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									                     AHP For the record
 An association newsletter for members of American Horse Publications                                      Early Spring 2004

       AHP 2003-2004
      Board of Directors
President: Doug Hayes
   The American Quarter Horse Journal
   The American Quarter Racing
1st Vice President: Sue Copeland
   Horse & Rider
2nd Vice President:
   Deborah Taylor
   UK Gluck Equine Research
   & Service Report
   Executive Board Members:
   Connie Lechleitner
      Ohio Quarter Horse News
   Carl Mullins
      Cowboy Publishing Group
Immediate Past President:
    Frank Lessiter
      American Farriers Journal
Executive Director:
   Christine W. Brune
                                          T       he 2004 Amer-
                                                  ican Horse
                                          annual seminar is
                                          scheduled for June
                                                                                                        publishing community
                                                                                                        to horse country. The
                                                                                                        seminar committee has
                                                                                                        designed a seminar
                                                                                                        that will provide plenty
   Jennifer Bryant
      Affiliate member                    10-12 at the Marri-                                           of opportunities to
   Kimberly Herbert                       ott’s Griffin Gate Re-                                        learn and network
      The Horse: Your Guide To Equine     sort in Lexington,                                            while treating members
      Health Care                         Kentucky. Barrie                                              to a taste of the blue-
   Dean Hoffman
      Hoof Beats                          Reightler, former                                             grass. More informa-
   Sandy Kucharski                        AHP President and                                             tion and a schedule of
      The Sentinel                        Director of Publica-                                          events will be available
   Lindsay Serrell                        tions of Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred, has      online very soon, but here’s some of the
      Maverick Press                      created the logo for the 2004 Red, White     highlights along with information to
   Pat Trowbridge                         & Bluegrass Seminar. AHP returns to          assist you in planning your trip to Lex-
      Fancy Publications                  Lexington for its fifth visit and the host   ington in June.
 For more information on AHP or           city is gearing up to welcome the equine
   any of its programs, contact:
        49 Spinnaker Circle                  Seminar Session Highlights with more to come
     South Daytona, FL 32119
 386-760-7743; Fax: 386-760-7728             Jane Smiley                                   Jane draws upon her f irsthand
   E-mail: AHorsePubs@aol.com                 Jane Smiley is the author of numer-      knowledge of horses, as well as the wis-
             Web Site:                    ous novels, including, most recently, A      dom of trainers, vets, jockeys, and even a
                                                                                                                                     continued on page 2

                                          Year At The Races. The Pulitzer Prize-win-   real-life horse whisperer, to examine the
        AHP For the record                ning author of A Thousand Acres gallops      horse on all levels–practical, theoretical,
        Chris Brune, Editor               into territory she first explored in her     and emotional. She shares not on-
      Barrie Reightler, Design            acclaimed best-selling novel Horse Heav-     ly “cute stories” about her own horses,
                                          en with this irresistible account of her     but also fascinating and original in-
                                          lifelong love affair with horses.            sights into horse–and human–
                                                   AHP For the record / 1
behavior. To all this she adds an element        Dr. Husni will present a session on       u Where and when to conduct the in-
of drama and suspense as two of her           Friday afternoon titled, “From Mission          terview
own horses begin their careers at the         To Vision: The Road Map For De-              u How to maintain control and go with
racetrack. A Year at the Races is charming,   signing And Selling Your Content.”              the flow
funny, and a bit outrageous: a candid         This session will focus on aspects of        u How to get an inner view
exploration of the abiding bond be-           linking design to the overall content of     u The importance of gathering anec-
tween humans and horses, told with pa-        the publication and on the art of pack-         dotes
nache, intelligence, and humor.               aging your magazine to achieve its mis-      u When and whether to correct, change
    Jane was inducted into the American       sion reaching the readers turned sub-           or make up quotes
Academy of Arts and Letters in 2001.          scribers.                                    u When and how often to attribute
She owns several horses and lives in             For more information on Mr. Maga-            quotes
Northern California.                          zine, visit www.mrmagazine.com.              u Steps in writing the interview story
    Jane will address the members in the                                                      For more information on Dr. Ranly,
opening session on Friday morning                Don Ranly                                 visit www.ranly.com.
with “Injecting Horses Into The                   Don Ranly, Professor of Journalism
Mainstream,” an entertaining, some-           at the Missouri School of Journalism for        Ralph Monti
what informative talk about crossing          the past 30 years, has conducted more           Ralph Monti is president of Special
the bridge from the barn aisle to main-       than 950 writing and editing seminars.       Interest Media, Inc. and an internation-
stream America with horses in print and       Author of books and articles on writing      ally known sales and marketing consul-
other media--and its potential impact         and editing, Dr. Ranly is internationally    tant. He specializes in creating strategic
on horsedom. She will also                                                                               and sales and marketing
present an afternoon session                                                                             strategies for global media
titled “The Road To Here--                                                                               companies. He is the author
Carving A Path in the                                                                                    of the newly acclaimed book,
World of Big-Time Pub-                                                                                   The Creative Sales Person: How
lishing.” This informal ses-                                                                             to Develop Your Creativity Into
sion will include Jane’s expe-                                                                           An Effective Sales Tool as well
rience as a writer in signing                                                                            as three other non-fiction
and working with main-                                                                                   books. In April 2000 Mr.
stream publishing houses,                                                                                Monti was awarded a Benja-
the internal debate of how                                                                               min Franklin Award for ex-
much horse information to                                                                                cellence in career writing for
include in books for main-                                                                               his book, “Career Opportuni-
stream audiences, and the                                                                                ties in Magazine Selling: The Ul-
like.                                                                                                    timate Guide to Succeeding in
   Samir Husni                                                                                           the Business”. Mr. Monti is a
    Samir Husni, aka “Mr. Maga-               sought as a writing and publication ex-      highly sought-after conference and key-
zine™”, is Hederman Lecturer and Pro-         pert.                                        note speaker and an authority on cre-
fessor of Journalism at the University of        Dr. Ranly makes his third appearance      ativity, selling strategies and marketing.
Mississippi where he heads the maga-          at an AHP seminar. This year, he will        He has conducted sales and marketing
zine service journalism program.              present two sessions on Saturday. The        workshops all over the world and his
    Dr. Husni is the author of the annual     morning session is titled, “Credibility:     global client list includes the world’s
Samir Husni’s Guide to New Consumer           39 Errors You Shouldn’t Make.” Your          largest media companies, Fortune 500
Magazines, which is now in its 18th           personal credibility and the credibility     companies and small and medium-sized
year. He is also the author of Launch Your    of your publication sometimes hinge on       companies.
Own Magazine: A Guide for Succeeding in       the not-so-little things such as spelling,      Ralph presents a session on Saturday
Today’s Marketplace and Selling Content:      grammar and proper word usage. Come          morning titled “How To Develop Your
The Step-by-Step Art of Packaging Your Own    join this interactive session of reviewing   Creativity Into A Sales Tool: The Cre-
Magazine, both published by Hamblett          what you once knew and answering             ative Sales Person Seminar . “ The    TM

