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     PGCE Students

General Information                                                                     2
       Colleges and the University; Homerton College                                    2
       Transport; Bicycles, Parking                                                     2/3
Homerton College Facilities                                                             3
       Social; Sport, Music and Drama                                                   3
       Religious Observance, Catering                                                   3/4
       Formal Halls, EPOS, Library, IT                                                  5
       Cam Email, University Card, Pastoral Support, Disability, Medical Care           6/7
Accommodation for PGCE Students                                                         7
       Private Accommodation                                                            7/8
       Council Tax                                                                      8
Fees                                                                                    8
       Tuition Fees; National Insurance Number                                          8
       College Fee; Non-Resident Homerton Membership Fee;                               8
       Registration Fee; Payment of Fees
How to Apply for Tuition Fee Support                                                    9
       Students in the UK                                                               9
       Students from EU Countries (Outside the UK)Students in the Channel Islands or    10
       the Isle of Man
       Students in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man; Students From Overseas       11
Financial Support: Loans, Grants and Bursaries                                          11
       Financial Advice                                                                11/12
What You Should Do Next                                                                 13
Useful Contacts                                                                         14

Appendix 1: Frequently Asked Questions
                                      GENERAL INFORMATION
This booklet is designed to help answer the kind of questions students often ask when they are making plans to
come to Cambridge University and to Homerton College. Further information and details regarding registration
will be made available via our website in August. If your immediate questions are not answered here, please
contact the PGCE/MEd Administrator (tel: +44 (0) 1223 747144)

Colleges and the University

Cambridge is a collegiate university, which means that all students are members of a College as well as of the
University itself. There are more than thirty Colleges in the University, and each one has its own character,
buildings, governance, administration, intellectual and social life. Most Colleges, including Homerton, contain a
broad cross-section of academics (‘Fellows’) and students across the disciplines. As a PGCE student, you will
spend most of your time immersed in work organised by your faculty and so your life in the College gives you a
great opportunity to meet and mix with people from other disciplines. Many people make lifelong friends in this
way. Each College has enclosed grounds on one or more sites, with student accommodation, and catering, sporting,
cultural and social facilities. Homerton is privileged in having all facilities on a single site.

Homerton College

Homerton is centuries old, beginning as a dissenting academy in 1695 in London. By the middle of the nineteenth
century it had already begun to specialise in training teachers and in 1894 moved to its present site in Cambridge.
In 1976 Homerton became an Approved Society of the University of Cambridge and all its students became
members of the University, reading for University of Cambridge qualifications. It was then part of the Faculty of
Education, continuing and enhancing its contribution to excellence in education and playing a leading role in the
great debates about the nature and function of education in our society.

In 2001 Homerton took a further decisive step towards full integration with the University of Cambridge as a
constituent College and in 2010, Homerton College received a Royal Charter, officially becoming the University of
Cambridge's newest self-governing full College. Whilst we continue to have close links with the Faculty of
Education, Homerton also admits full and part-time students in the full range of Higher Degrees. Our graduate
body also has a very international feel.

Homerton College is situated approximately 2 miles south of the city centre; it is approximately 1 mile from the
main railway station, less than a mile from Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and next to the Faculty of Education. There is
a very regular bus service to the city centre, including the campus service (Uni 4) for University staff and students,
but many students prefer to cycle around the city (see ‘Transport Information’). There is a leisure complex near to
Homerton, which has a 9 screen cinema, bowling alley, arts/entertainment centre, several restaurants and a fitness
suite, as well as both a Tesco Express and a Sainsburys Local. Most high street banks are within walking distance
from the College.

Transport in Cambridge

There are excellent transport facilities available to students in Cambridge. Regular bus services run every ten
minutes from outside the College into the centre of town. The Park and Ride (Green 99) runs past College every 20
minutes, stopping 200yds up the road. A map showing the location of park and ride sites around Cambridge can be
found at There is also a Uni 4 bus that runs
from the Madingley Road Park and Ride site and stops outside the College; this costs 70p per journey on
production of your University ID Card. The Citi 1, Citi 7 and the number 13 also stop outside the College and
serve different parts of Cambridge; timetables for all Cambridge buses can be found here and hard copies at the
Porters’ Lodge, Mary Allan Building. Additionally, the main line railway station is a short walk away.


The use of a bicycle is normal practice in Cambridge for students and staff alike. A good second-hand bicycle can
be purchased for upward of £80 and will always beat the traffic, and more often than not beat the buses as well. It
is essential that bicycles be registered with Porter’s Lodge who will put a security number on the bicycle. Bicycles
are not permitted within College buildings; instead they should be securely locked in the racks located throughout
the College grounds. (Please be advised that the College does not accept any liability for loss or damage to student
cycles left in the racks.) Nor is it permitted for bicycles to be ridden on College grounds; cyclists should dismount
and walk to the racks for safety reasons.
Students should ensure they have basic safety gear such as reflective clothing, a helmet and lights. It is an offence
to cycle on any public road without lights; further information is available from the Highway Code section on
cyclists -


Parking space at Homerton College is strictly limited and only those who fulfil the following criteria will be
granted a parking permit: dependent children, family responsibilities, physical disability or a certified medical
condition. If you are a resident within College accommodation and the Faculty of Education has requested that you
use a car, you will also be eligible to apply for a College parking permit. Please note, a permit allows you to park
but does not guarantee that there will be a parking space. Students resident in Cambridge will not normally be
granted a College Parking permit.

