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									                                         SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL PTO

                                                 SEPTEMBER 2012

Published by the SMHS Bearcat
Parent Teacher Organization        A Letter From Our Principal, Yvonne Shiu
(PTO) for the SMHS Community
                                   Happy Autumn, SMHS families!                    September 21st was the end of the first six
 Principal’s Letter         1                                                      week grading period. You should receive
                                   Welcome to the 2012-13 school year. We
                                                                                   your student’s progress report on
                                   just had Back to School Night on Thursday,
 PTO News                   2                                                      Saturday, September 29th. If you do not,
                                   September 6th, and it was such a wonderful
                                                                                   please do not hesitate to contact your
 Grad Night                 3      sight to see. Classrooms filled with parents
                                                                                   student’s counselor for a copy or to make
                                   and guardians and students in the hallways
 Volunteer Forms            4                                                      appointments with your student’s teachers.
                                   helping direct lost family members. The
                                                                                   We have Homework Center in the library
                                   rotunda (lobby) of the school was bustling
 SAT Prep Courses           6                                                      T u es da y s  and    Th ur s d a ys from
                                   with our Booster groups, Parent
                                                                                   3:15-4:15pm. Tutors are available and
 eScrip                     7      Organizations, and students. Our mascot
                                                                                   students are supervised by Ms. Kalinski,
                                   even visited for a while. Thanks to Kat
                                                                                   Mr. Pirie and Mr. Thrasher. Stop in if you
 Join PTA!                  8      Fadrilan and Marie Angle for their
                                                                                   have any homework questions!
                                   organization and assistance for this event!
 Counseling News            9                                                      I need 4 parents to serve on the SMHS
                                   As you probably noticed, the parking lot
 Library Corner             10                                                     Site Council. We meet the third Monday
                                   behind the PAC (Performing Arts Center) is
                                                                                   of every month from 3:30-5:00pm in the
 AVID                       10     filled with rows of steel structures. That is
                                                                                   Biotech Conference Room. According to
                                   our solar panel project, which has been
                                                                                   its guidelines, we are to have parity
 ParenTeen Quest            10     stalled due to height issues. Estimated
                                                                                   between our student and parent members,
                                   date of completion has been moved to
 Biotech News               11                                                     so please email me if you are interested in
                                   November. As you can see the PAC is
                                                                                   serving on this group. Annually we review
 Student Activities         12     moving right along. If you peek in from
                                                                                   SMHS’s goals and Single School Plan for
                                   Delaware, you can see the balcony being
 Testing Corner             13                                                     Student Achievement, we administer and
                                   built. The concrete wall is the back of the
                                                                                   award Diamond Grants, we review and
                                   house. The atrium/lobby will extend out in
 College & Career Center    14                                                     approve our school’s categorical budgets
                                   front of this concrete wall. Next summer in
                                                                                   and we hear news from each grade level
 Athletic Boosters          16     the stadium, we are looking at a bleacher
                                   replacement/refurbish project along with
 PHS Relocation Update      16     ADA access, handicap seating and a              Shadowing dates have been posted on our
                                   press box.                                      website. If you know of any prospective
 Latino Parents             17
                                                                                   incoming families, please direct them to our
                                   On Thursday, September 13th we started
 ELAC                       17                                                     website.    We will host our 8th Grade
                                   up Family Literacy Night. Students are
                                                                                   Family Information Night on Thursday,
 Music Boosters             18     welcome to come to the SMHS library to do
                                                                                   November 15th.        We will begin our
                                   homework, use the computers and receive
 Drama Boosters             19
                                                                                   program in the Main Gym at 6:30pm.
                                   help from tutors. We often have a number
                                   of elementary school children here from         I hope you will join us for the 8th annual
 Yearbook News              20
                                   Parkside, Highlands and College Park. We        Bearcat Benefit on Saturday, October 6th
                            21     are trying to make sure our future baby         at the South San Francisco Conference
 SMHS Foundation
                                   Bearcats have a strong foundation of            Center. You should have received your
 Art Department News        23     literacy and doing homework. Tutors are         invitation in the mail. Be sure you get your
                                   available from 6:00 -7:30pm every               RSVP in by September 28th. This event
Any comments, questions            Thursday. No excuse not to do your              is important to San Mateo High School
or concerns regarding this         homework!                                       because it raises money for academics.
newsletter may be addressed to                                                                               (Continued on page 4)

                       San Mateo High School, 506 North Delaware Street, San Mateo, CA 94401 (650) 558‐2399 

                 2 Choices to help you prepare for the SAT exam

                                 SMHS PTO is sponsoring two
                different companies with two different SAT test preparation styles!
Choose between Ames Seminars or Catalyst. Why two choices?? Because each of-
                fers a unique approach to preparing for the SAT.

         Catalyst is for those students who do best by immersing themselves in
                                studying right before exam

  Ames is for students who like a traditional studying environment AND don’t forget,
                 Ames is also our PSAT Prep Seminar provider

                      CATALYST BOOTCAMP                               AMES
                            800 235-0056                         925 937-2280

                    Cost: $165                           Cost: $855

                    Classroom Hours: 8 hours, 4 hours    Classroom Hours: 20, starts about
                    each Sat./Sun. weekend before        6 weeks prior to exam
                    Class Size: adjusted to attendance   Class Size: small, 15 students
                                                         Individual Private Tutoring: 3
                                                         hours included
                                                         Online Studying Available: yes
                    Teaching Staff: Young and very       Teaching Staff: established teach-
                    energetic                            ers – have been teaching SAT
                                                         prep for a while

                 Two excellent options; choose the one that’s right for you!

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                             PAGE 2 
                                  An Important Part of
                                  Bearcat Fundraising! 

eScrip is an important part of Bearcat fundraising. The eScrip program raises money through your everyday purchases
made at participating eScrip merchants both at brick and mortar stores and on line through their web portal. Parents,
teachers, friends and other family members are encouraged to register their credit, debit and grocery club cards with the
eScrip program.

                     eScrip Members New to San Mateo High School:
Many parents have long been participants in the eScrip program helping to support our local schools. If you are new to
San Mateo High, don’t forget to update your eScrip account to include the San Mateo High School Bearcat PTO. Just
follow these simple steps.

                                 Go to
                                 log-in to your account
                                 go to Account Administration,
                                 Click on Change my Group Selection
                                 Click on Group ID and type in our Group ID - #139430620
                                     OR Search by Group Name: San Mateo High School Bearcat PTO
                                 Click on San Mateo High School Bearcat PTO and Click on UPDATE!

     eScrip Members Returning to San Mateo High School IMPORTANT:
Returning parents to San Mateo High, need to renew their eScrip registration with Safeway before November 1st. every

                                 Go to
                                 log-in to your account
                                 Look for the Safeway logo and click on RENEW NOW
                                 Enter either your phone number, email, or Safeway Club Card number

                  You have never joined eScrip? Here’s how to do it:
                                 Go to
                                 Click on “sign-up”
                                 Add San Mateo High School Bearcat PTO as a group, ID #139430620
                                 Enter your Safeway Club Card, other grocery cards, and any credit/debit cards you use
                                     for every day purchases. Your information is stored securely.
                                 Shop at local merchants using your registered cards. A percentage of your purchases
                                     will be automatically contributed to our school!

Once your registration is completed, a percentage of the purchases you make at eScrip merchants with your registered
card will be given back to San Mateo High School. Don’t forget that if you have relatives or friends who live out of town
(or even out of the state!), tell them to register for eScrip too! Every bit counts.

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                   PAGE 3 
Letter From The Principal                                        Bearcat Parents: We need YOU!
(Continued from page 1)
Lastly, my apologies for the phone dialer mix ups. We            Community Service Commissioners: Eric Hu and Simon
                                                                 Peter, are trying to organize either a motivational
are working on “tardy” calls going out around 6pm, school        assembly before or during our Canned Food Drive or a
announcements during the 7 o’clock hour and absent               celebratory assembly after the New Year.
phone calls during the 8 o’clock hour. I understand that
                                                                 If any parents have any “connections” with any famous
the “tardy” phone call was going out during the 6 o’clock
                                                                 people or groups that might come to speak or perform at
hour, with an absence message. We are working with the           school, please phone us here at school 558-2333 (Sara
company to straighten it all out. Please send your               Catalli, Advisor). We’re working on contacting local TV
student to the attendance window to pick up a correction         and various talk show hosts but we could use some help.
form if you feel you are getting messages in error. Also,
please remember to call in your student’s absence within
48 hours. Thank you and hope to see you at around
campus soon!

