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              Product Guide
Wenonah Canoe
                        The Story: 1968 - 2012

W            enonah Canoe is a small,
             independent, family-
             owned company that has
become an award-winning designer
and manufacturer of high performance
                                                                                       in composites manufacturing, home
                                                                                       to dozens of companies that engineer
                                                                                       products for sports, music, aerospace
                                                                                       and industrial uses.
                                                                                         Mike’s love for paddle sports has
canoes and kayaks, sold and paddled                                                    always been a magnet for others who
around the world. We are a different                                                   share the same passion. Before long, he
kind of company. In a world dominated                                                  collected a team of dedicated employees.
by giant manufacturers, we measure                                                     Dave Thill has led the manufacturing
our success by the success of our dealers                                              development for 35 years. Rick Thrune
and the satisfaction of our customers.                                                 has made significant contributions to
Our mission has always been to fit                                                     composites technology as well and
people into the best boats for their                                                   is responsible for implementing new
chosen use. In this, we reflect the                                                    manufacturing processes. Hard-working,
values and the passion of our founder                                                  innovative craftsmen have made us the
Mike Cichanowski.                                                                      world-class company we are today.

-Born To Paddle-                                                                       -Performance Designs-
Mike grew up in Winona, Minnesota,                                                     High-tech materials and dedicated
where he inherited the ethics and                                                      people are part of our story, sophisticated
values of his ancestors — hard-working                                                 design is another. Noon-hour training
Polish immigrants who worked in the                                                    trips on the river and regular trips to
town’s lumber mills. Living on the edge                                                the Boundary Waters with family and
of the great upper Mississippi River, Mike                                             friends helped develop countless
learned to paddle a canoe at a very                                                    design ideas. Mike's long friendship
young age. By the time Mike became                                                     and partnership with legendary canoe
                                               When plastics, composites, and          designer Gene Jensen contributed to
an Eagle Scout, he had built several
                                             carbon fibers came on the market, Mike    several successful new canoe designs.
wood-strip canoes and was molding
                                             made the jump. It was a big investment    Our Kevlar® Ultralight Minnesota II
his own designs from fiberglass.
                                             and a steep learning curve, but Wenonah   quickly became the canoe of choice
   Not only was he good at working
                                             Canoe was soon producing the fastest,     in the Boundary Waters, transforming
with his hands and good at solving
                                             lightest, most efficient canoes around.   burdensome portages and long paddles
problems, Mike took a lot of pride in
doing this work and doing it well. So,                                                 across wilderness lakes, and effectively
                                             -A Composites Pioneer-                    opening the experience to many.
when the warehouse he used as his
                                             To maximize every advantage the new         New opportunities arose when Brian
canoe-making shop was slated for
                                             materials offered, the company engi-      Henry and Mike Henderson, kayak
demolition, he made an important
                                             neered new construction techniques.       designers and owners of Current
move: Instead of settling down to study
                                             Although now industry standard,           Designs in Victoria, British Columbia,
Wildlife Management in college, he
                                             Wenonah Canoe is recognized as the        entered the scene. To make their own
applied for a bank loan, bought land,
                                             pioneer of vacuum-bagging, a process      dreams a reality, they needed more
and built a small shop on the edge
                                             that pulls excess resins out of the       production capacity and manufacturing
of town. He wanted to build canoes.
                                             construction thus reducing weight and     expertise, so they joined forces with us
There was no looking back.
                                             improving strength. The process emits     in 1991. In 1999 Wenonah Canoe pur-
  Mike, his wife, and young family stuck
                                             no fumes and minimizes waste.             chased majority ownership in Current
with it through some very lean years
                                               To evolve new materials and processes   Designs and in 2004 moved it's home
as Mike learned the entrepreneurial
                                             for making canoes, the company took       base to a new manufacturing facility in
skills that would make canoe building
                                             full advantage of its location. Winona,   Winona, MN.
a successful enterprise instead of just a
                                             Minnesota has become a world leader
lifestyle choice.
Wenonah Canoe and Current Designs supplied over 160 special
edition canoes and kayaks to the 100th Anniversary National
Scout Jamboree held at Fort A.P. Hill in Caroline County, Virginia
in July 2010.

Owner and founder of Wenonah Canoe and Distinguished Eagle
Scout award recipient Mike Cichanowski attended the event,
along with 38,000 Boy Scouts and 3,700 adult leaders.                                            When you’re young you can
                                                                                                 risk everything, because you
                                                                                                 have nothing to lose, but you

                                                                                                 have to stick with it.

                                                                                                                                                                      Photo: Jake Greseth

-Award Winning Company-                                              -Hard Work Has Paid Off-                    of people have a chance to get hooked
Over the years, Mike’s dedication to                                 After more than 42 years of hard work       on the self-reliance that paddle sports
building his business has won him                                    and ceaseless challenge, Mike still has     bring. We have a passion for creating
and the company numerous awards,                                     a passion for paddling. He has raced        high-performance canoes from high
including the prestigious Composite                                  canoes all over the world, including        tech materials, and we do it all with
Fabricators Association Community                                    Europe, South Africa, and Australia. He     old-world craftsmanship and values.
Commitment Award, and several                                        won the American Canoe Association’s
awards for innovation. In 2007 he                                    Adult-Youth canoe racing championship
received an honor prized above all                                   with both of his daughters, and was
others — the Distinguished Eagle                                     part of the first American team invited
Scout Award, which is the highest                                    to race dragon boats in China. One
honor given by the Boy Scouts of                                     summer day, he even paddled to work
America.                                                             after a torrential rainstorm flooded
  This award recognizes outstanding                                  roads and cut off traffic to the canoe
community and volunteer involvement,                                 factory.
and a life-long dedication to improving                                With that kind of tireless inspiration
peoples' lives. As a recipient, Mike joins                           at its head, the company too still has
the likes of astronaut Neil Armstrong, film                          a passion for paddling. We drop in on
director Steven Spielberg, President                                 dealers to paddle with them once or
Gerald R. Ford and Microsoft founder                                 twice a year. Many employees, along         On the Cover:
                                                                                                                 Conor and Kim Mihell get an
Bill Gates, among others.                                            with Mike, sneak out early and head to      early start to the paddling
                                                                                                                                                           t Gui

                                                                     the river on summer Fridays to paddle

                                                                                                                 season in a Royalex Prospector
                                                                                                                 16 on Smoothwater Lake in
-Specialty Dealers-                                                  the mighty Mississippi.                     Northern Ontario.
To sell our canoes, we depend on a                                    A great deal has changed in 40+            Photo: Aaron Peterson

network of specialty dealers. These                                  years, but much remains the same.
                                                                                                                 P.O. Box 247
knowledgeable people are experts in                                  Today Wenonah Canoe is the world’s          Winona, MN 55987
their areas. They know their local lakes                             largest manufacturer of Kevlar® canoes      507-454-5430


and rivers, and the boats they sell. We                              and the second largest manufacturer

work hard to maintain great relationships                            of Royalex® canoes. We help sponsor         www.wenonah.com
with more than 400 specialty dealers                                 expeditions on waters all over the world,
around the world.                                                    and we work to see that all generations

    How To Choose
                                           The Best Canoe

    W   e offer more than 30 canoe models, most of which can be fabricated in several different
        materials. How do you choose the right canoe for you? Follow these steps to help narrow
    down the decision and ensure you'll find your perfect canoe.

    1                                            2
            First, try to narrow your search             Once you've decided on a category that fits your needs (or more importantly,
            down to one or two categories                eliminated the categories that don't) then you select the performance aspects
            of boats. To do this, consider               most important to you.
            your priorities. How and where
    do you plan on using this canoe? What        Read and understand the basics of Canoe Design on pages 5-6. Learn why the different
    type of water are you going to paddle?       dimensions and hull shapes, both above and below the water line, determine to what
    How much gear are you likely to take         degree a canoe will excel at which aspects of performance.
    along? How skilled are the paddlers?

    Find a category that best matches your
    basic needs:
                                                                             The main aspects of performance are:
    General Touring                                                          Efficiency:
    Designed to do many things well, they                                    How far the canoe goes with each stroke. A long glide
    are very versatile. They're stable, ma-                                  following the stroke means the canoe is very efficient.
    neuverable, efficient and will haul a fair
    amount of gear. Great family canoes.
                                                                             How easily the boat will turn. A lot of boats are specifically
    Performance Touring                                                      designed to "Track Straight". We always say it's much easier
    Light and fast. They track and glide                                     to turn a boat than keep one going straight.
    well, and respond best in the hands of
    experienced paddlers. These designs
                                                                             How much gear and weight the canoe can hold.
    are true performance boats.
    Sports & Leisure                                                         Stability:
                                                                             "Initial" stability is how tippy a boat feels when you're
    Popular with beginners, kids, and
                                                                             getting in and out of it or when it's resting on calm water.
    people who fish, hunt, or take photos.
                                                                             "Final" stability is how resistant a canoe is to tipping even
    S&L canoes are extremely stable and
                                                                             when leaned or in high winds and waves.
    easy to handle.
    Down River                                                               Seaworthiness:
                                                                             How dry, capable, and predictable the canoe is in large
    Perfect for paddling in streams, rivers,
                                                                             waves or rough waters.
    and smaller rapids. These fun pad-
    dling canoes turn on a dime and slide
    through eddies.

    Whitewater                                                                      Finally, you can use the diagram on page 4
    Built for paddling the fast water and                                           to find the specific canoe models that were
    raging currents of whitewater rivers.                                           designed to meet your needs. Read more in-depth
    Their hulls are contoured for maneu-                                            on each model, arranged by category, in the back
    verability and stability in steep leans.                                        of the catalog. You can also compare the technical
    Expedition                                                                      specs of all our models using the chart on pages 13-14.
    For distance paddling, adventure trips,
    and big water, they're designed to
    perform most efficiently when fully
    loaded with a lot of gear.

                                                                     Start here with the "Who, What,
                                                                     Where and How" you'll be using your canoe.
                          Solos                                      Decide on the right category for you.             Tandems (& Triples)
    Good on all waters, it'll hold plenty of gear - Wilderness    General Touring                       Champlain - A large, stable boat that will hold a ton of gear
                                                                  If you want a canoe that anyone
                                                                  can paddle and will do most
                 Our most efficient and reliable solo - Prism     everything...Start here with all      17 Wenonah - A general use boat with a classic look
                                                                  around great canoes that will do
                                                                  it all well.
        A short, super stable, great all arounder - Vagabond                                            Spirit II - The 17' perfect all around canoe

                        Go alone or with a friend - Solo Plus                                           Aurora - The 16' perfect all around canoe

                                                                                                        Heron - Compact and easy to handle

                                                                                                        Solo Plus - Go solo or tandem, 2 boats for the price of 1

                                                                                                        Seneca - Our largest boat, designed for three paddlers

       Straight tracking and quick, it'll hold a load - Voyager   Performance                           MN II - Most popular, efficient tripping canoe ever
                                                                  If you want a good do everything
                                                                  canoe that is as efficient as possible, Escape - Shorter, deeper version of the MN II
                                                                  and this isn't your first time across
                                                                  the lake...these are your canoes.
                                                                                                        Escapade - Fast and responsive, that's also solo friendly

                                                                                                        Adirondack - Compact and efficient, a proven favorite

                                                                                                        Sundowner 17 - Fast Royalex boat for down river racing

                                                                                                        MN 3 - A true performance canoe for 3 paddlers

           A special kind of small, light and fun - Wee Lassie    Sports & Leisure                      Fisherman - Short for maneuverability, hook setting stable
                                                             If you want a stable boat to hunt
                                                             and fish out of, or to have at the
         A fisherman's dream, comfort and stability - Fusion cabin on the lake, these will suit         Kingfisher - A large sporting canoe with rock solid stability
                                                             you well.
                                                                                                        Boundary Waters - High capacity and efficiency

                                                                                                        Backwater - Square stern for trolling motor mounting

 Small and agile that's home on rivers and streams - Argosy       Down River                            Prospector 16 - Tandem or solo, the "original" down river canoe
                                                                  If you plan on mainly paddling
                                                                  smaller rivers and streams look
                                                                  here for some great canoe options. Prospector 15 - Nicely sized down, it'll turn on a dime

 Highly maneuverable, dry running WW solo - Rendezvous            Whitewater                            Cascade - A true WW beast, it'll hold a bunch of gear
                                                                  If you have big rivers and raging
                                                                  rapids on your mind, this is where
             A whitewater play boat that's pure fun - Recon       you want to be.                       Rogue - A shorter and more playful WW boat

  Huge capacity and a performance grade hull - Encounter          Expedition                            Itasca - Go ahead, bring the kitchen sink
                                                                  If you have a grand expedition
                                                                  ahead of you or generally plan on
                                                                  paddling large bodies of water
                                                                  loaded with gear check out these
                                                                  specialized designs.
             A canoe's capacity, a kayak's amenities - Canak      Decked Canoes
                                                                  Part canoe, part kayak, these are
                                                                  unique crafts that will turn heads.
Like the original, in a smaller manageable size - Mini Canak Perfect for wilderness tripping and
                                                                  general paddling.