House, Inc.                                   questions you were afraid to ask.            Creative Sales Person seminar addresses

    He is “the country’s leading maga-           The afternoon session is “Improving       21st century selling demands by learn-
zine expert,” according to Forbes ASAP        Your Interviewing Skills.” One of your       ing how to think creatively. There’s no
magazine, “the nation’s leading author-       most important assets as a writer is your    question that in today’s selling environ-
ity on new magazines,” according to           ability to talk to people and to get the     ment the competition is keener, the pace
min:media industry newsletter; and The        kinds of quotes that enliven your stories    is more rapid and customers are better
Chicago Tribune dubbed him “the plan-         and give them credibility. In this inter-    informed. That’s why sales people who
et’s leading expert on new magazines.”        active seminar, you will sharpen those       take a creative approach to selling will
    He has appeared on Good Morning           skills by listening to discussants tell      have an enormous advantage over the
America, CNBC, CNN, CNNFN, PBS,               what has helped them before, during          competition.
and on numerous radio talk shows in-          and after the interview.                        The Creative Sales Person seminar

cluding National Public Radio’s Morn-            You will review:                          teaches sales people how to sell more by
ing and Weekend Editions.                     u How to prepare for and set up an in-       developing their innate creativity. You
    When he is not in his office reading         terview                                   will learn:
magazines, Dr. Husni is at the news-          u When, whether and how to use the           u Steps that will help you get beyond
stands buying magazines.                         tape recorder                                your creative block.

                                                       AHP For the record / 2
u Why challenging the selling status quo        would like to join us for the “Best of the    door and outdoor pool, health club, whirl-
  can pay off big-time.                         Bluegrass” tour on Thursday, June 10th.       pool, sauna, tennis, spa services, and golf-
u How to balance the brain’s practical in-      Bus transportation will depart the Marri-     ing. Group room rates are $104 single or
  stincts with its intuitive, creative sense.   ott’s Griffin Gate Resort at 7:30 a.m. The    double. For hotel reservations, call 800-
u The thinking characteristics of creative      tour will include visits to the UK Gluck      228-9290 or 859-231-5100 and mention
  sales geniuses.                               Equine Research Center, Gainsborough          you are with American Horse Publica-
u How to become the ingenious sales             Farm, WinStar Farm, the Kentucky Horse        tions. You may also make online group
  idea guru at your publication or com-         Park, and the National Horse Center. The      reservations at www.stayatmarriott.com/
  pany.                                         bus will also return to the Marriott after    AmericanHorsePublications. Remember,
                                                lunch to pick up late arrivals and take       if you plan to take the full day tour on
    You will discover all this and more by      them to the Kentucky Horse Park for the       June 10, you will need to arrive on June 9.
attending this fast-paced, interactive and      afternoon. Thanks to the generosity of        To assist you with planning your trip to
highly stimulating sales workshop. Led by       sponsors, the tour, which includes a light    Lexington, visit www.visitlex.com and
Ralph Monti, a highly successful sales and      breakfast, lunch, and afternoon break,        www.Marriott.com.
marketing consultant, this unique session       will be complimentary to AHP members
is an indispensable resource for salespeo-      and only $10 for guests.                      Seminar Registration
ple’s professional growth. Going beyond
the typical, cookie-cutter focus that many
sales seminars present on selling tactics,
The Creative Sales Person seminar
                                                Seminar Headquarters