A Message From The PTO President - Kerry Hyman, President
On behalf of the San Mateo High School Parent Teacher            presentations by our Booster Group Presidents.
Organization (PTO), I would like to welcome our new and          The day before the classes started was the traditional
returning Bearcat families to the SMHS community!                Welcome Back Lunch for Faculty and Staff. This
Though school did not officially start for our students until    wonderful event was organized by freshman parent
mid-August, SMHS PTO volunteers have been working                Shikha Hamilton. She was assisted by a team of
diligently since June to support our teachers,                   parents who provided a delicious lunch for the SMHS
administration, parents and students:                            faculty and staff. It was a relaxing hour for the staff who
Soon after school let out last May, Karin Patterson              then left with a “goodie bag” filled with snacks for those
began pulling together the PTO Directory, a valuable             long afternoons ahead.
resource included in your Summer Packet and to which             As you are reading this at the end of September, I hope
most parents refer throughout the school year.                   these first few weeks of school have gone well for you
In early July a group of twelve parents gathered to work         and your student. I hope you were able to attend our first
with SMHS staff to assemble the Summer Packet.                   PTO meeting of the school year on August 29. We
Distribution of this important package of material is critical   listened to a presentation from Liz McManus, Deputy
to a successful school year start.                               Superintendent of Business Services from the District
                                                                 Office. She updated us on all of the District’s construction
PTO parents supported the “Incoming and Returning                projects, budget planning and other District-wide issues.
Student Registration” Sessions. Carrie Bockholt and a            Principal Yvonne Shiu gave us an update on
team of well-trained, welcoming volunteers, guided               happenings at San Mateo High.
freshman baby bearcats on Tuesday, August 7, and
returning students on Wednesday, August 8, through the           Our next PTO event will be a presentation of the
various phases of registration.                                  acclaimed documentary "in 500 Words or Less", a DVD
                                                                 discussing the essay writing challenges our seniors face
New this year was our Freshman Parent Orientation/ Ice           when preparing their college application essays. This is a
Cream Social where our Freshman Parents enjoyed                  very timely presentation as many of our seniors are now
some refreshing ice cream after listening to a series of                                                   (Continued on page 5)

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                      PAGE 4 
PTO President’s Message
(Continued from page 4)                                        As your PTO president, I welcome any suggestions you
                                                               may have as to how the PTO can better serve our
in the process of essay writing. The event will be held on     Bearcat Community. Please send your suggestions
Thursday November 1 at 6:30pm in the PAW. We will              to or place them in the PTO box
be showing the DVD and having a discussion                     in the main office.
afterwards. Senior students are welcome to attend. We
expect this meeting to be very well attended and seating       Last but certainly not least, this newsletter - In Contact - is
will be on a first-come, first-served basis.                   published by sophomore parent Rosie Issel. In Contact
                                                               would not exist without Rosie’s hard work, patience and
Most people are unaware of how busily PTO is there             talent, nor would it would it be distributed without Sharon
helping, informing, assisting, and yes, feeding our            Yeh and her team of volunteers.
Bearcat Community:
                                                               I want to thank the aforementioned parents, and all PTO
   Providing parent education via our general meetings,        parents who have already graciously volunteered their
   and parent communications via the emailed Daily             time, talents and treasures to ensure the continuing
   Bulletin, PTO Directory and the In Contact Newsletter;      excellence and traditions of San Mateo High School.
   Spearheading student services such as College               If you have not yet joined the PTO, we need and would
   Testing, A/P proctoring, Senior Grad Night and student      greatly appreciate your support. Your membership pledge
   college scholarships;                                       to the PTO enables us to continue to provide valuable
   Celebrating student achievements at the Bearcat             services to our students, parents and staff. If you want to
   Awards and Senior Awards Night, and acknowledging           get involved and volunteer, there are plenty of
   faculty, student and parent dedication at the annual        opportunities. Forms are included in this newsletter if you
   Jefferson Awards;                                           wish to join the PTO and/or to volunteer. Additionally, all
   Providing snacks, lunches and a week of meals and           our PTO forms can be found on our website
   treats at Back to School Night, Welcome Back Lunch
   and Staff Appreciation Week, and volunteers to assist
   in the textbook room, in the library and in the school

Grad Night! Grad Night! Grad Night! Grad Night!
Hello Senior Parents,                                          Who Funds Grad Night? We do! That is why we get to
                                                               plan it! Students purchase a ticket that will defray some,
Would you like your graduating senior to have a safe and
                                                               but not all, of the cost. Parents need to raise the balance
fun-filled graduation party? Are you wondering how do I
                                                               of the funds needed. Please note that the school does
accomplish this? Well, Grad Night is here to help!
                                                               not subsidize the event. We choose the fundraising
What is Grad Night? It is a wonderful party for all the        methods, from straight donations (easiest) to bake sales
graduating seniors held immediately after the graduation       and everything in between.
ceremony that is organized by the senior parents. It is a
                                                               What do we Need to do Now? The first Grad Night
celebration for the students - a time to share memories
                                                               Planning meeting was held on Monday Sept. 17. If you
and to see all of their classmates one last time. For the
                                                               missed that one, the next meeting will be Monday,
parents - it is a fun, safe, alcohol and drug free party for
                                                               October 15 at 7pm in the library. We need your
your graduate.
                                                               ideas! The students need your help!
Who Plans Grad Night? The parents! We get to plan
                                                               See you there,
this party for our students. We choose the theme, site,
games, activities, food, goodie bags, entertainment,           Kerry Hyman
whatever we think our students will enjoy.                     PTO President
When is Grad Night? Grad Night begins immediately
following graduation, the evening of May 30, 2013. As
soon as the graduation ceremony is over, the students
are loaded onto buses and transported to the Grad Night
venue. After the festivities conclude, they are returned,
via the buses, to school.
Where is Grad Night? IT IS A SURPRISE!!!!! (Why? It
is a security issue.)

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                     PAGE 5 
                                             San Mateo
                                            High School

                        PTO VOLUNTEER FORM – 2012/2013 SCHOOL YEAR
The PTO is involved in a variety of events benefiting our school community of students, teachers, administrators and
parents. The success of these PTO events depends solely on volunteer support. This is a great way to stay involved in
your student's life! We appreciate any amount of time you can volunteer. Please check the boxes next to the activities
with which you can help. We will contact you and look forward to having you as a member of the Bearcat team!

   BAKE or BRING GOODIES or FOOD                                        HELP AT EVENT
   I can provide food for the following events:                         I can help at the following events:
       Staff Welcome Ba ck Lunch August 13, 2012                            Freshman Registration August 7, 2012
       Back-to-S chool Night, September 6, 2012                             Sophomore, Junior, Senior Registration August 8, 2012
       Hall of Fa me Reception, November 9, 2012                            Staff Welcome Ba ck Lunch, August 13, 2012
       8 Grade Family Infor mation Night, TBA Nov. 2012                     Back-to-S chool Night, September 6, 2012
       Open House, March 14, 2013                                           Hall of Fa me Reception, November 9, 2012
       Staff Appreciation Week, April 15 – 19, 2013                         Proctor at Practice SAT Test, February 2, 2013
       Senior Activity Breakfast, May 17, 2013                              Exit Exam - February 5 and 6, 2013
       Parent Grade Level Info Nights: Fall, Winter & Spring                8 th Grade Family Info Night, TBA Nov. 2012
   ACTIVITIES DURING THE SCHOOL DAY                                         Open House, March 14, 2013

       “ In Contact” Distribution 2 hrs 5-6 times per year                  Staff Appreciation Week, April 15-19, 2013

       Assist librarian 1 hr per week during school day                     Proctor at AP exams, May 6 - 16, 2013
       Assist in textbook room 1 two weeks of semester - time               Jefferson Awards, May 6, 2013
       flexible; last week of ea ch semester
                                                                            Aca demic Awards Night, May 13, 2013
       Assist administration filing registration paperwork, 1-2 hours
       1st 2 weeks of school.                                               Senior Activity Br ea kfast, May 17, 2013

   SMHS FOUNDATION                                                          Bearcat Award Lunches, Fa ll & Spring

       I have do nations for the Bearcat Benefit Auction.                   Grad Night (Senior Parents) Plan Senior party

       SMHS Foundation Bearcat Benefit, October 6, 2012                 MISCELLANEOUS
       Get involved & help the Foundation                                   *** GOLDEN H ELPER *** Whatever , whenever, ca ll me!
                                                                            Provide written and/or oral translation from English to

   NAME(S) _________________________________________________ HOME PHONE_____________________
   AVAILABILITY (Circle): Morning/Afternoons/Evenings         DAY PHONE_____________________
   EMAIL                  ADDRESS                     (Please           print              clearly)
   SMHS STUDENT’S NAME(S) ____________________________________ GRADE(S)____________________

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                                 PAGE 6 
                                     San Mateo
                                    High School

                           (you can sign up to chair or simply lend a hand)