It is a Regulation of the University, agreed with the City Council, that students of the University are not allowed to
keep a car in Cambridge unless they have written permission in the form of a University Motor Proctor’s Licence.
Students that will be Cambridge residents will need to apply for a Motor Proctor’s Licence via the PGCE/MEd
Administrator in August. Students who keep a car in Cambridge without a Motor Proctor’s Licence will be subject
to a fine of £50. Wheel clamps and a fine of £50 apply to unauthorised parking on the Homerton site.

An application form for a Homerton Parking permit and details of how to apply for a Motor Proctor’s Licence will
be made available via our website in August; you will be emailed with a link once this website is live. To apply for
a College Parking Permit you will need to return the Parking Permit Application form complete with a written
requested addressed to the College Dean, Mr Phillip Stevenson, stating clearly your reason for wishing to bring a
car onto site. In the case of a medical condition or physical disability, you should provide medical evidence or a
statement of such need.

                               HOMERTON COLLEGE FACILITIES

The College has large grounds with pleasant landscaping, sports pitches, a series of attractive residential buildings,
a library, offices and large dining areas. There are student common rooms and two bars (a Main Student Bar, and
the Cavendish Bar used for big events), together with an auditorium for concerts and plays.

Homerton has a very active student union. PGCE students are members of the Homerton Union of Students
(HUS), the University Graduate Union (GU) and the Cambridge University Students Union (CUSU), which is
affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS). HUS organises a range of services including student support,
dissertation binding and a stationery shop as well as overseeing the subscriptions for a number of College societies
including Games Clubs (football, hockey, cricket, netball, rugby etc.), Music Society, Jazz Club, Homerton Boat
Club etc. For details about University wide student societies in Cambridge visit

The HUS recognises that PGCE students may have different needs from undergraduates and, as a result, they are
members of both the Junior Common Room (JCR) and the Middle Common Room (MCR). The MCR exists to
ensure that the interests of its members are represented at the College and the University, on a social and political
level, and by organising events such as weekly Formal Hall Swaps (dinners that other college’s graduates are
invited to). There will be two PGCE Officers elected early in the Michaelmas term whose aims are to represent the
PGCE students, and PGCEs are encouraged to run for other positions on the JCR and MCR Executives. The JCR
has a full time Sabbatical President who will assist you with any large issues such as housing, financial difficulties
etc. As well as using the Sabbatical President, you can either contact the HUS PGCE Officers, or any other HUS
officer to get help or answer any queries.

This Union system, developed for students who wish to be separately represented from the Undergraduates, means
PGCE students can choose which Union (MCR/JCR) to approach with questions or problems, depending on their
personal preference; they also have voting rights in both groups.

Sport, Music and Drama

The College has a range of sports surfaces available including football, croquet and rugby pitches, grass tennis
courts in summer, a squash court and an on-site Gym is due to open in October 2013! The boat club (rowing) is
very active in the University league. Students also have access to indoor tennis facilities at a low cost at the Lawn

Tennis Association site in Purbeck Road (adjoining the College), and there is also a large swimming pool at Kelsey
Kerridge Sports Centre that is walking distance from the College.

There are excellent opportunities to pursue music and drama. Students have access to several music rooms and
pianos for rehearsal, and the Homerton College Music Society (HCMS) runs an orchestra and the College has an
informal Choir and a more formal Charter Choir for which auditions are held. HATS, the Homerton Amateur
Theatrical Society, is the student run drama company, making use of the well-equipped auditorium which has
practice rooms back stage and there is also a dance studio on site.

Religious Observance

Homerton is a non-denominational College and respects and encourages all normal and established religious
observance of whatever faith or background. Although it has its origins in the Congregational church and still has
tenuous links with the United Reformed and Free Churches, Homerton has no chapel or permanent place of
worship. All religious activity is therefore organised on an informal basis, often in association with student groups
and societies. Within the University there are flourishing Student Union Societies for almost every World Religion
and all of the Christian denominations. As part of its Congregational tradition, students have always been
encouraged to join and worship with religious communities in the city. Information about places of worship can be
obtained from the Homerton Union of Students.


Homerton College provides dining facilities in the Great Hall and sandwiches & snack items in the Griffin Bar &
Buttery. The meals provided include a selection of vegetarian food every day, as well as meat, fish-based dishes
and fresh fruit. Unfortunately, the College is unable to provide kosher or halal foods or other specially prepared
foods for religious observance as part of the regular cafeteria catering (although they may be provided for special-
occasion meals)

Unlike most Cambridge Colleges, Homerton does not have a compulsory Kitchen Fixed Charge (a termly charge to
be paid towards the catering provision, with actual meals taken charged on top). Instead, resident PGCE students
will pay a Minimum Meal Contribution (MMC) of £106 per term (£318/pa) which is payable termly in advance
with the residence charge. This sum will be credited to their University Card, and the cost of meals in the Griffin
and Great Hall will be deducted from it. Non-resident students can also choose to put money on their University
Card to pay for items in both the Griffin and Great Hall. All College members who choose to use their University
Card in this way will receive, on average, a 10% discount on food purchases from the Griffin and Great Hall.
Please note that funds remaining on the card at the end of the academic year will not be refunded.

