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									 Knights of Columbus Council 6419
          P. O. Box 22927                                                                                             Knights of Columbus 6419                                                                   Volume 23, Issue 9
 Hot Springs, Arkansas 71903-2292
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 September 2011

             Officers & Directors 2010-11
Grand Knight……………...Dennis Bosch
Financial Secretary……….Joseph Dierks
Deputy Grand Knight…….Newton White
Chancellor…………………Dennis Wood
                                                                            NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION
                                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                             Hot Springs N.P., AR 71901
                                                                                   PERMIT NO. 6
                                                                                                                                                 Knight Shift
Advocate…………………...John Ledbetter
                                                                                                                                                            Hot Springs Council 6419
Recorder…………………...Charles Cook                                                                                                                          Hot Springs, Arkansas 71903-2292
Treasurer…………………..Zack Nehus                                                                                                                                    www.hotspringsknights.org
Warden……………………..Hans Purkott
Lecturer…………………….James Reiter                                          Return Service Requested                                     Hans Slam-Dunks a Winner Once Again                                             Grand Knight’s Report
Inside Guard………………..Tom Gilleran
Outside Guard……………...Bill Thompson
                                                                                                                                    With sports metaphors out of control, we re-                          It‟s not a lock box if it‟s not locked! I was
                                                                                                                                port that the Hans (Purkott) has served up three                       at Reiter Hall this past week to leave some
TRUSTEES                                                                                                                        consecutive aces with the third annual council                         items for the Knights of Columbus District
 Three-Year………………..Rick Sands                                                                                                   golf tournament for the benefit of St. John‟s                          Meeting held August 20. I had to use the keys
 Two-Year………………….Randy Schnoebelen
 One-Year…………………..Bob Kness
                                                                                                                                School (80%) and Council 6419 (20%). That is                           in the lock box since I had left mine at home.
                                                                                                          to say, with the help of his power team of volunteers, he hit another       Much to my shocked surprise, the 4-digit access code was still
APPOINTED                                                                                                 home run in spite of the fact that the net proceeds fell about $1200        visible on the key pad. I am not sure who had used the keys
 Membership Chairman……...Conrad Stein                                                                     from last year. The prize money on the other hand was far more              last; but when using them, be certain that you reset the combi-
 Retention Chairman…...…….Joe Kanopsic
 Program Director…...………..John Andrews
                                                                                                          than last year—approximately $7000. Add that to the great time              nation to all zeroes.
 Family Director…..………… .Mark Layton                                                                      that everyone had and you have a knock-out punch.                               Then, the day before the District Meeting, I returned to
 Church Director………..…….Todd Shiver                                                                           Altogether, there were 24 teams (95 players) and 16 volunteer           Giompoletti Hall and discovered that one of the two air condi-
 Youth Director……………… Paul Ruckstuhl                                                                      contributors, who helped with a variety of tasks, including Joe             tioning units had been left on following the Fourth Degree
 Council Director………….….Doug Shackleford
 Pro-Life Director….…….. ….Doug Hall
                                                                                                          Giompoletti’s fabulous breakfast and lunch. Breakfast offered pan-          meeting the night before. All of us must be careful that lights
 Outreach Chairman………....Jim Reiter                                                                       cakes with sausage, and lunch served up barbecue beef and pork as           and air-conditioning are turned off when we leave the building.
 Publicity……………………..Doug Shackleford                                                                      well as ribs. Thanks to all of the players and the volunteers for their     Our largest utility cost is electricity.
 Grounds Care……………….Lennie Didier                                                                         support of this fund-raiser for St. John‟s School. The council also             Fourteen down and ten to go! No! I am not summarizing a
 Bldg. Rentals………………..Richard Smith
 Bar Manager………………...Richard Smith
                                                                                                          expresses its gratitude to those Hot Springs Village knights who            football game but counting the months until my 24-month term
                                                                                                          joined in with us to support St. John‟s School. They shared equally         as Grand Knight is finished. The Grand Knight‟s job requires
                                                                                                          in this undertaking. And a huge thank-you goes to the many who              far more time than I had realized when I accepted this position.
                                                                                                          joined in as sponsors to the tune of $700 (Diamond Sponsors), $300          I was clueless about how much time is demanded.