                                                T      he Marriott’s Griffin Gate Resort
                                                       in Lexington, Kentucky, is set in
                                                       the rolling green meadows of Ken-
                                                                                              S      eminar registration for AHP Mem-
                                                                                                     bers is $250 and includes sessions,
                                                                                                     meals, Awards Banquet and Student
                                                                                              Award Dinner. Additional registrants
                                                                                              from the same company are $200 per per-
teaches and advocates a creative and inno-
vative path to sales excellence.                tucky’s horse country and within 15 min-      son. Student members may attend the en-
                                                utes of the Lexington Bluegrass Airport       tire seminar for $125. One-day (Friday or
Best of the Bluegrass Tour                      and approximately one-hour’s drive from       Saturday) registrations are $125 per day/

T     his pre-seminar tour has been de-
      signed to provide AHP members
      with a daylong sojourn into the
heart of Lexington horse country. Tour
Chairman Deborah Taylor has planned an
                                                Cincinnati and Louisville. The hotel offers
                                                complimentary shuttle from the Lexing-
                                                ton airport and complimentary onsite
                                                parking. Hotel amenities and services in-
                                                clude: full business center, Hertz rental
                                                                                              per person. Meal functions for guests,
                                                                                              family members and sponsors may be
                                                                                              purchased individually. A registration
                                                                                              form is available online at www.american-
                                                                                              horsepubs.org. Visa and MasterCard will
amazing day for AHP members who                 car desk, four restaurants and lounge, in-    be accepted.

 Annual Equine Industry Vision Award Winner Selected for 2004

P      fizer Animal Health and Amer-
       ican Horse Publications are
       proud to announce that a win-
ner has been selected to receive the
2004 Equine Industry Vision Award,
                                                                                                    Health representative, voted on the
                                                                                                    winner. Finalists were judged on
                                                                                                    their performance in relation to the
                                                                                                    achievement(s) cited and their dem-
                                                                                                    onstration of the following attri-
the first major award to showcase in-                                                               butes and abilities: 1) The vision and
novation across the equine industry.                                                                innovation of a true pioneer; 2)
Sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health,                                                                  Leadership, commitment, dedica-
the award is intended to recognize                                                                  tion and willingness to serve; 3)
ingenuity and service. All of the 17 nom-       viduals and organizations within the            Original and effective ideas and/or
inees this year were outstanding exam-          equine world and included: Chagrin              products, services, programs; 4) High
ples of these qualities.                        Valley PHA Horse Show, Inc., Ohio;              moral, ethical and professional stan-
    The Equine Industry Vision Award            Equine Scientific Certificate Program -         dards.
Committee reviewed nominations and              University of Guelph, Canada; Dr. Frank            The winner has been notified to al-
the list of nominees was narrowed to six        Gravlee, Alabama; Dennis Heebink,               low for travel arrangements, however
finalists. The committee selected the           Ohio; Laura Hillenbrand, Washington,            the official announcement and presen-
following finalists (listed in alphabetical     D.C.; Innovation Research & Develop-            tation of the award will be made at the
order): American Quarter Horse Associ-          ment, Ltd., England; Harold Rainwater,          Equine Industry Vision Award Break-
ation, Texas; Stanley F. Bergstein, Arizo-      Kentucky; Standardbred Retirement               fast, sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health,
na; John Ryan Gaines, Kentucky; Mat-            Foundation, New Jersey; Dr. Hiltrud             on Friday, June 11, 2004 during the AHP
thew Mackay-Smith, Virginia; Pat                Strasser, DVM, Germany; Robert Vavra,           Red, White & Bluegrass Seminar in Lex-
Parelli, Colorado; and Ed Roberts, Tex-         California; and WinStar Farm, Ken-              ington, Kentucky. The recipient will be
as. All non-winning finalists will be au-       tucky. Nominees who were not selected           presented with the Equine Industry Vi-
tomatically included in the 2005 list of        as finalists may be re-nominated for            sion Award Perpetual Trophy, created
nominees.                                       2005.                                           by master artisan Peter Wayne Yenawine
    The remaining 11 nominations rep-              The 11 voting members of the AHP             and commissioned by Pfizer Animal
resented a spectrum of innovative indi-         Board of Directors, plus a Pfizer Animal        Health.
                                                          AHP For the record /3
Nominations being                                  Participants in 2004 Annual Award
 accepted for the                                         Contest break records
 2004-2005 AHP
Board of Directors                           P      articipation in this year’s contest
                                                    represented 99 AHP members, an
                                                    increase of 11 over last year’s 88.
                                             The contest drew 843 entries compared
                                             to last year’s total of 893. One reason for
                                                                                           Merial, will be presented to the author
                                                                                           of the article that best reflects and pro-
                                                                                           motes the strengthening of the relation-
                                                                                           ship between human and horse. Entries
                                                                                           in this class had to be published in 2003