Resident students with very special dietary requirements for religious or certified medical reasons should write to
the Senior Tutor, prior to arriving in Cambridge. Where such concession is given for those with special dietary
needs, students will not need to pay the MMC but will pay an annual Kitchen Overhead Charge of £180, and then
use the University Card to pay for meals (the University Card may be credited via web transfer of funds to your
EPOS account). It is essential that all resident students consider both options carefully before making one or other

Great Hall Opening Times (University Full Term-Time)

Monday to Friday        Lunch            12.00 noon – 1.45 pm
                        Dinner           5.30 pm – 7.30 pm (Tuesdays and some Fridays 5.30 pm-6.30 pm)
Saturday                Lunch            12.00 noon – 1.30 pm *
Sunday                  Lunch            12.00 noon – 1.30 pm *        *subject to demand

Any changes of location or time will be displayed on the noticeboard outside of the Great Hall.

Griffin Bar & Buttery Opening Times (University Full Term-time)

The Buttery provides hot and cold drinks, confectionery, sandwiches and homemade scones and pastry dishes.

Monday to Friday        8.00 am - 9.00 pm
Saturday                12.00 noon – 9.00 pm
Sunday                  12.00 noon – 7.00 pm

Griffin times are approximate as the service is demand led and is subject to change. Out of Full-Term, students are
advised to check the notice board outside of the Great Hall for any changes to opening times for the Griffin and
Great Hall.

College Bars

The College has two bars situated in the Cavendish Building. The main student bar is located in the same area as
the Buttery and serves competitively priced drinks. The bar has a pool table and quiz machine. A variety of events
are held in the bar, including pool tournaments, quizzes and extended opening for sports events on Sky. These are
organised in consultation with the Student Union Entertainment Committee, the Catering and Bar Users’
Committee and the Catering Department.

Main Bar Opening Times (University Full Term Time)

Monday to Friday      7pm-11pm
Saturday              12.00 noon-11pm
Sunday                12.00 noon- 10.30pm

Formal Halls

Each term there are formal meals known as Formal Halls, held every Tuesday during Full Term time in the Great
Hall (subject to demand, Friday formal halls are also planned for the Academic Year 2013/14). There is waiter
service of a three-course meal and the long tables and candlelight give the occasion quite a special feel. Students
dress more smartly and Fellows wear academic gowns. You need to buy Formal Hall tickets in advance (via the
same website as your EPOS account and using your University Card) and they are a good opportunity to entertain
friends from other Colleges, as well as to get together with students and Fellows of the College.


EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale and is the cashless purchasing system that students and staff can both use
their University Cards for. Full details can be found in this guide.

Academic Facilities: Library

The College Library is a modern, well-stocked facility with particular strengths in books for most undergraduate
courses. It also contains a number of special collections including the Children’s Literature and Multimedia
Collections. The library provides a pleasant 24/7 working space with many useful resources, including
photocopying, scanning and access to online facilities. Additionally, students have access to the main University
Library in Cambridge, which is a ‘copyright library’ and is one of three main research libraries in England, and the
Education Faculty Library

Academic Facilities: IT

The College provides several communal machines – PCs and Macs, located in the Lower Computer Room in the
Cavendish building, the Library, and in supervision rooms – as part of the University Computing Service’s
Managed Cluster Service (MCS). The MCS is available across most of the University and has a wide range of
software as well as printing and scanning services. Further details about the MCS are available at

The College provides Internet access to all members via the wired “ResNet” network in study bedrooms for
resident students, or the wireless “eduroam” network – where wireless is available – for both resident and non-
resident students. The network allows access to email, web, and other Internet services. It is provided and operated
by the Homerton College IT Department and the cost of access is incorporated in the residence charge for resident
students or in the College Membership Fee for non-resident students. Further details about configuring your device
for eduroam access are available at

The IT Office can provide technical support to all College members during office hours, which are 9:00am –
6:00pm Monday-Thursday and 9:00am – 5:30pm on Fridays.

Cam Email

All students are issued with an email address when they arrive in Cambridge, which will be used by their Faculty
and College to contact them. It is essential therefore, that you check this account regularly or if necessary you
can divert your email to an already existing account. Students will also receive accounts to enable them to
access the College, and University-wide, network of PCs and to restricted web resources. Further information can
be obtained from the University Computing Service at

University Identity Card

The University issues to all students a single card that has multiple uses. It acts as proof of identity and student
status, allowing access to the University Library, College and most importantly your Faculty or Department library.
It also enables you to use services, such as photocopying, in some Departments. This card acts as a Homerton
College security card giving students access to key areas of the College, including residential accommodation, IT
Department and common rooms, and if students choose will also be used to purchase food and drink in the College
dining areas. It will also provide a means of identifying staff, visitors and students as well as increasing site

Pastoral Support

Every student in the University has key academic staff assigned to support them, their Personal Tutor, their College
Graduate Tutor and the Finance Tutor. Your Subject Lecturer/ Tutor is appointed by the Faculty of Education and
oversees and guides your academic progress. Your College Graduate Tutor is appointed by your College and is
there to assist you in any way possible with personal, financial or work-related problems and to represent you
within the University if the need arises. Your College Graduate Tutor will meet you in September when you start
the course and may be consulted in confidence during your course about any matters of concern.


