November 2006 - Region 8 Sai Centers by wangnianwu


									                   Volume 8                                                         November 2006
               Dedicated at the Lotus Feet of our Dearest Lord, Sri Sathya Sai Baba,
                                       Prashanthi Nilayam
                                             Swami is currently in Puttaparthi

                SHARING DIVINE LOVE
                   AT THE BEACH

   On Saturday September 9th
over one hundred devotees
from the Arcadia, Glendale,
Los Angeles,Lakewood,
Lomita, Torrance, Upland and
Hollywood Sai Centers eagerly
gathered in the early morning
hours on Dockweiler Beach for
the long anticipated seva project, the Ability First Day at the
Beach. Earlier still that morning the dedicated set up crew        BEACH (Cont’d)
arrived and through their ingenuity and effort, created a              A delicious lunch was served,
brightly landscaped festive picnic site for the event.             followed by a dessert of ice
                                                                   cream after which many of the
  September 9th marked the fourth annual occurrence of this        devotees and guests retired to
special seva project. This year over sixty children with various   the shade of a large canvas
levels of physical or mental challenges were warmly                tent where they were treated
welcomed as guests of the various Southern California Sai          to rousing and catchy pop songs led by two of Swami’s
Centers for the better part of a day while being treated to food   capable musicians from the Hollywood Center. The guests
and fun in the sun at the beach.                                   particularly loved the music and joined in enthusiastically by
                       Each year the Sai Young Adults              singing and clapping to cap off a perfect day. Soon it was time
                       are a major contributing                    to see them off, back onto the buses for their safe
                       component of this seva project.             journeyhome, worn out no doubt, but happy, with memories
                       The natural friendliness and                galore.
                       sincerity of the Young Adults made            Sai devotees, staff members from Ability First, and above all
                        the event this year, as in the prior       our special guests, had a fun filled relaxing and heart-warming
                       three years, a smashing success and a       time as Swami’s love was shared by all. We can truly thank
                        good time for all. Each of our young       our beloved Lord for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to
                       guests was garlanded as they alighted       see God in others and to witness first hand how His Love
from their chartered buses.                                        transcends the apparent limitations of the physical world.
  They were lovingly paired with a special friend from among                           Report by Leslie McMurray (Arcadia Center)
the Sai devotees who had the opportunity to specially greet
them, to escort them to the picnic site, and to ensure that they              Important Events and Dates
were well served and attended to throughout the day. Many
                                                                            Ladies Day                          Nov 19
fun activities were well planned in advance by the organizers               Swami’s Birthday                    Nov 23
of the event.                                                               Christmas                           Dec 25
 More leisurely activities included swimming in the waves,                  Hannukah                            Dec 26
collecting shells along the shore, and constructing sand                    Sandranthi                          Jan 14
                                                                            Mahasivarathri                      Feb 16
castles. The more adventurous of our guests enjoyed group
                                                                            Chinese New Year                    Feb 18
sports such as beach baseball, volleyball and the ever popular              Ugadi                               Mar 20
water balloon toss.                                                         Sri Rama Navami                     Mar 27

                          Sri Sathya Sai Pacific Region Newsletter Volume 8, November 2006
                       Oxnard Community Service and
                   Free Medical, Dental, & Vision Screening
On Sunday, October 15, 2006, the devotees from Region 8, Pacific South, conducted a medical, dental, and
vision screening camp and gram seva in the city of Oxnard, CA.

                                     The Sai devotee organizers from Southern California were fortunate to
                                     have the support of major centers of influence in the community who
                                     acted as co-sponsors for the event. These included Our Lady of
                                     Guadalupe Church who allowed us to use their parish hall and school for
                                     the event and St. John’s Regional Medical Center and St. John’s Pleasant
                                     Valley Hospital who provided medical tests at no cost to those who
                                     attended the screening event.

                                      The news media also supported the effort by including public service
announcements in newspapers and announcing the event on radio stations, as well as by listing the event in
the calendar section of the radio stations’ websites.