   •   Staff Welcome Back Lunch – provide lunch (by PTO and volunteers) to SMHS staff on their 1 st day back (nice
       way to meet your child’s teachers!)
   •   Back-to-School Night – coordinate and host snack tables for all parents and staff as they meet each other
       officially for the first time
   •   Hall of Fame Reception – host reception in honor of the Sports Hall of Fame recipients
   •   Proctor at Practice SAT Test – provide adult presence and monitoring during the SAT exam
   •   California Exit Exam – provide and distribute healthy snacks during this exam (which all students must pass in
       order to graduate)
   •   8th Grade Family Information Night – provide snacks to prospective incoming families as they attend an
       evening where they will learn about the academic and extra-curricular offerings at San Mateo
   •   Open House – provide snacks as students and parents visit classrooms
   •   Staff Appreciation Week – assist during a week of celebrating the staff at San Mateo that includes breakfasts,
       coffee and culminates in a lunch on Friday
   •   Proctor AP exams – provide adult presence and monitoring at each of the 10 exams (volunteers are not required
       to proctor all 10 exams)
   •   Jefferson Awards – coordinate public service recognition event
   •   Academic Awards Night – host reception for the attendees
   •   Senior Activity Breakfast – provide breakfast and adult presence as the seniors celebrate their upcoming
       graduation (Senior Parents highly encouraged to volunteer)
   •   Bearcat Award Lunches – assist with the preparation of certificates and provide lunch for student award
       winners (event is held twice a year)
   •   Grad Night – organize festivities for the seniors the night they graduate (Senior Parents highly encouraged to

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                  PAGE 7 
                                         San Mateo High School Bearcat PTO


STREET ADDRESS_________________________________________________________________________
CITY__________________________________________________________ ZIP CODE__________________
HOME PHONE_____________________________                               ALTERNATE PHONE________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________
                             Please print clearly. Email addresses make communication easy!

SMHS STUDENT’S NAME ___________________________________________GRADE __________________
SMHS STUDENT’S NAME ___________________________________________GRADE __________________
SMHS STUDENT’S NAME ___________________________________________GRADE __________________

    PTO Membership
         Includes SMHS Student Planner, Daily School Announcements, & “In Contact Newsletter”. In addition, PTO Membership
         fees support: PTO College Scholarships, Parent Grade-Level Meetings, Student Recognition program, General PTO
         Speaker Series, Staff Appreciation Week & Senior Activity Breakfast (partial list)

         Please select a category:
         ___$20 individual         ___$30 supporter          ___$55 family        ___$80 Bear Hugs           ___$130+ Big Bear Hugs

                                                                                                                    (Total) $______
     As part of your PTO membership, you are eligible to receive the SMHS’ daily bulletin via email and the “In Contact”
     Newsletter either by email or U.S. mail. Please indicate your preferences:
         Would you like to receive the Daily Bulletin via email (circle): YES/NO
         Would you prefer to receive the “In Contact” Newsletter (circle): YES/NO
                   If YES, by what means (circle): U.S. Mail (takes approx. 2 weeks longer) or Email
    Student directory pre-order $5.00 per directory                                     # _____ x $5        (Total) $______
    Volunteer Please let us know how you would like to help this year by filling out the separate PTO Volunteer form,
    with specific areas and dates.
                                                 Please make checks payable to SMHS PTO. Total enclosed = $________
                                           Please return form to the school office or mail to:

                                                       San Mateo High School PTO
                                                506 N. Delaware St. San Mateo, CA 94401

eScrip is an easy way to give to Schools. The money we earn goes toward the scholarships PTO offers. It only takes a minute and the benefits are
great! The SMHS Bearcat PTO’s eScrip account number is #139430620. (Give us your number and we will register it for you, or go on line at and register your card yourself. Your Safeway number is your original card number, not your phone number)
eScrip. Register your Safeway Club Card #: _______________________________________________
Please register your Macy’s card, Visa, & MasterCard in the eScrip program at

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                                         PAGE 8 
Counseling News - Georgiana Watson
California Scholarship Federation (CSF)                          2012. All marking periods and when to expect report
                                                                 cards at home are listed below:
California Scholarship Federation signups began August
30. Closing date for signups was Friday, September 14th.         Grading Period Ends:            Received at Home:
All information is posted on Naviance and schoolloop.                                   FALL SEMESTER
Please see Mrs. Torres if you have questions. This
organization is open to all 10th and 12th graders and            September 21, 2012              September 28, 2012
eligibility is based on last spring’s high school grades. A      November 2, 2012                November 9, 2012
student must bring his or her last semester’s report card
                                                                 December 20, 2012               January 12, 2013
to Mrs. Torres at the time of sign-up. By rule, there are no
late sign-ups. If your student missed the sign-ups for the                            SPRING SEMESTER
fall, they will have an opportunity to sign-up for the spring.   February 15, 2013               February 22, 2013
There will be a $5.00 application fee for each sign-up.
                                                                 March 29, 2013                  April 12, 2013
Community College Credit
                                                                 May 24, 2013                    June 1, 2013
Classes taken at the community college level (concurrent
enrollment) during the summer will ONLY be placed on             Senior Student and Parent Information Night
the SMHS transcript if approved by the counselor and             We held our senior parent and student informational
administration in advance. If approved to be used for            session on Tuesday, September 11th. We covered
graduation, courses must meet the SMHS graduation
                                                                 “The Application Process” to all universities and as
                                                                 well as additional items such as “scholarship and
A “concurrent enrollment” form and “post secondary               financial aid information”. If you missed the session
course pre-approval form” must be given to your                  or did not receive the handout, the entire power
counselor before enrollment.                                     point is posted on the San Mateo High School
If your student completes a community college class and          website.
it was accepted to be placed on the SMHS transcript, the
student must make arrangements with the Admissions
and Records Office at the college to have them send an
official transcript to San Mateo High School. This should
be addressed to Shelley Germen, Student Data                     Do you know any Alumni?
Analyst. If you have questions regarding this contact your
                                                                 Do you know any Alumni? Be sure to invite them to this
counselor. This final step must be done in order for the
                                                                 year’s Little Big Game! It will be November 10th at
course and grade to appear on the high school transcript.
                                                                 10:30am at BHS. Please contact Sara Catalli 558-2333 if
Attention Seniors and Parents                                    you have any questions (the Student Government direct
“District policy states that a student must complete the
following in order to receive a diploma in May and
participate in the graduation ceremony":

•  Pass with a D or better all required course
•   Successfully complete a minimum of 220 credits;
Pass the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam)
for both Math and Language Arts.
If your student is a senior and is falling short of meeting
the above requirements, they are in danger of not
graduating in May of 2013. Counselors have met with
those students and are sending verification letters home
to address this. We urge parents to take a look at all
school mail and to keep a close eye on your student’s
progress. Monitoring student progress is best done by
reviewing your student’s report cards and communicating
with the counselor. Grades are issued every six weeks
with the first grading period ending on September 21st,

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                     PAGE 9 
Library Corner - Nancy Jones
First and foremost, thank you to the dedicated team of         The library is also used after school four days a week for
volunteers who distributed 10,000 textbooks during the         Homework Centers. Regular Homework Center with
first two weeks of school to students and faculty. They        tutoring by faculty members is Tuesdays and Thursdays
are: Tony Gschwend, Jeanne Hoffman, Karin                      from 3:15 – 4:15pm and Athletic Homework Center is
Patterson, Katherine Patterson, Danielle Picchi, Alan          Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:30 – 4:15 pm. The
Reynaud, Kimberly Savage, Helen Sellers, Sharon                library is often used in the evenings for various programs
Yeh, and Jeremy Yeh. I would like to give a special            and events, such as Family Literacy Night on Thursdays
thank you to Carolyn Leonard, PTO Vice President, for          from 6 - 7:30 pm.
sounding the need for more people to help with the big         For more information about the library visit the web page
and important job of getting textbooks into the hands of       or contact teacher librarian, Nancy Jones at 558-2327.
students and teachers.
The SMHS library is a happening place! The purpose of
the library is to support students in their academic
pursuits and to foster reading as an intellectual activity
and personal pleasure. The library is staffed with a half-
time librarian and half-time assistant who provide service
to classes, teachers and individual students. The library is
open Monday through Friday for periods 1 to 7, plus
brunch and lunch. There are more than 15,000 fiction,
nonfiction, and reference books in the collection. Bearcats
have 33 computers available for working on class
assignments during the school day as well as 24/7 access
to a number of subscription databases from the library
web page for their academic needs.

