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                                 WMS Capstone Project:
                                       Part II: Writing Component

As part of your capstone project, you will be writing an informational problem/solution
paper. In your paper you must be sure to fully describe the problem and the causes. You
must also present potential solutions to the problem, evaluating the most effective and
efficient solution. For this assignment, you will be required to incorporate information
obtained from the research you previously conducted in social studies class. You must
properly cite this research and provide a works cited page. This paper should be typed in a
professional font (size 12), double spaced, and be approximately 3-5 pages in length.

                                        Information to Include:

A thorough description of       What, specifically, is the problem?
the problem as it exists in     Where does this problem exist? (Ex: In your school? In your
the real world and why it is   neighborhood? In your home? In what country?)
important.                      Who is affected by this problem? (Ex: age group, demographic, etc.)

Well explained causes of        Does this problem occur naturally or due to humans?
the problem                     Are there trends associated with this problem?

Previously established laws,    Do laws pertaining to this problem exist?
regulations, etc. associated    How often are these laws violated?
with this problem               Are there consequences for violating such laws?

The information above creates your problem statement. Provide enough background and context
for someone who is not affected by the problem to understand it.
A detailed explanation of     What happens as a result of this problem?
the effects of the problem    What effects does it have on society, social groups, and/or people in
                              Why are these effects significant enough to deem this a problem?

Solutions to the problem        What solutions (if any) already exist? How are these solutions
                                What solutions are proposed? What are the pros/cons of these

An evaluation of the BEST      You should consider…
solution                        Any conclusions you have drawn about how the problem manifests
                               itself in the real world
                                Any conclusions you have reached about the solutions that already
                               exist or are proposed for this problem
                                Creative solutions you can offer to the problem
                                Any data collected about your solution
A works cited page &
proper MLA citations

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