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					                                      SIRS ON BIKES
                                             Chairman: Jerry Butler
                                              Alternate: Karl Reseck
                      Monthly bicycling is a combined activity of Branch 35 and all
branches in Area 16. Rides are monthly on the 2nd Thursday of the month. There is no
ride in December. Attendance, including guests and wives, averages about 12 to 16
riders, but more are welcome.
The rides are planned to be 15 to 20 miles on paved bicycle trails so that almost any type
bike is usable. Some rides have optional ride distances. The pace is moderate and riding
on streets is kept to a minimum. The rides start at 11:00 AM and include a lunch break
at a restaurant.
Events are announced in each branch’s monthly newsletter and by e-mail to all interested
members. The list of rides for the year 2013 is:
January 10, 2013     Stevens Creek/Shoreline Park (Mt. View)
February 14, 2013    Coyote Creek (So. San Jose)
March 14, 2013       Coyote Hills – Alameda Creek (Fremont/Niles)
April 11 2013        Foster City Bay Trail
May 9, 2013          Brisbane Bayshore Trail
June 13, 2013        Mt. View to Alviso
July 11, 2013        Coyote Creek (So. San Jose)
August 8, 2013        Stevens Creek/Shoreline Park (Mt. View)
September 12, 2013   Los Gatos Creek
October 10, 2013     Coyote Hills – Alameda Creek (Fremont/Niles)
November 14, 2013    Foster City Bay Trail
December             (No ride)
The following are excerpts from the above ride announcements that provide a brief
description of each ride:
We will ride the Coyote Creek Trail from the Holiday Inn, just north of the highway
101/85 interchange. The ride is a flat 12 mile round trip, plus an optional 6-mile loop.
Lunch will at the Coyote Creek Golf Course.

We will ride the rolling Los Gatos Creek Trail for about 7.5 miles from Blackford School
to the town of Los Gatos for lunch. Then ride back for a total of about 15 miles.
We will ride the flat Foster City Bay Trail for about 10 miles from Marine Parkway to the
Poplar Creek Golf Club at Coyote Point for lunch. Then we ride back (approximately 20
miles round trip).

The bike ride will be on the Stevens Creek Trail for a level 12-mile round trip to
Shoreline Park with an optional 5-mile loop north to the Palo Alto Duck Pond. Lunch is
planned at Michaels Restaurant in Shoreline Park.

We will begin the ride at the Coyote Hills Regional Park and continue on the Alameda
Creek Trail where we have lunch in downtown Niles. After lunch we will ride back for a
total of about 18 flat miles, plus an optional scenic loop that adds about 1 mile.
We will ride the paved trail along the ocean shore from Poplar Beach near Half Moon
Bay to Pillar Point and then to Princeton where will have lunch. The total ride is 13
We will ride the Brisbane part of the Bay Trail near several marinas and office buildings
along the Bay Shore. We will stop at a point near the north boundary of SFO, where we
will have lunch, then return, for a total ride of 15 miles.
The ride from Mountain View to Alviso will begin at the La Avenida Trial Head and
follow the Stevens Creek Trail for 1.5 miles where we connect with the Bay Trail. We
continue the ride 3.5 miles on the levees and old service roads as we cross the waters
north of Moffett Field. We then head for Sunnyvale Baylands Park and follow the trial
through the park and to downtown Alviso for lunch. The ride is 19 miles round trip.

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