If you are a student with a disability, you may wish to contact the University Disability Resource Centre on +44 (0)
1223 332301 or by email on It would also be helpful if you could contact the College
Tutorial Administrator and Disability Officer, Tanya Cunningham ( to discuss any
special arrangements or support that you may require during your course (tel: +44 (0) 1223 747201).

Medical Care

Students relocating to the area should register with a Medical Practice (GP) in Cambridge as soon as possible, as
this will enable health care to be provided, if needed, whilst at Homerton College. It is your responsibility to
register with a Practice [details of local practices will be provided in the second set of information in August].
There is a fully qualified College Nurse on our staff who is on duty at advertised times throughout the term

You will be contacted directly by the College Nurse in August with a brief electronic medical questionnaire to
complete with some basic information for when you are on the College site. All information from the student
health questionnaire and records of nurse consultations are stored electronically in line with other health care
environments such as your GP, hospitals and clinics. The software and database in use is housed in an external
secure data centre owned and used exclusively by the providing company offering health industry standard data
security. The college nurse is the only member of college/university staff with access to these records by means of
a two layer unique login and password system, the supplying company is registered with the data protection

Electronic records are used to ensure that College Nurse record keeping is consistent, auditable and secure. This
will help to promote consistently high standards of service provision by the College Nurse. If you wish to withhold
consent to electronic records at any time please see the college nurse on arrival at Homerton so that your decision
can be recorded and paper records used instead.

Although there is a University Dental Service, we strongly advise that you visit your own dentist for any treatment
required before the start of the course.

All new students who are aged under 25 are recommended to have the Meningitis C vaccination unless advised
otherwise by their GP. Those coming from overseas who are not vaccinated before arrival should register with a
GP in Cambridge as soon as possible to arrange to have the vaccination

                          ACCOMMODATION FOR PGCE STUDENTS
There are a limited number of College rooms available for PGCE students, and the College is not able to provide
married or family accommodation, please refer to the Accommodation Guide for more detailed information about
the accommodation. If you wish to apply for a room in College, you must complete the online application form.
Please note: this does not guarantee you a room, but will enable you to place your name on a waiting list.
Priority is given to those who reside overseas, students with disabilities or medical conditions that require them to
be on site, or those with strong pastoral reasons for living in. Rooms will then be offered to those on the waiting
list on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Accommodation Office allocates all rooms in July, and if the College is in a position to offer residential
accommodation you will be contacted by email. If you will be travelling over summer, please provide an email
address you or your representative can be reached at. If you do not answer this email, for any reason, it will be
assumed you do not wish to take up the offer of residential accommodation.

If you are allocated a room the booking will be provisional until you have signed and returned your Residency
Agreement. In doing so, you are signing a legally-binding contract to take up residence in College and it is at this
stage that your room is guaranteed for the Academic Year.

The Residency Agreement, which gives licence to occupy the room, is a continuous contract for the period
September until June (15/09/13- 20/06/14). If you will be joining the College on a Secondary PGCE, the Faculty
of Education strongly advises you not to enter into a year - long tenancy agreement until you have read carefully all
the information concerning the location of your professional placements, which they will provide to you in due
course. This does not apply to those students on the Primary PGCE, who will receive information about their
placements when they come up to Cambridge.

If you are unsuccessful in your application for a room in Homerton College you will need to seek private
accommodation. You may nevertheless put your name on a waiting list for vacancies that may arise in Homerton

Private Accommodation

The University normally expects postgraduates to live within 10 miles of Cambridge city centre, but increasingly a
small number of PGCE students will be based further from Cambridge for domestic and financial reasons. The
college strongly advises you to live no more than an hour’s commute from Cambridge, especially during those
parts of the year when you are doing course-work in the Faculty of Education. Commuting long distances can be
stressful and Cambridge rush-hour is a nightmare. Moreover, the further away you live, the more difficult it can be
for us in the College to support you directly.

However, if your personal circumstances mean that you will be living more than an hour’s commuting time from
Homerton College and the Faculty of Education, could you please complete the Residency Statement and return
this to the PGCE/MEd Administrator by 2nd September 2013, so that we have the information that we need to be
able to understand your circumstances, and to get in touch with you in an emergency.

The University Accommodation Service may be able to assist you in finding suitable accommodation for your
time in Cambridge. You can register with the service online. Alternatively, visit the office at Kellet Lodge, Tennis
Court Road, Cambridge or contact them by telephone with any queries on +44 (0) 1223 338099 or email:

A useful source of information is the Cambridge Evening News (published Monday to Saturday). The newspaper’s
website contains property information and a list of local letting agents. Some details are also listed below for your
information (all agents listed are examples aimed at aiding students in their search for private accommodation and
should not be taken as recommendations by the College).