T       wo three-year terms for Directors
        will be available for the 2004-
        2005 Board of Directors. Publica-
tion or Affiliate members are eligible to
serve as a Director. If you are interested
                                             the decrease in entries was that AQHA
                                             publications were ineligible this year
                                             since Doug Hayes, Director of Advertis-
                                             ing for The American Quarter Horse Jour-
                                                                                           in an AHP member publication and
                                                                                           were judged for exceptional quality and
                                                                                           on the ability to convey this concept and
                                                                                           connect with the reader. All 2004 AHP
in being considered or wish to nominate      nal and The American Quarter Horse Rac-       Members were eligible to enter with no
someone, please contact Nominating           ing Journal, is the 2003-2004 AHP             entry fee, but entries were limited to one
Committee Chairman, Frank Lessiter at        President. The current AHP President is       per member. The winner of the Merial
(262) 782-4480; e-mail: lessitef@lesspub.    responsible for processing the entries        Human-Animal Bond Award will receive
com or Chris Brune at (386) 760-7743;        and judging the contest. Last year,           a special engraved trophy presented by
e-mail: ahorsepubs@aol.com.                  AQHA publication entries representing         Merial at the Awards Presentations in
   Board members must be willing and         four AHP members totaled 147. Do the          Lexington, Kentucky on June 12, 2004.
able to attend meetings and actively par-    math. It looks like this year’s contest ex-   The member publication, in which the
ticipate in association activities and       ceeded expectations. AQHA publica-            article was published, will receive an en-
committees. Please state why you would       tions will be allowed to submit work          graved plaque.
like to be considered for nomination,        published in 2003 in the 2005 AHP                Twenty-eight professional judges are
how long you have been involved with         Awards Contest.                               placing the classes and providing con-
AHP, and any committees and/or activi-          Held since 1977, the AHP Annual            structive critiques. The Awards Program
ties that you have participated in.          Awards contest rules and procedures are       booklet, sponsored by Life Data Labs,
    Elections will be held at the AHP        reviewed every year for improvement,          Inc., will include the contest results and
General Membership Meeting sched-            clarity, fairness and variety. This year,     be distributed with the judges’ com-
uled for Saturday, June 12, 2004, at 1:30    many Affiliate members entered the Ed-        ments after the awards presentations in
p.m. at the Marriott’s Griffin Gate Re-      itorial Content classes with their own        June or mailed to non-attending mem-
sort in Lexington, Kentucky, during the      articles.                                     bers.
AHP Red, White & Bluegrass 2004 Sem-            For the third year, the Merial Hu-            Notification letters will be mailed to
inar.                                        man-Animal Bond Award sponsored by            finalists by May 1, 2004.

                         AHP Who’s Who
   Former Student member, Kate               equestrian vaulting program through a             Got questions?
Winther Lindon, started the new year         local park and rec department. She will

as the online content manager for            be presenting her mare for Oldenberg                   he answers to some of the
Primedia Equine Network’s Equisearch.        inspection and watching her niece’s rid-               most Frequently Asked
com. She received her MBA from Ohio          ing blossom as she enters her second
                                                                                                    Questions about AHP mem-
University in August 2003.                   show season.
                                                                                            bership are only a click away. Visit
   Carol Nelson, the first Student              Christy Landwehr, Certified                 the AHP website at www.american-
Award winner in 1993, sent holiday           Horsemanship Association, and her              horsepubs.org. F.A.Q.s are located
wishes along with her thanks to AHP          husband, John, are expecting their first
for their special student award 10th an-     child in August. Congratulations!              under Membership and Take Ad-
niversary recognition. She regrets that                                                     vantage of AHP Programs is locat-
she couldn’t have been there in person          Jim Bret Campbell, editor of The            ed under Join AHP.
to share her appreciation. Carol is look-    American Quarter Horse Journal, and his
ing forward to 2004 since she has lots of    wife, became new parents to Cash Reid
horsey plans in the works including an       on January 12, 2004.

