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									                                            The Rochester VHF Group

      The VHF                                                                                   Journal

Volume 61, Issue 2                                                                                           Oct.        2009

The next regular meeting of
the Rochester VHF Group
                                                   The Chairman Speaks!
will be Friday, October 9th,
2009, 7:30 PM
                                                    Dave Hallidy K2DH
Spencerport Wesleyan                            It was great to see a good-sized crowd at our September meeting! If
Church                                         you were there, thanks- if you weren’t, you missed an interesting
2653 Nichols St., Spencer-                     night, with several people’s “gadgets” on display and generating
port                                           quite a bit of conversation. It was also great to see one of our “old
                                               time” members, Jim Sharlow W2ODH (ex-WB2ODH) at the meet-
Map and directions in back                     ing- Jim hasn’t lived in the area for quite a while but was here visit-
                                               ing and took the time to come and say hi!
In this issue:
The Charman Speaks!
                                               Our next meeting will be on Friday, October 9th at the Spencerport
Secretary Report
                                               Wesleyan Church on Rt 31 (see the back of the Journal for a map
Treasurer’s Report
                                               and directions- it’s easy to get to). This month, we’re pleased to
The Vice Chairman’s Report
                                               have a presentation on VHF Contesting “Southern Tier Style”, by
                                               Ken, KA2LIM, and his multi-op team. Ken will be discussing the
                                               way that he and his team have improved their efforts over the past
September VHF Contest Reports
                                               few years, some of the tricks of their success and I’m sure, some of
Digital VHF Question
                                               the anecdotes that make all the work worthwhile. Please, if you can,
Amateur Radio Satellite
                                               plan on attending. I’m quite sure you’ll come away from the even-
Show and Tell
                                               ing with a new found respect for the effort that goes into multi-op
                                               contesting and with some ideas of ways to improve your own station
KA2LIM Multi-Op Team
                                               for contest operating, whether you’re a casual or serious contester.

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          The Chairman Speaks!                                              Continued…
The BoD did not hold a Board meeting this month. It was my fault. Unfortunately, my father
passed away from the illness he suffered before the September meeting, and I’m afraid my
spirits were low enough that I didn’t feel I could do it. For that, I apologize to the club- but rest
assured we’ll be back on track for next month.

I haven’t heard any reports of activity during the September VHF Contest- at the October
meeting perhaps we can get those trusty souls who operated to give us the gory details?

I did go out for the last day of the second weekend of the 10GHz and Up Contest (it was good
therapy for me). The local activity was very low- the only local I worked was John WB2BYP,
who was at his home and just pointed my way (I was up on Transit Rd) - we worked easily. I
worked a few Canadian stations, with great signals, and even managed a 24GHz QSO, but all
in all, it was a slow day. Next year, we need to make a more serious effort to participate in this
contest- we have lots of good microwave gear within the club and it’s a shame not to get it on
the air. Many of our Canadian and W3/W8/W1 friends were asking where we were- I received
this email after the contest- everyone in the club with 10GHz gear should pay attention: “Hi
Dave, I just wanted to thank you very much for getting on the air yesterday! Doug VE3XK op-
erated 2 meters and was talking to you while I and VE3CZO looked after the microwave gear.
I enter the contest simply to have fun! I enjoy working longer paths and really don't care about
getting a high score. I am also very happy to have given out new grids to those who collect
them from various sites. We only made 18 contacts in the whole contest (both weekends)! So
I would sure welcome your participation again next year. Even better if some of the others
would join you! Activity from you area gives me a few possible QSOs. It also entices
the guys in New England to stay in the western parts of W1 or at least to look west
where I might catch their attention. Thanks again for your effort Dave -- was thrilled to work
73 Ray VE3FN”

As I mentioned last month, the ARRL EME contest is coming up (the first weekend of the con-
test will be October 10-11 GMT). EME is no longer just for the folks with 16 yagi arrays or big
dishes and a kilowatt- you can participate if you have one decent 2m antenna pointed at the
horizon and a hundred or so Watts out. I urge you to speak to one of our EME “experts”:
W2CNS, K2OS, WB2BYP, NQ2O, N2WK, or myself to see what you could do with your own
station to experience the “ultimate DX”.