The local community is called La Colonia, and it is mostly populated by
Hispanic families. In an effort to inform as many community members as
possible, Sai devotees met on the weekends prior to the event and walked
throughout the community distributing flyers door-to-door. Local businesses
also were very receptive and allowed us to place stacks of flyers on their
counters and to tape a copy of the flyer on their front doors and windows.

Professional medical bilingual volunteers were provided by St John’s
Regional Medical Center. Additional help with Spanish translation was
offered by local eighth grade students whose teacher is a Sai devotee.

                                 Twenty-six physicians provided services to 650 patients. They included
                                 primary care physicians, and doctors who specialize in heart, lung, bone, skin,
                                 and pediatrics. Cancer screenings were conducted for both women and men
                                 through mammogram, Pap smear and prostate screenings, as well as other
                                 blood tests. Positive findings will be followed up by local clinics and by St.
                                 John’s Hospital.

                                  Over 300 dental examinations were
conducted across all age groups by seven volunteer dentists, as well as
vision testing for acuity, glaucoma and related conditions by volunteer
optometrists and ophthalmologists. Community service organizations also
participated and offered Medi-Cal, food stamp information, and nutritional
and psychological counseling.

                                   To follow Baba’s example of distributing food and clothing to those in need,
                                   each family received thirty pounds of non-perishable food items including
                                   rice, beans, sugar, corn flour, canned vegetables, salsa, crackers cereal,
                                   peanut butter and jelly. In addition, blankets, towels, diapers, toiletries and
                                   snacks were also handed out. Baba indeed demonstrated that He “is with
                                   us all the way.”

VIPs attending the event included: Reverend Ricardo Alba, Pastor or
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church; Fernando Gamboa, Consul General
of Mexico; Dr. Thomas Holden, Mayor of the City of Oxnard; John K.
Flynn, Ventura County Supervisor; Michael Murray, President, St.
John’s Regional Medical Center; Jerry Conway, President of St.
John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital; Reverend Christina M. Fernandez,
Vice President of Mission Integration, St. John’s Hospital; and Gloria
Chinea, Director for Community Health Education,

                   Sri Sathya Sai Pacific Region Newsletter Volume 8, November 2006
OXNARD (Cont’d)
St. John’s Regional Medical Center. Each was very impressed with the number of services being provided and
the numbers of volunteers who participated. Each VIP was given a folder that described the event. Upon
seeing that the camp was organized by the Sathya Sai Baba Organization, the Consul General of Mexico, Mr.
Gamboa, commented, “Oh, I know Sai Baba. He is well known in Mexico!”

Baba tells us, “You should believe that service is a path to God-realization. Service to man would help divinity
to blossom within you. It would gladden your heart and make you feel that your life has been worthwhile.
Service is by God, for God, to God.”

 Over 200 volunteers were graced by Baba to participate in this event and to have the opportunity to serve Him
through those who attended.

          “No matter how gigantic the task, you will succeed for I shall be with you all the way!”
                                                                                                Sri Sathya Sai Baba