AVID Program - Fabian Morales                                  ParenTeen Quest Event!
The AVID (Advancement Via Independent Determination)                           Miss Representation
program, is a nationally recognized pre-college program           a Documentary Film by Jennifer Siebel Newsom
that was established on the SMHS campus in the fall of
1997. Currently 102 students are being served. Ms.             Synopsis: The average teenager spends more than ten
Dinges our 12th grade teacher is working with 17               hours each day consuming media — more than sleeping
energetic seniors, Ms. McMullen our 11th grade teacher is      or attending school. Media is the messenger and an
working with 27 juniors, Mr. Norman is working with 26         increasingly powerful one. Mainstream media bombards
sophomores, and Ms. Malone is with 32 freshmen. The            children and adults alike with overwhelming messages
AVID elective class meets during 6th period and students       that women should be beautiful and sexy, while men
learn about the college admissions process, financial aid,     should be powerful and often violent. These messages
and organizational skills. Mr. Morales and Ms. Dinges          limit children’s ideas of what is possible in the world and
coordinate the program.                                        can have damaging effects on their self-esteem, health,
Back in June the AVID program held its Second Annual           and the way they treat others. The Miss
Camping trip. Students visited the University of California,   Representation curriculum equips K-12 and University
Santa Cruz campus and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.          students with the critical thinking skills to question the
Unfortunately, due to weather, the camping location had to     messages they see in mainstream media daily. It also
be relocated to SMHS’s Small Gym, but the fun never            gives teachers and parents the tools to spark a
stopped. We would like to take the time to thank all of our    conversation with children and young adults about their
chaperones; Mr. Rainaldi and Ms. Malone our wilderness         media consumption. For a link to the movie trailer use
leaders, Ms. Kalinski who returned for second year of fun
and shared her amazing scary stories around the campfire       Please check the San Mateo High website at
and finally Ms. Hwang and Ms. Cintas who kept the     for date, time and
energy and spirit levels up. Students and families who are     location.
interested in learning more about the AVID program should
talk to Mr. Morales or Ms. Dinges.

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                PAGE 10 
Biotech Pathways – Summer 2012 Internship Program - Jimmy Ikeda
The San Mateo Biotechnology Career Pathway                  The majority of support comes from the San Mateo
program (SMBCP) partners with local universities and        County Office of Education Regional Occupational
industry to provide students with experiences to explore    Program who provides the funding and insurance for the
careers in biotechnology and learn about the academic       student interns. If you work at biotechnology, biomedical,
paths toward those careers. Our program is funded           or science research facility (private or public), we hope
through the enthusiastic support of our San Mateo County    you will consider helping us make contacts at your place
Office of Education - ROP (Regional Occupational            of business in the hope of setting up an internship
Program). This year, 29 students (listed below) from the    program or expanding an existing one. More information
San Mateo Biotechnology Career Pathway completed a          about the San Mateo Biotechnology Career Pathway and
180-200 hour summer laboratory internship at a              our internship program can be found at
biotechnology facility or research facility.     Industry Please send any leads or pertinent
partners are excited to host our students because they      information to Jimmy Ikeda, SMBCP Internship
are mature, skilled, and very productive. SMBCP’s           Coordinator, at
industry partners include:
                                                            We appreciate your efforts and support!
  Pacific Fertility Center                                  Best Biotech Wishes!
  Genencor International                                    Jimmy Ikeda
  Prosetta Bioconformatics
  CS Bio
  Mendel Biotechnology
  Target Discovery
  Stanford University - Sunwoo Lab and Endy Lab
  ISIS Services
  Five Prime Therapeutics
  San Francisco State University - Chen Lab and
  Segan Industries.

Biotech Summer 2012 Internship Program - Students
               Alena Cave - San Mateo                                     Dulce Martinez- San Mateo
                   Vincci Chan - Mills                                  Hannah Middlekauf - San Mateo
                  Melissa Chin -Mills                                     Shaina Prasad - San Mateo
                  William Chow - Mills                                   Michelle Ragsac - San Mateo
               Eric Chuang - San Mateo                                   Jonathan Slowey - San Mateo
             Vanessa Demelo - San Mateo                                       Catherine Su - Mills
               Vineet Dodd - San Mateo                                     Timothy Tam - San Mateo
               Fumi Ebara - San Mateo                                       Jeremy Tan - San Mateo
               Taiki Fukada - San Mateo                                   Rebecca Tien - San Mateo
                John Halet - San Mateo                                         Emily Wang - Mills
              Jessica Huang - Carlmont                                   Kiana Woodward - San Mateo
                 Kristy Ip - Notre Dame                                       Josephine Xu - Mills
               Andrew Lee - Burlingame                                         Matthew Xu - Mills
                     Justin Li - Mills
                 Diane Liu - San Mateo
                Angela Lu - San Mateo

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                            PAGE 11 
Student Activities - Sara Catalli, Activities Director
Three Cheers for...                                              Geni Duran who hosted the 80's themed “Welcome Back
                                                                 Dance”. She did an amazing job, and with just a few
Kat Fadrilan and Marie Angle who organized the
                                                                 school days, sold loads of tickets – everyone had a great
Freshman Orientation and Ambassador Training day. We
had over 80 Students attend the Ambassador Training
day who enjoyed Keith Hawkins, motivational speaker                                 UPCOMING DATES
and trainer. The kids had an amazing time and it really
                                                                 Fri. Sept 28 Renaissance Rally with Perks @ Lunch in
made Orientation great. We would like to thank
                                                                 the QUAD (Recognizing all 10-12 Grade students with a
Leadership, Renaissance, AVID, and all of the Volunteers
                                                                 GPA of 3.0 or higher)
who made the event a great success. Additionally, this
event would not have been possible without support from
Ms. Shiu, Dr. Rapaido, Ms. Woolfolk and Site Council.
Fabian Morales was with us all day of Freshman
Orientation to help manage the 35 groups and all of the
new students. Our star BBQ chef: Ms. Dinges and “Iron
Chef” Steven Pantuso hosted a tasty lunch! Thanks
Allie Jo Munier and Drew Carreon, who hosted this
year’s Decoration Days. They both did a fantastic job with
this year's decorating efforts. Thank you to all who
participated, especially Diane Liu! Also, a special thanks
to the Alegria family, who donated snacks and hosted
several “Banner Parties” over the summer.
Nancy Cordero and Kayla Rose, this year’s Club and
Class Coordinators, for hosting the Freshman Assembly.
Election Day for the Freshman was September 13th.

How Can My Student Get Involved? - Sara Catalli, Activities Director
We will be having our Council of Reps meeting in                 If you have not already done so, purchase a PAL sticker
September and October. Be sure your son or daughter              ($15) in the Student Government room. Those with the
signs up in their tutorial to be a rep. It is an excellent way   PAL get discounts on all football and basketball games
to get involved in school events and activities. They can        and dances throughout the year. Be sure to come out and
also sign up for the “Students in Action”, which is a part of    support the action packed Bearcat sporting events. All the
the Jefferson Awards Program. See Mrs. Catalli if you            teams are gearing up for fabulous seasons. Hope to see
have questions.                                                  you all out there!
GRID is Student Government’s “Homecoming” formal                 We wish you and your family a healthy and happy year.
dance. It will be held before Spirit Week: November 3rd
                                                                 Thanks for being an integral part of the San Mateo High
from 8-11 pm, all tickets must be purchased in advance.
                                                                 School Community!
Make sure your student listens to the bulletin. The daily
bulletin is also posted online on the school website.
Check it out if you need to see an announcement again or         - Sara Catalli, Activities Director and Leadership Teacher
you didn’t hear the bulletin read in your tutorial class.
Also, the master activities list will be available in the
Leadership room (A001). Pick one up to plan your fall
social calendar. It's a great way to stay informed about
upcoming events.
Encourage your son or daughter to sign up with a club
any time throughout the year. We have over 40 active
clubs on campus and they are great way to meet new
people and get involved with activities at school. Club
meetings are announced in the bulletin and occur through
out the week during lunch.

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                   PAGE 12 
Testing Corner - Suzanne Woolfolk - Assistant Principal
Advanced Placement Tests
The 2012 AP results are in, and SMHS has increased both the number of students taking AP exams, as well as the
number earning passing scores. In fact, 45 more students earned scores of 3 or higher on an AP exam in 2012 than in
                                                  2008     2009     2010    2011    2012
Total SMHS AP Students                            306      273      259     357     416
Number of Exams                                   711      664      577     719     889
AP Students with Scores 3+ (out of 5)             237      231      222     284     329
% of Total AP Students with Scores 3+             77.5     84.6     85.7    79.6    79.1

The AP Scholar Awards have been determined for 2012. The AP Program offers several AP Scholar Awards to
recognize high school students who have demonstrated college-level achievement through AP courses and exams.
Individual score reports were made available to students online this summer, and AP scholars will soon be contacted by

Total AP Scholars: 137; Average Score: 3.98 (out of 5)

                                                             AP         AP Scholar       AP Scholar with      National AP
                                                           Scholar      with Honor         Distinction          Scholar
Number of Scholars                                            59             26                 52                 14
Average Score                                                3.25           3.76               4.36               4.62

California Standards Test (STAR)
The individual student test results from April 2012 are being mailed home this fall. Please look at the individual results
and call your student’s counselor if you have any questions or concerns. The results are from tests in English,
Mathematics, Science and Social Studies based on the California Standards. To view San Mateo High School’s results,
please search using the following link:

CELDT Testing
The CA English Language Development Test will be given on campus Sept. 27 through Oct. 9 to students who are
English learners (ELs). The CELDT is important because it helps SMUHSD to: identify English Learners at SMHS;
determine students’ levels of English language proficiency; and assess student progress listening, speaking, reading,
and writing in English.