How To Find
    When it's time to buy, visit our website (www.wenonah.com) to locate one of our many                            To find upcoming paddling
    retailers located around the world who can further help you drill down to the right choice.                     events near you visit
    Wenonah employees staff demos, clinics, and other paddling events all over the world.
    Come talk with the experts, try as many boats as you can, and get out on the water.                                       Or find us on facebook for
                                                                                                                              announcements of all our
                                                                                                                              factory supported events.
                & Performance

                 canoe's performance is built into                 -Dimensions-                                        -Cross Section-
                 its design. The dimensions and                    Length                                              Stability
                 shape of the hull above and                       Longer canoes track straighter, travel              Cross-section shape determines initial
          below the water line, and other vari-                    faster, and glide farther. They also hold           and final stability. Initial stability is
          ables, determine how efficient, stable,                  more and perform better when loaded.                how stable a canoe feels when upright
          roomy, maneuverable, and seaworthy                       Shorter canoes turn easily and are great            in calm water. Final stability is how
          that canoe is. Of the 30+ models of                      for paddling on tight streams. Even a               resistant a canoe is to capsizing even
          canoes in this catalog, no two perform                   6-inch difference in length can make a              when on edge.
          the same. A sports canoe that's stable                   dramatic difference in canoe performance.
          and easy to paddle will have a different                                                                     Flat Bottom
          length, width, rocker and streamlining                   Depth                                               Typical for bargain
          than a performance canoe designed                        Adding depth to the center of the hull              canoes. Flat-bottomed
          to go fast and glide far. Even within                    creates more freeboard, which adds                  hulls have initial stability,
          the same category of canoes, subtle                      capacity and seaworthiness. Adding                  but are unpredictable on waves or if
          differences in design will change their                  depth to the bow or stern helps to fend             leaned beyond a critical angle.
          performance.                                             off waves or spray.
                                                                                                                       Shallow Arch
                                                                   Width                                               Characteristic of
                                                                   A wider hull has a higher initial stability,        well-designed hulls.
                                                                   but requires more effort to paddle.                 Good initial and final
                                                                   A narrow hull requires less effort to               stability. Predictable and responsive
          -Anatomy of a Canoe-                      Stern          paddle, but has less initial stability.             when leaned or on waves.
                                       Thwart                      Width also increases capacity, although
                                Yoke                               not as much as length.                              Shallow "V"
                       Thwart                                                                                          Shaped with a ridge
            Gunwales                                                                                                   in the center, like a
                                                                                                                       keel. Stable but rides
Bow                                                                                                                    deeper and is less efficient than a
                                                                                                                       shallow arch. May snag on rocks.

                                                                                                                       Round Bottom
                                                                                                                       Extremely rare, used
                                                                                                                       only on canoes for
                                                                                                                       calm-water racing.
                                                                                                                       Very fast, but has no initial stability at
                                                                                                                       all and is tricky to balance.

          -Flat Bottom vs Shallow Arch-

           A canoe with a flat bottom                 When loaded, it rides                When it leans, one side of the      In waves that strike the canoe
          hull feels steady when it’s                 lower but has about the same         hull lifts entirely out of the      crosswise or at an angle, the
          upright on calm water. Flat                 shape. It will be stable as long     water. With less surface area       flat bottom hull rises and falls
          bottom hulls have good                      as it is upright in calm water.      submerged, paddlers must            on the surfaces of the waves.
          initial stability. Paddlers feel                                                 work hard to keep it from           Paddlers must react fast to
          little oscillation because the                                                   tipping over. Flat bottom           the rocking back and forth.
          hull’s greatest possible width                                                   hulls have less final stability.
          is in the water.
                                       Initial Stability                                                             Final Stability

          A canoe with a shallow arch                 When loaded, the weight              When it leans, both sides of        A shallow arch hull presents
          hull is widest just above the               presses the widest part of           the shallow arch hull stay in       less resistance to waves and
          waterline. Because it oscillates            the hull into the water, which       the water, making it easier for     rocks less. Paddlers easily
          slightly it doesn’t have the                makes the canoe more stable.         paddlers to balance.                maintain balance.
      5   rock solid feeling of a flat hull.
Flare                                       Streamline and Fullness                       Rocker
A flared hull widens                        Different canoes with the same load can       Rocker describes the way some hulls
out near the gunwales.                      require more or less effort to paddle,        curve up at the ends, like a rocking
It deflects waves and                       depending on streamlining and                 chair. Rocker plays part in a canoe's
resists capsize.               Flare        fullness. How fast or how gradual the         maneuverability. Longer canoes with
                                            hull widens influences speed, capacity,       some rocker will maneuver like much
Tumblehome                                  and stability. A hull that widens gradually   shorter canoes. Canoes with a lot of
Tumblehome is how                           and smoothly is more efficient.               rocker turn more easily, which is why
the hull curves in                                                                        whitewater and down river canoes have
toward the gunwales                                                                       steeply rockered ends. Canoes with
and lets the paddler paddle close to the     Flare                                        very little rocker will track straighter.
hull. Most evident in solo designs.

Both flare and tumblehome may be
built into different parts of the same
Entry Line
The entry line is the sharpness of the
bow. Blunt entry lines resist impacts
better, which is why whitewater canoes
generally have blunt entry lines.                                                                       Moderate
Sharper entry lines improve the hull's                                                                   (Heron)
efficiency and tracking.

                         Sharp Entry Line
                             (MN II)                                                                       Heavy

                         Blunt Entry Line
                                                  Fullness           Streamline
                                                (Fisherman)            (Prism)

                                                                                                         Canoe camping at perfect
                                                                                                         site along the Northern
                                                                                                         Forest Canoe Trail.
                                                                                                         Photo: Ember Photography

        Tim, Gary, and Kit
        form a sheet of

                                      Composite Canoes
        Kevlar into a mold.

                                      The term “composite” simply means combining fibers together with resin. In composite
                                      canoes, various woven fabrics are hand shaped in a mold and bonded together with
                                      resins. Any combination of fibers and resin is a composite, but there are a wide variety of
                                      materials and methods. All Wenonah Canoes are manufactured using a vacuum bagging
                                      process to ensure the ideal resin to fabric ratio. Many hours of skilled labor are required
                                      to make a great composite canoe. This, plus the cost of high-end materials make them
                                      fairly expensive, but their lightness, toughness, and performance make composite canoes
                                      the best value.

                              Construction & Materials
                              Ultra-light hulls are stiff and incredibly light. They are ideal for
                              speed and distance paddling and for all people or conditions that
                              demand the lightest gear.
                                                                                                                       -Ultra-Light Colors-
                              In our Ultra-light construction a structural-foam core and ribs are                             Kevlar®         Graphite
                              laminated into the hull and sides. We also add extra fabric layers
                              to strengthen specific targeted areas.

                              Aluminum plates are strategically laminated into the hull. Seats,
                                                                                                                       Ultra-light hulls have a "skin-coat", showing
                              footbraces, and all hardware is then riveted into these plates. This                     the fabric's color on the interior and exterior.
                              gives a very secure connection and eliminates rivet heads on the                         A colored finish is a no-cost option, but adds
                              exterior.                                                                                5-8 lbs.

    Side Ribs                 Kevlar®, the fiber used for aerospace, body armor and bulletproof
                              vests, is amazingly light and strong. We’ve used it for more
     Diamond                  than 30 years to construct extremely light and tough canoes.
    Foam Core                 Wenonah Canoe is the world’s largest maker of
                              Kevlar® canoes.


                              A Graphite Ultra-light canoe is made the same way as a Kevlar®
                              Ultra-light, but with Graphite as the outer layer. It’s ideal
                              for paddlers desiring more stiffness in their composite
                              canoe. Graphite transfers energy better than
                              any of our other materials, which
                              makes these the most
                              crisp paddling canoes.
                              The aesthetic appeal
                              of a black Graphite canoe
                              is also undeniable.

                              $$$$$                                                       *Graphite Ultra-light solo canoes
                                                                                          come standard without end tanks.

                                                                                                               on the h
                                                                                                   "How It's               it T V sho
                                                                                           Watch th
                                                                                                    e step by          Made"
                                                                                            Wenona            step con
                                                                                                    h Kevlar®          struction
                                                                                                                                 of a
                                                                                      www.we                  Ultra-ligh
                                                                                                                        t canoe a
                                                                                                           nonah.c                t

Frank finishing the
wood trim on an Itasca.

                                      Flex-core                                                                   Red
                                                                                                                        -Flex-Core Colors-
                                                                                                                                     Aqua              Alaskan
                                        Construction & Materials                                                                                       Ivory

                                        Flex-core construction creates a more rugged canoe than
                                        our Ultra-light core, and is meant for general paddling on all
                                                                                                                  Sand               Caribbean Burgundy
                                        but extreme waters.

                                        In our Flex-core constructions a structural-foam core is
                                        laminated into the hull, orienting the composite fibers
                                                                                                                   Ivory             Green
                                        carefully to distribute loads. We add an extra fabric layer
                                        to the whole hull. This adds a bit of weight but makes for
                                        a stronger, more ridged canoe. Side ribs are not needed
                                        because this layup distributes more material throughout
                                        the hull. The result is a tough canoe that is still fairly light          We offer 8 colors of gel-coat finish for the exterior
                                                                                                                  of Flex-core hulls. The interior of the hull show the
                                        weight.                                                                   fabric’s natural color.

                                        Using Kevlar® in our Flex-core layup adds a little weight,
                                        but saves some money. The extra layers of fabric and
                           Diamond      gel-coat finish makes these boats more resistant
                          Foam Core     to damage than our Kevlar Ultra-Light
                                        canoes as well.


                                        Wenonah’s Tuf-weave® material is an interwoven fabric
                                        made of 50% polyester and 50% fiberglass that out
                                        performs either material alone. The Tuf-weave® layup
                                        results in our most durable composite canoes.
                                        Tuf-weave® canoes offer improved
                                        impact resistance and are a great
                                        compromise between light
                                        weight, performance,
                                        and price. Our revamped
                                        interior finishing
                                        process makes for even
                                        more weight savings over
                                        previous years' models.

      Construction & Material


      You’ve never seen metal move quite like this!                             But a good looking exterior is only half the story. On
      By “this” we’re referring to Barracuda® - an aluminized glass             the interior of our Barracuda® layup we utilize a layer
      fabric. Barracuda® boasts the look of metal with the                      of Innegra S high performance fabric. Different than
      functionality of traditional high performance composite                   Kevlar® or fiberglass, this material dramatically increases
      fabrics. A marriage of style and function, this classy layup is           the composite toughness and impact resistance of
      a great combination of aesthetic appeal, weight, and strength.            the Barracuda® layup, and is one of the lightest weight
                                                                                fibers available.
      The distinctive appearance of Barracuda® is achieved
      through a unique finishing process designed specifically for              Overall our Barracuda® canoes offer unique looking
      composite applications. When combined with the proper                     crafts with the same high-performance characteristics
      resin, our canoes made from Barracuda® emulate the silver                 of our traditional composite fabrics: strong, durable,
      sheen of 3-D steel.                                                       and lightweight.

