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Development Blogging
             Tiffany Miller
           April 28th, 2008
              ITEC 67436

   Blogging as Distance Ed Activity
   Participants
   Schedule
   Benefits
   Highlights
   Survey Results
Blogging as
Distance Ed Activity
                 Corporate Trainers:

                    Train as many people
                     in as short amount of
                     time as possible

                    Don’t spend any money
                     doing it
Blogging as
Distance Ed Activity
Where does professional and personal development
Blogging as
Distance Ed Activity

Blog = an “easy to use website, where you can
  quickly post thoughts, interact with people,
  and more.”
      Name            Position        Location

Beth Bushmeyer Supervisor         Columbus, OH

Brandy McQuay     Facilitator     Columbus, OH

Tarisha Mickel*   Facilitator     Youngstown, OH

Lisa Walther      Facilitator     Detroit, MI

Tiffany Miller*   Instructional   Canton, OH
   Bi-weekly week format
   Sensitive to trainers’ schedules

   Topics from
       Work Wellness
       Brain Enhancement
       Stress Management
       Creativity Enhancement
Team Bushmeyer Professional Development:
Survey Results
What did you like most?

   We could all make comments when it fit into our own personal
    schedule. It made it very easy to participate.
   I have never used a blog before, so it was interesting to see what
    it is all about. I really liked how we were all able to stay in touch
   Communication through e-mails can sometimes be
    overwhelming. This form of communicating doesn't seem as
   I liked to read someone's take on the information. It helped me
    see the information in a new lights I liked the opportunity to share
    things/ points of interest with others on non-critical topics in a
    non-critical approach.
Survey Results
What did you like least?

   I think that while this form of communication is
    effective when used, I also think that without the
    discipline to utilize it, it may slip away. Also the
    topics were a little bit off of our general interest.
   I cannot really think of anything I disliked. The only
    challenge I experienced was in posting the link for
    my article.
   Nothing.... it really was fun.
Survey Results
Would you like the blog to continue?

Yes – 2
No – 2

If yes, what other topics should we cover?
 If we continue to do this in the future I would like to see us focus
    on topics that will help us to enhance our performance skills -
    leadership/ time management/ communication skills/ computer
    skills, etc.
 Trainer Best Practices. Could also have ties to Personal
    Excellence Workshop.
Survey Results
What else can blogs be used for in training/the workplace?

   It is a great way to chat about policy or things like that after we've
    read the actual policy - blog about how it affects the unit
    members. Also great as a way for managers to connect with their
   I think they are a great way for administration members to share
    best practices and contribute their ideas to large masses of
   It may be a great tool for our Skills Coaches. Could be used to
    channel best practices or provide feedback on different learning
    activities they may need to complete.
   Would be a great tool to use before and after a training event. A
    great way for the participants to get to know each other and the
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