I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting, and please- as I said last month, bring a friend-
show them what VHF+ is all about!
See you on the 9th!
Dave Hallidy K2DH

                                       Secretary Report
                                      Judy Stonehill, N2KXS
         Rochester VHF Group Meeting Minutes for September 11, 2009
The general meeting, held at the Spencerport Wesleyan Church, was convened at 1941, local, by the Chairman,
Attendees introduced themselves with their names and calls. They also talked about their amateur radio activities
during the summer. In attendance were K2DH, WO2P, N2MLH, WB2BYP, W2CNS, N2KG, W2ODH, K2OS,
Dave put in a request to the attendees that they send material to Tom Jennings, the editor of the RVHFG Journal,
for publication in the Journal. He also said that it might be advantageous to find a meeting location that is more
central for many members and asked attendees suggest potential locations.

Fred, WO2P, moved that the minutes of the May, 2009 meeting be accepted as printed in the Journal. John,
WB2BYP, seconded the motion and the motion was passed by the attendees.
Tom, KV2X, moved that the August treasurer’s report be accepted as printed in the Journal. Jeff, K2EHF,
seconded the motion which was then passed by the attendees.
Discussion was held concerning a misspelling of Al Goss’ name on the plaque which was to be presented to him
by the RVHFG. Andy, K0SM, who closed up the booth, probably has the plaque. Dave will contact Andy to en-
sure that the correction to the plaque will be made and the plaque presented to Al.


John, WB2BYP, told the group about plans for the programs for the 2009-2010 year. It was suggested that
another presentation on EME be given. Dave said that he had been considering a non-standard meeting time
that coincided with when the moon would be in full view.
Dave told the group that plans are already underway for the next annual banquet to be held jointly with RDXA.
Dave moved that the meeting be adjourned. Ev, W2EV, seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at
Attendees talked about and, in some cases, demonstrated “gadgets” that they had brought to the meeting.

                                      Treasurer’s Report
                                     Rochester VHF Group
                               Treasurer’s Report – September 2009


Previous Balance (as of 8/31/09):                                               $743.00

              Membership dues                                                    $ 40.00


Current Balance                                                                 $ 783.00


Previous Balance (as of 8/31/09):                                                $1,525.29

              Interest                                                                $0.20

        Expenses:                                                                     $0.00
Current Balance                                                        $1,525.49

TOTAL                                                                  $2,308.49

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Stonehill, N2KXS, Treasurer

                   The Vice Report – October 2009 Edition
For the monthly meeting of the Rochester VHF Group on 9 Oct 09, we are pleased to welcome
the KA2LIM Contest Crew, to describe and show us some of the details on their contest opera-
tions. Ken and the team have a very sensible and fun attitude towards contesting, and have a
lot of success doing what they do. I think it is going to be an enjoyable evening.

As always, encourage a friend who may be interested in VHF/UHF to check out our meetings.
Bring ‘em along!

A few interesting things to report this month, The 10 GHz and Up Cumulative Contest was
represented locally by Dave K2DH in FN02xu (Transit Rd) and myself operating in FN13ib
from the Area 26 backyard. Dave was plenty loud on 10 GHz which was reassuring. It has
been a year or so since I last had the rig on the air, and it was nice shaking the dust off things
and seeing how it all works. I cut a hole in the trees in the backyard to see the western skyline
for minimal obstruction, and placed the rig on the tripod with 23 inch dish facing out. Had a
few nice chats with the Canadians on the 2M liaison of 144.260, but no joy on 10 GHz with
them. See Dave’s summary for details, he managed to get a few of them in the log. Next
year I will be more organized…
An interesting phenomenon often observed locally when we have mutual good view of a hori-
zon, not necessarily LOS to the other station, is that there is a tendency for the alignment of
the dish to be indistinct, as if the signal is coming from a series of reflections, along a fairly
broad line on the horizon. Visualize a “glow” of sorts on the horizon, as if from a bright light on
the other side of the hill. I observed this on Dave’s signal and he on mine. Makes for easy
contacts, and points up how these narrowband 10 GHz systems really have the capability of
utilizing a multitude of scatterers. No doubt the trees in the foreground were scatterers as well
as absorbers.
My first narrowband contact on 10 GHz was not by direct path, but by rain-scatter on a foggy
crappy day, around the edge of Hogback Mountain, to AF1T on Mt Greylock. Not that far by
today’s standards, but notably not LOS. Neat stuff this 10GHz propagation.