                                                       AHP For the record /4
                                               INDUSTRY NEWS
  American Horse Council holds                 the US Animal Identification Plan           the United States Forest Service, the
  2004 National Issues Forum in                (USAIP) to recently introduced legisla-     Bureau of Land Management, the De-
  Washington, DC.                              tion, the American Horse Council has        partment of Transportation and the
                                               been monitoring and actively involved       National Park Service have been invit-
     The National Issues Forum will be         in this issue for some time. In fact, the   ed. There will also be an update on the
  held at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol         AHC has organized a task force, which       vital “Right to Ride” legislation and
  Hill on April 17-20, 2004. The goal of       includes nearly thirty national equine      the Take Pride in America Program.
  the American Horse Council is to work        organizations, to evaluate the USAIP           One of the most important events
  effectively with the stakeholders in the     and determine if the horse industry         of the convention is the annual Con-
  horse industry, Members of Congress,         could develop standards for equine          gressional Reception and Dinner,
  federal officials and agencies to ensure     identification that would benefit the       where Members of Congress join meet-
  that the horse industry is heard and         industry and be compatible with the         ing attendees for cocktails and dinner,
  protected during the legislative, regu-      USAIP.                                      providing an important opportunity
  latory and rulemaking process. Good             This meeting will be an opportunity      for one-on-one, informal communica-
  legislation and regulations benefit the      for attendees to learn in-depth about       tion with elected federal officials. Dur-
  industry; adverse legislation and regu-      the USAIP, about the trend world wide       ing the event, the Rolapp Award will be
  lations harm it. Information and edu-        toward standard equine identification       presented to the Member of Congress
  cation is power. During this annual          and how the horse industry might fit        who has been particularly supportive
  meeting attendees will learn about the       into the efforts to develop a national      of the horse industry.
  legislative and regulatory priorities for    plan to assist the industry in case of an      For more information, contact the
  2004 in the Congress and federal agen-       equine disease emergency and during         American Horse Council, 1616 H
  cies.                                        natural disaster.                           Street, NW, 7th Floor, Washington,
     The focus during the Issues Forum            Also, on Monday, April 19th, from        DC 20006 or the AHC website at www.
  will be on efforts to develop a national     9 to 1 the AHC will be holding a Recre-     horsecouncil.org.
  identification plan for horses. From         ational Forum. Representatives from

                                              New Member Profiles
PUBLICATION MEMBERS                            Phone: 323-822-1864                         Contact: Kathleen Hunter
                                               Fax: 323-822-1864                           6010 Hammock Hill Avenue
Cross Country                                  E-mail: nancy@theequestriannews.com         Lithia, FL 33547
Official publication of CSDEA                  URL: www.theequestriannews.com              Phone: 813-685-4167
Contact: Erin Gibbs                                                                        Fax: 813-657-9708
1298 60th Avenue SW                            Equine Vision Magazine                      E-mail: winners@kddpublish.com
Rochester, MN 55902                            Art for the horse lover                     URL: www.kddpublish.com
Phone: 507-529-0657                            Contact: Sarah Crampton
Fax: 507-529-0658                              P. O. Box 753
                                               Jamul, CA 91935                             CORPORATE MEMBERS
E-mail: egibbs@charterinternet.net
                                               Phone: 619-669-1305                         Auburn Laboratories, Inc.
URL: www.csdea.org
                                               E-mail: equinevisionmag@aol.com             Distribution of herbal nutritional
                                               URL: www.equinevisionmag.com                supplements
Eclectic Horseman
                                                                                           Contact: Joy Anne Van Noy
Just what works horsemanship information
                                               Keeneland                                   P. O. Box 147
Contact: Emily Kitching
                                               Indepth coverage of Keeneland               Penn Valley, CA 95946
P. O. Box 21263
                                               Racecourses and Bluegrass lifestyle         Phone: 530-432-8157
Boulder, CO 80308
                                               Contact: Jackie Duke                        Fax: 530-432-8158
Phone: 303-449-3537
                                               P. O. Box 4038                              E-mail: joy@auburnlabs.com
Fax: 303-404-2404
                                               Lexington, KY 40544-4038                    URL: www.auburnlabs.com
E-mail: emily@eclectic-horseman.com
                                               Phone: 859-276-6781                            Auburn Laboratories, Inc. distributes
URL: www.eclectic-horseman.com
                                               Fax: 859-278-8781                           APF (Advanced Protection Formula) an
                                               E-mail: jduke@bloodhorse.com                innovative herbal supplement intended
The Equestrian News
                                               URL: www.keenelandmagazine.com              to provide immune system support and
Los Angeles’ only local equestrian
                                                                                           to improve the adaptive response to
                                               More Than The Winners                       stress and athletic training.
Contact: Nancy Cole
3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #632                  People, horses, places in amateur equine
Studio City, CA 91604                          competition