                                Letter from Dr. Narendranath Reddy
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Our Beloved Bhagawan has blessed the physicians from overseas with an opportunity to provide medical services on a continuous
basis at the Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital (SSSGH) in Prashanti Nilayam from June to March every year. Instead of providing
medical services only on festival occasions, we will serve all the year round except the months of March, April, and May. We will make
this offering of love at the Divine Lotus Feet of our dearest Lord Sai. We will provide the best medical care with reverence and humility.
The following guidelines will facilitate our project:
      1) Minimum period of service will be for 2 weeks at a time, namely 1st to 15th or 15th to the end of the month every month.
     2)   The volunteer physicians will work as part of and along with the staff of the SSSGH and will be governed by the rules and
          regulations of SSSGH.
     3)   All doctors are subject to the credentialing and selection process under the guidelines of the international medical committee.
     4)   All doctors need permission by the Indian Medical Council to practice in the Sathya Sai General Hospital. To finish the
          formalities of processing the applications we need the information from all of you as soon as possible.
     5)   Emphasis is on primary care. However internists and sub-specialists are welcome, if they are competent and willing to
          provide primary care in addition to the expertise in their specialty.
     6)   During each rotation two to four physicians will be working at a time at the hospital.
     7)   They should have a valid current license to practice medicine in their respective countries and this will be submitted to the
          Indian Medical Council to get license in reciprocity to practise in India.
     8)   For effective communication with the patients knowledge of English is essential. It is advantageous to know Telugu because
          the local language spoken by most of the patients is Telugu.
     9)   Dr. Venkatraman Sadanand, is the Medical Director for this project. Coordination of the necessary details for this project will
          be facilitated by Dr. Geetha Kamath, Dr. Chandra Chari, Dr. Hari Conjeevaram and Dr. Yatish Merchant.
     10) For further information please contact Dr. Venkatraman Sadanand at 818 357 5653 (Land line),
         312 320 2818 (Cell). Please add the prefix 001 if you are calling from outside the U.S.A. or Canada or the prefix 1 if you are
         calling from the U.S.A or Canada.

Let us all pray to Swami for His love and Divine guidance so that we serve Him as worthy instruments in His Divine mission.

Jai Sai Ram.
Lovingly in the Service of Sai
Dr. Narendranath Reddy
Chairman, International Medical Committee
Director, Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation

                        Sri Sathya Sai Pacific Region Newsletter Volume 8, November 2006

Shade Tree: Shade tree is a shelter specially designated to house and care for the battered ladies and
children. Every second Saturday of the mo nth, our center has committed to provide Italian lunch for
the occupants. We feed about 300 ladies and children. The lunch is comprised of various Italian
entrées, salads, soups, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and array of deserts. We have been participating
in this project since 1997. On the day of the project our devotees start arriving to the shelter around
seven o’clock in the morning and get involved with the various aspects of preparation for lunch. They
also get the opportunity to mingle with the occupants of the shelter and talk about our loving Swami.

SAI MART: SAI MART is a service project involving delivering foods to needy families. Thru
various other service organizations and the help of our devotees we have been able to store food for
the needy families. Approximately sixty families per month get assistance thru SAI MART on a
regular basis. Our devotees have been able to deliver these food baskets which consist of all food
groups and enough quantities to last for 3 to 4 weeks to the doorsteps of these families.

Salvation Army- feeding the homeless people in the street: On every third Thursday of the month
our devotees meet up at the Salvation Army center to provide lunch for approximately three hundred
homeless people in the area. We have been serving generous portions of freshly baked pizza, fruits,
juices and various snack items.

Las Vegas Blind Center: On every third Wednesday of the month we have been providing an Italian
lunch for about 60 people at the Las Vegas Blind Center.

Eye Glass Project: Eyeglass project is the latest addition to our service projects. In
July 2006 our center decided to collect eyeglasses, which we will be donating, to
people who cannot afford to buy eyeglasses in Sri Lanka and India. Our goal was to
collect at least one thousand eighty (1080) pairs of eyeglasses by November 23rd,
2006. At this point we have been able to collect over 1100 pairs of eyeglasses.

The Las Vegas Sai Spiritual Education program has six students ages 7-9. For Baba's Birthday we are
doing a short play with four scenes from the life of Abraham Lincoln: Man of Truth. One of our
teachers took a lesson plan that was sent by Pat Wing, and converted it into a play. It exemplifies that
what Lincoln thought, spoke and acted upon were in unison. Lincoln set an outstanding example to
our citizens even today. Baba has said that ..."Lincoln believed firmly that the SELF was his true

"Because of Sri Giri's inspirational talk to the SSE teachers this year; we wanted to perform a play
that was pertinent to our country and culture. We feel Lincoln: Man of Truth does just that! The
students are enthused and are looking forward to presenting this play on the occasion of Baba's
                                                          Report by Marcia Landino (Las Vegas Center)