During school on Wednesday, Oct. 17, juniors will participate in PSAT/NMSQT testing. All juniors must return the sign-up
form, either attached to a $22 payment or noting any request for financial scholarship. Sophomore PSAT sign-ups will be
allowed based on limited availability. Sign-ups begin the first week of October, and Mrs. Woolfolk will be visiting all junior
tutorials to explain the process.

The PSAT/NMSQT measures: critical reading, math problem-solving and writing skills. Juniors at SMHS register for
the PSAT/NMSQT in order to become familiar with the kinds of questions and the exact directions you will see on the
SAT, and to receive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses on skills necessary for college study. By completing
the PSAT, juniors are also able to enter the competition for scholarships from National Merit Scholarship Corporation
(NMSC) (grade 11).

We are one of only a few public high schools in the state who give this test to all juniors during the school day. SMHS
has had multiple finalists in past years that only qualified because of our all-junior testing date!

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                    PAGE 13 
Barbara Snider College and Career Center News - Terri Fenech
National Merit Students Honored                               What Happens after Seniors Submit their College
We are honored to have the following students for             Applications
National Merit Semi Finalists:                                Seniors will receive emails verifying that their applications
                                                              have been received (some campuses will still send a
Shadi Barhoumi, Karen Chee, Diane Liu, Eric Liu,
Victoria Xiao. These students will be competing for           letter) including application ID #. Save this email.
National Merit Finalist. We have three students who are       If something is missing in the application. (test scores,
recognized for the National Hispanic Recognition              etc.) Students will receive an email giving them a short
Program. They are Christina Dressel, Domenic Iniguez          time to supply the missing data. Students must check
and Tarryn O’Mahoney. Congratulations to everyone.            their email regularly to ensure that they don’t miss their
                                                              communications and deadlines. The California State
Junior PSAT Registration Deadline: Friday, Oct. 5th           Universities firmly stated that they will send only one
During school on Wednesday, October 17th all SMHS             reminder to students this year. Seniors be sure that you
juniors will participate in PSAT testing. The PSAT            know the financial aid deadline of each campus that you
measures: critical reading, math, problem solving, and        apply to.
writing skills.
All juniors at SMHS must register for the PSAT in             College Interviews
order to:                                                     Some private universities invite students to personal
                                                              interviews (few require them). It is a good idea to
•   Help prepare for the SAT. Students can become             schedule one if it is suggested to you by the university,
    familiar with the kinds of questions and the directions   even if they say that it isn’t mandatory. An interview is an
    they will see on the SAT.                                 opportunity! How many times in your life are you invited to
                                                              talk about yourself to share the best of yourself with
•   Receive feedback on the strengths and weaknesses          others? A college or scholarship interview is not to be
    of student skills necessary for college study.            dreaded or feared but enjoyed. See Mrs. Fenech or Mrs.
    Students can then focus on preparation of those           Furgiuele for an appointment for a practice interview and
    areas that could most benefit from additional study or    you will be well prepared. This is also recommended if it
    practice.                                                 is your 1st choice school.

•   See how your student’s performance on an                  College/Financial Aid Check List for Seniors
    admissions test might compare with that of other              College entrance tests must be completed no later
    students applying to college.                                 than December for seniors applying to UC and CSU
                                                                  campuses. You must complete your test pattern
•   Enter the scholarship competition from the National           before October for Cal poly SLO and Sonoma and
    Merit Scholarship Corporation.                                early action or early decision.
SMHS has had many finalists due to the tradition of               Find out which financial aid applications colleges
testing all juniors!                                              require and when the forms are due. Many private
                                                                  schools require the CSS Profile which is available
To register for the PSAT, please send a registration              through Look for link under
form, along with a check for $22, made payable to                 “Pay for College.” Many merit-based scholarship
San Mateo High School. Student’s name should be                   applications are due as early as November.
printed in the comment line of the check. Students
                                                                  Seniors should apply for a PIN now by visiting
may register in the Career Center during lunch,
brunch and after school from Oct. 1st to the deadline,   In order to apply for federal and
                                                                  state financial aid, seniors need to file a Free
Friday, Oct. 5th. Fee Waivers are available.
                                                                  Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in
UC and CSU Applications should be filed no later                  January. This is best done online, see
than Nov. 20th.                                          . The student and parent can
In the last three years, we have started a tradition at           obtain a PIN code now in order to electronically sign
SMHS for seniors to file their public college applications        the FAFSA and to be able to go online to make any
no later than Nov.20th. Students have become aware of             necessary changes to their FAFSA data when they
the problems that they might face if they wait until              apply in 2013 after January 1st.
Thanksgiving weekend. Let’s keep up the tradition of
having all Bearcats complete their public college                 Check with individual colleges and universities for on-
applications by Nov. 20th. GO - BEARCATS!!!                       site Preview Days and other local events. Most
                                                                  campuses include this information on their website.
                                                                                                         (Continued on page 15)

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                   PAGE 14 
Barbara Snider College and Career Center News - Continued
(Continued from page 14)                                       Deadline for Cal Grant Eligibility
                                                               March 2, 2013
     The Career Center has a wealth of information and         Students should turn in their Cal Grant form as soon as
     listings.                                                 they receive them (the week of Oct.1st). They will be
                                                               handed out in senior English classes. They are also
     Students should visit their top school choices. Be        available in the Career Center.
     sure to interview some students, faculty and staff from
     those schools.                                            Searching for a Career?
     Continue to search for scholarship opportunities.
                                                               Here are some tips from Ms. Fenech on some great
     Seniors check the listings both in Naviance and in the
                                                               things to do while looking for a career:
     Career Center often.
                                                               Volunteer and internship opportunities are available
FREE Money for College
                                                               at the office of Jerry Hill, Chair of the Assembly:
Scholarship information is accessible in the Career
                                                               Anyone interested in participating with his campaign may
Center and updated on a weekly basis. Lists are also
                                                               email: Jerry Hill at
posted in senior English and Social Science classes and
                                                               questions call: 650.299-9717
Naviance for parents and students. Many local
scholarship opportunities become available now and in
                                                               Considering a Career in Medicine?
the spring semester, San Mateo students are encouraged
                                                               Minority Medical Students Awareness Workshop on
to apply. The scholarships are based on many different
                                                               Saturday, Nov. 3rd, at the Moscone Center in San
qualifications, such as financial need, merit, ethnicity,
                                                               Francisco. This is a FREE Event and attendees are
religion, career goals, community service, leadership,
                                                               required to register online beginning September 17th,
athletics, creativity and more. Students should check the
                                                               at For more
Career Center and Naviance (Scholarships) regularly.
                                                               information, see Mrs. Fenech in the Career Center.
All Students and Parents: Beware of financial aid
                                                               San Mateo Elks Lodge is Sponsoring a Speakers
                                                               Series for Students 10-20 years old.
• Almost all scholarship information is available for free.    The program is called, Do What You Love. Anthony
• Do your own research.                                        Hardwick, award winning cinematographer, will speak
• Never give your credit card information to someone to        about his path to Hollywood on Wednesday, October
    hold a scholarship.                                        3rd, at 5:30, San Mateo Elks Club on 229 W. 20th Ave.
• Seniors: Do not pay for the Free Application for             There is no charge to attend
    Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or pay someone to fill
    it out for you.                                            Volunteers are needed at St. Ambrose Sea Breeze
• Finally be skeptical of college financial planning           School in Foster City
                                                               Call Mrs. Irizarry at 650-574-5437 or
                                                               mail See Mrs. Fenech for a
• Feel free to contact Mrs. Fenech if you have any             flyer.
    questions about financial aid scams.
                                                               Tutoring Jobs Now Available at The Tutoring Center
DATES TO REMEMBER                                              Starting pay $10. per hour, fill out an application
FAFSA -Free Application for Federal Student Aid                at Foster City
Available online Jan. 1, 2013
                                                               Are you over 16 years old and looking for a job?
                                                               Sears, at the Hillsdale Mall is now hiring!! See Mrs.
Financial Aid Night in the SMHS Main Gym
                                                               Fenech for flyers
Jan. 16, 2013 7-9 p.m.
Come to this informative presentation given by the
Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Norm Caito, from
University of San Francisco. You will leave this
presentation well prepared to file the FAFSA for your

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                 PAGE 15 
Athletic Boosters - Mark Erlick
Hello Bearcat Families and Friends!
The Athletic Boosters would like to welcome everyone to the start of another
school year. Hopefully you had a fun summer and were able to enjoy some
rest, relaxation and quality family time. We would like to thank everyone for
their generous support of Athletic Boosters during the 2011-2012 school year.
We were able to once again help the Athletic Department provide the
resources necessary for each of our sports teams to have the essential items
to field a strong and competitive team.