Perhaps mentioned elsewhere, where are all the 10 GHz narrowband transverters that were
built up a few years ago? I am wondering if there would be some interest in setting up a 10
GHz tune up and test range, for the purpose of checking out gear in a group setting, putting
LO’s on frequency (or at least marking on the unit the frequency offset) and generally helping
to revive some interest in operating on the band. Our New England brethren have a “Shoot
Out” every year, in which they line up 10-12 rigs in a field and test receivers for Minimum Dis-
cernable Signal (radiated from a test antenna and Signal Generator about 300 ft away), and
transmitters for Effective Radiated Signal, as measured by a remote spectrum analyzer. It is a
fun way to test, and pretty easy to rig up, if we could get a good quorum, and get some of that
gear out of the closet. A great way to test rovers, and have a chance to share ideas and see
how others have solved antenna, feed, IF rig and the general complications of portable power
and antenna mounts.

Upcoming events of note: The Fall 432 MHz Sprint is October 7. If you have never expe-
rienced it, fall is a great time on UHF, especially with significant temperature changes making
longer distance propagation happen along lake boundaries and inland too. Get on and make
some noise, you may be surprised at what shows up. Starts at 1900 local and runs to 2300
local. Here’s a link to the details:

The ARRL EME Contest is October 10-11.

As always the Rochester VHF Group 2M Net happens every Monday night at 2100 local on
144.260 USB, and progresses to 50.200 USB at 2130, and often times to higher bands after-
wards. The ideal way to check out equipment had catch up with Who is doing What to Whom
and With Which on the VHF/UHF bands here locally. Hats off to Larry N2MLH for running the
net. (September’s check-ins are listed below)
Send images!
Best DX,
John, wb2byp

                           2009 New York QSO Party
                                 CQ NYQP!
Mark your calendars!! October 17th is the day for the New York QSO Party (NYQP). It is open
to the HF bands AND, VHF, 6M, 2M, and UP. Phone / CW / RTTY / Digital. That leaves it
wide open for all RVHFG members to participate and have fun. The rules were specifically
written to get everyone involved. Let's all show some club spirit. Let's send, and receive some
VHF signals next month during this event.
Official Web page at:
You can find the rules at:
Scott, K2ZS has completed a NYQP activity survey and so far there are 7 indicating that they
will be operating 6 meters and above. A few plan above 70 cm.

Rick, W1TY has a few points to keep in mind:
   • Remember that the Iowa QSO Party is also Saturday, Oct 17, using a 3 letter County
       abbreviation. Be sure to work the NYQP. Accept no substitutes!
   • Don't have a home station? Find someone that does and team up. Or find someone to
       mobile with.
   • The AWA was to operate a station for the NYQP for those who are radio challenged.
       The guy with the key will not be available. We will try to get a substitute in place.
   • Mobile stations remember: Use <your call>/M for your logging software to dupe check
   • Know your logging software! Check NYPQ’s logging page for a list of programs supporting NYPQ and
       don’t forget to download the latest version. Take some time before the contest to be-
       come familiar with its operation.

 Rick also has a great idea you may want to consider: Grab a new local ham (or a ham inter-
ested in vhf/uhf) and having him/her join you at your station or mobile expedition. Great learn-
ing experience for them and company for you. Of course it would not have to be for the entire
contest. You might just earn Elmer status!
                              OVHFA 2009 VHF Do
                                    By Bill Rogers, K2TER

Early in the morning of September 26th Mark Adams (K2QO) and I made our way to the Ontar-
io VHF Association’s annual “VHF Do” at Humber College in Etobicoke, Ontario. We were in-
vited by Steve Kavanagh (VE3SMA) to share some of our experiences in building and operat-
ing VHF rovers. After navigating the college campus for 20 minutes or so we arrived to a warm
greeting. The conference was a mix of presentations on antenna design, beacons, 24 GHz
transverters, contest operations, show and tell, and of course rovers. Many of the VE3 VHF
contest regulars were in attendance.