                  Sri Sathya Sai Pacific Region Newsletter Volume 8, November 2006
        Letter from Dr. Michael Goldstein,                                        LETTER (Cont’)
                                                                                  In an International Zone Conference in Asia the following questions
        Chairman, Sai World Foundation
                                                                                  were asked:
October 6, 2006                                                                   On behalf of International Sai Organization, I responded as follows:
Dear Brothers and Sisters,                                                        Question: Should centers modify practices so as to be
Sai Ram!                                                                          culturally sensitive? In Australia, we are regarded by many as a
May we all come together in a spirit of love and fulfill our spiritual destiny!   cult.
Recently there has been some controversy regarding whether we should              Answer: We are not a cult. Let me tell you a story. Last Ugadi at a
have Yagnas and Vedas within the Sai Organizations outside of India.              function at Whitefield, Swami had a Trayee session, where Swami
Swami has enlightened us with His Divine Discourses which I have quoted           came to sit amongst a fortunate few of us. Swami was quiet for a
below. International Sai Organizations have asked questions regarding             long time and then he pointed to the boys and said, "These bhajan
these issues. I have included the questions and the answers below.                boys are very bad." Then he explained. "We just celebrated a
Please consider the following quotations from Swami’s Divine Discourses           function. Many people have come from different countries and many
delivered to humanity on August 9, 10, and 12, 2006.                              religions are here, but you are only singing Sai bhajans. You are not
(1) From the Divine Discourse on August 9, 2006 on the first day of               understanding that Swami is universal.
the Ati Rudra Maha Yajna: One cannot attain the vision of God merely              " Need I say more? The organization will never impose quotas as to
by doing worship, performing Vratas or conducting rituals like Yajna. It is       how many French, Chinese, English bhajans, etc. have to be sung.
only by developing purity of heart and noble qualities that one can have          That’s up to the devotees who need to understand and reflect the
the vision of God.                                                                universality of Swami’s message. Baba plants his seed in all the
(2) From the Divine Discourse on August 10, 2006 on the second day                lands of the world, so that the divine tree will grow into the context of
of the Ati Rudra Maha Yajna: People think that offering oblations in fire         every culture. Know that Swami came for humanity and not for any
is Yajna, but true Yajna is offering oneself to God, please God and to            religion, ethnic or social group.
become worthy of His love. Yajna should not be performed for attaining            Question: In some Sai centers, Hindu religious festivals are
selfish ends. It should be performed for the welfare of the entire world.         celebrated through rituals like Yagnas and Abishegams; these
Being educated, people should understand the meaning of Yajnas and                drive people of other faiths away. Please advise on how the
Yagas. In fact, it is necessary that everyone should involve himself in the       situation may be improved.
performance of the Yajnas and Yagas. It only means that whatever                  Answer: There is only one religion and that is the religion of love.
actions one does should be to please God. We should have the firm                 And there is only one God who is omnipresent. Religions were
conviction that whatever we do, we do only to please God. In fact, the very       formed in different times of human civilization; they differ in
purpose of human birth is to please God.                                          emphasis, not in essence. The Lord took human form to save man at