                                                     Pray for the Peace of Jeru-                          (Gold Sponsors), or $100 (Silver Sponsors), contributions that often            August is a slow month but not without activities. Our Dis-
                                                     salem: May they prosper                              were in the form of gift packages rather than cash. Without their           trict 10 deputy, Ed Miller, held a meeting at our hall on Satur-
                                                                                                          support, the efforts could not have succeeded. Please note who              day, August 20. Twenty-one members of the four councils
                                                     who love you.                                        these sponsors are and give them your frequent patronage. See               making up our district attended. Mena, Benton, Hot Springs
                                                               Psalm 122:6                                insert page.                                                                Village, and our council comprise District 10. Zack Nehus,
                                                                                                              In spite of the reduced proceeds from last year, we are still able      Hans Purkott, and I attended as well as providing sandwiches
                            Office: 501-915-0313                                                          to contribute $5300 for the school and, with dinner profits added in,       for lunch. Missing from our council were Joe Dierks (playing
                             Cell: 501-204-9486
                E-mail: randy.schnoebelen@kofc.org
                                                                                                          about $2800 for the council. Not bad for a morning‟s fun. From the          in the council-sponsored golf tourney), Newton White (in Ma-
                                                                                                          $7000 prize money, all 24 teams received prizes. In addition, each          drid for the Catholic World Youth Day) and Program Director
           Randy Schnoebelen                                                                              golfer received a $50 gift certificate to redeem with 100thingsto-          John Andrews. The major item discussed was the 2012 state
             FIELD AGENT                                                                                  buy.com. With the best score from a participating priest, Father            awards. Our council goal is to do a better job of documenting
AR Insurance Lic #299098   P. O. Box 8790
KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Hot Springs, AR 71910                                                                 Bill Elser, pastor of Sacred Heart Church, won a $45 gift certificate       our numerous activities so that we can present a better account-
                                                                                                          from Outback Steakhouse. The ladies on Stephanie Nehus’ team,               ing of our activities at the state awards next April. A meeting
                                                                                                                                              with the best ladies‟ score, all will   to start our data collection was held late in August. More on
                                                                                                           Knight Shift is published monthly be treated to massages at Quapaw         that subject next month and all through our council year. State
                                                                                                               by Knights of Columbus         Bath House. The team of Brian           awards applications are submitted in late April so you will hear
                                                                                                              Hot Springs Council 6419        Gehrki, with an unbelievable score      more on this every month.
                                                                                                                Editor, Jim Lockwood
                                                                                                                                              of 56, took the first place prize. In       Our third annual golf outing for St. John‟s School was held
                                                                                                          addition, the Gehrki team took the $100 prize in the skin game.             Saturday, August 27 at DeGray Lake Golf Course. (See Chair-
                                                                                                          With a score of 62, the Dan Murphy team—all from the Village—               man Hans Purkott’s article in opposite column.)
                                                                                                          came in second. (I hope they feel somewhat better following the                 September will likely be an even slower council month than
                                                                                                          shellacking that the Villagers took from the Hot Springs knights in         August. The Labor Day flag raising at Calvary Cemetery will
                                                                                                          the Knights‟ Cup Tourney earlier in the summer.)                            be at 7 a.m. September 5.