                                                                                All Barracuda® canoes feature a foam core and side ribs,
                                                                                as well as all black anodized aluminum trim.


                                                                                                     Tressa unloads a pack from a Barracuda
                                                                                                     Minnesota II before heading down the
                                                                                                     trail in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.
                                                                                                     Photo: Jake Greseth

                                                      Nate paddles a Barracuda Prism
                                                      on an early summer morning.

         Construction & Material

Royalex® canoes are manufactured from multi-laminate                                        -Royalex Colors-
sheets, painstakingly designed specifically for each                                        Red                 Spruce
model. All include a closed-cell, rigid foam core providing
structure and buoyancy.
                              Interior colored skin

                                                                                            Olive Drab Burgundy
                              Substrate layer

                              Multiple end

                              Multiple center                                               We offer 4 exterior colors with tan
                                                                                            or gray interiors. Olive exteriors will
                              Multiple full layers
                                                                                            have olive interiors. Not all models
                              Keel line reinforcing                                         are available in all colors. See
                                                                                            individual model descriptions for
                              Substrate layer
                                                                                            Royalex color options.
                              Exterior colored skin

Royalex® canoes are tough and rugged. They are the
ideal choice for whitewater canoes and wherever
durability is paramount. These canoes are
much lighter than polyethylene or aluminum
canoes and can be built in nearly limitless
designs. We offer many models in Royalex®,
ranging from cost-conscious touring and sport
canoes, to robust whitewater assault canoes.


                                                      Allison and Cody enjoying a day on
                                                      Lake Winona in a Royalex Spirit II.
                                                      Photo: Jake Greseth

     Trim Options
     -Royalex Canoes-                              -Maximum Capacities-
     Standard Trim:                                Published weight-bearing capacities are
     Black vinyl gunwales featuring an internal    misleading for a number of reasons, so
     aluminum reinforcement system, ash            we don't print specific figures. Instead,
     thwarts and handles, and black end caps       we say that all Wenonah hulls have
     are standard for Royalex® canoes.             reserve capacity for their intended use.
                                                   If capacity is critical, we suggest you
                                                   load the hull with the intended weight
     Optional Wood Trim:                           and test it.
     All wood trim is an option on all Royalex
     canoes and includes hardwood inwales          -Canoe Weights-
     and outwales, end caps, thwarts, and          Because every canoe we make is
     handles. Finished with three coats of         handcrafted, weights may vary slightly
     oil. Natural stained wood is standard,        from the stated figure with standard
     a darker walnut stain is also an option.      equipment. Wood trim, sliding seats
     Fasteners are stainless steel.                and foot braces, and optional gel-coat
     Wood trim is an additional charge.            finish will change the weight.

                                                   All hulls have flotation to keep them
     -Composite Canoes-
                                                   afloat in the event of capsize. Royalex®
     Standard Trim:                                canoes have foam cores. Most composite
     All-aluminum trim with silver gunwales,       hulls have sealed-air tanks in the bow
     thwarts, and handles are standard on          and stern.
     most composites.

     Anodized black aluminum can be
     substituted at an additional charge.
     *Note: Black trim comes standard (no
     charge) on Graphite and Barracuda™

     Optional Wood Trim:
     All wood trim is an option on all composite
     canoes and includes hardwood inwales
     and outwales, end caps, thwarts, and
     handles. Finished with three coats of
     oil. Natural stained wood is standard,
     a darker walnut stain is also an option.
     Fasteners are stainless steel.
     Wood trim is an additional charge.

     *Note: Wood trim is not available as an
     option on Barracuda™ canoes.

     Yoke Options:
     All Tandem models come standard
     with an ash yoke.

     An ultra strong multi-layer laminated
     yoke w/ pads is an option.

Seat Options
-Seat Styles-                                 -Tandem Seat Mounting-                         -Solo Seat Mounting-
Bucket Seat                                   Fixed, Hung Seat                               Sliding Seat
Comfortable, durable, and suitable            Royalex® tandems and a few                     Sliding bucket seat
for paddling while sitting the bucket         composites have seats hung                     on a floor-mounted,
seat is standard for all composite solo       from the gunwales with                         sliding assembly, and
canoes except the Vagabond, and               aluminum plates. Seats                         adjustable foot brace
standard for tandems 17' or longer. Web       suspended from the gunwales                    are standard on most
or cane seats may be                          using wood dowels are standard                 composites.
substituted at no                             on Royalex® canoes with                        Positioned low but
cost. Bucket                                  wood gunwales and optional                     can be ordered raised slightly. A web or
seats are not                                 for composite hulls with wood                  cane seat may be substituted.
standard on                                   gunwales. Web or cane seats
Royalex® and                                  can be used. Bucket seats can                  Height/Angle Adjustable
are an option                                 not be hung. We place these a                  Standard on the
only for 17'-                                 bit higher than riveted seats                  Rendezvous,
plus Royalex®                                 so they serve to sit or kneel.                 Vagabond, Wilderness,
tandems.                                                                                     and Argosy. This plate
                                              Fixed, Riveted Seat                            hung seat has two
                                              An aluminum frame is riveted                   height settings and
Web Seat
                                              to the hull to mount fixed                     can be level to sit, or
Cool, comfortable, and suitable for sitting
                                              seats in tandem composite                      angled to kneel, with
or kneeling. Positioned a bit higher
                                              canoes 16'6" or longer. The                    position secured by a
for leg comfort. Standard for shorter
                                              seat can be bucket, web, or                    cord lock. Web seat is
composite tandems, all Royalex®
                                              cane on canoes with aluminum or wood           standard. Cane may
canoes and boats with all-wood trim.
                                              gunwales. The seats are low for sitting,       be substituted.
Cane seats may be substituted, but not
                                              but can be ordered raised and angled
always bucket seats. The wood frames
                                              down slightly for kneeling.
are heavily varnished for longevity.
                                              Sliding Seat
                                              A sliding front seat is standard
                                              for composite tandems over
                                              16' and optional for Royalex®
                                              tandems 17' or longer. A
                                              sliding stern seat is optional
                                              for composite tandems. Bucket seats
                                              are standard, but web or cane may be
Cane Seat                                     substituted. The seat is mounted on a
Cane seats have a classic appearance          slide-frame riveted to the hull. The sliding
and are especially beautiful with wood        seat is intended to allow for proper trim
trim. Cane seats are a no-cost option         (weight distribution).
on all of our models.
                                              Center Seat
                                              Most tandems may have a web or cane
                                              center seat added for solo use. It is
                                              hung from the gunwales using plates or
                                              dowels depending on the trim.

Sliding Foot Brace
Our foot brace provides solid leverage
and comfort while paddling. It adjusts
by a simple turn of the knob. The
crossbar has unlimited adjustability to
fit your legs and slides smoothly into
place for quick fine-tuning.

                                                                     DEPTH                         WIDTH
                                        LENGTH   ROCKER      BOW     CENTER    STERN    GUNWALE   WATERLINE   MAXIMUM

                      Seneca             19’4”     2”        22”       14”      22”      37 ½”      39 ½”      39 ½”

                      Champlain          18’0”     1 ½”      22”       14”      20”      36 ½”      36 ¾”      37”

                      17 Wenonah         17’0”     2"        22”       13 ½”    22”      36”        34 ½”      37”

                      Spirit II          17’0”     1 ½”      22”       14”      19”      35”        35 ½”      36”
General Touring

                      Aurora             16’0"     1 ½”      21”       14”      18”      35”        35 ½”      36”

                      Heron              15’0”     1 ¼”      18”       13”      16”      35”        35”        36”

                      Prism              16’6”   minimal     19”       12 ½”    17”      26”        29 ¾”      30 ¾”

                      Wilderness         15’4”     1 ¼”      19”       14”      17”      27”        29 ¾”      30 ½”

                      Vagabond           14’6”     1 ¼”      16”       12 ½”    14 ½”    28”        29 ¾”      29 ¾”

                      Solo Plus          16’6”   minimal     19”       13”      17”      29”        31 ¾”      32 ¾”

                      Sundowner 17       17'0"   minimal     21"       14"      18"      34 ½"      32 ½"      34 ½"

                      Adirondack         16’0”   minimal     19 ½”     13 ½”    16 ½”    35”        34 ¾”      36”
Performance Touring

                      Minnesota 3        20’0”     1 ½”      20 ½”     13 ½”    17”      34”        33 ½”      35 ½”

                      Minnesota II       18’6”   minimal     20 ½”     13 ½”    17”      33 ½”      33 ½”      35”

                      Escape             17’6”   minimal     20 ½”     13 ½”    17”      33”        33”        34 ½”

                      Escapade           16’6”   minimal     18 ½”     13 ½”    16”      29 ½”      30”        33 ½”

                      Voyager            17’6”   minimal     19”       14”      16”      21 ½”      27 ½”      28 ¾”

                      Fusion             13'0"   minimal     15 ½”     12”      15”      31”        28 ½”      31”

                      Wee Lassie         12’6”   minimal     16”       12”      16”      27 ½”      24”        27 ½”
Sports & Leisure

                      Boundary Waters    17’0”      1”       20”       14”      20”      36 ½”      35”        36 ½”

                      Kingfisher         16’0”     1 ¼”      19”       13”      17”      38”        38”        40”

                      Fisherman          14’0”     1 ¼”      19”       14”      18”      37”        37 ½”      39”

                      Backwater          15'0"     1 ¾”      19 ½”     16"      17 ¼”    41"        37 ½”      41"

                      Prospector 16      16’0”     2 ½”      25”       15”      25”      36”        33”        37”
Down River

                      Prospector 15      15’0”     2 ½”      24”       14”      24”      35 ¾”      33”        37”

                      Argosy             14’6”   2 ½” - 1”   18”       13 ½”    16”      27”        27”        30 ¼”

                      Cascade            17’6”     2”        21”       15”      20”      36 ½”      33 ½”      36 ½”


                                         16’0”     3”        24 ½”     16”      23 ½”    35 ¼”      33”        36”

                      Rendezvous         15’8”     2 ½”      21”       15”      20”      28”        29”        31”

                      Recon              13'0"     6"+       18 ½”     15 ½”    17"      28"        29"        29"


                                         19’0”     1 ½”      21 ½”     15”      19”      36 ½”      34 ½”      37”

                      Encounter          17’0”   minimal     19”       14”      16”      25”        29”        31 ½”

                      Canak              16’0”   minimal     16”       12 ½”    14”      -----      27”        30”

                      Mini Canak         15’0”   minimal     13 ½”     12 ½”    13 ½”    -----      26 ½”      29”
 GRAPHITE*                KEVLAR®                   KEVLAR®                                          TUF-WEAVE
ULTRA-LIGHT             ULTRA-LIGHT                FLEX-CORE             BARRACUDA®                  FLEX-CORE                    ROYALEX®

   ------                    55 lb.                    ------                  ------                     ------                   ------

   ------                    46 lb.                    57 lb.                  ------                     61 lb.                   75 lb.

   ------                    44 lb.                    55 lb.                  ------                     60 lb.                   ------

   ------                    42 lb.                    54 lb.                  55 lb.                     58 lb.                   69 lb.

   ------                    39 lb.                    51 lb.                  ------                     55 lb.                   67 lb.

   ------                    36 lb.                    46 lb.                  ------                     50 lb.                   58 lb.

   32 lb.                    34 lb.                    44 lb.                  45 lb.                     49 lb.                   ------

   31 lb.                    32 lb.                    41 lb.                  ------                     43 lb.                   49 lb.

   ------                    30 lb.                    38 lb.                  ------                     40 lb.                   45 lb.

   ------                    40 lb.                    51 lb.                  ------                     54 lb.                   62 lb.

   ------                    ------                    ------                  ------                     ------                   67 lb.

   ------                    37 lb.                    49 lb.                  ------                     54 lb.                   65 lb.