(3) From the Divine Discourse on August 12, 2006 on the fourth day                different times. This is a spiritual, not a religious movement. If a
of the Ati Rudra Maha Yajna: We should develop Sathya, Dharma,                    center has predominantly Hindu devotees, then go to a mandhir to
Santhi, Prema and Ahimsa which are the five life-breaths of man. One can          do your rituals to practice Hinduism; Muslims may go to mosques,
be called a human being only if one has these five values. Man should             Christians to churches and so on. But in Sai centers, all are one.
undertake all such activities which can foster the five values in him.            Understand that Sai incorporates all religions; don’t confine centers
Yajnas, Yagas, Japa, Tapa, etc., are meant only to develop these values           to only a litany of rituals and bhajans that are reflective of one
in man. One who possesses these five values is a man of merit and his             religion. Start being more broadminded. There is however one
life is redeemed. You may perform any number of Yajnas and Yagas and              caveat to this. Bhajans are expressions of adorations for God. If you
undertake any number of spiritual practices, but all these are useless if the     are unable to sing other bhajans and songs, then don’t change; you
underlying meaning is not understood. You may forget anything in this             are not ready to change. Don’t change abruptly in a way that causes
world, but never forget God. Keep your mind always focused on God. This           trauma. But strive to have a broader perspective and to understand
is My message for you today.                                                      Swami’s spiritual message and ultimately to see God in all his forms.
While Swami’s Words should suffice, I have nevertheless included in this          Question: How relevant are ritualistic practices in the Sai
letter questions and answers from Sai devotees in different parts of the          Organisation?
world regarding these issues. Please consider the following responses to          Answer: They have some place but this is diminutive. They are
questions presented to me recently from European and Asian International          contraindicated if they are confined to one religion to the detriment of
Sai Organizations.                                                                others. Universality should not be compromised or subordinated by
In a letter from European Sai Organization officers, the following question       particular practices of any one religion; there are religious houses in
was posed:                                                                        each religion in which those rituals may be pursued. But Sai centers
As a result of the recent activities, some Sai devotees in European Sai           are spiritual and not religious organizations.
Centers have asked if their Sai Centers should engage in Yagnas and               As Sai devotees, we have chosen to follow the spiritual path guided
Vedas.                                                                            by the Teachings of our Beloved Bhagavan Baba. He has permitted
On behalf of International Sai Organization, I responded as follows:              us to come together to find our true selves and thereby reflect His
Recently, in His Divine Discourse, Swami reaffirmed the sanctity of the           Glory in our respective societies. Let us be perseverant in our
Vedas and the Yagnas. Some devotees in different countries have asked             spiritual endeavors and ever faithful to the great privilege of
if the International Sai Organization should be engaging in these activities.     exemplifying His Teachings within all cultures.
We should not. Swami has given very clear Instructions that the Sai               Lovingly, In Sai Service,
Organizations outside of India should not engage in these activities. We
                                                                                  Michael Goldstein,
should all consider Swami’s Name and His Words as the highest Vedas.
                                                                                  Chairman, Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation

                                 Sri Sathya Sai Pacific Region Newsletter Volume 8, November 2006
                                          YOUTH CORNER
 You should use your will power to engage in such sacred tasks. A common example can be seen in an electric light. Dharma (virtue) is the wire
             which carries the current, Shanthi (peace) is the bulb and Prema (love) is the light. Light the Lamp of the World with Divine Love.

 Divine Love lights the lamp of life, which you are not able to perceive. None can regulate Divine Love. Worldly love is fraught with conditions
                                                                      and expectations in return. Divine Love does not expect anything in return.
                                                                                                            Sri Sathya Sai Discourse to Students

     Message from Vijay Kollengode ,                                    MESSAGE (Cont’d)
    Male Youth Coordinator of San Diego                                 These lessons learned are not only applicable to the position I
                                                                        had, but to everyday life as well. Assuming such a leadership
Sai Ram Everyone!                                                       role truly shows you the extent to which Swami takes care of
                                                                        each and every one of His devotees, and makes sure that His
I am thrilled that Swami has given me this wonderful                    work is carried out without fail. Anyone that may have any
opportunity to write a few inspirational words regarding                reservations about taking up such a position can be assured
my time as the male Youth Coordinator of San Diego. As                  that they will be surrounded by a wonderful and very
many of you know, I was elected to the position in                      supportive cast in San Diego who will go out of their way to
January of 2005. At first it was a little overwhelming, as              help in any way, shape, or form. In addition, they can take up
the very next day, talks of a YA -hosted Sai Sunday                     the position with confidence knowing that the omnipotent,
began! But with Swami’s grace and help from an                          omnipresent, and omniscient director of the play will also be
outstanding female YA coordinator, Sheetal Patel,                       lending His support, as He will take your hand and guide you
everything fell into place perfectly and the Sai Sunday                 every step of the way.
was a tremendous success.                                                Jai Sai Ram!
                                                                        Vijay Kollengode.
I am fortunate to have been brought up in a family where
Sathya Sai Baba has always been a household name.
Since I was a child my family and I have frequented                       Balancing on the Spiritual Beam
Puttaparthi and have had the privilege of maintaining                     Living ‘in the world’ and not becoming ‘of the
close contact with Bhagavan. However, even after                          world,’ requires walking a fine balance. For the
having attended bhajans and seva projects regularly for
                                                                          youth, especially in the West, we deal with mixed
my whole life, the leadership role amongst the YAs
taught me so much, not only about myself, but about                       messages from the media, from idols, and from
Swami’s teachings as well. Far beyond simply                              those in positions of authority. Balancing on this
developing my organizational and communication skills,                    beam with the world on one side and of what
assuming this role truly showed me how Swami acts                         Swami teaches on the other as we go through our
through each and every one of us, and how He makes
                                                                          duties as students, professionals, and parents, is an
sure to take care of everything.
                                                                          incredibly delicate balancing act. Many of us
For the first few events we hosted, we were always                        think that following the teachings of Swami
caught scrambling around at the last minute – whether it                  requires rigorous spiritual discipline and are often
was making sure that we had enough singers to lead the                    discouraged about not living up to the standards
bhajans, or making last-minute preparations for the lesson
                                                                          we believe are in place for His devotees. I found,
plan we were about to teach that day to the children we
work with in Oceanside, it always seemed like we were                     through Swami’s love, that finding spirituality
never fully prepared. While planning the event, I would                   within our day-to-day activities and finding God in
feel like it was “I” that was working, up until the very last             the present is truly what He means by practicing
minute when it seemed like everything was going to go                     living spirituality. Spirituality exists in all of life
wrong. That is when I would quickly turn to the Lord and
                                                                          and experiences whether we can recognize it or
say “Swami, because this is Your event, You alone are
responsible for its outcome!” Graciously, He would                        not, but looking for God in the early morning dew
always see to it that everything went off smoothly and                    drops, laughter of a child, and fragrance of a
better than we could have ever expected. In the process,                  flower will help us to walk the fine Sai Balance by
He also saw fit to deflate my ego, and show me that I was                 living ‘in the world’ and not becoming ‘of the
only an instrument in His hands; I was simply expected to
do my dharma, and leave the rest up to Him.
                                                                                                             Submitted with Sai Love,
                                                                                                      Sarina Molina(Encinitas Center)

                         Sri Sathya Sai Pacific Region Newsletter Volume 8, November 2006
                         18th Annual Sathya Sai Baba Julian Retreat