Steve Kavanagh – an intrepid rover from VE3 land - started out by presenting his design of a
collapsible diamond shaped 3 element beam for 6M. This is definitely a rover antenna as it can
be deployed in a matter of seconds. Steve presented the modeling results and it showed good
gain and surprisingly good front to back and front to rear performance. I took good notes!

                                  Steve showing his 6 meter beam
Steve also provided a Contest Club of Ontario – VHF results update. The Contest Club of On-
tario is a club for HF and VHF contest enthusiasts with over 200 members. More info can be
found at The VHF contest operations appear to be improving when com-
pared to RVHFG. One of the slides describing goals for the coming contest season piqued our
interest: (and it wasn’t the Canadian spelling of “neighbors”).

                                 Goals for upcoming contest season
Kenneth Asmus (VA3KA) gave an in depth talk on the June 2009 VE3WCC Contest operation
from FN04 organized by West Carleton Contest Club. This was a project oriented “Field Day”-
like operation complete with an operating trailer, tents and generators. This newbie-friendly
operation encouraged participating teens to learn “on the job”. Mark (K2QO) commented on
the teens’ notable improvement over the course of his many contacts while operating from new
grids. The team finished well with 153K points.

                  Kenneth, VA3KA, talking the June 2009 VE3WCC Contest operation

Doug Leach – VE3XK – discussed the progress for the VE3WCC Beacon Project. This system
is a “work in progress” but many of the signals are already on the air from FN15vf. He de-
scribed the 5 beacon in a box design and the need to use stacked KU4AB to get a decent pat-

                           Doug, VE3XK, discussing VE3WCC’s Beacons
Mark, K2QO, gave a talk on how to build up a starter rover from the equipment you may al-
ready have. There was a high concentration of rovers in the audience.

                           Mark, K2QO, discussing building up a starter rover

I followed with a presentation of the evolution of the K2TER rover from the simple beginnings
of a 4 band FM operation to my current pursuits. There was a lot of interest in my latest
project. In fact, I had follow up emails on specs of the ENG vehicle in addition to inquiries on
availability of other vehicles.
                                   Bill, K2TER, discussing his rover

The last technical presentation was given by Murray Hill (VE3NPB). His topic was “Building a
24 GHz Transverter System”. Murray used a common 24 GHz technique to use a transfer re-
lay to switch the amplifier in a way that it can double as a preamp when in receive mode. Mur-
ray mentioned how helpful everyone had been in his quest for 24 GHz. He mentioned the en-
couragement he received while at the Rochester Hamfest and that the dish he bought, from Ev
Tupis (W2EV) for low cost, had served him well.

                       Murry, VE3NPB, discussing his 24 Gig Transverter System

All considered this was a great way to spend a Saturday and the consensus between the
groupers and our friends up north was that we need to point at each other more often!

Bill Rogers, K2TER
                         September VHF Contest Reports
John, W3AOB reports: I certainly had fun. I heard you on LIM but don't remember if I got
to work them. I operated somewhat sporadically. I tried to make a point of following the
K2QO/R itinerary. I tried to keep my array pointed to his direction as he progressed. It was dis-
appointing to hear him on several occasions but be unable to successfully "tail end" the QSOs.
We should discuss a method of operation for rovers to facilitate secondary contacts. You just
never knew where the rover went (band/freq) after you missed him.

73 de John

      RoverLog QSOs by Activated Grid:
            Grid QSOs
            FN13 54
      RoverLog Score Summary, Using new rules:
            Band QSOs Value QSOPts        Mults
            50   15     1      15          10
            144 21      1      21          12
            222    0    2       0           0
            432 18      2      36           9

      Grids activated: 1

      Totals:       54              72            31

      Claimed Score: 2232

                                     W3OAB’s Contest Station
                          KA2LIM Sept 09 VHF Report
WOW! What a fun filled weekend. Preparation for the contest started on Thursday 10 Sept 09
with Ken going to the site and putting down the outdoor carpet for the kitchen area, getting the
awning cover out and in place, tables out, etc. On Friday Ken and Al returned to the site and
finished the prep work for the weekend which included getting a keg of Cow Snot Stout and a
keg of Pilsner on ice in the newly built cooler to be ready for the weekend.
Saturday, 12 Sept, Ken arrived at 11:00 am got the generator fired up and turned things on for
a final check before contest start. Everyone else arrived between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm bring
food and snacks and refreshments.