                                                         AHP For the record / 5
                                            New Member Profiles
Cavalia                                      Ink And Anvil, Inc.                             As a News/Editorial graduate of the
Horse show                                   Media production and design company          University of Missouri School of
Contact: Martin Roy or Francoise             Contact: Laurie Davidson                     Journalism, Nancy worked in
Cabana                                       12212 N. Craig Road                          advertising/copywriting field, edited
430 McGill, Suite 302                        Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026                    corporate/breed newsletters, and was in
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2Y 2G1             Phone: 866-465-0511                          public relations field. She produced
Phone: 514-879-9002                          Fax: 509-466-7958                            non-equestrian stories for life and style
E-mail: martin@cavalia.net                   E-mail: info@inkandanvil.com                 publications as well as features, rider/
E-mail: francoise.cabana@cavalia.net         URL: www.inkandanvil.com                     horse profiles, photos and editorial of
URL: www.cavalia.net                            Ink and Anvil, Inc., a total media        shows along Eastern seaboard to
    From one of the founders of Cirque       production and design company,               Midwest, and how-to articles. She
du Soleil, Cavalia is a new multi-media      focuses on the equine community with         specializes in saddle horse breeds,
equestrian extravaganza created by           a specialty in farrier and farrier related   hunter/jumpers, driving horses and
Normand Latourelle featuring more            concerns. Ink and Anvil offers a wide        ponies, endurance, three-day riding and
than 60 performers, including 33             array of services, running the gamut         driving, and reining. She contributes to
horses, acrobats, equestrians, dancers       from hand-bound texts to magazine            Chronicle of the Horse, HorseCity.com,
and musicians. Cavalia launched its          production to web-based productions          HorsesDaily.com, Equine Journal,
U.S. tour in San Francisco in February       to video and DVD production.                 Sidelines, USA Equestrian and Horse
2004, in North America’s largest                                                          News. She is a member of the National
traveling bigtop.                            Smith Brothers, Inc.                         Sportscasters and Sports Writers Assn.,
Additional contact: Elizabeth McCall,        Contact: Janet Nittmann                      AIPS and IAEJ.
Phone: 310-720-4096; E-mail:                 525 Great Road
elizmccall@earthlink.net                     Littleton, MA 01460                          Candace Dobson
                                             Phone: 978-952-8062 x 218                    12460 E. River Road
Devon-Aire                                   Fax: 978-952-8064                            Kaw City, OK 74641
English riding apparel                       E-mail: jnittmann@smithbrothers.com          Phone: 405-880-0373
Contact: Andres Lendoin                      URL: www.smithbrothers.com                   E-mail: cndosu@yahoo.com
4904 Savarese Circle                            Smith Brothers serves the needs of           Candace is a recent Agricultural
Tampa, FL 33634                              the competitive Western rider with           Communications graduate from
E-mail: andres@devonaire.com                 specialized catalog editions for the         Oklahoma State University. She is
URL: www.devonaire.com                       show rider, barrel racer and roper.          currently seeking a position at an
   After 30 years, Devon-Aire remains        Products are offered via catalog, the        equine print publication to gain more
true to the philosophy on which it was       internet at smithbrothers.com and in         experience and is trying to develop a
founded: high quality riding clothes         their new retail store in Denton, Texas.     small clientele of breeders to begin
and footwear that are affordable on a                                                     some freelance work. She has experience
family budget. Still family owned and                                                     in several different mediums, however
operated, Devon-Aire offers many fits        AFFILIATE MEMBERS                            her areas of expertise are photography
and finishes for all English apparel         Rebecca E. Colnar                            and design.
needs.                                       548 Sumner Street
                                             Sheridan, WY 82801                           Heather Haase
Friends of Sound Horses, Inc.                Phone: 307-674-5754                          14708 Round Valley Drive
Nonprofit sound gaited horse organization    Fax: 307-674-6061                            Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Contact: Bill Coon                           E-mail: cowcamp@wavecom.net                  Phone: 818-906-1799
6614 Clayton Road                               Rebecca has been involved in equine       Fax: 818-990-1526
St. Louis, MO 63117                          magazines for 20 years as editor and         E-mail: horsesbyheather@aol.com
Phone: 800-651-7993                          writer. She is the former editor of The      URL: www.horsesbyheather.com
Phone: 314-444-0729 Teresa Bippen, PR        Mane Points, current author of Horse            Heather has over 17 years as a
Director                                     Sense Book and Montana Equine                professional photographer shooting
E-mail: teresa@friendsofsoundhorses.         Directory. She specializes in writing,       people, celebrities and horses of all
org                                          editing, public relations and event          genres capturing images on film and
URL: www.friendsofsoundhorses.org            planning. She has also handled ad sales      digital that are unique and captivating.
    FOSH is a humane organization            for equine and non-equine                    Her specialty is the photos themselves,
promoting sound ownership, training,         publications.                                with distinctive and exceptional results.
exhibition and breeding of naturally
gaited horses, with emphasis on TWHs.        Nancy Degutis                                Karen E. N. Hayes, DVM
They educate the public on humane            NAD Associates/Writing and Editing           21894 E. Hayden Lake Road
care and treatment of gaited horses,         5 Schooner Court                             Hayden Lake, ID 83835
oppose chemical means to modify              Randolph Twp., NJ 02869                      Phone: 208-772-0856
horses’ natural gaits, sanction flat shod    Phone: 973-366-8930                          Fax: 270-596-1808
gaited shows, and provide trained            Fax: 973-366-8930                            E-mail: hayesk@earthlink.net
licensed judges and DQPs.                    E-mail: circusrose@aol.com                   URL: www.karen-hayes.com
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                                            New Member Profiles
    Karen has been an equine                 numerous books, calendars, greeting           written content for large websites such
veterinarian since 1979, conducted           cards and posters. He also works with         as www.managingmymoney.com.
formal scientific research in equine         top advertising agencies, supplying
reproduction and published in peer-          photos to clients such as Purina, Rolex,      Charmain Vaughn
reviewed journals from 1983-1988. She        Merial and Bayer.                             Vaughn Graphics
has been a professional writer in the                                                      725 Broad Street
equine care/equestrian trade genre since     Kathryn Anne Navarra                          Augusta, GA 30901
1989. She has authored five horse care       3206 Allens Bridge Road                       Phone: 706-823-3589
books and hundreds of magazine               Albion, NY 14411                              Fax: 706-828-4339
articles for such publications as            Phone: 585-589-7471                           E-mail: charmain.vaughn@morris.com
EQUUS, Horse & Rider, Paint Horse            E-mail: katienavarra@yahoo.com                URL: www.vaughngraphics.com
Journal, and others. Although she has           Katie is a freelance writer and               Charmain has been a graphic
dedicated most of her adult life to          photographer and has been involved in         designer for more than 20 years and
providing veterinarian service, her          the horse industry for 14 years. She          loves to write stories about horses. In
ultimate passion is in improving the         writes her own weekly column,                 addition to working a full time job, she
lives of horses via grassroots education     Bits&Pieces and has contributed to The        finds time to love and care for six horses
of horse owners.                             Eastern Equerry Magazine, Blaze               and do freelance work for clients on the
                                             Magazine and The Horse: Your Guide            weekends. She is a member of the
Gina Kazimir                                 to Equine Health. Her expertise               Augusta Advertising Federation,
PR Right Now, Inc.                           includes event coverage, profiles, how-       Augusta, Georgia.
125 Williams Street                          to and feature articles. She has
Bel Air, MD 21014                            experience with 4-H, the Intercollegiate      Lisa Marie Wood
Phone: 410-420-8679                          Horse Show Association, western               P. O. Box 102
Fax: 410-420-8679                            pleasure and combined driving.                Sierra Madre, CA 91025
E-mail: gkazimir@prrightnow.com                                                            Phone: 626-445-4343
URL: www.prrightnow.com                      Morgan Rhoads                                 E-mail: postparade@hotmail.com
   PR Right Now is a full service PR         P. O. Box 159066                                 Lisa is a freelance journalist for
agency providing online or in-person         Nashville, TN 37215-9066                      Thoroughbred racing industry
services in all aspects of PR, marketing,    Phone: 615-944-3700                           publications nationwide and is the
media relations and corporate                E-mail: info@rhomanbooks.com                  former Editor of award-winning
communications with a specialty in the       URL: www.rhomanbooks.com                      magazine, The Texas Thoroughbred.
equine industry.                                Over 30 years professional horse
                                             training experience led to the writing of
Charles Mann                                 a fact-based novel about abuse in the         STUDENT MEMBERS
Charles Mann Photography                     show horse world. “From The Horse’s           Shay Ludwick
9236 Riggs Road                              Mouth” by Eugene Davis (pseudonym)            Ohio University
Adelphi, MD 20783-1505                       was recently purchased (50 copies) by         247 W Union St., Apt. 101D
Phone: 301-434-8094                          the USDA/APHIS for use in training            Athens, OH 45701
E-mail: charlie@cmannphoto.com               new VMO’s.                                    Phone: 740-592-9028
URL: www.cmannphoto.com                                                                    Permanent address
   Charles Mann is a commercial,             Kara L. Stewart                               525 Mallow Rd.
equine and stock photographer whose          5012 N. Highway 67                            Frankfort, OH 45628
interest in photography began while          Sedalia, CO 80135                             E-mail: shayludwick@hotmail.com
taking photos for his high school            Phone: 303-688-1432                              Shay is a senior at Ohio University
yearbook. He worked as a studio              E-mail: karastewart2001@yahoo.com             majoring in Recreation and Sports
manager for stock photographer Jon               Kara is a lifelong horse owner with       Writing. Her ultimate goal is to gain a
Feingersh for 7 years doing everything       experience in most disciplines and care.      staff position as a reporter or
from set building to shooting. During        Employed full-time as a writer, editor        photographer at a major equine
this time he also covered various equine     and proofreader since 1985, she has           magazine. Her background with horses
events part time. In 2000, he set out on     been writing for the equine industry          spans over the past 10 years, including
his own and has traveled around the          since 1994. As a staff writer for Horse       memberships with AQHA, the Ohio
world photographing sports at the            Country, she wrote more than 80               University Equestrian Team, the IHSA,
Olympics, World Equestrian Games             articles during a span of eight years. She    various Ohio Quarter Horse
and Pan-American Games. He has been          is a regular contributor to Horse             associations and 4-H. Her publishing
selected as one of only three U.S. media     Illustrated since 2001, and she also writes   experience includes two separate
to cover the equestrian events at the        for Horses USA and International Arabian      newspapers, The Post, Ohio University’s
2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece. In          Horse (now titled Arabian Horse.) In          school paper from September 2003 to
addition to being published regularly in     addition, she writes, edits and               January 2004 and The Athens
more than 30 magazines and websites          proofreads both print and online              Messenger from January 2004 to
worldwide, his work has appeared in          business-related material and has             present. Since working at The Post, she

