Deposit Receipt and Agreement - DOC by mr8ball3


									                                             Copper Creek Ranch
                                               Erick and Rachel Pepion
                                                   4935 13th Ave NE
                                                   Keizer, OR 97303
                                                    (503) 393-8148

                           Deposit Receipt and Purchase Agreement
                               Date:                       Birth Date of Litter: 3/6/2009

                 I, Rachel Pepion have sold one                          Male/Female Vizsla
                                                                                 Sex and Breed

                For the total sum of $ 800.00

              Deposit to be applied $ 200.00                   Cash/Check #

                 Balance to be paid $ 600.00 at puppy pickup.

This deposit is an agreement to purchase reserved puppy. If Buyer cancels purchase before pup is 5 weeks old, one half
of deposit will be returned. If Buyer cancels purchase of pup after this time the deposit is non-refundable.

                                          Pups are 5 weeks old: April 10, 2009
                                  ***After this date the deposit is non-refundable***
                              Puppy may be picked up on or after the date of: April 24, 2009

                        Seller Signature:

                        Buyer Signature:

                            Buyer Name:
                                                                      Please print

                         Buyer Address:

                            Buyer Phone:

                             Buyer Email:

This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health and sound for 72 hours after it has been picked up. This is in view that a
pup can be exposed to health risks. It has received its first shots to prevent common canine disease but exposure can
result in sickness until a full series of vaccines have been given. I do recommend a well puppy check up from your
veterinarian with the first 72 hours. The pup is also guaranteed free from genetic defect for 2 years. If veterinarian
diagnosis a genetic defect this must be documented. Full price of puppy would be returned or new pup, whichever Buyer
chooses. This puppy is being sold as a pet only – no guarantees are made as to size, color, fertility, or ability to produce
offspring. This puppy is sold with limited registration, unless prior arrangements and an additional fee are paid.
                                             We reserve the right to refuse to sell.

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