The team this contest consisted of: KB2YCC- Rob, WA3CSP-Larry, KA2LIM-Ken, N2LID-
Dave, W9KXI-AL, NX2W-Gregg, and KV2X-Tom

Had plenty of time to get the tents and trailers setup for sleeping that night. Al brought small
subs for lunch which hit the spot for a quick snack. We went over a couple of changes that had
been made at the operating positions and we were ready to start contesting at 2:00 pm. Every-
thing was going smoothly on all four bands until all of a sudden the power output dropped on
432 and our ability to hear became intermittent. Rob and Al worked on that problem which in-
cluded a trip home to get another amplifier and test the backup amp that did not want to work
when put in line. We limped along with 40 watts out for about 1 ½ hours while they changed
amps in and out trying to isolate the problem. Long story short, it turned out to be the preamp
being intermittent. That was replaced and we were back up on 432. After 4 hours into the con-
test the points total indicated that were on the way to a fairly decent score.
Band conditions were pretty flat, no opening on 6M at all. It was just a slug-it-out for 6. All
through the day Dave would mention, what smells like it is burning, Rob would reply that it was
probably the 2M amp as were using a new (to us) amp for this contest. More on that later.
On the 2M station we were using a Johnson Thunderbolt 6N2. Ken acquired this amp back in
the spring. This Amp has been completely re-worked with a heavy duty Peter Dahl transformed
and G3SEK solid state relay boards added. It presently is running a pair of 4cx250b's and pro-
duces over 600 watts out. It worked great for the entire contest without a hitch and helped pro-
duce the most Q's and grids for four bands. Antenna systems are still the same.
The 6M station has a change on the antenna system with a second omni being added, so we
now have stacked omni's as well as the stacked beams on 6M.
The 222 station had one change made for this contest, that being, removing the single KB6KQ
omni and adding stacked Par omni-angle's. Nothing wrong with the single omni, but the un-
availability of another KB6KQ omni made for a move to the omni-angle's and it proved to be a
good change.
The 432 station stayed the same except for the hick-up at the start of the contest.
Now, back to the contest. Everything was running pretty smooth until about 8pm local time
when all of a sudden a cloud of smoke started rolling out from under the bench where the 6M
and 222 amps are located. Smoke was pouring out like it was a fog making machine. In a mat-
ter of seconds the entire Limo was filled with smoke. Everyone was diving for the exit doors.
Ken grabbed a 10” fan that we have that was in the front of the limo, plugged it in and in less
than a minute the limo was cleared. Up on checking the amps it was discovered that the trans-
former in the 6M amp burned out (melted). Our second Murphy hit of the contest. Ken and Al
made a trip to Ken's house to get another 6M amp and we were back up with full power in less
than an hour from the blow-up. I told you I would get back to the smell that Dave mentioned
earlier on in the day. It just took a while to find the source. After this incident everyone com-
mented that no one thought to grab a camera to get a photo. Oh well, It makes for another
good story. Around 12:30 am, Tom had just gone to bed, Al had left for home and Dave was
headed to bed. Ken said we may as well shut down and get up early because there was NO
activity. Rob and Gregg, who are both 2nd shift workers, said we'll stay up for another hour and
then shut down. Ken was at the 2M station and heard a couple of guys talking, he broke in and
then said I guess I worked you, the one stations said I don't have you in my log here, it turned
out to be K2DRH in EN41. TROPO OPENING..... Dave heard the conservation and came back
to occupy the 6M seat. We then proceeded to work a very nice opening into the mid-west until
2:00 am when there was no else to work, not because of band conditions dropping out but be-
cause I think everyone went to bed. So we shut down at 02:15 am with over 90K in points and
went to get some sleep.
Sunday morning we were back at the contest just before 07:30 am. Al started the coffee pot
going and by 08:30 am everyone was up and about and Dave was busy preparing the great
breakfast that he always puts on. We had choice of Pancakes with butter and your choice of
maple syrup or honey, scrambled eggs and bacon and of course coffee. Larry brought a great
coffee cake that just hit the spot for desert for breakfast. Yes, I said desert for breakfast. This is
a good time to cover the food. There was a crock pot full chili and corn muffins to go along also
a cabbage/with meat and apple dish. Both of them were emptied. There were hamburgers and
hot dogs with all the fixings and corn relish. Streamed clams (200) with melted butter on Satur-
day evening and Sunday afternoon.(Gone) Two kinds of chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal coo-
kies and sugar cookies.(Gone) Snacks and dip and homemade salsa, Holy crap! Tom, that
was HOT! But gooood. Soda and water and of course cold home-brew to wash it all down with.
The contest continued with conditions changing throughout the day as different weather pat-
terns moved through the area. At one point on Sunday afternoon there were no signals at all
on the bands so we all sat outside in lawn chairs and joked and laughed for ½ hour. I noticed
that there were many call signs from the 1, 2, 3, and 4 call area missing from out log this time
that have always been regulars. Not due to band conditions because we worked all the 1call
area states and all the grids except FN45, FN53, 54,55, and 56 on all four bands. Towards the
south as far as FM08 on 2M. The contest ended without the usual mad rush of contacts at the
end. VE2DC in FN35 was worked for a new multiplier on 2M just 2 minutes before the end and
also on 6M for a new multiplier at one minute to go for the last contact in our log for the con-
test. Amps were cooled down and turned off, rigs turned off and we had our usual discussion
session as Ken stored the log data and transferred copies of the data to take home and trans-
fer to the master log. Everyone got some “Limo Bookmarks” to take home for a memento of
this contest. Final cleanup was left until the next day when Ken and Al returned to the site. In
one hour everything was cleaned up and packed away for storage and/or take home.
This was our highest score for a September contest to date and we are of course happy with
the results. 2M was the workhorse band and 222 and 432 provided some pretty good numbers
also. Here is the break down:
               Band Q's/Grids
                50 245/50
               144 290/56
               222 105/38
               432 90/37
               Score: 168120
Pretty good for a bunch of “Guys Having Fun”