   ------                    55 lb.                    ------                  ------                     ------                   ------

   42 lb.                    42 lb.                    54 lb.                  57 lb.                     58 lb.                   ------

   41 lb.                    41 lb.                    53 lb.                  ------                     57 lb.                   ------

   41 lb.                    42 lb.                    51 lb.                  ------                     55 lb.                   ------

   33 lb.                    34 lb.                    46 lb.                  ------                     51 lb.                   ------
                           (kevlar special)
   ------                    30 lb.                    ------                  40 lb.                     ------                   46 lb.
                          (kevlar special)
   ------                    29 lb.                    ------                  37 lb.                     ------                   ------

   ------                    42 lb.                    53 lb.                  ------                     58 lb.                   ------

   ------                    39 lb.                    51 lb.                  ------                     55 lb.                   68 lb.

   ------                    36 lb.                    46 lb.                  ------                     ------                   59 lb.

   ------                    52 lb.                    64 lb.                  ------                     70 lb.                   79 lb.

   ------                    40 lb.                    52 lb.                  ------                     56 lb.                   68 lb.

   ------                    38 lb.                    48 lb.                  ------                     52 lb.                   59 lb.

   ------                    30 lb.                    43 lb.                  ------                     ------                   47 lb.

   ------                    ------                    ------                  ------                     ------                   75 lb.

   ------                    ------                    ------                  ------                     ------                   69 lb.

   ------                    ------                    ------                  ------                     ------                   59 lb.

   ------                    ------                    ------                  ------                     ------                   57 lb.

   ------                    49 lb.                    61 lb.                  ------                     65 lb.                   ------

   ------                    38 lb.                    48 lb.                  ------                     54 lb.                   ------
                           (kevlar special)
   ------                    42 lb.                    ------                  ------                     ------                   ------
                           (kevlar special)
   ------                    39 lb.                    ------                  ------                     ------                   ------
    *Weights published are for boats with all standard equipment. Most options add weight. Actual boat weights may vary +/- 5%.
    **Graphite Ultra-light solo canoes come standard without end tanks.
     General Touring
     General touring canoes are versatile boats that do everything well. For people
     who look forward to day trips with the family, fishing, easy weekend
     adventures, or a week spent canoe camping, our general touring canoes are
     the best choice.

     Stable, maneuverable, and able to haul a fair amount of gear, these canoes
     build confidence in developing paddlers. They vary in length from 15 feet
     to 18 feet, but all have generous width and depth, a shallow-arch bottom,
     and 1 or 2 inches of rocker.

       Kristen solo paddles a Solo Plus
       during the first blush of autumn on
       Shagawa Lake near Ely, Minnesota
       Photo: Aaron Peterson

                                                   -Specs-                                                                        -Specs-
                                                 19' 4" Length                                                                  18'   Length
                                                 2"     Rocker                                                                  1 ½" Rocker

                                                   -Depth-                                                                        -Depth-
                                                 22"   Bow                                                                      22"   Bow
                                                 14"   Center                                                                   14"   Center
                                                 22"   Stern                                                                    20"   Stern

                                                   -Width-                                                                        -Width-
                                                 37 ½" Gunwale                                                                  36 ½" Gunwale
                                                 39 ½" Waterline                                                                36 ¾" Waterline
                                                 39 ½" Maximum                                                                  37"   Maximum

                                                   -Weight-                                                                       -Weight-
                                                 ------ Graphite Ultra-light                                                    ------ Graphite Ultra-light
                                                 55 lb Kevlar Ultra-light                                                       46 lb Kevlar Ultra-light
                                                 ------ Kevlar Flex-core                                                        57 lb Kevlar Flex-core
                                                 ------ Barracuda                                                               ------ Barracuda
                                                 ------ Tuf-weave Flex-core                                                     61 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core
                                                 ------ Royalex                                                                 75 lb Royalex

     -General Touring-                                                                 -General Touring-


     For three-person paddling adventures,                                             To carry gear for a week, an arsenal of
     few canoes perform like the Seneca.                                               fishing tackle, and coolers to take out
     Whether you’re reeling in eight-pounders                                          the cold ones or bring back the big
     or power-paddling to the next lake,                                               ones, you need an efficient and seaworthy
     the Seneca’s great initial stability and                                          touring canoe like the Champlain. It is
     efficiency turn you into a harmonious                                             the best touring canoe ever designed
     paddling team.                                                                    for extended big lake and river trips.

     The Seneca is a big canoe with enough                                             One of our largest tandems, the
     freeboard to keep gear and equipment                                              Champlain is a versatile boat that’s
     dry. Designed for family and general                                              efficient and glides well. Its size and its
     use, the center seat is removable if                                              shallow-arched hull make it easy for
     you're looking to comfortably fit two                                             paddlers to handle and less sensitive
     large people with a lot of gear. It also                                          to waves. Its stability sets your mind at
     serves as an alternative to a tag-along                                           ease if you’re day-tripping with small
     solo canoe.                                                                       children.

           Kev UL - Skin - Silver Alum -                                                     Tuf-weave - Red - Silver Alum -
           Web, Fixed - Removable Center Seat - Foot Brace                                   Bucket, Sliding Bow - Foot Brace

         Efficiency                                                                        Efficiency
         Maneuverability                                                                   Maneuverability
         Capacity                                                                          Capacity
         Stability                                                                         Stability
         Seaworthy                                                                         Seaworthy

                                                                                       ROYALEX® Color Options

                                                                                       COMPOSITE Color Options

                                                                   { General Touring }                                                                        16
                                                    -Specs-                                                                            -Specs-
                                                  17'   Length                                                                       17'   Length
                                                  2"    Rocker                                                                       1 ½" Rocker

                                                    -Depth-                                                                            -Depth-
                                                  22"   Bow                                                                          22"   Bow
                                                  13 ½" Center                                                                       14"   Center
                                                  22"   Stern                                                                        19"   Stern

                                                    -Width-                                                                            -Width-
                                                  36"   Gunwale                                                                      35"   Gunwale
                                                  34 ½" Waterline                                                                    35 ½" Waterline
                                                  37"   Maximum                                                                      36"   Maximum

                                                    -Weight-                                                                           -Weight-
                                                  ------ Graphite Ultra-light                                                        ------ Graphite Ultra-light
                                                  44 lb Kevlar Ultra-light                                                           42 lb Kevlar Ultra-light
                                                  55 lb Kevlar Flex-core                                                             54 lb Kevlar Flex-core
                                                  ------ Barracuda                                                                   55 lb Barracuda
                                                  60 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core                                                          58 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core
                                                  ------ Royalex                                                                     69 lb Royalex

              -General Touring-                                                             -General Touring-
     17 Wenonah

                                                                                    Spirit II

              The boat that started it all, the original,                                   Like a Swiss Army knife, the Spirit II does
              the 17 Wenonah. The first canoe ever                                          everything. As efficient as a long-hulled
              designed by owner and founder Mike                                            canoe and as maneuverable as a short
              Cichanowski in 1965, this instant classic                                     one, the Spirit II strikes a balance between
              was originally built out of wood strip                                        all good things. Roomy enough for
              and fiberglass in Mike's parents backyard                                     Boundary Water trips, it’s even more
              shed. We carefully handcrafted a                                              stable when loaded.
              mold from the original boat that has
              been proudly displayed for the last 30                                        No wonder Canoe & Kayak Magazine
              years. Available in our state of the art                                      said, “If you could have only one canoe
              composite materials and layups, the 17                                        to serve all your needs for the rest of
              Wenonah displays lines similar to the                                         your life, the Spirit II would be one of
              classic wooden hulls built in the early                                       the very few candidates.” Maybe that’s
              1900's. A great general use and family                                        why we sell more Spirit II's than any
              boat with a unique look and storied                                           other model.
              past, the 17 Wenonah is a must have for
              serious canoe connoisseurs and open
              boat history buffs.
                  Kev UL - Skin - Silver Alum -                                                   Kev Flex - Ivory - Silver Alum -
                  Curved Web, Hung                                                                Bucket, Sliding Bow

              Efficiency                                                                        Efficiency
              Maneuverability                                                                   Maneuverability
              Capacity                                                                          Capacity
              Stability                                                                         Stability
              Seaworthy                                                                         Seaworthy

              COMPOSITE Color Options                                                       ROYALEX® Color Options

                                                                                            COMPOSITE Color Options

17                                                                   { General Touring }
                                              -Specs-                                                                      -Specs-
                                            16'   Length                                                                 15'   Length
                                            1 ½" Rocker                                                                  1 ¼" Rocker

                                              -Depth-                                                                      -Depth-
                                            21"   Bow                                                                    18"   Bow
                                            14"   Center                                                                 13"   Center
                                            18"   Stern                                                                  16"   Stern

                                              -Width-                                                                      -Width-
                                            35"   Gunwale                                                                35"   Gunwale
                                            35 ½" Waterline                                                              35"   Waterline
                                            36"   Maximum                                                                36"   Maximum

                                              -Weight-                                                                     -Weight-
                                            ------ Graphite Ultra-light                                                  ------ Graphite Ultra-light
                                            39 lb Kevlar Ultra-light                                                     36 lb Kevlar Ultra-light
                                            51 lb Kevlar Flex-core                                                       46 lb Kevlar Flex-core
                                            ------ Barracuda                                                             ------ Barracuda
                                            55 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core                                                    50 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core
                                            67 lb Royalex                                                                58 lb Royalex

     -General Touring-                                                                   -General Touring-


     For exploring, fishing, day-tripping with                                           Life asks a lot of some canoes — like,
     your family, and paddling on smaller                                                be ready for anything. The Heron is
     rivers and streams, we designed the                                                 a compact, maneuverable, tandem
     Aurora. The Aurora is a downsized                                                   canoe that answers all requests. It's the
     version of the Spirit II, with all that                                             smallest tandem canoe in our General
     boat’s virtues, but a foot shorter in                                               Touring family. Inexperienced paddlers
     length.                                                                             like its stability, while adept paddlers
                                                                                         appreciate its efficiency.
     Its carefully contoured hull paddles
     easily and performs reliably in wind and                                            Because of its smaller size, the Heron is
     waves. It has depth in both the center                                              a practical boat for day trips on lakes,
     and the ends, and maintains ample                                                   while also performing well on smaller
     freeboard when loaded. A great canoe                                                rivers and streams. Keep one at the
     for vacations at the lake.                                                          cabin for the kids, or keep one for
                                                                                         leisurely float trips down your favorite
                                                                                         trout stream.

         Kev UL - Skin - Black Alum - Web, Hung                                            Royalex - Red - Black Vinyl - Web, Hung

     Efficiency                                                                          Efficiency
     Maneuverability                                                                     Maneuverability
     Capacity                                                                            Capacity
     Stability                                                                           Stability
     Seaworthy                                                                           Seaworthy

     ROYALEX® Color Options                                                              ROYALEX® Color Options

     COMPOSITE Color Options                                                             COMPOSITE Color Options

                                                                   { General Touring }                                                                 18
                                               -Specs-                                                                   -Specs-
                                            16' 6" Length                                                              15' 4" Length
                                            ------ Rocker                                                              1 ¼" Rocker

                                              -Depth-                                                                    -Depth-
                                            19"   Bow                                                                  19"   Bow
                                            12 ½" Center                                                               14"   Center
                                            17"   Stern                                                                17"   Stern

                                              -Width-                                                                    -Width-
                                            26"   Gunwale                                                              27"   Gunwale
                                            29 ¾" Waterline                                                            29 ¾" Waterline
                                            30 ¾" Maximum                                                              30 ½" Maximum

                                              -Weight-                                                                   -Weight-
                                            32 lb Graphite Ultra-light                                                 31 lb Graphite Ultra-light
                                            34 lb Kevlar Ultra-light                                                   32 lb Kevlar Ultra-light
                                            44 lb Kevlar Flex-core                                                     41 lb Kevlar Flex-core
                                            45 lb Barracuda                                                            ------ Barracuda
                                            49 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core                                                  43 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core
                                            ------ Royalex                                                             49 lb Royalex

         -General Touring-                                                            -General Touring-


         The Prism is our most popular composite                                      Named in honor of Dick Proenneke, a
         solo canoe. Incredibly versatile, it'll take                                 legendary wilderness man who spent
         you comfortably over all kinds of waters.                                    30 years of his retired life living alone
         Blending efficiency, stability, capacity                                     in the wilds of Twin Lakes, Alaska. The
         and finesse, it’s ideal for cruising with                                    Wilderness is a solo canoe that can take
         a light load, but also has the volume                                        you far away from it all.
         needed for medium-length trips.
                                                                                      Brilliantly designed for extended solo
         Canoe & Kayak Magazine said it well                                          trips it portages well, paddles efficiently,
         when they wrote, “The Prism is all about                                     carries plenty of gear and gives a dry
         glide and speed. It’s a lean boat that                                       ride in rough waters. Its well rounded
         tracks the best of those reviewed, yet                                       stability and moderate rocker make it
         will turn quickly enough, and returns                                        a great down-river boat while inspiring
         to a stable position more readily than                                       confidence whether on a loaded tour or
         other fast canoes.”                                                          evening paddle.