                                                                                                              Again, my grateful thanks to all who supported our efforts in one           The last item for September is the handling of the Our Lady
                                                                                                          way or another. I would like to have suggestions for improving this         of Guadalupe image that will pass through Hot Springs. The
                                                                                                          annual event, including your opinion of the DeGray State Park golf          original plan was for our participation to be in October, a very
                                                                                                          course./Hans Purkott, Chairman                                              busy month for our council. The pilgrimage of the image
                                                                                                                                                                                      through District 10 begins in early September, but we will be
                                                                                                                                                                                      the last council to receive our copy of the painting. Most coun-
                                                                                                                                                                                      cils arrange a ceremony at each parish, which is our plan.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ….continued, p. 2
Grand Knight’s Report, continued                                             Fr. West to Begin Monthly Knight Shift Column                                                                                 Sponsors
Tony Torres will chair this event.                                     Father James West, pastor of St. John‟s Church, has agreed to                                         Joe & Sandra Cenac                                          Paul & Evelyn Enderlin
   The council meeting this month will be September 8, and          provide for us a monthly article, beginning in October. We are           Rick & Pam Dwyer                Carol Ecklund                 Joe & Debbie Van Hout         Tony & Diane Pollock      Harold Hager
the Fourth Degree meeting the following Thursday, Septem-           fortunate to have his contributions to our newsletter and, in ad-
ber 15. In my absence Deputy Grand Knight Newton White              vance, express our gratitude for his sharing articles on or related to   Scott & Sessie Hrdlicka         Audrey McDonald               Merlin & Vida Ratzlaff        Bob & Ethel Kness         Marge Knoth
will lead the council meeting. Chris and I will be in Europe        our faith. In the meantime…..                                            Dennis & Chris Bosch            George & Sue Marshall         Bill & Pam MacSorley          John & Denise Steinhaus Wanda Eckhart
from September 5 till October 5. Later in the month we will
meet the Lockwoods and the Dierks in Florence followed by                  “The World Needs the Church”—from the closing pages Zack & Stephanie Nehus                         Wally & Lucy Marroy           Joe & Agnes Petruk           Hugh & Pat Truesdale       Ray & Rose Kukuk
a second week in Rome, where we are arranging to attend a           of Matthew Kelly‟s book Rediscovering Catholicism, pp. 309-310 Mike & Mary Schnaufer, Sr.                 Bob & Sandy Kortenber         Mark & Stephanie Layton      Dick & Jackie Smith        Beverly Priest
Papal Mass and audience./Dennis Bosch, Grand Knight                      “…..it seems the only acceptable prejudice in this hyper- Frank & Sarah Maxwell                      John & Millie Connell         Gil & Karen Gibbons          Jack & Carol Andrews       Isabelle Peregrin
                                                                    sensitive, politically correct, modern climate, is to be anti-
                       October Rummage Sale Update                  Catholic. This prejudice is growing and growing, as it is subtly Joe & Mildred Giompoletti                Julian & Kay Post             Charles & Carole Cook        Stan & Gwen DeGruccio Val Poe
                  With the charity rummage sale looming just        nurtured by the arts and the media, and furthered by the way pre- Newton & Linda White*                   Don & Rose Pullen             Paul & Lee Myers             Dennis & Sue Wood          Leonard Buchholz
               six weeks off, our donation collections continue     vailing philosophies undermine Catholicism.
               at a fairly steady pace. At this point, we espe-         In the midst of the obviously anti-Catholic environment that Bill & Dawn Thompson                     Earl & DeDe Robbins           Don and Elizabeth Sass       Joe & Betty Harrison
               cially need glassware, including sets of             our culture has created, it is easy to overlook some fundamental Bill & Marilyn Wavering                  David & Darla Myers           Lou & Vi Kosarek             Ed & Lorraine McManus
dishes, flatware, costume jewelry, linens and bedding, and          and practical realities. The world needs the Church today more
tools/garage items. All other usual items are encouraged.           than ever before. In a modern schema where people are becoming Randy & Marty Schnoebelen                  Larry & Sandy Stamps          Larry & Diane Nieman         Tom & Barbara Gilleran
    Presently we have some interesting specialty items which        more self-absorbed and completely fixated on the fulfillment of Jim & Frankie DeGeorge                    Rick & Pam Dwyer              Joe & Jayne Dierks           Joe & Peggy Palmere
are open to purchase now. We have two nice hospital-type            their own selfish desires, the Church is only going to be needed
beds (motorized) with mattresses, a large Craftsman metal           more and more.                                                         Mike & Nancy Schnaufer, Jr.        Hans & Ilse Purkott           Vali Talbot Barron           Jim & Martha Lockwood
lathe with cutting tools, and 160-plus beautiful collector plates       The Catholic Church feeds more people, clothes more people,
from such artists as Norman Rockwell, Bessie Gutmann, Edna          houses more people, and educates more people than any other or-                                                                                                                     From Our Insurance Agent
                    Hibel, and Donald Zolan. Many of these          ganization in the world. And when the modern media and the September Birthdays                                     Pray for our Sick
                                                                                                                                                                       Please pray for the following council mem-                                         “Not Another Salesman!