The fall season is always a great time for the Bearcat community to show their
school spirit by attending many of the sporting events. Football, Volleyball,
Water Polo, Cross Country, Girls Tennis and Girls Golf would all love to see
a large crowd of San Mateo Bearcat fans cheering them on.

As we continue throughout the school year, Athletic Boosters is always looking
for volunteers to help staff our concession stands and fundraising events. Also,
if there are any parents who are interested in helping Athletic Boosters enter
the age of Social Media, we would love to start a Facebook page, Pay Pal
option, etc. If you are interested, please contact us on the school website
under the Parents tab and then Athletic Boosters.

Enjoy the fall season and thanks again for all your support!

San Mateo Athletic Boosters

Peninsula High School Relocation Proposal Update
Wednesday August 29 was San Mateo High School's first              at potential properties and performing the CEQA review of those
Parent meeting of the new school year. We had invited Scott        properties will most likely take another 3 months or so. Liz was
Laurence to speak at our meeting but unfortunately he had to       not specific as to when she thought the proposal would go
back out at the last minute. However Liz McManus, Deputy           before the School Board.
Superintendent of Business Services was able to speak on his
behalf. Below is a recap of her update of the Peninsula High        When it does go before the School Board, all 4 proposals will
School co-location proposal.                                       be reviewed side-by-side, with the pros and cons of each one
                                                                   thoroughly stated. To restate the four proposals are:
The District Office has prepared an RFP for a realtor who is
familiar with purchasing school properties. The RFP closed on      1.   Keeping PHS at the Crestmoor site and rebuilding it there.
Aug. 31. Liz anticipates that it will take about 3 weeks for the   2.   Purchasing a new, centrally located property and building a
interviewing and hiring process to be completed. At that point a        new school there.
CEQA professional will be brought on board to work with the
District Office and the realtor as properties are reviewed for     3.   Moving PHS to San Mateo High
potential PHS school sites. The CEQA professional has to be        4.   Moving PHS to Hillsdale High
on board at the same time that properties are looked at so that
any environmental issues can be addressed prior to any             When asked that the District Office update its website with PHS
purchase.      Additionally, this CEQA professional will be        relocation activities, Liz expressed a willingness to do that so as
reviewing any environmental issues that may be encountered         to keep the process transparent. She also recommended that
should PHS be relocated to either San Mateo High School or         the School Board Agendas be reviewed as they come online for
Hillsdale High School, or if PHS stays at the Crestmoor site but   any School Board actions on the proposal.
is completely rebuilt. The CEQA review is a requirement.
                                                                   Please direct any questions or comments about the Peninsula
The timetable for the School Board review and vote has now         High School Relocation Proposal to
slid. When SMHS first became aware of the proposal, Scott
Laurence had indicated that he thought the proposal would be
presented to the School Board sometime late September or
early October. However, the process of hiring a realtor, looking

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                           PAGE 16 
Lion’s International OPPORTUNITY                            Grupo de Padres Latinos
Are you looking for a Volunteer Opportunity that looks      El grupo de Padres Latinos tuvo su primera reunión el
GOOD to ALL COLLEGES? Are you looking for an                miércoles 5 de septiembre. Fue una buena reunión con
excellent      career    research      and    volunteer     muchas familias y estudiantes. Andrea Booth, una de las
activity? Burlingame Lions, Leo Club is recruiting new      consejeras habló acerca de su departamento y también
members. Leo Clubs are the teen version of the              tuvimos dos maestros representantes del departamento de
International Lions Clubs. (Yes, this international         inglés. Una de los estudiantes Melissa Alvarez, la
organization does look good on a college application.)      delegada de los estudiantes de ELD, habló un poco sobre
Leos get the opportunity to develop positive character      su trabajo en la escuela y otros eventos próximos.
traits and contribute to the community. A community         El grupo de los Padres Latinos se reúne el primer
service club is a great way for teens to choose a career    miércoles de cada mes en la biblioteca de SMHS de 6 -
path and earn community service credits for high school.    7:30 de la noche. Todos los padres están invitados a
Leos meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at       nuestras reuniones mensuales donde pueden conocer a
the Lions Hall located at 990 Burlingame Avenue,            otras familias. La próxima reunión será el miércoles el 3
promptly at 7:00pm. These are dinner meetings that last     de octubre de 2012 a las 6 p.m.
less than an hour to leave time for homework. See Mrs.
Fenech                                                      The Latino Parents group had their first meeting on
                                                            Wednesday, september 5th. It was a good meeting with
                                                            many families and students. Andrea Booth, one of the
                                                            counselors spoke about her department and we also had
                                                            two teachers representing the English department. ELD
                                                            Student delegate Melissa Alvarez spoke about her job at
                                                            school and upcoming events.
                                                            The Latino Parents group meets monthly in the library from
                                                            6 - 7:30 p.m. All parents are invited to our monthly
                                                            meetings where they can meet other parents. Next
                                                            meeting will be on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at 6 p.m.

ELAC Representatives Wanted!                                Se Buscan Representates para ELAC
The English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) is            El Comité Asesor para Estudiantes del Idioma Inglés
still looking for representatives!                          (ELAC por sus siglas en inglés) continúa buscando
What does a representative do? ELAC representatives:
• Attend the district ELAC meetings (10/23, 12/6, 2/13,     ¿Qué hace un representante? Los representantes de
   3/14, and 4/24 in the evenings in the SMHS library)      ELAC:
   and two more SMHS ELAC meetings (dates                   • Asisten a las juntas de ELAC del distrito (10/23, 12/6,
   undecided) this year.                                       2/13, 3/14, y 4/24 por la noche en la biblioteca de
• Advise Suzanne Woolfolk, Assistant Principal, on             SMHS) y dos juntas más de ELAC de SMHS (no se
   goals for ELAC meetings and for English Learners.           han decidido las fechas) este año.
   Phone: 650-558-2303                                      • Aconsejar a la Subdirectora Suzanne Woolfok acerca
• Divide participation in school Site Council with our         de los objetivos de las juntas de ELAC y las metas
   other ELAC representatives. Fall Site Council               para los estudiantes que están aprendiendo inglés.
   meetings are at 3:30 pm in the Biotech Conference           Teléfono 650-558-2303
   Room on 10/15, and 11/19.                                • Dividir la participación en el Consejo Escolar (Site
                                                               Council) con nuestros otros representantes de ELAC.
If you are interested, please contact Assistant Principal      Las juntas del Consejo Escolar (Site Council) son a
Woolfolk.                                                      las 3:30 p.m. en el Salón de Conferencias de
                                                               Biotecnología el 10/15 y 11/19.

                                                            Si usted está interesado, comuníquese            con    la
                                                            Subdirectora Suzanne Woolfolk.

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                             PAGE 17 
Music Boosters - Confessions of a Past President - David Tesarowski
Sure, we say that we are volunteering to help our children
as they journey through elementary, middle and high
schools. Yes, these schools all need our help to make the
experience better for our children and to lessen the
burden on staff and faculty. BUT, gosh darnit, it is FUN
and we make lifelong friends when we are doing it!
Occasionally, we can pay tribute faculty members, and by
extension, the school itself. Such was the case when
nearly 200 people were in attendance at the Oracle
Corporation Conference Center to honor Attilio Tribuzi
and the San Mateo High School Music Department on
Friday, August 10, 2012. The benefit was a kickoff to
raise $50,000 for the music department to acquire new
instruments and uniforms for the San Mateo Marching
Band and Color Guard.
The afternoon was a celebration of Mr. Tribuzi’s 20 years
as Music Director at SMHS. The event was highlighted by
tributes and gifts presented to Mr. Tribuzi, which included
two original seats from the demolished Performing Arts
Center where Mr. Tribuzi and his students had performed
and a handmade quilt made of t-shirt fronts from SMHS
musicals and pep bands over the years. The program
included a surprise production of "Mr. T's" own symphonic
work, Finale 1999, by an orchestra comprised of current
and former students, and directed by Lester Chun, music                        Attilio Tribuzi accepts a handmade quilt during  
director at Hillsborough schools and Mr. T. The benefit
was sponsored by Oracle Charitable Giving, and was held                            the celebration of his 20 years at SMHS. 
                                                                   The quilt was made by Donna Retherford. Photo courtesy of Mai Okasaki. 
in Redwood Shores, as construction continues at the San
Mateo Performing Arts Center. For more information on
this critical fundraising drive and music booster activities
In addition to Oracle, a huge Bearcat thanks goes to our
sponsors including the SMHS Foundation, Signature
Realty and the Scheinman family as well as numerous
donations throughout the afternoon and to the families
contributing items to gift baskets in the silent auction.
Anyone interested in supporting the music program at
SMHS should visit Your support
will be greatly appreciated and will help to maintain the
school's award-winning program. We still have a long way
to go!