             Barracuda - Black Alum -                                                     Kev UL - Green - Silver Alum -
             Bucket, Sliding - Foot Brace                                                 Web, Hung Adjustable - Foot Brace

         Efficiency                                                                   Efficiency
         Maneuverability                                                              Maneuverability
         Capacity                                                                     Capacity
         Stability                                                                    Stability
         Seaworthy                                                                    Seaworthy

         COMPOSITE Color Options                                                      ROYALEX® Color Options

                                                                                      COMPOSITE Color Options

19                                                            { General Touring }
                                             -Specs-                                                                             -Specs-
                                           14' 6" Length                                                                      16' 6" Length
                                           1 ¼" Rocker                                                                        ------ Rocker

                                             -Depth-                                                                            -Depth-
                                           16"   Bow                                                                          19"   Bow
                                           12 ½" Center                                                                       13"   Center
                                           14 ½" Stern                                                                        17"   Stern

                                             -Width-                                                                            -Width-
                                           28"   Gunwale                                                                      29"   Gunwale
                                           29 ¾" Waterline                                                                    31 ¾" Waterline
                                           29 ¾" Maximum                                                                      32 ¾" Maximum

                                             -Weight-                                                                           -Weight-
                                           ------ Graphite Ultra-light                                                        ------ Graphite Ultra-light
                                           30 lb Kevlar Ultra-light                                                           40 lb Kevlar Ultra-light
                                           38 lb Kevlar Flex-core                                                             51 lb Kevlar Flex-core
                                           ------ Barracuda                                                                   ------ Barracuda
                                           40 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core                                                          54 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core
                                           45 lb Royalex                                                                      62 lb Royalex

       -General Touring-                                                                   -General Touring-

                                                                                   Solo Plus

       This small, responsive, solo hull will take                                         For people who want both the freedom
       you out on smaller rivers and streams,                                              of a solo canoe and the companionability
       and bring your adventurous spirit back                                              of a tandem, we designed the Solo Plus.
       satisfied. It’s a great choice for a first                                          It works well both ways. As a solo, it’s
       solo canoe.                                                                         a stable, efficient touring hull with the
                                                                                           capacity to carry a tent, food, sling-chair
       The Vagabond is highly maneuverable and                                             and fishing gear for a week.
       quiet enough to track birds through the
       backwaters. Its small size makes it easy                                            Paddled tandem, it’s an efficient
       to car-top and carry, and convenient                                                performance design that makes getting
       to store. Try paddling it with a kayak                                              there together a pleasure. If you're
       paddle. It's lighter than kayaks of similar                                         looking to get two canoes for the price
       length, and easily outperforms them.                                                of one, the Solo Plus is the boat for you.

           Royalex - Red - Black Vinyl -                                                       Kev UL - Skin - Black Alum -
           Web, Hung Adjustable                                                                Web, Hung; Center Adjustable

       Efficiency                                                                          Efficiency
       Maneuverability                                                                     Maneuverability
       Capacity                                                                            Capacity
       Stability                                                                           Stability
       Seaworthy                                                                           Seaworthy

       ROYALEX® Color Options                                                              ROYALEX® Color Options

       COMPOSITE Color Options                                                             COMPOSITE Color Options

                                                                    { General Touring }                                                                     20
                                                                                       Mike Cichanowski, Darren Bush, and
                                                                                       Dana Henry paddle a pair of MN II's
                                                                                       on the Androscoggin River in N.H.
                                                                                       Photo: Ember Photography

      Angela paddles a Kestrel
      140 on a small lake in WI.
      Photo: Jake Greseth

     Performance Touring
     Performance touring canoes are sleek and efficient. They track like an arrow
     and glide like no other canoe — perfect for paddling from the wilds of Canada’s
     Quetico Provincial Park to the far reaching stretches of the Amazon.

     From bow to stern, our performance touring canoes are ingeniously contoured
     for efficiency. They are longer than our general touring canoes (from 16’6”
     to 18’6”), slimmer (33”- 35” wide) and have average depth to shrug off wind.
     Arched bottoms increase the hull’s speed. They reward good paddling
     technique by gliding farther on each stroke than any other category of

                                                         -Specs-                                                                           -Specs-
                                                      17'    Length                                                                     16'    Length
                                                      ------ Rocker                                                                     ------ Rocker

                                                        -Depth-                                                                           -Depth-
                                                      21"   Bow                                                                         19 ½" Bow
                                                      14"   Center                                                                      13 ½" Center
                                                      18"   Stern                                                                       16 ½" Stern

                                                        -Width-                                                                           -Width-
                                                      34 ½" Gunwale                                                                     35"   Gunwale
                                                      32 ½" Waterline                                                                   34 ¾" Waterline
                                                      34 ½" Maximum                                                                     36"   Maximum

                                                        -Weight-                                                                          -Weight-
                                                      ------ Graphite Ultra-light                                                       ------ Graphite Ultra-light
                                                      ------ Kevlar Ultra-light                                                         37 lb Kevlar Ultra-light
                                                      ------ Kevlar Flex-core                                                           49 lb Kevlar Flex-core
                                                      ------ Barracuda                                                                  ------ Barracuda
                                                      ------ Tuf-weave Flex-core                                                        54 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core
                                                      67 lb Royalex                                                                     65 lb Royalex

           -Performance Touring-                                                             -Performance Touring-
Sundowner 17


           Adventure racing is sweeping across                                               If you’re looking for a sleek, straight-
           the nation at a phenomenal rate. Flying                                           tracking canoe that’s easy to paddle
           down rock filled rivers and ripping across                                        and easy to handle out of the water, the
           miles of flat water during this intense                                           Adirondack fits the bill.
           sport is common place. So back by
           popular demand we are offering the                                                Designed for day and overnight trips,
           Sundowner 17 in Royalex.                                                          it paddles efficiently with a light-to-
                                                                                             moderate load. The Adirondack is also
           With it's sleek bow, straight keel line                                           graced with excellent stability in most
           and shallow-arch hull, this is the fastest                                        conditions. Canoe & Kayak Magazine
           paddling, straightest tracking Royalex                                            said, “This is one smooth-paddling
           hull ever designed. Ideal for when                                                canoe.” Who said an efficient canoe had
           performance and ruggedness are                                                    to be long?
           required for both big lakes and rocky

                 Royalex - Burgundy - Black Vinyl -                                                Royalex - Burgundy - Black Vinyl -
                 Web, Hung                                                                         Web, Hung

               Efficiency                                                                        Efficiency
               Maneuverability                                                                   Maneuverability
               Capacity                                                                          Capacity
               Stability                                                                         Stability
               Seaworthy                                                                         Seaworthy

           ROYALEX® Color Options                                                            ROYALEX® Color Options

                                                                                             COMPOSITE Color Options

                                                                   { Performance Touring }                                                                            22
                                                         -Specs-                                                                        -Specs-
                                                       20'   Length                                                                  18' 6" Length
                                                       1 ½" Rocker                                                                   ------ Rocker

                                                         -Depth-                                                                       -Depth-
                                                       20 ½" Bow                                                                     20 ½" Bow
                                                       13 ½" Center                                                                  13 ½" Center
                                                       17"   Stern                                                                   17"   Stern

                                                         -Width-                                                                       -Width-
                                                       34"   Gunwale                                                                 33 ½" Gunwale
                                                       33 ½" Waterline                                                               33 ½" Waterline
                                                       35 ½" Maximum                                                                 35"   Maximum

                                                         -Weight-                                                                      -Weight-
                                                       ------ Graphite Ultra-light                                                   42 lb Graphite Ultra-light
                                                       55 lb Kevlar Ultra-light                                                      42 lb Kevlar Ultra-light
                                                       ------ Kevlar Flex-core                                                       54 lb Kevlar Flex-core
                                                       ------ Barracuda                                                              57 lb Barracuda
                                                       ------ Tuf-weave Flex-core                                                    58 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core
                                                       ------ Royalex                                                                ------ Royalex

               -Performance Touring-                                                               -Performance Touring-
     Minneso a 3

                                                                                        Minneso a II

               Designed for three paddlers and                                                     The legendary Minnesota II is the most
               their gear, the 20-foot Minnesota 3                                                 efficient, straight-tracking, tandem
               travels faster, with less effort, than most                                         tripping canoe ever made. If you travel
               tandems. A Boundary Waters Canoe                                                    in MN's Boundary Waters Canoe Area or
               Area campsite maximizer, the MN 3 will                                              Canada’s Quetico Park, you’ll see a lot of
               allow that ninth camper to come along                                               these canoes.
               while following the nine people, four
               canoes regulation.                                                                  They’re fast and seaworthy even when
                                                                                                   loaded with heavy gear, yet they’re fun
               A sliding bow seat (standard, not                                                   to paddle lightly loaded just for the
               pictured), fixed stern seat, and remov-                                             thrill of it. This boat revolutionized both
               able center seat accommodate three                                                  portaging and long-distance paddling
               paddlers comfortably, and you can even                                              and opened places like the Boundary
               add a fourth if the whole family wants to                                           Waters to many.
               come along. This is a fine cruising canoe
               that will hold all the gear and people
               you want to take.

                   Kev UL - Skin - Silver Alum -                                                       Kev UL - Skin - Silver Alum -
                   Web, Fixed - Removeable Center Seat - Foot Brace                                    Bucket, Sliding Bow - Foot Brace

               Efficiency                                                                          Efficiency
               Maneuverability                                                                     Maneuverability
               Capacity                                                                            Capacity
               Stability                                                                           Stability
               Seaworthy                                                                           Seaworthy

                                                                                                   COMPOSITE Color Options

23                                                                     { Performance Touring }
                                       -Specs-                                                         -Specs-                                                      -Specs-
                                    17' 6" Length                                                   16' 6" Length                                                17' 6" Length
                                    ------ Rocker                                                   ------ Rocker                                                ------ Rocker

                                      -Depth-                                                         -Depth-                                                      -Depth-
                                    20 ½" Bow                                                       18 ½" Bow                                                    19"   Bow
                                    13 ½" Center                                                    13 ½" Center                                                 14"   Center
                                    17"   Stern                                                     16"   Stern                                                  16"   Stern

                                      -Width-                                                         -Width-                                                      -Width-
                                    33"   Gunwale                                                   29 ½" Gunwale                                                21 ½" Gunwale
                                    33"   Waterline                                                 30"   Waterline                                              27 ½" Waterline
                                    34 ½" Maximum                                                   33 ½" Maximum                                                28 ¾" Maximum

                                      -Weight-                                                        -Weight-                                                     -Weight-
                                    41 lb Graphite Ultra-light                                      41 lb Graphite Ultra-light                                   33 lb Graphite Ultra-light
                                    41 lb Kevlar Ultra-light                                        42 lb Kevlar Ultra-light                                     34 lb Kevlar Ultra-light
                                    53 lb Kevlar Flex-core                                          51 lb Kevlar Flex-core                                       46 lb Kevlar Flex-core
                                    ------ Barracuda                                                ------ Barracuda                                             ------ Barracuda
                                    57 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core                                       55 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core                                    51 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core
                                    ------ Royalex                                                  ------ Royalex                                               ------ Royalex

     -Performance Touring-                                              -Performance Touring-                                          -Performance Touring-



     The Escape is a shorter version of the                             The Escapade defines efficiency and                            Designed for a solo paddler with big
     popular Minnesota II, with similar lines                           superb performance in one compact                              plans, the Voyager is at home on large
     and the increased maneuverability that                             package. We redesigned this one a                              lakes and rivers. If you're looking for
     comes along with a shorter canoe. Our                              couple years ago, reshaping the bow                            a Solo that will take on the Great Salt
     medium sized performance tandem, it's                              and stern to improve efficiency, and                           Lake, Lake Powell, the big reservoirs
     a very versatile craft.                                            adding more tumblehome to make solo                            of Tennessee, or any waters like them,
                                                                        paddling easier.                                               this is your canoe.
     The Escape is a sleek performance
     canoe that will paddle well on streams                             The Escapade is a good fit for smaller                         This hull is the solo version of the
     and rivers, as well as larger lakes. It has                        paddlers, those who pack light, and all                        legendary Minnesota II — incredibly
     fair depth and width to hold plenty                                people who prefer a shorter canoe. At                          efficient, straight tracking and capable
     of gear, while its flared bow and extra                            16'6" you can add a center seat to make it                     of carrying two weeks gear. Loaded or
     depth at bow and stern keeps you dry                               a maneuverable solo, as this is the most                       empty, it’s the benchmark boat of its
     in the choppiest waters.                                           friendly length to switch between solo                         class.
                                                                        and tandem paddling. Truly a superior
                                                                        hull design and a great paddling canoe.

