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					                                                                                                                                                                                               * * * Savannah Morning News, Thursday, June 10, 1993 - 3B

Researcher Tapes What's Happening                                                                                                GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPY FOR]
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Plants. Trees, Service
                                                            culture, she said.
Orange County Register
                                                                "It's a very amoebic thing because it's constantly
    Teens in fake leopard-fur coats, beehive hairdos and changing and all evolving. I think that's why no one has
                                                                                                                                Cynthia j, Turaet, Ph.D.      Licensed Psychologist
                                                                                                                                                                                      I  W^%^B^$*;p^WW^   iP^P^^F
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   A Landsci

pointy glasses from the '50s stream across the parking tried this before," she said.
lot to a B-52's concert                                         Yet pop culture is important.
                                                                "It's how individuals in a society are reacting, what
    A few stop to explain their fashions to a video cam-
era, which pans them up and down, dizzily zooming in they're doing, what they're saying, thinking, feeling,
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sov» lip to 50% Off Regular Prices an
on details.
    Somewhere in a conference room in corporate Amer-
                                                            what are their attitudes.
                                                                "And that's what we are as a society."                                                                                              MEN'S, WOMEN'S, & CHILDREN'S
ica, attentive businessmen and women watch this scene           So last June, Chauvel hung up her corporate hat,
unfold on a video screen. Some look amazed. Some ask grabbed a microphone and hired a film crew. One of the
to see the video again.                                     first events she shot was a concert by Lollapalooza.                            Reebok
    Dressed in suits and pumps, it's not like they would        Many of her locations revolve around teens and the
turn out for this concert - or could relate to it.
    Enter Suzi Chauvel.
                                                            20-something generation. That's where pop culture
                                                            seems to thrive, she said.
                                                                She picks her spots based on feelings and experience.
    Packing a video camera and a sixth sense for what's
about to be hot, the Laguna Beach, Calif., resident trav-       "You're not going to cover a polka festival in Ohio ...
els the world taping rock concerts. The Seattle grunge yet you might/' she said. "There are literally thousands
scene. Bars in Japan. The parade of costumes in Holly- of things going on all the time, and you have to say to
wood on Halloween.                                          yourself, is this important? That's my job - to be the
    Chauvel seeks popular culture. Then she tapes it, eyes and ears. If I pick wrong, or if I'm not on the pulse,
slices and dices it, characterizes it with saucy words my product isn't as good."
                                                                A former colleague recalls how they saw the play
such as "raiding mom's closet," "boo-foo hair" and
"hot/-short/-sexy," and sells it as a video subscription "Les Miserables" together in London. Six months later,
 ($2,800 a year) to clients that include Nike .Inc., Mattel Chauvel had designed its theme of revolution into Ocean
and PepsiCo. Her company, Pop Eye Chauvel, is about Pacific clothing.
                                                                "She has the gift of the eye that is very rare in our
a year old and, according to her, unique.
    In turn, her 100 clients analyze the videos, seeking business," said Glenn Rutherford, president of Logan
clues to the next big trend and how they can make a James Ltd. in San Juan Capistrano, who has known
product that will be a part of it.                           Chauvel since the '70s and worked with her at Op.
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    "She serves a purpose of being a fly on the wftll,"          The videos, 60-90 minutes long, have a documentary
said Lisa Bhathai, spokeswoman for Raj Manufacturing feel. Chauvel narrates each segment but lets those inter-                                   OFF
in Tustin, Calif., a bathingsuit maker that plans to make viewed discuss what they're wearing or why they're
its 1994 lines in darker colors based on what young wom- hanging out where they are. She captures their atti-
en in Chauvel's videos are wearing.                          tudes.
                                                                 Clubs, concerts and other venues allow her camera,
                                                                                                                                                  Reg. Prices                                   Phillips Shoes
    Catching up with Chauvel, whose funky-spunky look
belies her 42 years, is almost as tough as explaining she said, because she's not passing judgment. Only once                            Sale includes current and                                 Chatham Plaza Shopping Ctr • 7805 Abercom St. Exl • Daily 9 30 9. Sunday 12:30-5.00
what she does for a living. She's always on the road. did someone say no - at a concert in Orange County,                                 season closeout styles.                                                                       356 9400
Shooting, of course.                                         Calif.                                                                                                                                                The Mall at Shelter Cove, Hilton Head Island. S C.
                                                                .Once, a man in a Seattle club pulled a knife on                                                                                                                    1-803 842-3322
    Home for three days. Off to Japan. Back a few days.
Up and down the coast for 10.                                Chauvel.
    "My best office would be a desk right in the middle of       "He was pretty soused," she said: While she was
the street, where I could just watch," she said with a shooting coffee bars in Los Angeles, her crew was ha-                                                          1 0                                                       ()      N         L
laugh.                                                       rassed by what appeared to be gang members until she
    Always a fan of photography and an art major in col- explained what Pop Eye Chauvel was doing.
lege, Chauvel has worked as a textile designer, mer-             "I just talked to them like, 'Oh. we're doing this,"'
chandising and design director, and most recently as she said, affecting an upbeat, with-it manner. "And at
creative director in charge of image and product for the end, these guys were like, 'Can you take our pic-
surfwear maker Ocean Pacific                                 tures?'"
    Talking with other product developers, she realized a        Part of Pop Eye Chauvel's appeal is its MTV-like
chasm existed between product developer and consum- style, directed to an increasingly MTV-oriented audi-
er.                                                          ence of product people. For them, the videos are the
    "Everyone I talked to was frustrated because they equivalent of a marketing report.
were inside their offices, in meetings, in factories, ev-        "There's photographs in a magazine, there's written
erywhere but experiencing the popular culture. Yet it words. That's been our limitation for a long time," she
was their job to know what was going on."                    said. "This is taking it to the next step."