Accent Property Management
140 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PB
81 Regent Street, Cambridge, CB2 1AW
Tel: 01223 500387

Bush & Co
8 The Broadway, Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3AH
Tel: 01223 508085

Saint Andrews Bureau
18 Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 2AB
Tel: 01223 352170

Tucker Gardner
Bateman House, 82/88 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1LQ
Tel: 01223 350800

Other useful links

Cambridge Accommodation Noticeboard:

If you are looking to share a house with other PGCE students, you may wish to log on to the Graduate Union
website at From here, you may register and use the “New Students” forum to
contact other new students. Alternatively, Homerton Union of Students (HUS) have set up a group on facebook,
Cambridge PGCE 2013-14: Accommodation – with current PGCE, JCR and MCR reps ready to field any questions
that may arise. Please note, these forum services are provided by the students’ unions, and are not moderated by
Homerton College or the University of Cambridge.

Council Tax

In general students are exempt, but non-student spouses and partners are not; shared houses which are occupied
exclusively by students are exempt from council tax, as are similarly occupied single self-contained bedsits.
However, the let will become liable for council tax if any occupant is not of student status. Council tax exemption
certificates will be provided by the College in September once students have registered.

                                             FINANCE / FEES
Tuition Fees:           Home/EU Students                            £9,000
                        Overseas Students                           £17,880
                        Channel Isles/Isle of Man students          £17,880

All UK and EU students will be liable to pay a £9,000 tuition fee. However, students will be able to apply for a
Student Loan to cover their tuition fee and Student Finance England (SFE) will pay the fees on their behalf direct to
the College. Students will repay these loans once they have left university and are earning over £21,000. If tuition
fees are not funded in this way, students will be required to pay the fees direct to the College at the start of
the academic year.

In order to certify this, you will also need to provide the College with Financial Documentation (‘Your Student
Finance Breakdown’ and ‘University or College Payment Advice’ from Student Finance England only) or an
Award Letter from your student finance provider to certify your eligibility and to confirm the amount of tuition fee
loan, if any, that you are taking. Copies must be given to the College PGCE/MEd Administrator as soon as you
have received it and preferably by 12th August 2013.

National Insurance Number

Students are now required to supply their National Insurance Number (NINO) to Student Finance England in order
to receive their loan instalments. If you have applied for a Student Loan, SFE will ensure Jobcentre Plus arrange
for you to get one. You can contact Jobcentre Plus by phone on 0845 600 0643 between 8am and 6pm Monday to
Friday. If a student has mislaid their National Insurance number then they should contact the National Insurance

Registrations Helpline on 0845 915 7006 between 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Please note: they cannot
confirm your NINO by telephone, they will write to you instead.

College Fee              £2,394

Overseas and Islands students will be required to pay College fees in addition to tuition fees. All Home and EU
students who are certified as eligible in principle for student support and who provide the College with their
Financial Documentation or Award Letter, will not be required to pay the College fee. Exceptionally, you can
choose to have your fee status assessed by the Finance Officer at Homerton College by completing a Fee Status
Assessment Questionnaire (please contact the Finance Office directly on 01223 747126 to request this).

Non-Resident Homerton Membership Fee

A College Membership Fee of £129 is payable by all non-resident students as a contribution towards the costs of
providing subsidised catering, sports and social facilities and up keep of the grounds which are available to all non-
resident students. Payment is collected at College registration in September.

Registration Fee

All new students (excluding current members) will be required to pay a £40 registration fee when they start their
course, which includes life membership of the Homerton Roll alumni association.

Payment of Fees

Based on the information from your Financial Documentation/Award Letter, the Finance Office will issue a college
bill for your tuition fees, accommodation fee (if appropriate) and other charges, which you will be expected to pay
at the time of registration in September. Your contribution to tuition fee is payable on or before registration (in
exceptional circumstances arrangements can be made with the Finance Officer to pay by two instalments). Where
no Financial Documentation/Award Letter is received by the College, you will be liable personally for the full
tuition fee (Home or Overseas, as appropriate) and College fee, payable on or before registration. Please inform
the Finance Officer in writing if you foresee any problems.

                                How To Apply for Tuition Fee Support
Students in the UK

You should apply immediately in order to ensure to you meet ‘residence conditions’ and, if requested, to be
assessed for student support. The DirectGov website will tell you exactly how you apply, and you MUST apply to
Student Finance England (SFE) even if you do not wish to apply for a Student Loan for Tuition Fees or to be
means-tested for support. Applications must be made in good time in order to establish eligibility, otherwise you
will be required to pay tuition and College fees at the start of your course; this can also delay payments of your
TDA training bursary.

       All UK students should provide their Financial Documentation to the PGCE/MEd Administrator as soon as
        it is received. Please do not send in any other documents relating to student finance. The information
        contained on these forms will certify the amount of tuition fee loan you are taking and they are needed to
        exempt you from paying College fees.

If a copy of your Financial Documentation is not received by the College by the start of term, then a) you will
be liable personally for the University tuition fee of £9,000 and b) you may be liable personally for payment
of the College fee of £2,394 (unless you have your fee status assessed by the Finance Officer at Homerton
College as having Home/EU fee status in response to your completed Fee Status Assessment Questionnaire).

Application forms for students in England are available from the Student Finance England website (where you can
also find a guide to the application procedure) and can be filled in online or in paper format. Further guidance can
also be obtained by calling the Student Finance England information line on 0845 300 5090.

The UCAS codes you will need to select Homerton College as your College on your application are CO5
(University/College) and H (Campus).