         Kev Flex - Ivory - Silver Alum -                                   Tuf-weave - Caribbean - Silver Alum -                          Kev UL - Skin - Wood -
         Bucket, Sliding Bow - Foot Brace                                   Cane, Hung; Center Adjustable - Removable Yoke                 Cane, Hung - Foot Brace

     Efficiency                                                         Efficiency                                                     Efficiency
     Maneuverability                                                    Maneuverability                                                Maneuverability
     Capacity                                                           Capacity                                                       Capacity
     Stability                                                          Stability                                                      Stability
     Seaworthy                                                          Seaworthy                                                      Seaworthy

     COMPOSITE Color Options                                            COMPOSITE Color Options                                        COMPOSITE Color Options

                                                                      { Performance Touring }                                                                                            24
             Michael Furtman sneaks photos
             from his Fusion on Bear Lake
             near Barnum, MN.
             Photo: michaelfurtman.com

     Sports and Leisure
     Sports & Leisure Canoes are designed for people with a purpose — fishermen,
     hunters, photographers, bird watchers and others who want a stable canoe
     that’s easy to maneuver and manage in and out of the water.

     Sports & Leisure hulls are relatively short (17’ or less), and wide, with at
     least 14 inches of depth. They have full bottoms for a solid “footprint” in the
     water, making them stable and secure for paddling with active children or
     a jumpy dog. Deep enough to haul all the gear you need, they’ll remain
     seaworthy in choppy water.

                                                  -Specs-                                                                   -Specs-
                                               13'    Length                                                             12' 6" Length
                                               ------ Rocker                                                             ------ Rocker

                                                 -Depth-                                                                   -Depth-
                                               15 ½" Bow                                                                 16"   Bow
                                               12"   Center                                                              12"   Center
                                               15"   Stern                                                               16"   Stern

                                                 -Width-                                                                   -Width-
                                               31"   Gunwale                                                             27 ½" Gunwale
                                               28 ½" Waterline                                                           24"   Waterline
                                               31"   Maximum                                                             27 ½" Maximum

                                                -Weight-                                                                  -Weight-
                                               30 lb Kevlar                                                              29 lb Kevlar
                                               40 lb Barracuda                                                           37 lb Barracuda
                                               46 lb Royalex
                                               *Optional rudder
                                                adds 4 lb.

     -Sports & Leisure-                                                      -Sports & Leisure-

                                                                    Wee Lassie

     The Fusion is a uniquely designed solo                                  The Wee Lassie is a classic Adirondack-
     blending features of both a canoe and                                   style solo canoe, from back in the day
     kayak for recreation and fishing. It can                                when different regions of the country
     be paddled with a double or single                                      favored distinct styles. It’s a civilized
     blade paddle and its foot controlled                                    canoe that takes well to smaller lakes
     rudder makes maneuvering a cinch. The                                   and rivers like those found in the
     padded seat with high back rest comes                                   northeast.
     standard and allows for hours of comfort.
                                                                             The floor-mounted seat includes a
     The Fusion runs drier and holds more                                    height and angle adjustable back rest
     gear than any fishing kayak, while                                      for comfort and paddling ease. Because
     keeping all your gear readily accessible.                               the hull has little depth it performs well
     Designed for personal accessorization of                                with a kayak paddle and at 29 pounds,
     rod holders and storage trays for a truly                               the Wee Lassie is one of the lightest
     customized craft. Rudder is optional.                                   canoes you’ll ever find.

           Kevlar - Skin - Black Alum -                                            Kevlar - Black Alum -
           GCI Sitbacker - SmartTrack Rudder                                       Bucket, Floor Mounted - Backsaver - Foot Brace

         Efficiency                                                              Efficiency
         Maneuverability                                                         Maneuverability
         Capacity                                                                Capacity
         Stability                                                               Stability
         Seaworthy                                                               Seaworthy

     ROYALEX® Color Options

                                                        { Sports and Leisure }                                                             26
                                                     -Specs-                                                                           -Specs-
                                                   17'   Length                                                                      16'   Length
                                                   1"    Rocker                                                                      1 ¼" Rocker

                                                     -Depth-                                                                           -Depth-
                                                   20"   Bow                                                                         19"   Bow
                                                   14"   Center                                                                      13"   Center
                                                   20"   Stern                                                                       17"   Stern

                                                     -Width-                                                                           -Width-
                                                   36 ½" Gunwale                                                                     38"   Gunwale
                                                   35"   Waterline                                                                   38"   Waterline
                                                   36 ½" Maximum                                                                     40"   Maximum

                                                     -Weight-                                                                          -Weight-
                                                   ------ Graphite Ultra-light                                                       ------ Graphite Ultra-light
                                                   42 lb Kevlar Ultra-light                                                          39 lb Kevlar Ultra-light
                                                   53 lb Kevlar Flex-core                                                            51 lb Kevlar Flex-core
                                                   ------ Barracuda                                                                  ------ Barracuda
                                                   58 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core                                                         55 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core
                                                   ------ Royalex                                                                    68 lb Royalex

                   -Sports & Leisure-                                                       -Sports & Leisure-
     Boundary Waters


                   Fishermen, families, and new paddlers                                    If your sporting plans call for a lot of
                   will enjoy the Boundary Waters’ easy                                     gear, tackle, decoys, and a dog, the
                   paddling, super stability, and capacity.                                 Kingfisher is your canoe. It’s a great boat
                   It will serve you well on an afternoon                                   for catching sharks and snook in the no
                   paddle or a two-week trip. The extra                                     motor zones of the Everglades or just
                   fullness throughout the middle lets you                                  taking the kids fishing for blue gills at
                   carry a lot of gear when you need to.                                    the lake.

                   The bow and stern heights are low to                                     This recreational hull is extremely stable
                   catch less wind. Just don’t let the name                                 and very comfortable for larger paddlers.
                   fool you — this boat works great on all                                  You can easily get in and out with your
                   rivers and lakes. The Boundary Waters                                    waders on and there's no need to worry
                   comes standard with curved hung web                                      about stability when shooting out of
                   seats for added comfort.                                                 this canoe. It’s two feet longer than the
                                                                                            Fisherman and has more capacity, but at
                                                                                            16 feet it’s still easy to maneuver.

                       Kev Flex - Green - Wood -                                                  Royalex - Spruce - Black Vinyl -
                       Cane, Hung                                                                 Web, Hung

                   Efficiency                                                                   Efficiency
                   Maneuverability                                                              Maneuverability
                   Capacity                                                                     Capacity
                   Stability                                                                    Stability
                   Seaworthy                                                                    Seaworthy

                   COMPOSITE Color Options                                                  ROYALEX® Color Options

                                                                                            COMPOSITE Color Options

27                                                                 { Sports and Leisure }
                                              -Specs-                                                                       -Specs-
                                            14'   Length                                                                  15'   Length
                                            1 ¼" Rocker                                                                   1 ¾" Rocker

                                              -Depth-                                                                       -Depth-
                                            19"   Bow                                                                     19 ½" Bow
                                            14"   Center                                                                  16"   Center
                                            18"   Stern                                                                   17 ¼" Stern

                                              -Width-                                                                       -Width-
                                            37"   Gunwale                                                                 41"   Gunwale
                                            37 ½" Waterline                                                               37 ½" Waterline
                                            39"   Maximum                                                                 41"   Maximum

                                              -Weight-                                                                      -Weight-
                                            ------ Graphite Ultra-light                                                   ------ Graphite Ultra-light
                                            36 lb Kevlar Ultra-light                                                      52 lb Kevlar Ultra-light
                                            46 lb Kevlar Flex-core                                                        64 lb Kevlar Flex-core
                                            ------ Barracuda                                                              ------ Barracuda
                                            ------ Tuf-weave Flex-core                                                    70 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core
                                            59 lb Royalex                                                                 79 lb Royalex

        -Sports & Leisure-                                                          -Sports & Leisure-


        This short, wide, and light weight                                          The Backwater square stern canoe is for
        tandem canoe is stable enough to "set                                       sportsmen with motorized intentions.
        the screws" to a 6 pound largemouth                                         The rigid aluminum and wood mounting
        bass or relax in as you watch a sunset                                      bracket makes for quick and easy addition
        from the lake.                                                              of a small motor.

        The slightly rockered bottom makes                                          Sized for two people and a load of gear,
        the Fisherman maneuverable, while the                                       it works great for duck hunting shallow
        boat’s shallow draft will get you into                                      backwater marshes or float fishing
        places other boats only desire to go.                                       rocky rivers. Available in our ultra tough
        Keep it at camp or at the lake house.                                       Royalex or light weight composite
        Kids and other light weight paddlers                                        constructions.
        will feel secure in the Fisherman.

            Kev UL - Skin - Silver Alum -                                              Royalex - Spruce - Black Vinyl -
            Web, Hung                                                                  Web, Hung

        Efficiency                                                                  Efficiency
        Maneuverability                                                             Maneuverability
        Capacity                                                                    Capacity
        Stability                                                                   Stability
        Seaworthy                                                                   Seaworthy

        ROYALEX® Color Options                                                      ROYALEX® Color Options

        COMPOSITE Color Options                                                     COMPOSITE Color Options

                                                           { Sports and Leisure }                                                                       28
     Down River
     Our versatile Down River canoes give you a solid advantage in all kinds of
     moving water, from the shallow sweeps of prairie rivers like the Niobrara to
     the meandering currents of smaller rivers like the Root River in Southeast

     These versatile boats differ in capacity, but all have at least two inches of
     rocker, generous flare to the sides and depth in the hull. More rocker equals
     greater maneuverability — a valuable characteristic in moving water. It also
     softens the effects of crossing sharp eddy lines, where contrary currents
     tug at your canoe. Down River canoes are also deep enough to run dry in
     lesser grade rapids and stable and seaworthy enough to not be bothered
     by external forces when handling quick moving waters.

