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Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2008


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                o      History and Who’ s Who
                o      Our Commitment to Quality
                o      Our Supporters
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          Ways to Give
                o Set up your own charitable fund
                o Transfer a trust
                o The 'I Love' campaign
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                o Our fund holders
                o Projects and People we have funded
                o Grant of the Month
                o Case Studies
                o Grassroots Grants
                o Fair Share Trust
                o Reports
          Apply for a Grant
                o What are the options?
                o SYCF Small Grants Fund
                o NBP: Aspiration and Achievement Fund
                o The Loscar Wind Farm Community Funds
                o Proceeds of Crime Fund
                o Cutlers Company Grassroots Fund
                o Tween Bridge Wind Farm Community Benefits Fund
                o Comic Relief Local Communities
                o Eaga Community Fund
                o Lowe Distribution Fund
                o SCIPA Fund
                o Sir Samuel Osborn's Deed of Gift Relief Fund
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Latest News
Young People's Project JADE wins Community Award

New CEO appointed at South Yorkshire Community Foundation

Celebrating the end of the Fair Share Trust Programme in South Yorkshire
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