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                                        Printed in USA                                       08/08-10M
One of the fastest growing segments of the
construction industry is decorative concrete.
                                                                                                       Our GREEN LINE, GreenSpec and OTC Products Signify
From exciting new concrete projects to stunning                                                         Environmentally Safe, Green Building Performance
renovations, decorative concrete has become
an attractive option. Stamped
concrete, acid stains, dyes,
                                                                                                    GREEN LINE
                                                                                                    For over 25 years, W. R. MEADOWS has been formulating and manufacturing
exposed aggregate –                                                                                 environmentally friendly products. Our GREEN LINE brand offers water-based
                                                                                                    formulations with low VOC contents, signifying environmentally safe products.
the styles of decorative
                                                                                                    Please request our GREEN LINE brochure for more information.
concrete are endless.
To make sure your
new decorative
                                                                                                    Several of our products have been listed in the GreenSpec directory, a top
concrete project                                                                                    directory of green building products. Only the top 5-10% of green building
has a look that lasts,                                                                              products are listed in the directory, and W. R. MEADOWS is proud to have
                                                                                                    several products listed, including DECK-O-SHIELD and TOP-STOP.
use the family of

decorative sealers.
W. R. MEADOWS                                                                                       OTC PRODUCTS
                                                                                                    CS-309-OTC and CS-309-25 OTC have been formulated for the Northeast U.S. to meet their demanding
                                                                                                    restrictions on VOC content. However, these products may also be used throughout the world wherever
                                                                                                    a low VOC content, solvent-based product is necessary.
Your style is
decorative concrete
creativity. Our substance is                                                                        LEED INFORMATION
premium-grade concrete protection.                                                                  The use of W. R. MEADOWS products in green building can help the project earn LEED credits to qualify
                                                                                                    for LEED certification. LEED certification in commercial projects is in demand. However, LEED certification
                                                                                                    is now becoming more popular in residential building, where most decorative concrete projects are
Together – a winning combination.
                                                                                                    appearing. The use of our sealers can help contribute to the following LEED credits:

                                                                                                       • EQ Credit 4.2: Low-Emitting Materials: Paints & Coatings
The Products
                                                                                                       • MR Credit 5.1: Regional Materials: 10% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally
FOR ALL YOUR SEALING NEEDS, WE HAVE THE SOLUTION                                                       • MR Credit 5.2: Regional Materials: 20% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally
   DECK-O-SHIELD Concrete Deck, Waterfall and Natural Stone Sealer
   DECRA-SEAL™ Non-Yellowing Sealer for Decorative Concrete
   DECRA-SEAL W/B Non-Yellowing Sealer for Decorative Concrete
   EVAPRE™ Evaporation Retardant                                                                                                                   The Art of Polished Concrete …
   EVAPRE-RTU Ready-to-Use Evaporation Retardant                                                                                                   INDUROSHINE
   EXPO-GLOSS® "Wet Look" Exposed Aggregate Solvent-Based Sealer                                                                                   Polished concrete floors are becoming a popular option
   CS-309™-OTC Non-Yellowing, Acrylic Curing and Sealing Compound                                                                                  for high sheen, low maintenance, sustainable flooring. The
               For Decorative Concrete                                                                                                             MEADOWS system, INDUROSHINE®, combines green
   CS-309-25 OTC Non-Yellowing, Acrylic Curing and Sealing Compound                                                                                grinding and polishing equipment from VIC International
   SURE-STEP™ Slip-Resistant Additive                                                                                                              with GreenSpec listed LIQUI-HARD® concrete densifier
   TOP-STOP™ Spray-Applied, Water-Soluble Surface Retarder                                                                                                      and hardener from MEADOWS. Once the
                                                                                                                                                                   polishing process is complete, an application
                                                 Sealing                                                                                                            of BELLATRIX premium concrete enhancer
                                                                                                                                                                    from W. R. MEADOWS will provide enhanced
PRODUCT          Interior   Exterior    and                W/B   S/B   Penetrating   Film-Forming

                                                                                                                                                                 shine and increased protection. For more
DECK-O-SHIELD       x          x                   x        x              x

                                                                                                                                                          information, request our INDUROSHINE brochure.
DECRA-SEAL                     x         x                       x                        x
DECRA-SEAL W/B      x          x                   x        x                             x
EVAPRE              x          x                            x                             x
EVAPRE-RTU          x          x                            x                             x
EXPO-GLOSS                     x                   x             x                        x
CS-309-25 OTC                  x         x                       x                        x
                                                                                                             Visit Our Website for More Detailed Information
                                                                                                      Our website features detailed information on all these products and more, including MSDS documents,
CS-309-OTC                     x         x                       x                        x

Our line features sealers, evaporation retardants, curing and sealing compounds,                        project profiles and additional LEED information. We also include full details on our GREEN LINE,
additives and surface retarders – for every aspect of decorative concrete
protection. Our products are supported by a large distribution network and the
                                                                                                      GreenSpec listed products and VOC contents. You can also request our other brochures and catalogs.
MEADOWS experience factor – over 80 years of quality, service and integrity.                                                 Visit for more information.

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