Sai Ram Dear Sai Family,
           On the week-end of October 20-22 Baba blessed us with a joyous retreat in the beautiful Laguna Mountains near Julian. The
wonderful event was hosted by the San Diego and Encinitas Sai Centers. This eighteenth annual retreat was the best one yet! And, we
said the same thing last year, and the year before; as each year Swami graces us with more Love and deeper personal innerviews.
The retreat began on Sai Avatara Declaration Day. It was on this historically significant day, October 20, 1940, that young
Sathyanarayana Raju revealed to the world His Divine identity and the glorious mission on which He has come. Deepavali followed on
Saturday morning. With so many elements aligned in our favor, the retreat ‘couldn’t miss’. I’m still aglow and humbled from the awesome
presence of God that permeated the entire week-end from start to finish.
           Long time devotee, Linda Gallagher, was the retreat’s music cornerstone; and ‘boy’ did she deliver. Her music is powerfully
infused with her Love, devotion, and gratitude to Swami. Linda was so generous, as she sang, shared her personal trials, her victories,
and her heart felt prayers to God. Guest speakers, Mrs. Gheeta Ram and Gary Belz have had very close contact with our Baba over the
years. As they shared their precious encounters with God, our hearts and wet eyes rejoiced in the oneness we all have on this glorious
journey with Sai. Their stories reminded us of our own close, inner and outer, encounters with our Lord. Gene Massey joined our list of
speakers again this year and as always, touched every heart with his stories and film.
           Gheeta Ram told us of a Gurupoornima interview she had with Baba that was particularly thrilling to all who attended the retreat.
She said, “When I said I was going to San Diego to speak, Baba said, “No, not San Diego – on the hills.” I didn’t tell Him Julian (laughter).
I said, “What should I tell all the devotees when I see them?” He said, “Tell them that I love them, that I hear them, and that I know each
and every one of them.” So that is the beautiful message that Swami said to give all of you. He said, “I love them and I know each and
every one of them.” To Swami these physical distances are not important. He’s beyond time and space and distance. He knows each
one of us.”
           Gheeta, Gary, Linda and Gene come to us from such contrasting backgrounds; and yet their stories filled us, nurtured us, and
reminded us that God loves us all the same. They kept us laughing a lot. Their happiness is such a reflection of how Swami wants us to
be in this world. “Be Happy” He reminds us. And thanks to Him, we were “Very Happy.” We know that no matter where we come from,
we are completely His.
The retreat theme was “From Darkness to Light, the Journey Within” and that was the direction we were led throughout the week-end. It
was a wonderful chance to reflect upon our lives with Baba and the tasks that lay ahead. This journey began a long, long time ago, and
yet, ironically, with every new understanding, we are just getting started.
With Love and Gratitude to our Beloved Sai – the One who is with us always, always…
                                                                            Report By: Sunny Sampson and Vickie Jewell (San Diego Center)
                                                                                                     Issac Tigrett, Gene Massey,
     Linda Gallagher                  Geetha Ram                   Gary Beltz                        Gary Beltz, Sam Sandweiss

                                                            Thought For The Day
 God is the basis of everything. He is omnipotent, omniscient and pervades all creation. Who can say that only this is
 Brahman (God) and that is not. The only eternal, existent entity is Brahman. The rest is all evanescent. Just as
 without cotton, there can be no cloth, similarly, there can be no world without God. Do not mistake this Deha
 (physical body) as real. It is the Dehi (indwelling Divinity) that is the true reality. This Divinity is beyond birth and
 death, the one without any beginning or end, and is the eternal witness. Recognize this truth.
                                                                                       Sri Sathya Sai Baba Nov 6, 2006 Prashanthi Nilayam