Meet Music's Latest 'Old Farts': They're OK
A Review
                                           They rate as reluctant grandparents of the alterna-                                     O
                                           tive sensibility, role models who couldn't possibly
New York Daily News

    PAUL       WESTERBERG            "14   foresee how their attitude would be bastardized for                                     >*
Songs" (Warner Brothers)                   every shopping mall under the guise of grunge.
    X "Hey Zeus" (Big Life)
    Meet music's latest old farts.                                                                                                               THl- KNC.l.ISH W I N t T A B l . L
With careers that snake back to the        way to reassert himself as untam-        turns him on. Westerberg also exer-                          Classic scallop-edged tabletop                                                              SKKPKNIINI- WINK IAHI.I
early '80s, Paul Westerberg (former        able.                                    cises his witty wordplay and camp                            with handsome mahogany                                                                     G e n u i n e green marble tops
frontman of the ultimate '80s col-                                                  puns. It's a style so vital it hardly                                                                                                                              t h i s occasional table
                                               For a thirtysomething like Wes-                                                                   f i n i s h and gold-tooled
lege-rock band, The Replacements)                                                   needs the dismissive asides he in-
                                           terberg. this seems overdefensive.       dulges.                                                      leatherette inset in Burgundy or H u n t e r                                                   with a mahogany f i n i s h .
and X (pioneers of L.A.'s under-
ground) are alternative rock's eider       Contrariness may have been a hall-                                                                    t/reen. 20'//h; 1.-5" diameter top                                                         20 V » " h ; 12 V j " d i a m e t e r top
                                           mark of his youth (perfectly comple-         All Westerberg needs is to finally
statesmen.                                                                          admit that he's a grownup. Wres-                             Reg. S.-iS                                                                                                               Reg. S4.S
    They rate as reluctant grandpar-       menting The Replacements' willful
                                           brattiness). But now it reads as a       tling with that truth will award him
ents of the alternative sensibility,
role models who couldn't possibly
                                           self-serving way to reclaim turf, an     far more fruitful observations than                                                       REMEMBER FATHER'S DAY, JUNE 20.
                                           assertion of the outsider sensibility    clinging to an outmoded notion of the
foresee how their attitude would be                                                                                                                                     Ask tor our tree catalogue. We accept MasterCard, Visa and American f-xprc-ss.
                                           as a way to maintain exclusivity.        cutting edge.
bastardized for every shopping mall
under the guise of grunge.                    His outcast act is even more off-     X learned that lesson long ago.
                                                                                                                                                       Oglethorpe Mall Near Belk (912)352-3140 • Also in Hilton Head: The Mall at Shelter Cove i H ( H i 7H5>>656
    Faced with this irony, both acts       base, considering how much of Wes-   Instead of defining themselves as
                                                                                                                                                                    To order toll free 24 hours a day, call 1-800-829-7789 or FAX your order to 1-817-447-82^1.
now unleash records that present           terberg's new music slicks things    punky adolescent rebels, X's mem-
contrasting ways to cope with their        up. Like his work on last year's     bers adopted the ageless role of bo-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  *•'     i
newly commercialized world. To             "Singles" soundtrack, he greatly     hemians. As the new album under-
make matters more dramatic, Wes-
terberg is releasing his first official
solo record, while X has reunited for      values. Long-time fans of The Re-
                                                                                scores, the band doesn't define itself
                                           clarifies his melodies and riffs, tak-
                                           ing advantage of pricier production  in reaction to anything; it operates
                                                                                by its own rules, expressed in never-
                                                                                                                                                           The Bombay Company, (!K
its first studio album in six years.       placements1 messiness may take of-   literal lyrics and always unique mu-
    More problematic is the route          fense, but the cleaner approach flat-sic. Lead writers John Doe and
taken by Westerberg. Throughout            ters him, giving his music some-     Exene have the vision of poets
the album he struggles with the idea       thing it could very much use: Since  (whether musing on Hollywood faith
of being an acceptable pop icon -          Westerberg has been writing the      healers, the L.A. riots or universal
all while creating the most conven-
tional, and often most pleasing, mu-
sic of his career. In the very catchy
"Knockin1 on Mine," a Vancouver
school teacher asks him to pen some
                                           same two melodies for the last 10
                                           years, at least now you can hear
                                           them. On that level, the album ranks
                                           as his most digestible to date.
                                                                                discomfort). And their music rein-
                                                                                vents pop, encasing folk-rock in met-
