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					Abyssinian Crisis

 By Audra T and Merrick S
      Why did Italy invade Abyssinia?
• In December 1934 a dispute
  broke out about the border
  between Abyssinia and the
  Italian Somaliland.
• Mussolini wanted lots of
  colonies under Italian control.
• Italy had attempted to invade
  Abyssinia before but had
• Italy invaded Abyssinia in
  October 1935.
• Mussolini wanted glory.

                                    Italian Somaliland
What roles did Britain and France play?
                                     • Britain and France weren't prepared
                                       to intervene using force.
                                     • They undermined the sanctions
                                       created by the League.
                                     • They talked tough but weren't going
                                       to back up their threats with

• The Hoare-Laval pact was a secret
  plan made by the British Foreign
  Secretary, Samuel Hoare and the
  French Prime Minister, Pierre Laval.
• It stated that Abyssinia should be
  divided with Italy receiving the
  majority of land.
         How did the League respond?
      In January 1935 the emperor of Abyssinia, Haile Selassie
                  appealed to the League for help.

The League:
 • Condemned Italy as in the
 • Banned the sale of arms to
   both sides
 • Imposed trade sanctions

The sanctions did not include basic
war materials such as coal, oil and
What was the outcome of the
     Abyssinian Crisis?
            • In October 1935, 100,000 Italian
              troops invaded Abyssinia.
            • The Abyssinians were helpless
              against the modern weapons of
              the Italians e.g. tanks and
              poisonous gases.
            • Italian troops entered Addis
              Ababa, the Abyssinian capital in
              May 1936.
            • Italy had conquered Abyssinia.
What effect did the crisis have on the
 The League had failed to resolve the dispute resulting in Italy
                    conquering Abyssinia.

 After the League failed to resolve this dispute no-one took
 the it seriously anymore.

  • Italy ignored the League which showed it to be powerless
  • Sanctions were not enforced

  The reputation of the League had been destroyed and it had
  no influence or power when dealing with strong nations e.g.
                        Italy and Japan.
     Which had the biggest effect?
 Both the Manchurian Crisis and the Abyssinian Crisis affected
   the League of Nations, mostly by destroying its reputation.
After these events people lost faith in the League and it stopped
          being an important international organisation.

I think that the Abyssinian Crisis had the biggest effect on the
 collapse of the League because the most important League
members e.g. Britain and France undermined its authority and
refused to intervene at all. When strong nations were involved
           the League was powerless and useless.

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