When completing your application, please use the following SLC course titles rather than inputting your
GTTR course code. The SLC uses UCAS course codes, not GTTR codes; the GTTR codes for your subject
sometimes correspond to UCAS courses at other Universities, and using these will result in delays processing your

                           University Course Title                  SLC Course Title
                     Art & Design                           Secondary - Art & Design
                     Classics                               Secondary - Classics
                     Design & Technology                    Secondary - Design Technology
                     Early Years                            Early Years
                     English                                Secondary - English
                     General Primary                        General Primary (X100)
                     Geography                              Secondary - Geography
                     History                                Secondary - History
                     Mathematics                            Secondary - Mathematics
                     Modern Languages                       Secondary - Modern Languages
                     Music                                  Secondary - Music
                     Religious Studies                      Secondary - Religious Studies
                     Science with Biology                   Secondary - Biology
                     Science with Chemistry                 Secondary - Chemistry
                     Science with Physics                   Secondary - Physics

Students in Wales can obtain application forms directly from your LA or via Student Finance Wales. Further
guidance can also be obtained by calling the Student Finance information line on 0845 602 8845.

Students in Northern Ireland can obtain application forms by contacting their Local Education and Library Board
(ELB) or via Student Finance NI. For further information you can call the Student Finance information line on
0845 600 0662.

Students in Scotland can obtain application forms from the SAAS website, and further help is available by calling
0300 300 3135 (option 6).

Students from EU countries (outside the UK)

You must apply immediately via the SFE EU Customer Service Team, (even if you choose not to apply for a
Loan for Tuition Fees) in order to prove that you are eligible in principle for fee support as an EU student. More
information and application forms are available from the DirectGov website. If you foresee any delay in the
processing of your application, you must let the PGCE/MEd Administrator know.

 You should provide a copy of your Financial Documentation to the PGCE/MEd Administrator as soon as they
   are received. Please do not send in any other documents relating to student finance. The information
   contained in these documents is needed to exempt you from paying College fees and to establish your funding
   arrangements for tuition fees.

If a copy of your Financial Documentation is not received by the College by the start of term, then a) you will
be liable personally for the University tuition fee of £9,000 and b) you may be liable personally for payment
of the College fee of £2,349 (unless you have your fee status assessed by the Finance Officer at Homerton
College as having Home/EU fee status in response to your completed Fee Status Assessment Questionnaire).

Students in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man

If you live in the Jersey administrative area, you can find out more about fees and loans from The Student Finance
Office, Careers Jersey, Philip Le Feuvre House, La Motte Street, St Helier, Jersey, JE4 8PE, or by calling 01534
449457/449279/449450. Further details can also be obtained on the website.

                                                       - 10 -
If you live in the Guernsey administrative area, you should contact Education Department, PO Box 32, St Peter
Port, Guernsey GY1 3AU, or call 01481 733000 or visit the website.

If you live on the Isle of Man, contact The Student Awards Office either by email on or
by calling 01624 685822 to request the forms for the correct academic year. You may also be able to download the
forms from their website.

Students from Overseas

Students will have been asked by the College to complete a Financial Undertaking Form, to guarantee funds for the
duration of your course. Please ensure that this form reaches us by 28th June 2013. You may find the following
website useful for general information about finance for international students:

                        Financial Support: Loans, Grants and Bursaries
All information regarding financial support can be found on the DirectGov website: A brief overview of the loans, grants and bursaries
which you may be entitled to are listed below:

       Student Tuition Fee Loan: Home and EU students will be able to apply for the Student Loan for Tuition
        Fees. SFE will pay the fees direct to the College on students’ behalf. Students will repay these loans once
        they have left university and are earning over £21,000.

       Student Maintenance Loan: Home students can apply for a Maintenance Loan to help with living and
        study costs such as rent, food and books etc.; amounts received will depend on household income up to a
        maximum of £5,500.

       Student Maintenance Grant: For the academic year 2013 the Government Maintenance Grant for PGCE
        students will be entirely means-tested. A full, non-repayable maintenance grant of up to £3,354 will be
        available to those with household incomes of £25,000 or less. Students from families with household
        incomes between £25,001-£42,611 will receive a partial grant depending on income. No grant will
        be payable where household income is above £42,611.

       Special Support Grant: This is for Home students who fall within one of the relevant categories and
        covers extra course related costs such as books, equipment, travel or childcare. If you are eligible for a
        Special Support Grant you will not be eligible to receive a Maintenance Grant, however this will not affect
        the amount of Maintenance Loan you can receive. You may get the Special Support Grant, if for example,
        you are a lone parent or have certain disabilities.

       Adult Dependents Grant: If you have a husband, wife, or partner, or another adult member of your family
        who depends on you financially, you may be eligible. How much you get depends on your income and that
        of your adult dependents; the maximum amount available is £2,642 and this does not have to be repaid.

       Disabled Students’Allowances (DSAs): You can apply for a Disabled Students’ Allowance if you have a
        disability, long-term health condition, mental health condition or specific learning disability such as
        Dyslexia. The amount of help you get depends on your individual needs and not income.

       Parents Learning Allowance: Full time students with children could get up to £1,508 a year to help with
        their learning costs. The money can help with books, study material and travel. The amount you get
        depends on your household income and it is does not have to be repaid.

       Childcare Grants: For full time students with dependent children under the age of 15or 17 if they have
        special educational needs. How much help you get is based on actual childcare costs, household income
        and the number of children you have.

