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Staten Island’s shore neighborhoods were some of the most severely impacted in the region by
Hurricane Sandy. The entire 7 by 14 mile-Island, home to nearly 500,000 residents, suffered a
multitude of serious challenges that followed the storm. Local service organizations have been on the
front line responding to those devastated by the storm, despite the fact that many of these same
organizations and their staff members are also storm victims. We are grateful for the outpouring of
support in many forms from organizations and individuals from across the city and the nation to assist
in our community’s recovery. We are also grateful to our colleagues in philanthropy for their interest
in learning more about Staten Island’s immediate needs, and how their resources might be used to
build local capacity in the long term.

For over 15 years, The Staten Island Foundation has been working to improve the quality of life on
Staten Island. We have developed deep ties, knowledge and real relationships across Staten Island.
We partner with the local community, nonprofit, public and private sectors to help ensure this vibrant,
diverse community – especially the least advantaged – has access to the resources necessary to
maximize its potential. With a results orientation, we view our grants as investments in change – the
measure of changed lives for a better community.

In response to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, we have created a special fund, THE STATEN
Island Foundation will match the first $500,000 from other philanthropic sources to this fund. We
invite funders to join us in this work by contributing to the SIFNP Recovery Fund.

Donate now: Private foundations and out of state individual or corporate donors may donate to the
Fund via fiscal sponsor Philanthropy New York, 79 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003-3076 (please
make checks payable to “Philanthropy New York for SIFNP Recovery Fund”). Public foundations and
local individual or corporate donors (within NYS) may contribute directly to The Staten Island
Foundation for the SIFNP Recovery Fund, 260 Christopher Lane, Suite 3B
 Staten Island, NY 10314
(please make checks payable to “The Staten Island Foundation”).

Grants will be awarded, with the approval of the Foundation’s board of directors, to nonprofits serving
Staten Island in order to both address immediate relief needs, and to help build the long-term
recovery, collaborative capacity and resilience of Staten Island nonprofits.

Examples of immediate relief assistance we may provide include:
      Unreimbursed repairs to nonprofit facilities and grounds
      Supplemental funding for documented decreased fundraising/cost of business interruption

Going forward, the Foundation will focus on longer-term recovery, capacity and resilience assistance.
Examples of assistance we may provide include:
    •   Providing direct and immediate support for the longer term post-disaster needs of nonprofit
        organizations serving Staten Island and its residents
    •   Fostering cross-sector engagement for community-wide impact
    •   Innovative ideas for service provision and collaboration
    •   Efforts to Improve Disaster Preparedness

Application Process: An applicant must be a nonprofit organization providing services to Staten Island with
501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Applicants will be asked to state anticipated outcomes of SIFNP Recovery Fund
support in specific, measurable terms. Potential applicants will submit a letter of intent that addresses one or
more of the SIFNP Recovery Funds needs categories. Upon review of the letters of intent, eligible applicants
will be sent a link to apply online.

There are no deadlines for the SIFNP Recovery Fund applications. The Foundation’s Board will meet on a
regular basis to consider requests and decide upon grants to be awarded. A Final Report will be required a
year after grants have been awarded. Final Reports will include a Financial Report that describes how funds
were spent and a report on the actual outcomes that resulted from grant funding.

How to Get Involved: Foundations and other potential donors who wish to learn more about the SIFNP
Recovery Fund and discuss their potential involvement, may contact Betsy Dubovsky, Executive Director of
The Staten Island Foundation at or call (718) 697-2831.

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