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                                              New Member Profiles
has written at least 2-3 articles per week,    her interests include working at a             for the AQHYA World Show, winning
finishing every story by deadline.             racetrack or horse magazine, writing           various highpoint awards at national
                                               fiction novels with a horse base, and          level shows, the Rocky Mountain
Jessica Schroeder                              training her own stable of race horses.        Quarter Horse Association, and placed
University of Wisconsin-Madison                                                               fourth in the NRHA Horse & Rider
2125 Oakdale Drive                             Andrew Standaert                               Rookie of the Year finals. His goal is to
Waukesha,WI 53189                              University of Findlay                          present the image and package, to a
Phone: 608-772-5600                            313 Morey Hall, 1000 N. Main St.               potential employer, of an individual
E-mail: discerning24@hotmail.com               Findlay, OH 45840                              who is a well knowledged and expert
    Jessica is a sophomore at University       Phone: 719-310-4781                            journalist and communicator.
of Wisconsin-Madison where she                 E-mail: standaerta@findlay.edu
majors in agricultural journalism and is       Permanent address:                             Heidi Ann Verhoff
currently enrolled in a photography            2620 White Rock Lane                           Ohio State University
course. She has been involved with             Colorado Springs, CO 80904                     P. O. Box 181
Standardbred harness horses her entire            Andrew is a sophomore at the                Galena, OH 43021
life. Her parents and both sets of             University of Findlay, where he will           Phone: 740-972-7370
grandparents are trainers who race in          graduate in May with a Associates of           E-mail: verhoff.44@osu.edu
Illinois and New York. In the summer of        Science Degree in Equestrian Studies -            Heidi is a junior at Ohio State
2001, she campaigned two horses on             Western. From there, he will transfer to       University majoring in ag
the Wisconsin and Illinois fair circuit to     Columbia College Chicago to pursue a           communications. She has been around
Top Ten honors in Wisconsin. During            career with an equine publication.             horses all her life and feels that her
the summer of 2003, she interned with          While at Findlay, he has written for the       experience could help her career in
the Indiana Horse Racing Commission.           student newspaper, developed equine            equine publishing. She hopes to expose
This year, she is the coordinator of the       contacts and competed through the              herself to more opportunities and
Standardbred display and                       western and English IHSA team,                 contacts by joining AHP. She knows
demonstration at the Midwest Horse             attained real life experience through          this will help her grow and understand
Fair. For the past three years, she has        internships, and taken newswriting and         more about the horse publications
won two firsts and one second in the           communication classes. His riding              business. She knows that AHP would
Horse Fair’s photography contest.              career started at age five. For three years,   greatly affect her future career in equine
Although she hasn’t decided on a career,       he showed his reining horse to qualify         publishing.