                                                                                al guitars. Most distinctive is the
                                                                                way Doe and Exene harmonize,
                                                                                veering away from minor keys at
                                                                                                                                     Get A Date Or Find A Mate
words of wisdom for her class,                 Better yet, on some tracks Wes- the last minute to create something
which so annoys him he shoots back         terberg takes pains to sing in a new strangely pretty.
a deliberately dumb response. Then,        way (like his deep, Bono-style voice
                                                                                   By keeping the pace of their ma-
in "World Class Fad," he sneeringly        on "Runaway Wind"). And his lyrics
                                           can be uncommonly stinging. In terial brisk and featuring Exene's
                                                                                                                                         All you have to do is look in People Meeting People,
slams pop success, while in the clas-
                                           "Things," he reveals he'll eventual- most fluid vocals to date, X's come-
sic-rock sound-alike, "Silver Naked
                                           ly leave his lover the moment he ex- back proves a worthy successor to
                                                                                                                                         Savannah's Premiere Talking Personals, in the
Ladies," he sends up the cliched
                                           presses the most passion for her, the band's best. Better yet, it dis-
rock-star horniness of the Faces or
Stones.                                    while in "Mannequin Shop,'1 he puts plays a fully confident, alternative                      Savannah News-Press. It appears every Monday,
    Musically, he intentionally blurs      down a woman for her plastic sur- sensibility - one no amount of pop
the production of some tracks as a         gery while admitting the taut look acceptance can diminish.                                   Wednesday and Friday in the classifieds.
                                                                                                                                         We've heard scores of success stories from
                                           blows my mind."                              ' } initially read it," he said, "and
Cortese                                        These days, Cortese, engaged to
                                           his college girlfriend, rubs shoulders
                                                                                    I didn't know if I wanted to do it.
                                                                                    'Cause it'stough. I mean, you got so
                                                                                                                                         people just like you.
                                           with the famous athletes and celeb-      many different people throwin' so
Continued From Page 1B                     rities who drop in on "MTV Sports"       many different things your way. and
                                           and studies acting. Other than a few     everybody's telling you it's the best
                                           school plays, his previous experi-       thing for you. The reluctance was
prime-time remake of the classic           ence is quite limited.                   just, you know, I didn't want to pick
"Route 66" TV series.                                                               this one and then have another one I
   Not bad for a kid who graduated             "I was on a real, real cheesy col-   turned down go platinum."
from the University of North Caroli-       lege soap opera called 'General Col-          Although "Route 66" may be the                  It's DISCREET, DIRECT and DISTINCTIVE!
na three years ago and immediately         lege,"' he said. The Pennsylvania        highest point in his young career,
drove to Los Angeles in a beat-up          native played an upstart freshman        Cortese does not regard the role as a
                                           soccer goalie who fell off the eighth-
Toyota Corolla hatchback with a few
bucks in his pocket.                       floor balcony of his dormitory and
                                                                                    make-or-break opportunity He's un-
                                                                                    der contract to MTV and Burger
                                                                                                                                          Call to place your free ad.
    "If you would have told me when        was paralyzed from the waist down,       King for another year, so this is just
the first 'MTV Sports1 show aired          resulting in the loss of his scholar-    another chance to show off
that in a year the show would be that      ship. "But hi the meanwhile, I still          "I really think MTV is a great ve-
successful, and I'd be leading a $150      had enough energy to have sex with       hicle for me to showcase the talents
million ad campaign and starring in        my nurse in my wheelchair," he           that I have because the whole show's
an hourlong weekly television show         said, laughing.                          ad-lib," Cortese said. "I can do any-
for NBC, rd have said            no."           Signing on to do "Route 66" was a   thing I want to do I view this as a
Cortese said on the set of "Route           difficult choice, given that ABC, CBS    great showcase for me but in a dif-
66," running his fingers through his        and Fox had all offered to develop       ferent sense, as far as acting No-
shock of kmg, dark hair                     series for him, built around his sar-    body has ever seen me act before I                          Sfff WHAT'S IN FT fOR YOU!
    "That was something, to be quite        castic MTV persona. Cortese loved        want to pull it off and convince some
honest, that I'd envisioned for my-         executive producer Hartey Peyton's       people that, hey. this guy isn't just                233-3686 or 233-3671
self and hoped for myself," he said         script for the show, laughing out        some punk off the street who sets out
"But to get to that point in such a         loud when he read it, but he still       with his MTV camera crew and has
short amount of time - it kind of           wasn't sure.                             fun."

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