Al, K2ERG Reports: Sure, my effort or any effort to report is good news. My score of
7564 was great and typical for bands not being open and poor prop from this POOR location.
Locals do not understand: Highland Hill, Baker Hill, and Penfield are all higher than my house
by some 350-400 feet, is tough to get over "them thar hills" on any band, even 6m. I feel I am
20-30db below others around the area. They work stuff on all bands that I don't hear. Yes,
op'd from home, the station is listed if important enough to add the gear & ant's. Heard a few
locals... I was only FN13 until NQ2O, W2EV and K2OEQ showed. I did hear N2KG (?) Russ,
on Sunday. I am thankful for the Rovers.
               50 Q 27 G 17
               144 Q 29 G 19
               222 Q 14 G 11
               432 Q 20 G 14
               1296 wouldn't work again : hi vswr, 4th contest time.
               Total 7564 pts

6m: 500w 9el's, 2m: 250w 18el's, 1.25m: 120w 16 el's, 70cm: 100w 25el's

From 320 ft a.s.l., 330ft below average terrain.

tnx all for Q's, especially Rovers : US 2 land and VE3 Canada.

73 k2erg, al
Mark, K2QO Repoprts: Gang, I simply must mention a super accomplishment that oc-
curred during the September VHF QSO Party. I hope you all got on because there were some
above average conditions that really made this contest FUN!

For the very first time I worked a clean sweep with a fixed station. KA2LIM and K2QO/R each
ran the lower four bands and we made the 4 band QSOs from each of the 6 grids I visited:
FN22, 23, 13, 03, 12 and 02. I mention this because that is 24 Qs in the log. To do this you
need a combination of a little luck, excellent operator skills and a VERY GOOD station on the
fixed end. KA2LIM has IMHO, effectively replaced the loss of other super stations on whom we
rovers have come to rely. They are the beacon-like signal that is needed to ensure that equip-
ment is working and to make Qs under less than optimum conditions.