                    sell on eBay for handsome prices. Often         secular culture have finished tearing down the Church as best they                                                                                                                   WAIT, He‟s One of Us”
                    the plates are in series such as a “Mother      can, let me ask you, who then will take our place? Who will feed        2 Charles Antonini         bers, wives/relatives, and council friends who              September os Life Insurance Awareness Month. To
                    Goose” series and a “Gone with the Wind”        the hungry? Who will clothe the naked? Who will visit the lonely        3 Martin Derbonne          struggle with health problems: Msgr. Gaston help educate consumers about the need for and value
                    series. We will sell at a great bargain. Pic-   and imprisoned? Who will house the homeless? Who will com-                                         Hebert, Stephen Stoddard, Valerie Poe, Fr. of adequate life insurance protection, the Life Insur-
                    tured here is a “Little Boy Blue” plate that    fort the sick and dying? Who will educate the masses?                   3 Raymond Mace             John Burkus. Fr. Mark Wood (son of Dennis ance Market Research Association (LIMRA) has pub-
goes with plates for “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “Little            The world needs the Church…...The Church may be massively           5 Louis Turala             and Sue Wood), Fr. Bill Thomas, Barbara lished the following five facts. These statistics are
Jack Horner,” and “A Tisket, a Tasket.” To see any of these         unappreciated and woefully persecuted, but we must press on all                                    Gilleran, Dorothy Rowley, Bob Fiedler, Dea- certainly worth considering.
items, call Jim at 501-525-7022.                                    the same. After all, that is always the way it has been. Jesus did-     9 Jack Andrews
                                                                                                                                                                       con Dave Briselden, Rose Mary Pultz, Ruth                   Fact 1: Nearly 75 percent of North Americans
                                                                    n‟t promise an easy way. He promised that we would be ridiculed, 12 George Sanders                                                                         agree that life insurance is the best way to protect
                 Footnotes—Fourth Degree                            persecuted, and unappreciated as he himself was, but that we                                       Heithaus (Kansas. Husband Kenn a former
          The Fourth Degree Assembly met at Giompoletti             would nonetheless experience joy and fullness of life.                 14 Jack Connell             council member), Rick Sands, Morgan against premature death of the primary wage earner.
                                                                                                                                                                       Anderson (Raymond Mace’s niece), Conrad                     Fact 2: Twenty-four million households have no
       Hall on August 18 for its monthly meeting.           Joe         We should try not to forget that when Jesus was on the cross,                                                                                          life insurance protection at all. Almost one-third of
       Giompoletti, in giving a preview of the Fourth Degree        he didn‟t turn to the man next to him and say, „You did the crime, 14 Mike Schnaufer, Jr. Stein,               Pam Dwyer, Frankie DeGeorge,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               adults have no life insurance protection.
       Christmas Dinner, served tender prime rib dinners with       now pay the price.‟ No, he offered him a better life. That is the                                  Jolene Sharkey, Jim Maguire, Ed McManus,                    Fact 3: Forty-four percent of all households ei-
       salad, garlic toast, and blackberry cobbler. Delicious!      responsibility that now falls to our shoulders as followers of Jesus. 15 Wally Marroy              Earl and DeDe Robbins, George and Sue ther don‟t own life insurance and believe they should,
   Joe proved his culinary expertise once again on Saturday,        The mission of the Church is to offer people a better life.          ` 20 Reid Hilton              Marshall, Mary Ellen Kagel, Laura Mazzia,               or own life insurance and believe they need more.
August 28, with a fine breakfast and lunch for the golfers and          The key word is „offer‟. The Church doesn‟t force people to do                                 Karen Gibbons (surgery soon), and Rose- Among those who already own some life insurance, 40
volunteer helpers at the third annual Council Golf Tourney.         things. The Church is a lover who comes to propose to the be- 20 Julian Post                       mary Pultz.                                             percent believe they don‟t have enough.