                                          CALENDAR OF EVENTS
   April 20-25, 2004                            Phone: 580-759-4949                           Sept. 21-Oct. 3, 2004
   National Reining Breeders Classic            E-mail: nrcha@nrcha.com                       NRCHA Futurity
   Great Southwest Equestrian Center            www.nrcha.com                                 Reno, Nevada
   Katy, Texas                                                                                Phone: 580-759-4949
   Phone: 580-759-3939                          June 10-12, 2004                              E-mail: nrcha@nrcha.com
   E-mail: nrbc@brightok.net.                   AHP Red, White & Bluegrass Seminar            www.nrcha.com
   www.nrcha.com                                Marriott Griffin Gate Resort
                                                Lexington, Kentucky                           October 28-31, 2004
   April 30-May 2, 2004                         Phone: 386-760-7743                           National Riding Instructors Conven-
   Virginia Equine Extravaganza                 www.americanhorsepubs.org                     tion
   Richmond Raceway Complex                                                                   20th Anniversary
   Richmond, Virginia                           June 11-13, 2004                              Orlando, Florida
   Phone: 410-647-3800                          Western States Horse Expo                     Phone: 239-948-3232
   www.equineextravaganza.com                   Cal-Expo Fairgrounds                          www.riding-instructor.com
                                                Sacramento, California
   April 30-May 2, 2004                         Phone: 800-352-2411                           November 11-14, 2004
   NRCHA Hackamore Classic                      www.horsexpo.com                              Equine Affaire
   Paso Robles, California                                                                    Eastern States Expo
   Phone: 580-759-4949                          July 7-11, 2004                               West Springfield, Massachusetts
   E-mail: nrcha@nrcha.com                      NRCHA Derby                                   Phone: 740-845-0085
   www.nrcha.com                                Paso Robles, California                       www.equineaffaire.com
                                                Phone: 580-759-4949
   June 3,4,5, 2004                             E-mail: nrcha@nrcha.com
   World’s Greatest Horseman                    www.nrcha.com
   Amarillo, Texas

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