If you think that VHF contesting is a downturn in the WNY area, think again. With hard working
guys like KA2LIM around, top club scores are again possible.

*Hats off to KA2LIM, Great job guys!*

73, Mark K2QO

                                    Digital VHF Question

Here is an interesting question from a fellow ham. Does anybody have an answer?

Hello Guys...
Jim here. I have a question from Auburn there much activity on 2 meters digital modes? PSK-
31,Olivia, or DominoEX? If so, what frequencies might I look for some digi signals? I have 50w and a
4 el quad on two meters. If any group was active on 2m digital it would be the Rochester Gang...
 Thanks a lot!

            South Africa Lauches an Amateur Radio Satellite.
                                    By Tom Jennings KV2X
After several delays, South Africa's SumbandilaSat satellite finally blasted to orbit aboard a
Soyuz rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on September 17. The main
payload is a multi-spectral imager, but the satellite also carries an Amateur Radio component
consisting of a 2 meter/70 cm FM repeater. When the repeater is activated it will have an up-
link at 145.880 MHz and a downlink at 435.350 MHz; included is a voice beacon at 435.300
MHz. The transponder will be controlled using a CTCSS tone sent up to the satellite via the
uplink frequency. SumbandilaSat was sponsored by the Department of Science and Technolo-
gy and built at SunSpace in cooperation with the Stellenbosch University. In addition to the SA-
AMSAT amateur module, the satellite carries Stellenbosch University's radiation experiment
and software defined radio (SDR) project, an experiment from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan
University and a VLF radio module from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. For additional infor-
mation regarding the SumbandilaSat see:

                                     Show and Tell

Dave, K2DH, showed off the new 6 and 2 meter W2UTH beacon transmitters.

John, W3OAB, showed off a Full Wave 6 meter wire loop on B&W dipole center insulator with
SO 239 (tuned with MFJ259) 1" PVC tube frame with 4 way cross at center. Loop attached
with velcro wrap straps. Mounted on a Bogen 3086 Photographic Accessory Tripod. The
second picture is Spud Gun described in the QST of March 09 The W4SSY Spudgun
( Plan deviated by using specified sprinkler valve modified for non-electrical
actuation via quick exhaust valve trigger as per third party (spudgun forum) website instruc-
Fred, WO2P, discussing his disaster cam (mounted on helmet) and how it via ATV can be
used to remotely survey a disaster area, giving evaluators instant access. Also on the table is
ar remote controlled toy truck with a ATV camera mounted on the roof.

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                                     Classified Listings

For Sale by K2TER

IF Rigs:
See January 2000 QST “Hotwiring the TS-690” by Rus Healy K2UA for transverter mod docs. These
are the 3 radios mentioned

Kenwood TS-690SAT (2) – email for condition, IF filter choices, and price.
Kenwood TS-450S

Realistic HTX-100 (2) – with NJ2L transverter mod $60 each

Brand new in box HTX-100 - $150 – unconverted


Built by DEM 2304-144 transverter - 1W $375 firm
DEM 144-28 - 30W output $250 firm
Microwave Modules 432-28 – 10W w/two LO frequencies - $80
Rochester VHF Group 432-28 - $50


2304 MHz 60w amplifier module - $100
3456 MHz Toshiba 20w Amplifier - $60
5760 – Avantec 10W amplifier - $110
10 GHz – Avantec 5W amplifier - $150


DEM Transverter interface for TS-850 - $45
2 - 22’ Military crank up towers – call for details

If interested, please email Bill Rogers, K2TER at
                Meeting Location and Directions

Spencerport Wesleyan Church on 2653 Nichols St. (actually Hwy. 31).

Directions from Rochester:

531W exit RT. to 259N

259N turn Rt. on 31E (first Rt. at traffic light)

Look for Spencerport Schools Bus Garage on left

Take first Rt. on Sheldon at A-framed church, park in rear lot.

Enter gray metal door under fire escape.

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