                                                UPCOMING EVENTS 
                                       Cheer On Your Bearcat Musicians and Singers! 

       Oct 4       Fall Choral Concert, 7 pm BHS               Oct 7       Italian Heritage Parade, SF
       Oct 13      Cupertino Band Review                       Oct 20      Santa Cruz Band Review
       Oct 27      Foothill Band Review                        Nov 10      Little Big Game – Go Bearcats!

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                                  PAGE 18 
SMHS Drama Boosters News - Gary Gerber
Discover hysterical hand puppets and magical music             Be sure to bring a completed audition form and signed
as SMHS Performing Arts proudly presents AVENUE                contract with you to auditions. For vocal auditions, bring
Q - SCHOOL EDITION                                             the music in your key. An accompanist will be provided.
                                                               For dance auditions, come dressed to dance in clothes
Try Imagine a world where people and puppets live in           that allow you to move freely and proper shoes (dance
harmony and learn from each other. Only their street is        shoes or sneakers).
located in a dicey part of town, and the lessons these
puppets teach are more hard-hitting and hilarious than         2012-2013 Drama Boosters Board of Directors
learning your ABC's. You can journey there when the            You are officially invited to all Drama Booster functions by
award-winning San Mateo High School Performing Arts            our Board of Directors:
Company presents the hit musical AVENUE Q -
SCHOOL EDITION from October 26th to 28th, 2012.                            Brad Friedman (Artistic Director)
                                                                             Russell Leonard (President)
AVENUE Q -School Edition features Joshua Glasson                           Joanne Zongus (Vice President)
as Princeton, a young puppet fresh out of college who is           Barbara Rosenberg (Vice President Development)
looking for his life's purpose, McKenna Koledo as Kate,                       Melissa Kruse (Treasurer)
a monster looking for love, and Alex Rosenberg as Rod,                Jon Wetherbee (Corresponding Secretary)
a Republican investment banker with a secret.                          Martha McKenna (Recording Secretary)
Performances will take place on Friday, Saturday and                           Katy Boggs (Historian)
Sunday, October 26th through 28th, at the Bayside                            Eve Duran (Parliamentarian)
Performing Arts Center, 2025 Kehoe Avenue in San
Mateo. Tickets are $15 (20% group discount for ten or          San Jose Stage Honors:
more) and $10 students and seniors, and may be                 Last year, SMHS entered our winter musical, GUYS AND
purchased online at, or by calling           DOLLS, in the San Jose Stage HONORS program, in
(650) 558-2375.                                                which many of the top South Bay Performing Arts
                                                               programs compete. Evaluators from the theatre
Join the Drama Boosters                                        profession attended multiple performances of our show
Many people know that SMHS Drama is one of the most            and wrote detailed evaluations of the work done by
acclaimed high school theater programs in the Bay Area.        actors, the directing and design staff, orchestra and crew.
But most do not realize that our program is almost             These evaluations were used in determining nominations
completely self-funded. We hope you’ll join the San            in seventeen categories.
Mateo High School Drama Boosters and help support our
wonderful drama program.                                       GUYS AND DOLLS received FIFTEEN nominations, and
Join and your financial support will help us fund our          our own Nicholas Wetherbee won Best Actor. As a
shows. You’ll receive benefits too: a discount on all of the   result, he participated in a competition that resulted in
tickets you purchase to SMHS drama performances ($2            both a performance on Broadway AND the production of
off for students and seniors, $3 off for adults).              a three part documentary called “Broadway or Bust“
As a Booster, you’ll receive advance notice of all of our      appearing on PBS at 8:00pm on Sunday nights from
shows and social events. You can also hear about               Sept. 9 to 23. Nick will be featured in a duet with a very
opportunities to lend your skills (carpentry, sewing,          famous person. Congratulations to the entire GUYS AND
tickets, sales, etc.) to our productions. You don’t need to    DOLLS cast and crew!
have a student in the cast or on the crew—all with an
interest in the drama program are welcome! You can find
the Booster Membership form here:

Upcoming Auditions
Auditions for the winter musical, LEGALLY BLONDE, will
be held on October 29 – 30 at 3:15 p.m. Elle Woods has
it all: a fabulous ensemble, a fabulous boyfriend, and all
the popularity a girl could want. But when her romance
hits a snag, Elle proves that anything is possible, even
entry into Harvard Law school, if it’s done in the name of
true love! Watch Elle surprise everyone, including herself,
in this funny, fast-paced musical, where blondes – and
everyone else – will definitely have loads of fun.
SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                  PAGE 19 
Yearbook Information - Patsy Fergusson - Yearbook Advisor
Reserve Your Yearbook Now                                      it out, enclose your check, and drop it in the Yearbook
Reserve your child's yearbook before the end of the year       box in the Main Office to reserve your space. Then,
for just $80. The price will rise to $90 after Winter Break,   before the end of the year, either create your ad yourself
and to $100 on May 1. Based on prior year sales, we are        and send us the digital file, or have the yearbook staff do
ordering 600 copies, yet our student population is 1400.       it for you. Put together some pictures of your child as a
Make sure your child doesn't miss out! This year's student     baby, add family shots, poses with friends, a graduation
Editor in Chief, Vi Bautista, went to a national convention    pic you didn't choose for the official portrait, and a note of
in Seattle last spring and an intensive Design Camp over       congratulations or good luck--whatever you like! Each
the summer, so she's ready to make our 2013 book the           Baby Ad is unique to the individual. We can't wait to see
best ever! Our beautiful, hardbound, full-color book on        your child's Baby Ad in this year's book!
thick, glossy, high-quality paper will be a long-lasting and
invaluable memento of the 2012-13 SMHS school year.            We Want Your Pics in the Yearbook
You can find an order form under the "Students" drop           If you have good pictures of your child relaxing over the
down menu on the SMHS Web Site. Just fill it out,              summer break, working at a job, playing a sport,
enclose your check, and put it in the Yearbook Box in the      performing in a band, or a play, or a club, or a dance, or
Main Office. You'll be glad you did!                           doing just about anything, we want your pics to include in
                                                               the 2013 yearbook. Please send any digital files you think
Baby Ads On Sale!                                              might      be    suitable      for     our     book     to
Are you the parent of a senior? Then you've lucked out! Your file size should be 1MB
Prices for baby ads--sold only to seniors--have dropped        or more, for maximum reproduction quality, and please
for the 2013 yearbook. Now it's just $50 for a quarter         include some information for the caption about who, what,
page, $100 for a half page, and $200 for a full page ad.       when, and where the photo was taken. With your help, we
We dropped the price because we want to see every              can expand our coverage so that we don't feature the
senior honored publicly this way. Find the Baby Ad form        same people over and over in the 2013 book. Help us
under the "Senior Parents Information" section of the          make your child a star. Send us his or her pic! See you in
"Parents" drop down menu on the SMHS web site. Just fill       the book!

Attention SMHS Community!
Attention Parents, Students and Alumni of San Mateo
High School: The San Mateo Union High School District
Board of trustees will be holding a study session to
discuss options for Peninsula High School/District Office/
Operations on Thursday October 18 at 5:30 pm in the
SMART Center located at 789 E. Poplar Ave.
This study session will examine alternative sites for
Peninsula High School and the School District's
headquarters. At this time, the Board members are to
consider potential options for moving Peninsula High
School, the San Mateo High School District's alternative
high school, from its current location on the former
Crestmoor High School campus in San Bruno. The Board
of Trustees will also look at possible places to house the
District offices currently located on the San Mateo High
School campus, and other district operations.

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                   PAGE 20 
San Mateo High School Foundation - Harini Krishnan
      INVEST IN OUR STUDENTS!                                •   The Renaissance Leadership Class.