                          Sri Sathya Sai Pacific Region Newsletter Volume 8, November 2006
                 Devotional Services                                                     Service Projects
     Sun                Mon Tue Thu                                       Fri Sat Sat                                      Sun
      6:30am               7.30pm         7:25pm           7:20pm        8pm study     4:30pm      SSC San Diego          SSC Glendale
   Suprabhatam             Bhajans      Study circle    Bhajans SSC         circle      Study       First Saturday     Every Sunday Shelter
                                                                                                        Quilting          feeding contact
      9.30am                 SSC          8:15pm          San Diego       8:30pm        circle          12.20pm       Chandradas @661-0943-
Bhajans SSC NE San        Encinitas       Bhajans        contact Sam      Bhajans      5:30pm       contact Joe @               7718
       Diego               contact      SSC Hemet        @619-224-           SSC       Bhajans       858-5148154          SSC San Diego
 contact Srinivas @     David @760        contact            7586         Torrance     SSC Los       SSC Hemet              First Sunday
   858 689 1089           944 0481       Valla Dia        8:20pm –         contact     Angeles      First Saturday      11.30am Neil Good
                                                                                                    Burrito project   center contact Sunny @
 11am to 12:30pm         8:40pm to       New @         9:15pm Study        Indran      Contact     contact Valla @         619-226-0717
    Study circle           9:30pm        909-925-            circle      @310 549-      Murthy      909-925-8965
                        Study circle       8965        SSC Camarillo        5149       Bavisetty    SSC Mission
                                                       7:20pm Study                     @ 310-            Viejo
                                                        circle contact                   391-         First/Third
                                                        Allan @ 805                      7468         Feeding the
                                                          641 2727                                   Poor contact
                                                                                                      Victoria @
                                                                                                   SSC Camarillo
                                                                                                    First Saturday
                                                                                                   Breakfast 8 am
                                                                                                   contact Allan @
                                                                                                    805 641 2727
     5pm Bhajans            6pm                          7.30 -8pm        7:30pm                   SSC Encinitas          SSC Torrance
 SSC Thousand Oaks         Bhajans                      Study circle      Bhajans                        Second            Every Sunday
                                                                                                        Saturday       10 am Shelter feeding
contact Sainath @805-   SSC Hilo, HI                   8pm Bhajans          SSC                         10.00am        contact Indran @310
       241-5205            contact                      SSC Arcadia       Mission                    Convalescent            549-5149
 6.10 pm Study circle     Geoffrey                         contact         Viejo                      home visit           SSC Upland
                         @808-965-                     Narendranath       contact                  contact Richard     Every second Sunday
                            0386                         @ 626 355        Victoria                    @ 760-434         10.30am Sandwich
                                                                                                          7208           making homeless
                           6.50pm                           2507         @714-730-                 SSC Thousand               feeding
                         Study circle                       7pm            2646                           Oaks         Every third Sunday
                                                         SSC Santa       2nd & 4th                       Second       Hot meal to the shelter
                                                          Barbara        Friday @                   Saturday 10am     Contact Keerthi @ 909-
                                                        Christine @       8:30pm                     Convalescent            625 5795
                                                                                                       home visit
                                                       805-966-3334        Study                   contact Sainath
                                                                           circle                     @ 805-241-
                                                         7pm Study         7.10pm                  SSC Thousand           SSC Encinitas
                                                            circle        Gayatris                        Oaks        Every Sunday 10.30am
                                                                                                    Third Saturday          PBJ project
                                                           7.40pm        meditation,                  7am “Rain       contact Richard @ 760-
                                                          meditation         Study                 Project”contact           434 7208
                                                        8pm Bhajans          circle                 Chitra @ 805-         SSC San Diego
                                                         SSC Tustin        8.30pm                      241-5205            Third Sunday
                                                       contact Sunil @     Bhajans                     SSC Los          11.30am Neil Good
                                                                                                        Angeles       center contact Sunny @
                                                        714- 544-0772         SSC                  3.30pm Service          619-226-0717
                                                                          Glendale                       project
                                                                            contact                contact Murthy
                                                                         Chandradas                    Bavisetty
                                                                           @ 661-                     @310-391-
                                                       7.45pm Study        7.30pm                   SSC NE San            SSC Arcadia
                                                           circle        Meditation                     Diego             Every Sunday
                                                                                                   Fourth Saturday    2pm Convalescent home
                                                          8.30pm           7.45 pm                 Food bank 9am           seva contact
                                                          Bhajans             108                  contact Vijay@       Rohan@ 562- 856 -
                                                        SSC Karuna        Gayathris                 858-603-1900              1133.
                                                          Contact           Tustin                  SSC NE San         4pm Sandwich making
                                                          Maneck         Bookstore                      Diego            Homeless feeding
                                                                                                     9am to 12p
                                                          Chichgar          contact                     Orange
                                                                          Vasanthi                     gleaning
                                                                           @ 714-                  contact Vijay @
                                                                          669-0522                  858-603-1900
                   To contribute information to the newsletter please contact Dr. Mike Congleton at
          or Harini Narasimhan at The
                                deadline for articles for the next edition is Mar 2, 2007
                        Sri Sathya Sai Pacific Region Newsletter Volume 8, November 2006

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