Cal Poly            team’s operational needs and
Additionally, Terrance Deyampert from Graco was on hand
                                                                          San Luis Obispo with a               their challenges. They work
to demonstrate the ins and outs of using spray equipment.
                                                                          Bachelors degree in Business         in a very dynamic, fast-paced
Graco manufactures professional-grade airless paint sprayers.
                                                                          Administration, with concen-         environment, so under-
“Every Rep. got the chance to spray, roll, and brush KILZ Pro-X,          trations in Accounting and           standing their business and
which left everyone confident to go beat the competition,”                Finance. I am also a licensed        being able to react to their
Swanson said. “The team was thrilled to work with the new                 Certified Public Accountant.         requests in a timely manner
product and we can’t wait to see how this will grow our                                                        has been difficult, but I believe
                                                                          Biggest Behr-related
business in the future. Now let’s go sell it!”                                                                 I’ve done a good job at it.
                                                                          accomplishment? I’ve been
                                                                          able to develop an under-

                                                                                                                  22     BehrPro Connect
                                     Behr WOWS crowds at NAHB show

            ith a flair for the    trio of artists, who Innovative 3-D can           “Together with      capabilities, and colors of Behr’s
            dramatic and a         transformed giant                                 the Show Village    paints and coatings via action-
                                                         exhibit, live speed-
            wave of artistry,      blank canvases                                    team, we created    packed shows,” Richardson said.
Behr made an impressive            into larger-than-       painting demos            a unique, hands-
                                                                                                         Another area that received
showing at the 2011 National       life images in mere highlight commitment          on environment
                                                                                                         a lot of buzz was the BehrPro
Association of Home Builders’      minutes using                                     for industry
                                                          to the Pro market                              lounge, where attendees could
International Builders’ Show       Behr® paint.                                      professionals to
                                                                                                         relax, get a drink and some
(IBS) in Orlando, FL in January.                                                     experience the
                                   The show was                                                          good food, and mingle with
With a mantra of Connect,                                             latest paint innovations they
                                   a coming-out party for KILZ                                           Behr staff and other attendees.
Learn, Relax—and the dynamic                                          can rely on to improve business
                                   Pro-X TM Interior Latex paint,                                        The lounge is also where
‘Experience BehrProSM ’ theme                                         practices,” said Joe Richardson,
                                   a new product specially                                               the first-ever BehrPro Media
—IBS 2011 was our biggest                                             Senior VP, Professional
                                   formulated for the Pro and                                            Event took place, announcing
and best show to date. The                                            Products and Services.
                                   sold exclusively at The Home                                          the launch of KILZ Pro-X by
attendees loved the experience!
                                   Depot.® This product, along        After each live presentation       Masterchem.
Behr showcased its products,       with the awarding-winning Behr     by The 3 Painters, one lucky
                                                                                                         IBS, the housing industry’s
as well as its commitment to       Premium Plus Ultra® Interior and   raffle winner won one of the
                                                                                                         largest annual trade show and
the professional paint industry,   Exterior paint, was displayed in   24 original Behr-inspired pieces
                                                                                                         exhibition, was attended by
with beautifully designed          the Show Village, an exhibit       of art created by the artists.
                                                                                                         nearly 50,000 building industry
3-D art vignettes ‘can’structed    that showcased three homes
                                                                      “It’s our hope with this special   professionals, and hosted 1,137
entirely of Behr paint cans.       designed for beachfront living
                                                                      entertainment that the Behr        exhibiting companies and 224
Attendees were also treated to     —all constructed to the highest
                                                                      experience will truly resonate     education sessions.
live presentations from The 3      industry standards of building
                                                                      in the hearts and minds of
Painters, a critically acclaimed   and design excellence, and                                            At IBS 2011, Pros got to
                                                                      industry professionals—show-
                                   painted with Behr paints.                                             Connect, Learn, Relax.
                                                                      casing the incredible qualities,
S p r i n g 2 0 11   23
                     Paint brush                                                                                                                    Apple® iPhone®
                     illustrates Behr Premium                  Dollar sign                                Hourglass                                 with apps
                     Plus Ultra, paint and
                                                               signifies the money Pros                   symbolizes the time                       showcases Behr’s
                     primer in one, and KILZ                   save on the job when                       Pros save on the job                      easily accessible,
                     Pro-X TM Interior Latex paint             partnering with Behr                       by choosing Behr®                         interactive solutions

                    Canstruction   Here’s a look at some of the innovative 3-D ‘can’struction exhibits created
                                      for the NAHB show and how they were used to market Behr to the Pro.

                                       Delivery truck                                                                                                      Signature bear figure
                          indicates the free, direct                                                                                                            represents the Behr
                           delivery of orders to the                                                                                                                   company logo
                                                                        Multidimensional ‘X’                            Otho the Painter
                                   job site via Behr’s
                                                                           illustrates the debut                        represents Behr’s
                           Direct to ProSM program
                                                                       of the new KILZ Pro-X                    professional contractor
                                                                    paint product—specially                                       customers
                                                                           formulated for Pros









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