            SEND YOUR                                        •   New technology such as smart boards and document
    FAIR SHARE DONATION TODAY!                               HOW CAN YOU HELP?
                                                             Depending on whether you are a returning parent or a
                                                             new parent, chances are your children have either
                                                             already benefitted from one or more of the SMHSF
                                                             funded programs or will do so in the coming year,
                                                             enriching their academic experiences here at San Mateo.
On behalf of the San Mateo High School Foundation,           Keeping this in mind, we urge you to do ANY or ALL of
we extend a warm welcome to the Spirited SMHS                the following:
Community! It’s hard to believe that a month has passed
already since the first day of school. The month was jam-    •   Consider making a Fair Share Donation of $400 or a
packed with numerous first events and activities: first          donation of any amount possible to the San Mateo
school dance, first home game, and first marching band           High School Foundation this year. Send your
performance, to name a few!                                      donation in the SMHSF envelope that came with your
                                                                 summer packet to our address at 204 E. 2nd Avenue
We are sure that all of you had a chance to appreciate the       #617, San Mateo, CA, 94402.
many incredible programs and opportunities that are
available to our children, as well as meet the truly
                                                             •   Attend, Sponsor and/or Donate to the Bearcat
outstanding and diverse staff and teachers at San Mateo          Benefit: 2012: VOTE FOR BEARCATS.
during Back to School Night.                                 •   Volunteer in any capacity.
                                                             •   Become a board member or serve on any one of our
As you reflect on the many wonderful academic programs
and enrichment opportunities that you heard about during
Back to School Night, what you might not know is that
                                                             For more information about the San Mateo High School
many of these have been made possible because of
                                                             Foundation, visit our website at or email
funds from the San Mateo High School Foundation.
                                                             Jeff Cantor & Daniel Torbati, Co-Presidents, @
WHO ARE WE?                                        
The San Mateo High School Foundation (SMHSF)
comprises a group of parents of current as well as           BY SUPPORTING THE SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL
recently graduated SMHS students, community members          FOUNDATION, YOU ARE INVESTING IN OUR
and alumni of SMHS who are dedicated to raising funds        STUDENTS’ ACADEMIC FUTURES HERE AT SAN
to support San Mateo High School academics and               MATEO!
programs that help prepare students for the success they
deserve. In other words, SMHSF can be described as the
Academic Boosters of the San Mateo community.
Since its inception in 2003, SMHSF has raised more than
$2 million for facility and program improvements at
Some of these outstanding programs include:
•   The brand new, high-tech media lab equipped with
    state of the art computers that is used 6 out of 7
    periods during the day.
•   The College Pathways Program, which includes a
    full-time college counselor as well as the Naviance
    Family Connection Online College Planning and
    Management System.

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                           PAGE 21 
               2012: VOTE FOR BEARCATS!
 Wouldn’t it be great if you could help fund your child’s academic enrichment at SMHS and experience something truly
                             fun and memorable at the same time? Well, Here’s Your Chance!
         Don’t miss the San Mateo High School Foundation’s 8th annual dinner and auction fundraising event,
      2012: VOTE FOR BEARCATS! at the South San Francisco Convention Center, on Saturday, October 6th!

                           Deadline for ticket purchases is September 28th!

                                     1. Delicious All-American Food & Drinks
                                         2. Classic American Rock & Roll
                      3. Unforgettable Performances by SMHS Drama and Dance Students
                                  4. Mellifluous Renditions by SMHS Musicians
                                        4. Bearcat Golf Classic Pay to Play
                                  5. Handcrafted Silver Bracelets Silent Auction
                              6. Unforgettable Indian Dance & Dinner Live Auction
                                 7. Giants! Here We Come Package Live Auction
                                      8. Grande Pupusa Party Silent Auction
                                    9. Sustainable Dinner by SMHS Teachers
                                          10. Luxurious Tahoe Vacation
                                         HOW CAN YOU HELP?
                          Purchase Bearcat Bravo tickets and attend the Pre-Party at 5:30 p.m.
                                   Purchase General tickets and join us at 6:30 p.m.
                                       Sponsor a teacher to attend the benefit
                                        Donate to our Silent or Live Auctions
                                 Purchase a business card ad in our auction program
                                    Donate any amount if you are unable to attend
                                     Volunteer on the Bearcat Benefit committee

                                                Email Benefit Co-Chairs
                   Laurie Daniels & Momoe Sasaki
                                     or visit the SMHSF website at

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                            PAGE 22 
Art Department News - Julie Stock and Elizabeth Yapp
Exciting News: All four of our digital art classes (2 Digital
Photography and 2 Art & Multimedia) are enjoying the
beautifully updated Digital Mac Lab provided by our
wonderful foundation.
City Arts of San Mateo Winners: San Mateo High had the
Visual Arts Grand Prize Winner this past year, Angie

Congratulations to Masa Kawakatsu and Vi Bautista for
their acceptance into the California State Summer School
for the Arts. They had a great experience working with
college art professors in an intensive summer
William Zhuk and Lucy Dai-He’s California Landscape             Art Contests coming up: see our schoolloop websites
paintings were selected to be on the cover of the               for more info.
published San Mateo County Directory of Schools. Their          California Transplant Donor Network Holiday Card
original artworks hung at Filoli this summer!                   Contest: deadline October 15, 2012.
                                                                ACSA’s Every Student Counts Contest: deadline
                                                                December 14, 2012.
                                                                California Coastal Art and Poetry Contest: deadline
                                                                Jan 31, 2013.
                                                                City Arts of San Mateo: deadline March 2013
                                                                San Mateo County California Landscape Contest:
                                                                deadline April 2013

                                                                See Ms. Stock or Ms. Yapp

                                                                Art Careers: If you know of a professional working in a
Congratulations! Their work will be part of the California      visual art-related career who may be interested in sharing
Landscape exhibit at SMCOE.                                     his or her experience, please connect us. We are always
Art Certificate Program! The art certificate program            looking for guest speakers and connecting to the current
offers a more enriched art experience in the visual arts        art world.
and career pathway explorations opportunities, along with
portfolio development. If you have a student interested in
the Art Certificate program, please contact Ms. Stock at or Ms. Yapp at

January 24th, 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. the Visual Arts
Parent Meeting in C-107. Please come and help us with
the planning for our Spring Art Show. Thanks to last
year’s parents’ help, we had a terrific show!

March 14th, Look for the SMHS Annual Spring Art
Show! Do not miss this opportunity to see some terrific
student art.

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                 PAGE 23 
Published by the
                                                                                                                     Nonprofit Organization
                                                                                                                         US Postage
SCHOOL Bearcat Parent
Teacher Organization                                                                                                         PAID
(SMHS PTO) for the SMHS                                                                                                 Permit No. 37
Community                                                                                                                 San Mateo
September 2012

Yvonne Shiu

PTO President
Kerry Hyman

Editor and Publisher
Rosita Issel

Sharon Yeh

Sept. 28       F/S Football vs. King’s Academy 4:00pm                          Oct. 12      Ritmo Latino Dance (FALL) SMALL GYM 7:00pm-10:00pm

Sept. 28       Varsity Football vs. King’s Academy 7:00pm                      Oct. 13      Football: SM @ Sequoia TBD

Sept. 30       Colorguard Rehearsal (Main Gym) 1:00pm                          Oct. 15      Grad Night Meeting in Library 7:00pm
Oct. 2         Ames SAT Prep Class 6:30pm
                                                                               Oct. 16      Ames SAT Prep Class 6:30pm
Oct. 2         PTO Board Meeting in C-100 6:30pm
                                                                               Oct. 16      Music Booster Meeting (Music Bldg.) 7:00pm
Oct. 3         Latino Parent Night in LIBRARY 6:00pm
                                                                               Oct. 18      Football: SM vs Sacred Heart Prep 3:00pm
Oct. 5         Football: SM vs. Carlmont FS 4 p.m., Vars 7 p.m.
                                                                               Oct. 19      Football: SM @ Mills FS 4 p.m., Varsity 7 p.m
Oct. 6         SMHS Foundation: Benefit 5 p.m. – 11 p.m.
                                                                               Oct. 24      SMHS Foundation Board Meeting in Career Center 7:00pm
                                                                               Oct. 26      Avenue Q School Edition 7:30 p.m. Bayside Theater
Oct. 9-12      Leadership Peace Week
                                                                               Oct. 27      Avenue Q School Ed. 2 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. Bayside Theater
Oct. 9         Ames SAT Prep Class 6:30pm

Oct. 11        AVID PARENT MEETING in LIBRARY 6:00pm-7:00pm                    Oct. 28      Colorguard Rehearsal (Main Gym) 1:00pm

Oct. 11        Drama Booster Meeting in PAW 6:30pm                             Oct. 28      Avenue Q School Edition 2 p.m. Bayside Theater

Oct. 12        Football: SM @ Hillsdale Fresh 3 p.m., F/S 5 p.m., Var 8 p.m.   Oct. 29-31   Legally Blonde Auditions Mon - Wed in PAW 3:30pm

SEPTEMBER 2012 SAN MATEO HIGH SCHOOL “IN CONTACT”                                                                                            PAGE 24 

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