The entire event was a great success. Congratulations to all        loved. The Church proposes to you a certain course of action for 23 David Evans                                                                                Fact 4: One-Fourth of primary wage earners feel
involved, especially to Chairman Hans and to Chef Joe.              certain situations. The church proposed to you and me a certain                                                                                            that they do not have a plan in place to provide a de-
   Our bi-monthly social meeting will be September 15. For-         way of life. And each of us, like the beloved who is proposed to, 27 Rick Dwyer                                                                            cent standard of living for their family if they died
mer Faithful Navigator Bill Wavering will host this event.          must accept the proposal or turn down the proposal. But, whatever 29 Jerry Hawley                                September Calendar
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               tomorrow. Twelve percent of families would immedi-
The restaurant will be announced later./Don Sass, F.N.              our decision, we must live with that decision forever.”                                                 5 Labor Day Flag Raising,                          ately have trouble meeting everyday living expenses
                                                                                                                                           30 Mark Palmer                        Calvary Cemetery, 7 a.m.                      and another 15 percent would have difficulty keeping
  Conrad Stein Now at Lake Hamilton Health and Rehab                                      Hot Springs Knights Well Represented                                                                                                 up after several months.
    Following his extended hospitalization at St. Joseph‟s                        at “A Taste of Faith” Fund-Raiser for Seminarians                                         8 Officers Meeting, Giompoletti Hall,
                                                                                                                                                                                  6:00 p.m.                                        Fact 5: People would like to discuss life insurance
Mercy Center, Brother Conrad Stein is now undergoing reha-                            Sixteen knights from Council 6419, most with                                                                                             with a qualified professional agent. They believe
bilitation at the new Lake Hamilton Health and Rehab, located                     their wives, enjoyed a beautifully served dinner ear-    Seven Sponsor Spaces
                                                                                                                                                 Available                 8 Council Meeting, Giompoletti Hall,                that buying life insurance is an important and complex
at 121 Pittman Road just off Airport Road (Hwy. 70West).                          lier this month at Embassy Suites in Little Rock. Ap-                                           7:30 p.m.                                    financial decision. Half find it difficult to decide how
It‟s directly across from Airport Road Small Engine. Conrad         proximately 350 guests from around the state were present for this       Help offset the cost
                                                                                                                                          of printing Knight Shift        15 Fourth Degree Social Meeting,                     much to buy, and 43 percent worry about making the
enjoys visitors but points out that his busy schedule with ther-    fund-raiser to help support our present 33 seminarians, 30 of them                                                                                         wrong decision.
apy makes evenings and weekends the best times for visits.          present at the dinner and three of them delivering powerful by purchasing a $10 (a                           6:30. Place to be named
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   As a qualified professional agent, I‟d like to meet
Enter the building at the side entrance. He is in room 201.         speeches. Three are in Mexico in the seminary. The event gen- year) sponsor space at                                                                       with you in your home, at your convenience. I‟ll work
His cell number is 321-1361. Conrad appears stronger now.           erated over $150,000 in donations.                                    the top of this page.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               with you to make sure your family is protected. As a
Keep him in your prayers.                                               Those in attendance from our Hot Springs council were Bob Send check to Treas-                        October Knight Shift to be Delayed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               brother knight you can trust, I‟ll take the stress and
                                                                                                                                          urer Zack Nehus at the            The October Knight Shift will be several days
                                                                    Fiedler, Bill Thompson, Don Sass, Larry Stamps, Jim Lock-                                                                                                  worry out of the buying decision.
                                                                                                                                          address shown on this         late. Your editor will be sampling choice red
                      Flag Raising Set for Labor Day                wood, Joe Cenac, Joe Harrison, Dennis Bosch, Dennis Wood,                                                                                                  A Brother Knight helping you and your loved ones!
                   Council members will report to Calvary                                                                                 newsletter.                   wines in Florence and Rome. Back October 2.
                                                                    Newton White, Bob Standridge, Bob Kortenber, Hugh Trues-                                                                                                   I‟m at 501-204-9486. Call me—let‟s talk.
                Cemetery, 7 a.m., Monday, September 5 to            dale, John Steinhaus, George Sanders (himself a seminarian),                                                                                               Randy Schnoebelen, FICF
raise flags, commemorating Labor Day. Coffee and donut              and Wally Marroy.                                                                                                                                          randy.schnoebelen@kofc.org
social will precede.                                                                                                                                                                                                           AR Producers License 299098

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