       Child Tax Credit: All Home student parents are able to claim Child Tax Credit and the money you get
        depends on your circumstances. Monies received from the Parents Learning Allowance and the Childcare
        Grants will not be included in calculations for the Child Tax Credit Scheme.

                                                       - 11 -
       University Childcare: Homerton College subscribes to the University of Cambridge Childcare Bursary
        Scheme, which is available to eligible EU and Overseas students (Home students with dependent children
        should apply to the Access to Learning Fund, see below). The scheme does not cover the full cost of
        childcare; it is means tested and only those who qualify can expect a contribution towards ‘registered or
        approved’ childcare costs. There are pre-school childcare and after-school childcare bursaries available
        from this scheme. Before applying to the Childcare Bursary Scheme, students are expected to have applied
        for all loans, grants or benefits to which they are eligible. Further information is available from the
        University’s Childcare Information Advisor, either by telephoning +44 (0) 1223 332249 or e-mailing For further details see the University website.

       Training Bursary: A training bursary will be available to eligible Home and EU students and the amount
        you receive will depend on the grade you received for your undergraduate degree, and the subject you are
        training in; please see the following table for a list:

                PGCE Course               Amount for a 1st         Amount for a 2.1     Amount for a 2.2
          Classics                            £9,000.00              £4,000.00                 N/A
          Early Years                         £9,000.00               £4,000.00                N/A
          English                             £9,000.00               £4,000.00                N/A
          General Primary                     £9,000.00               £4,000.00                N/A
          Geography                           £9,000.00               £4,000.00                N/A
          History                             £9,000.00               £4,000.00                N/A
          Mathematics                        £20,000.00               £15,000.00           £12,000.00
          Modern Languages                   £20,000.00               £15,000.00           £12,000.00
          Music                               £9,000.00               £4,000.00                N/A
          Science with Biology                £9,000.00               £4,000.00                N/A
          Science with Chemistry             £20,000.00               £15,000.00           £12,000.00
          Science with Physics               £20,000.00               £15,000.00           £12,000.00

        You do not need to apply for the training bursary; the University will pay this monthly directly into your
        bank account and in 9 equal monthly amounts during the course. For further details please visit the
        Teaching Agency website You will receive information
        regarding your bursary from the Faculty of Education.

       Cambridge PGCE Bursary Scheme (for Home/EU students):
        The Cambridge PGCE Bursary Scheme is available to UK and EU mature PGCE students only (i.e. those
        who were over the age of 21 when they started their first undergraduate course). Further details of the
        scheme including who is eligible and how to apply can be found on their website: online applications for the academic year 2013-14
        are likely to open in mid-September 2013.

       Access to Learning Fund: The Fund is administered by the University and provides help for Home
        students on low incomes or other vulnerable students who may need extra financial support to enable them
        to stay in higher education. Students must prove that they have taken out a full Maintenance Loan
        before they apply to the fund. As these students will have qualified for the Government Maintenance
        Grant, it is assumed that the fund will be available in very exceptional circumstances i.e. to provide
        emergency payments for unexpected financial crises and to help students who may be considering giving
        up their course because of financial hardship. The following groups of students are a priority for help from
        the fund: student parents (especially lone parents), mature students (especially those with existing financial
        commitments), students from low-income families, students with disabilities and students from care.
        Applications can be made online or via the application forms available from the Finance Office.

Financial Advice

Students are encouraged to discuss any financial problems with the College Finance Tutor. Appointments can be
made if students need advice on cash flow planning or for information and help with grants or loans. Please contact
the PGCE/MEd Administrator in the first instance.

                                                          - 12 -
                                      What You Should Do Next
Please use the following checklist to ensure the relevant forms have been completed and submitted as soon as
possible. Please remember to include your full name and your course on all correspondence, including emails. The
College will be making further information available on the website in August and you will be advised by email
once this is live; it is therefore very important that you ensure you advise the GTTR, College and Faculty of
Education of any changes to your address or email between now and when you arrive in Cambridge.

                    Please send the following documents as soon as possible by email/post/to:

                                            PGCE/MEd Administrator
                                               Homerton College
                                                 Hills Road
                                                  CB2 8PH

                           Email: Tel: +44 (0) 1223 747144

    1. Consent Forms 1 & 2

    2. Once received from your Student Loans Company, please send in a copy of your Financial Documentation
       (from the SFE/ELB) or your Award Letter (from the SAAS). From Student Finance England this should
       be the two documents titled ‘Your Student Finance Breakdown’ and ‘University or College Payment
       Advice’. Please do not send in any other documents relating to student finance.

    3. If you have not already done so, one passport sized photograph for the University Identity Card. You can
       email one to the PGCE/MEd Administrator in the form of a jpeg file with your name and USN

If applicable:

     4. Signed Financial Undertaking Form

     5. Residency Agreement

     6. Personal Information Sheet

Please do not mix up information requested by the Faculty of Education and your College, even if
information is duplicated. Failure to send documents to the correct address could delay the progress of your

Registration and Arrival

Information relating to registration and induction events will be made available in August and it is
therefore very important that you inform us of any changes of address or email between now and when
you arrive in Cambridge.


If you choose to withdraw from your course for any reason, please inform the PGCE/MEd Administrator
in writing via email as soon as possible.

