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									Ascension School - Fact Sheet                                         Extracurricular Activities: Students may participate in a
            Established in 1956                                       number of school and parish sponsored extracurricular
                                                                      activities including: Spanish Club (K-8), MathCounts (7-8),
                                                                      Instrumental Band (5-8), Choir (4-8), First LEGO League (3-8),
Grade Levels:      Kdg – Gr. 8                                        Power of the Pen (7-8), Junior Optimist International (6-8), Boy
                                                                      & Girl Scouts (K-8), Wellness Advisory Council (5-8), CYO
School Hours:      8:00-2:30                                          Sports (Soccer, Basketball, Golf, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball,
Class Size Limit: Kdg. – 24 pupils per class                          Track & Field, Football) at most grade levels. More than 75%
                  Gr. 1-8 - 26 pupils per class                       of Ascension students participate in extra-curricular activities.

                                                                      Student Residence Diversity & Family Economics:
Curriculum: Ascension offers to its students a core curriculum
                                                                          40% Beavercreek (151)       26% Dayton (97)
of religion, reading, language arts, math, science, social studies
                                                                          25% Kettering (94)          9% Other 10 Districts (35)
along with classes in physical education, music and art.
Christian values are integrated throughout the curriculum and         10.3% students are from diverse ethnic or racial backgrounds
students participate often in mass and devotional activities.         21.6% students are from families with incomes less than
Students have the opportunity at various grade levels for fine               federal low income levels
arts experiences with the Philharmonic, Dayton Ballet and
Dayton Art Institute. Students from Ascension go on to Catholic       High School Preparation: 79% of Ascension 8th Grade
and public high schools very well prepared.                           students went on in 2008 to attend area Catholic high schools.
                                                                      including Carroll High School, Archbishop Alter and
Faculty & Staff: All classroom teachers are state licensed and        Chaminade Julienne.
certified in religious education by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.
     Teachers - 19 Full-time, 3 Part-time, including Art,            Lunch: The school participates in the Federal Lunch &
      Phys Ed., Music & Technology Specialists, I part time           Breakfast Program. Nutritious meals are reasonably priced. A
      Early childhood Intervention Specialist and 1 Tutor.            grab and go Breakfast is served in the morning. Reduced price
     State & Federally Funded Auxiliary Staff – Full-time            and free meals are available for qualifying families.
      Counselor & Intervention Specialist, Part-time Speech
      Therapist & Nurse; Title I Teacher                              Facilities: The Ascension school building is sound with recent
     Administrative/Sec. - 3 Full-time                               renovations to the school floors, windows, lockers, ceilings,
                                                                      lighting, cafeteria, PA system, security, ceiling fans, computer
Student/Teacher Ratio:                                                workstations in all classrooms, media center automation and
  Avg. of 20.9 students to one classroom teacher                      play equipment all been completed in the last 8 years.

Enrollment & Performance:                                             Transportation: Bus transportation is provided in most cases to
                                *2008Terra Nova Scores                residents of the Kettering, Dayton, Beavercreek & Sugarcreek
         2008-09                  as National Percentile              school districts. Parents may transport their children by car and
 Gr.    Enrollment Capacity    Ascension Archdiocese                  some children opt to safely ride bikes or walk to school.
  K        39       48           N/A             -
  1        38       52           N/A             -                    Parents: Ascension has a very active Parent Teacher
  2        49       52           78.0         78.2                    Organization, which has been very supportive of the school.
  3        41       52           N/A             -                    Parents have many opportunities to volunteer.
  4        35       52           72.0         68.7
  5        41       52           N/A             -                    Tuition: Ascension School has comparatively reasonable
  6        40       52           80.0         74.5                    tuition rates with a variety of payment schedules. Tuition
  7        43       52           N/A            -                     accounts for 50% of the school income, while the parish
  8        52       52           84.0         81.6                    continues to support the remainder of school costs. Tuition
Total     377       464        Nat’l Percentile = 50%                 assistance is available for Ascension parish students. About
                          *combined math, reading & language scores   20% of the students receive tuition assistance of some type.

                                                                      ‘09-‘10 Parishioner Tuition: 1 child - $2,390      2 children - $4,560
Student Daily Attendance Rate: 96.4%
                                                                                                3 children - $6,480      4 children - $8,160
                                                                      Non-Parishioner/Non Catholic Tuition:              1 child - $4,780
Sacraments: Gr. 2 students have the opportunity to receive                     EdChoice Vouchers & PACE Scholarships Accepted
First Communion and First Reconciliation. Students have the                             International (I9) Students accepted
opportunity at Gr. 8 to receive Confirmation.
                                                                      Registration & Enrollment:
Special Needs: The school has a Speech Therapist and an                  All children of Ascension Parish Families by March 15.
Intervention Specialist Teacher on staff. Attempts are made to           Children of non-parishioners and non-Catholic families
accommodate the needs of physically or learning disabled                  from March 15 - April 15.
students. The facility is accessible. Currently Ascension serves         Children of Catholic families who transfer from another
students with Autism, Hearing impairments, Specific Learning              area Catholic school with the intention of transferring
Disabilities, Speech & Language needs and Other Health                    parish membership. April 15 - May 15.
Impairments for a total of 26 students being served or 7.4% of
the school population.                                                For more information:                             Brent Devitt, Principal
                                                                                                                            Ascension School
Behavior: Students are taught life skills for school and home                                                              2001 Woodman Dr.
that are based on respect, responsibility and reverence.                                                                  Kettering, OH 45420
Teachers are trained in the “Well Managed Classroom” model.                                       Principal E-mail:
                                                                                               Phone: 937-254-5411         FAX: 937-254-1150
Over 100 parents have participated in the complimentary
                                                                                               Web site:
“Common Sense Parenting” program.                                     3/3/09

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