                       Outdoor writer Conor Mihell solo
                       paddles the Prospector 16 on
                       icy Marina Lake in the Temagami
                       region of Northern Ontario.
                       Photo: Aaron Peterson

                                                  -Specs-                                                                -Specs-                                                       -Specs-
                                                16'   Length                                                           15'   Length                                                  14' 6" Length
                                                2 ½" Rocker                                                            2 ½" Rocker                                                   2 ½"-1" Rocker

                                                  -Depth-                                                                -Depth-                                                       -Depth-
                                                25"   Bow                                                              24"   Bow                                                     18"   Bow
                                                15"   Center                                                           14"   Center                                                  13 ½" Center
                                                25"   Stern                                                            24"   Stern                                                   16"   Stern

                                                  -Width-                                                                -Width-                                                       -Width-
                                                36"   Gunwale                                                          35 ¾" Gunwale                                                 27"   Gunwale
                                                33"   Waterline                                                        33"   Waterline                                               27"   Waterline
                                                37"   Maximum                                                          37"   Maximum                                                 30 ¼" Maximum

                                                  -Weight-                                                               -Weight-                                                      -Weight-
                                                ------ Graphite Ultra-light                                            ------ Graphite Ultra-light                                   ------ Graphite Ultra-light
                                                40 lb Kevlar Ultra-light                                               38 lb Kevlar Ultra-light                                      30 lb Kevlar Ultra-light
                                                52 lb Kevlar Flex-core                                                 48 lb Kevlar Flex-core                                        43 lb Kevlar Flex-core
                                                ------ Barracuda                                                       ------ Barracuda                                              ------ Barracuda
                                                56 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core                                              52 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core                                     ------ Tuf-weave Flex-core
                                                68 lb Royalex                                                          59 lb Royalex                                                 47 lb Royalex

            -Down River-                                                             -Down River-                                                         -Down River-
Prospector 16

                                                                         Prospector 15


            The original Prospector was a river-                                     We designed the Prospector 15 especially                             The Argosy is made for solo exploration
            running boat known as the work horse                                     to maneuver easily, carry ample gear                                 of rivers and streams, whether paddling
            of the North. This proven down river                                     and run dry through lesser whitewater,                               the Missouri River at dawn or running
            hull is our version of the classic design,                               such as rapids and riffles that are common                           the riffles and eddies of the Shenandoah.
            and the closest thing to the original                                    on small winding rivers. Yet you’ll be                               It’s nimble enough to carry you through
            that money can buy. It’s a stable hull for                               pleased with its performance on lakes,                               cross currents and over eddylines.
            rivers and streams — with ample rocker,                                  as well.
            it’s quick to turn.                                                                                                                           It has added depth and volume to
                                                                                     This Prospector is one-foot shorter                                  handle rough water and even whitewater,
            Because of the symmetrical shape of                                      and slightly wider than our Prospector                               and plenty of rocker in the keel for
            the hull, a solo paddler loaded with                                     16. It has a steeply rockered hull for                               maneuverability. The Argosy’s ability
            gear could make good progress by                                         extreme maneuverability, extra depth                                 to lean predictably in tight turns builds
            turning around in the bow seat and                                       for confidence, and plenty of stability.                             confidence. We recommend it to
            paddling backward. The Prospector 16                                     The Prospector 15 comes standard                                     intermediate and advanced paddlers.
            comes standard with curved hung web                                      with curved hung web seats for added
            seats for added comfort.                                                 comfort.

                Royalex - Red - Black Vinyl -                                            Royalex - Spruce - Black Vinyl -                                     Kev Flex - Burgundy - Silver Alum -
                Curved Web, Hung                                                         Curved Web, Hung                                                     Web, Hung Adjustable - Foot Brace

            Efficiency                                                               Efficiency                                                           Efficiency
            Maneuverability                                                          Maneuverability                                                      Maneuverability
            Capacity                                                                 Capacity                                                             Capacity
            Stability                                                                Stability                                                            Stability
            Seaworthy                                                                Seaworthy                                                            Seaworthy

            ROYALEX® Color Options                                                   ROYALEX® Color Options                                               ROYALEX® Color Options

            COMPOSITE Color Options                                                  COMPOSITE Color Options                                              COMPOSITE Color Options

                                                                                            { Down River }                                                                                                    30
                                                          Dana and Tammy navigate a
                                                          Rogue through a set of rapids on
                                                          the Androscoggin River in NH.
                                                          Photo: Ember Photography

                                                                                                                                 17' 6" Length
                                                                                                                                 2"     Rocker

                                                                                                                                 21"   Bow
                                                                                                                                 15"   Center
                                                                                                                                 20"   Stern

                                                                                                                                 36 ½" Gunwale
                                                                                                                                 33 ½" Waterline
                                                                                                                                 36 ½" Maximum

                                                                                                                                 ------ Graphite Ultra-light
                                                                                                                                 ------ Kevlar Ultra-light
                                                                                                                                 ------ Kevlar Flex-core
                                                                                                                                 ------ Barracuda
                                                                                                                                 ------ Tuf-weave Flex-core
                                                                                                                                 75 lb Royalex

                                                                                                   To take on big brawling wilderness
                                                                                                   rivers like the Yukon or the Flathead,
                                                                                                   you need solid skills and a very capable,
                                                                                                   capacious canoe. The Cascade is our
                                                                                                   largest whitewater tandem suited

                   Angela paddles a Kestrel                                                        perfectly for extended whitewater trips.
                   140 on a small lake in WI.
                   Photo: Jake Greseth
                                                                                                   It has a deep, flared hull to run dry, a
                                                                                                   heavily rockered keel line for maneu-
     In swift rivers, rocky creeks, swollen flowages and wherever                                  verability, exceptional buoyancy, and
     the water runs wild, our Whitewater canoes keep you high and                                  capacity. Fully rig the Cascade with float
                                                                                                   bags and tie down straps to make it the
     dry, while delivering the joy and exhilaration that drew you out                              ultimate whitewater assault canoe.

     These tough canoes are the real deal, with steeply rockered
     keel lines for superb maneuverability, whether you’re slipping
     down rocky Class III waters in Wisconsin or plunging down                                         Royalex - Spruce - Black Vinyl -
                                                                                                       Web, Hung
     the big open flows of the West. The shallow arched hulls
     are contoured for final stability in hard leans, while the deep                               Maneuverability
     hulls and flared bow and stern sections keep the water outside                                Capacity
     where it belongs.                                                                             Seaworthy

                                                                                                  ROYALEX® Color Options

                                         -Specs-                                                          -Specs-                                                        -Specs-
                                       16'   Length                                                     15' 8" Length                                                  13'   Length
                                       3"    Rocker                                                     2 ½" Rocker                                                    6"+   Rocker

                                         -Depth-                                                          -Depth-                                                        -Depth-
                                       24 ½" Bow                                                        21"   Bow                                                      18 ½" Bow
                                       16"   Center                                                     15"   Center                                                   15 ½" Center
                                       23 ½" Stern                                                      20"   Stern                                                    17"   Stern

                                         -Width-                                                          -Width-                                                        -Width-
                                       35 ¼" Gunwale                                                    28"   Gunwale                                                  28"   Gunwale
                                       33"   Waterline                                                  29"   Waterline                                                29"   Waterline
                                       36"   Maximum                                                    31"   Maximum                                                  29"   Maximum

                                         -Weight-                                                         -Weight-                                                       -Weight-
                                       ------ Graphite Ultra-light                                      ------ Graphite Ultra-light                                    ------ Graphite Ultra-light
                                       ------ Kevlar Ultra-light                                        ------ Kevlar Ultra-light                                      ------ Kevlar Ultra-light
                                       ------ Kevlar Flex-core                                          ------ Kevlar Flex-core                                        ------ Kevlar Flex-core
                                       ------ Barracuda                                                 ------ Barracuda                                               ------ Barracuda
                                       ------ Tuf-weave Flex-core                                       ------ Tuf-weave Flex-core                                     ------ Tuf-weave Flex-core
                                       69 lb Royalex                                                    59 lb Royalex                                                  57 lb Royalex

    -Whitewater-                                                         -Whitewater-                                                     -Whitewater-



    To maneuver among the rocks, holes                                   This whitewater hull is a zesty play boat                        New for 2012, the Recon is a broad
    and standing waves of the famous                                     when it’s empty or lightly loaded, and                           spectrum whitewater canoe for old-
    North Carolina whitewater destinations                               a workhorse when packed for solo                                 schoolers to up-and-comers. Nothing
    or the coastal rivers of Oregon and Cali-                            whitewater trips. The Rendezvous runs                            too tricky or extreme, the Recon is a
    fornia you need a boat that can power                                dry, is buoyant in the bow, and has                              welcoming platform for those who
    turn in small spaces, like the Rogue.                                plenty of freeboard.                                             have been-there, done-that before and
                                                                                                                                          want to go back and do it again. For the
    Our shortest whitewater canoe, we’ve                                 Its unique shape and tumblehome                                  aspiring whitewater open boater this
    given the Rogue more depth to run                                    make for effective paddling. This agile,                         canoe offers a superior experience for
    dry, a flared bow for extra buoyancy                                 seaworthy canoe performs brilliantly on                          skill development and a canoe they’ll
    and a highly rockered keel to maneuver                               technical rivers, huge open flows, and                           never outgrow. Run rivers, surf waves,
    in technical and flowing rivers. It's our                            everything in between.                                           rediscover the fun, or introduce yourself
    most exciting ride in the whitewater                                                                                                  to new freedoms and excitement.
    family.                                                                                                                               Offered standard as a hull only for
                                                                                                                                          personal customizing, visit our website
                                                                                                                                          to learn about a full outfitting package
                                                                                                                                          including adjustable pedestal seat, knee
                                                                                                                                          cups, and ankle blocks.
        Royalex - Burgundy - Black Vinyl -                                   Royalex - Burgundy - Black Vinyl -                               Royalex - Red - Black Vinyl
        Web, Hung                                                            Web, Hung Adjustable

    Efficiency                                                           Efficiency                                                       Efficiency
    Maneuverability                                                      Maneuverability                                                  Maneuverability
    Capacity                                                             Capacity                                                         Capacity
    Stability                                                            Stability                                                        Stability
    Seaworthy                                                            Seaworthy                                                        Seaworthy

    ROYALEX® Color Options                                               ROYALEX® Color Options                                           ROYALEX® Color Options

                                                                                { Whitewater }                                                                                                 32
     If you dream of exploring Baker Lake in the Arctic or heading to the far
     reaches of the Quetico, take a look at our Expedition canoes — they turn
     dreams into tangible realities.

     These long, deep hulls are built to go the distance and perform well under
     all kinds of conditions. They have the ability to hold heavy loads and are
     contoured for efficient paddling when packed full. They’re seaworthy
     when wind and spray kick up, so your gear stays dry.

                                                                                                                           Angela paddles a Kestrel
                                                                                                                           140 on a small lake in WI.
                                                                                                                           Photo: Jake Greseth

                                                                      Dave Freeman portages an Itasca around Napie
                    Angela paddles a Kestrel                          Falls on the Taltson River, Northwest Territories,
                    140 on a small lake in WI.                        before continuing on the North American Odyssey,
                    Photo: Jake Greseth                               a 11,700 mile journey across North America by
                                                                      canoe, kayak and dogsled.
                                                                      Photo: Amy Freeman

                                                                      Follow their extraordinary expedition at

                                          -Specs-                                                                        -Specs-
                                        19'   Length                                                                  17'    Length
                                        1 ½" Rocker                                                                   ------ Rocker

                                          -Depth-                                                                       -Depth-
                                        21 ½" Bow                                                                     19"   Bow
                                        15"   Center                                                                  14"   Center
                                        19"   Stern                                                                   16"   Stern

                                          -Width-                                                                       -Width-
                                        36 ½" Gunwale                                                                 25"   Gunwale
                                        34 ¼" Waterline                                                               29"   Waterline
                                        37"   Maximum                                                                 31 ½" Maximum

                                          -Weight-                                                                      -Weight-
                                        ------ Graphite Ultra-light                                                   ------ Graphite Ultra-light
                                        49 lb Kevlar Ultra-light                                                      38 lb Kevlar Ultra-light
                                        61 lb Kevlar Flex-core                                                        48 lb Kevlar Flex-core
                                        ------ Barracuda                                                              ------ Barracuda
                                        65 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core                                                     54 lb Tuf-weave Flex-core
                                        ------ Royalex                                                                ------ Royalex

     -Expedition-                                                              -Expedition-


     The Itasca is a tandem performance                                        Go ahead, plan your trip — circumnavigate
     touring canoe that’s built to carry                                       Prince Edward Island, or cruise the St.
     expedition gear through wind and                                          Lawrence to the sea. The Encounter was
     waves. This long, seaworthy hull tracks                                   created for long, solo expeditions with
     superbly, carries loads and glides                                        ample gear. It tracks straight and carries
     far — it’s the right boat for extreme                                     weight easily over rough water.
     exploring, coastal touring, and week
     long adventures.                                                          Roomy enough for large people and
                                                                               buoyant enough for heavy loads, the
     The wide midsection of the Itasca’s 19                                    Encounter is a specially engineered
     foot hull allows for big loads, yet makes                                 craft. But it’s engineered for comfort,
     paddling easy because the sides curve                                     too — with the standard sliding bucket
     in at the gunwales to allow an easy                                       seat and foot braces, you can easily adjust
     reach to the water. The standard wood                                     the canoe to fit you and your load.
     gunwales add strength and beauty to
     this unique design.