                                                      - 13 -
                                               Useful Contacts
The following list of contacts is for your information. Please do not hesitate to contact the College if you have any

Graduate Tutor                    Dr Penny Barton                01223 747214
PGCE/MEd Administrator            Hayley Duignan                 01223 747144
Accommodation Coordinator         Anna Maria Ercolani Brown 01223 747123

Finance Office 01223 74712:
Senior Tutor 01223 747203:
Porters’ Lodge 01223 747111

Cambridge University Students Union:
Graduate Union:
The Tutorial Handbook contains other useful information and can be found on the Homerton College website

                                                        - 14 -
Appendix 1: Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why do I need to send in a photograph when I sent one to the Faculty as part of my application?
   The College needs a photograph so that we can arrange production of your University Card. The College
   and the Faculty of Education are two separate institutions, and it is therefore essential that you send
   requested documents to the correct place. Sometimes, you may be required to send duplicate information
   to both which will be used for different purposes.

2. My parents are paying for my tuition fees. Do I still need to apply for Student Finance?
   If you are a Home/EU Student you will need to apply for Student Finance even if you do not intend to take
   out a Loan for Tuition Fees. This is to ensure that you meet residency requirements and are eligible in
   principle for support, which means you will not be charged College Fees. You will also need copies of the
   documentation from them to get your TA Training Bursary (see below).

3. What do I put as the start date for the course when filling in my student finance application form?
   Although you will not start at the Faculty of Education until 16th September, the official start date for the
   course is Monday 9th September, as this is the date that applicants will start their home based primary
   school practice.

4. I have applied to SFE/SAAS /ELB but understand that there is a delay in sending out my Financial
   Documentation. What will happen if I don’t have this in time for registration in September?
   It is important that your Financial Documentation or Award Letter is received before you register. If not,
   you will be asked to provide a cheque for £9,000 at registration, that the College will hold for 14 days in
   the first instance, as a guarantee against receipt of your Support Notification and proof of your tuition fee
   loan. This may also delay the first instalment of your training bursary.

5. I’m due to receive the TA Training Bursary - how do I apply for this and when is it paid?
   You are not required to apply formally for your training bursary, although failure to provide copies of your
   Financial Documents/Award Letter to the Faculty of Education who administers the bursary will delay
   payment. The bursary is paid via the University in 9 monthly instalments, starting in mid-October.

6. What are the dates of term?
   Michaelmas: 9th September 2013 -13th December 2013 (compulsory week in school 9th-13th September)
   Lent: 6th January 2014 - 4th April 2014
   Easter: 22nd April 2014 - 20th June 2014

7. I’ve been asked by the Faculty of Education to use my car but I don’t know if I need a Motor
   Proctors’ Licence or Homerton Parking Permit?
   The following table will quickly show when you need to apply for a Motor Proctors’ Licence, and when
   you can apply for a Homerton Parking Permit.

                Where are you living?                Motor Proctors’ Licence      Homerton Parking Permit
    Outside of Cambridge                                        No                           Yes
    In Cambridge, but not in College rooms                      Yes                          No
    In College accommodation                                    Yes                          Yes

    There are exceptions to the above for the Homerton Parking Permit, and you can discuss your situation
    with the PGCE/MEd Administrator before you apply in August.

8. How do I apply for either a Motor Proctors’ Licence or Homerton Parking Permit?
   The application form for the College parking permit will be available on the website from August, along
   with details on how to obtain the application form for the Motor Proctors Licence. You will be sent an
   email with details of the website address once it is live

9. I will be getting married before I start the PGCE. Do I need to inform the College?
   Yes. You should advise the College, the Faculty of Education and also update your details with GTTR.
   This will allow your paperwork to be correct at the time of registration. Please also send a copy of your
    marriage certificate to the PGCE/MEd Administrator, Homerton College, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2

10. I will be travelling before the start of the PGCE course, what do I need to do?
    You will need to arrange for someone to deal with any correspondence sent to you whilst you are away; it
    is fine for your representative to return documents on your behalf. Most information from the College will
    be on the website, and you will be sent an email with links to the relevant page and forms that need to be
    completed (please ensure that the GTTR have your correct email address). If you will not be able to access
    your email, you should contact the PGCE/MEd Administrator ( as soon as
    possible to make alternative arrangements.

11. I have found private accommodation and my landlord needs a letter to show that I will be a student.
    How can I get this?
    All students who are living in private accommodation will be issued with a Council Tax Exemption
    Certificate at the start of the course, assuming that we have your term address. If your landlord needs
    something in writing before this, please contact the PGCE/MEd Administrator on to request a letter confirming your anticipated student status. You will need to
    provide the following details:

        o   What your term time address will be
        o   Who the letter should be addressed to i.e. a specific landlord/letting agency or ‘To Whom it May
            Concern’ (please note the letter will be sent directly to you)
        o   Your current postal address to send the letter to

12. How do I find out about social events & societies at the College?
    The College has a very active student union – Homerton Union of Students (HUS) which comprises two
    parts: the Junior Common Room (JCR) and the Middle Common Room (MCR). For information please
    see their websites and

13. I will be living out, can I still go to the Formal Halls?
    Regardless of where you live, all College facilities are available to its members. Formal Halls are booked
    online and full details of this procedure are available in the Tutorial Handbook.

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