         Kevlar UL - Skin - Wood -                                                Kevlar Flex - Red - Silver Alum -
         Bucket, Sliding - Foot Brace                                             Bucket, Sliding - Foot Brace

     Efficiency                                                                Efficiency
     Maneuverability                                                           Maneuverability
     Capacity                                                                  Capacity
     Stability                                                                 Stability
     Seaworthy                                                                 Seaworthy

     COMPOSITE Color Options                                                   COMPOSITE Color Options

                                                              { Expedition }                                                                        34
                                                           Dana and Tank paddle a Canak
                                                           thru the trees on the flooded
                                                           upper Mississippi River.
                                                           Photo: Jake Greseth

     Decked Canoes
     Sometimes the best canoe for the job, isn't a canoe after all. Our signature
     decked canoes are hybrid boat designs that pack, paddle, and portage like
     canoes. These are perfect crafts for places like the Boundary Waters Canoe
     Area or Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

     The hull designs are distinctively canoe shaped, while the decks come fully
     equipped with bungee, paddle parks, and carry handles. The short deck
     height allows easy paddling with either a canoe or kayak paddle. The
     cockpits feature our floor mounted sliding bucket seat to allow for easy
     trim adjustment no matter the size load. You'll be the talk of the water in
     your decked out Wenonah Canak (or Mini).

                                                                                                                                         -Featured Accessory-

                                                                                                                                           Canak Spray Tray
                                                                                                                                     This heavy 400-denier nylon spray tray provides
                                                                                                                                     a work surface while it shades your legs and
                                                                                                                                     sheds paddle drips. Mesh top pocket keeps
                                                                                                                                     your map, water bottle, snacks and other small
                                                                                                                                     items in easy reach. A larger mesh pocket under
                                                                                                                                          the deck provides additional storage.

                                                       -Specs-                                                                         -Specs-
                                                    16'    Length                                                                   15'    Length
                                                    ------ Rocker                                                                   ------ Rocker

                                                      -Depth-                                                                         -Depth-
                                                    16"   Bow                                                                       13 ½" Bow
                                                    12 ½" Center                                                                    12 ½" Center
                                                    14"   Stern                                                                     13 ½" Stern

                                                       -Width-                                                                         -Width-
                                                    ------ Gunwale                                                                  ------ Gunwale
                                                    27"    Waterline                                                                26 ½" Waterline
                                                    30"    Maximum                                                                  29"    Maximum

                                                    -Hatches-                                                                       -Hatches-
                                                    41" x 21"     Cockpit                                                           40" x 20"   Cockpit
                                                    45 ½" x 19 ½" Bow Hatch                                                         43" x 17 ½" Bow Hatch
                                                    43" x 16 ½" Stern Hatch                                                         43" x 17 ½" Stern Hatch

                                                     -Weight-                                                                        -Weight-
                                                    42 lb Kevlar                                                                    39 lb Kevlar Ultra-light

    -Decked Canoe-                                                                       -Decked Canoe-

                                                                                Mini Canak

    With a hull shape similar to that of our                                             New for 2012, the Wenonah Canoe Mini
    most popular solo canoe, the Prism,                                                  Canak is the little sister to our popular
    the Canak is great for solo lake camping                                             and proven Canak. Comfortable to
    when the capacity of a canoe is needed,                                              paddle with either a double or single
    and the touring ability of a kayak is                                                blade paddle the Mini offers improved
    desired. The one-of-a-kind bow and stern                                             maneuverability in close quarters, while
    storage compartments are spacious and                                                still delivering efficient tracking in open
    more accessible than standard kayak                                                  lake crossings. The duel water resistant
    hatches for easy loading and unloading                                               hatch covers reduce windage and offer
    of canoe camping sized packs, while                                                  a dry ride. Whether your BWCA or NFCT
    the slip over covers provide a dry ride                                              tripping or just out for a Thursday night
    no matter the weather conditions. The                                                paddle, the Mini is great fun. The Mini
    floor mounted sliding seat and adjustable                                            Canak comes with a floor mounted
    SmartTrack foot braces make this boat as                                             sliding seat, SmartTrack foot braces,
    comfortable as any large cockpit kayak.                                              and hatch covers. Chose from our eight
    Chose from our eight composite colors                                                composite colors for the deck, the hull
    for the deck, the hull is skin coat.                                                 is skin coat. No options.
    No options.
          Kevlar - Red / Skin - Black -                                                        Kevlar - Green / Skin - Black -
          Bucket, Sliding - SmartTrack Foot Brace                                              Bucket, Sliding - SmartTrack Foot Brace

        Efficiency                                                                           Efficiency
        Maneuverability                                                                      Maneuverability
        Capacity                                                                             Capacity
        Stability                                                                            Stability
        Seaworthy                                                                            Seaworthy

    COMPOSITE Color Options                                                              COMPOSITE Color Options

                                                                       { Decked Canoes }                                                                                               36
                                                                          To see the whole line of Wenonah
                                                                          accessories, apparel, and price info
                                                                          visit www.wenonah.com.
                                                                          For info on replacement parts
     Pro Lite Elbow                                                       or to order call 507-454-5430
     The unique blend of composite                                        M-F 8-4:30pm CST.
     materials make this paddle incredibly stiff, light,
     and aesthetically appealing.
     8 5/8 Blade, 10° Offset, Lengths: 50", 51", 52", 53", 54", Un-cut
     Weight: 14 oz.                                                                                       Tie-down Straps
                                                                                                          Use with a rack or foam blocks.
                                                                                                          12' strap. Heavy duty, padded
                                                                                                          buckle. Sold individually.
     This Ultra-light elbow is made from
     the highest grade all-graphite content
     making it exceptionally light and stiff.                             Foam Block Kit
     8 5/8 Blade, 12° Offset, Lengths: 50”, 51”, 52”, 53”, 54”, Un-cut    4 foam blocks, 3 nylon
     Weight: 11 oz.                                                       ropes, and a 12' tie-down
                                                                          strap. Specify for composite
                                                                          canoe or Royalex® canoe.

     An ideal all graphite bent shaft
     paddle for performance and recreational use.
     8 5/8" Blade, 10° Offset, Lengths: 50", 51", 52", 53", 54", Un-cut
     Weight: 14 oz.
                                                                          Deluxe Foam
                                                                          Block Kit
                                                                          4 foam blocks, two 13'
                                                                          over-the-hull straps, two
     BLACK LITE STRAIGHT                                                  extra-long 18' two-piece
     The all graphite straight-shaft version                              bow/stern tie-downs with
     of the Black Lite paddle is lighter than                             cam buckles, and storage
     the top-of-the-line wood paddles and more durable.                   duffle.
     8 5/8" Blade, Lengths: 50", 51", 52", 53", 54", 56", Un-cut
     Weight: 17 oz

                                                                                                          Double Pocket
                                                                                                          Paddle Bag
     BOUNDARY WATERS                                                                                      Heavy-duty nylon, padded bag
     This general touring elbow                                                                           with handle and zipper. Two
     paddle has a Urethane tipped blade                                                                   pockets hold two 56" canoe
     with a layer of fiberglass and resin on both                                                         paddles or a 2 pc kayak paddle.
     sides for extra resistance to damage.
     8" Blade, 12° Offset, Lengths: 50", 52", 54"
     Weight: 23 oz.                                                       Bolt-on Sling Style
                                                                          Bolt-on mounting with easy
                                                                          side-to-side adjustment by
     QUETICO                                                              loosening the bolt. 1lb.
     Durable elbow paddle
     designed by Mike Cichanowski.
     A great paddle for touring and wilderness tripping.                  Clamp-on Yoke Pads
     8" Blade, 10° Offset, Lengths: 48", 50", 52", 54"                    Pads clamp on firmly and can be
     Weight: 22 oz.                                                       placed where you like.
                                                                          Two pads. 1 lb.

     This high quality straight                                           Removable Yoke for Solo Canoes
     shaft is an excellent all-around paddle.                             Light weight aluminum with sling style pads.
     7" Blade, Lengths: 52”, 54”, 56", 57”, 60”                           Adjustable side-to-side. Available for bucket and
     Weight: 20 oz.                                                       web seats, hung and pedestal mount. 2 lbs.

     A favorite of canoe liveries,
     also great for anywhere a paddle would
     receive rough handling. Aluminum shaft,
     plastic blade and hand grip.
     7 ¾" Blade, Lengths: 51", 54", 57", 60"
     Weight: 30 oz.

                                   White Water Outfitting

                                   Flotation Bags                       Adjustable Thigh                       Tie Down Strap Kit
                                   Made of tough nylon/vinyl and        Strap System                           for Flotation Bags
                                   offered in different sizes. Please   Kit comes with two 2" wide             50 ft. lacing with 2-center
                                   specify your Wenonah model           adjustable thigh straps with           straps, 2-end straps, 6-D-
Books and DVDs
                                   when ordering.                       Fastex® buckles, four adjustable       rings, 28 eyelets, washers
Visit www.wenonah.com to see
                                                                        anchors and knee pad set.              and screws.
our full line of books and DVDs.

Backsaver Folding
                                   Foot Brace                                               Clamp on Oar Locks
Backrest                           Aluminum footbrace                                       These heavy duty Sea Eagle
Made exclusively                   rivets to any hull and                                   Oar Locks work on any
for Wenonah by                     is fully adjustable for                                  Royalex Wenonah Canoe
Cush-Gear. Adjusts                 paddler size. Available                                  with vinyl gunwales.
in height and angle                in natural and black
for a comfortable fit.             aluminum.
Folds down for storage.
Specify solo or tandem
and bench or bucket seat.          Kneeling Pad                                             Canoe Neckless
Silver or black aluminum.          1/2” thick high                                          Hand crafted, canoe or
                                   density foam knee                                        kayak necklace created
                                   pad. 31.5”x11.75”.                                       by northwoods artist
                                                                                            Rik Pauli. Sterling silver
                                                                                            pendants on a nylon
Bucket Seat Backband                                                                        sport-cord.
Attaches to crossbars on our
side mounted bucket
seats. Not recommended             Heavy Duty
for floor mounted or               Canoe Cart
sliding seats.                     Perfect for larger and
                                   heavier canoes for use in
                                   rough terrain. Carries up
Super Seat
                                   to 300 lbs. 9 lbs.
Easily strap to seat
and adjust for angle.
Available for bench and
bucket seats.
                                   Maintenance & Repair
                                   We have a variety of                                                          Canoe Caddy
                                   maintenance and repair                                                        Compact, collapsible,
Seat Pad                           kits for your canoe.                                                          and the axle-less frame
Self inflating nylon                                                                                             clears many obstacles.
                                   Visit our website
covered seat pad with                                                                                            8 lbs.
                                   for more information.
buckle straps. Fits bench
                                   •SKID PLATE KIT
Bucket Seat                        •SCRATCH AND GOUGE REPAIR KIT
Cushion                                                                                     Tin Signs
3/8" thick, slip over foam         •FIBERGLASS REPAIR KIT                                   A Wenonah trademark,
pad fits our bucket seat.                                                                   visit www.wenonah.com
                                   •KEVLAR REPAIR KIT                                       to see our full tin sign
                                   •GEL-COAT REPAIR KIT                                     collection.

Drop-in Seat                       •ROYALEX TOUCH-UP SPRAY
Quick, temporary way
to add a seat for a third          •SPF-50 FIBERGLASS HULL FINISH
person or to paddle a
                                   •303 UV PROTECTANT
tandem solo. Telescopes
32-38". Gunwale clamps
sold separately.

Wenonah Canoe Inc.
PO Box 247
Winona, MN 55987

Phone: 507-454-5430
Fax: 507-454-5448

To locate a retailer, register your boat, download an owners manual,
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