ACC110 Financial Accounting for Decision Making by pitbull99


									Learning Plan for Week 7:          Mid-term exam
              ACC110 Financial Accounting for Decision Making

  I. Orientation:
             Review transactions of the first 5 chapters
             Objectives:
                 i. be able to perform comfortably and well on a mid-term exam covering
                     the material of Chapters 1 through 5

  II.   Content presentation
             Open, print, and read at least twice: from [Documents] on BB, the
              Instructions for the Mid-term Exam, titled “Mid-term Exam in ACC110 On-line”
             Re-Read the Power Point outlines posted by Professor Gutmann for the first 5
              chapters (hopefully you’ve now attached your own notes to these)
    Activities/ assignments
              … work through the review problems named on the Course Syllabus using the
                    forms provided under [Documents] as “Handy Forms”
                    (P2-26a, P3-19a, E5-3a, and E5-15a); and review the solutions on HM
                     by going back to your own work through the GradeBook.
              … take the on-line multiple-choice quizzes for Chapter 1 through 5 at the OLC
                    to test your comprehension of this material

  III. Discussion – teacher interaction
             Send a personal e-mail to Professor Gutmann which includes two
              paragraphs: one paragraph that names the company whose Annual Report
              you have chosen to use and tells me it’s Cost of Goods Sold $ amount for the
              most recent year, with the calculation of its Gross Margin and Net Income
              percentages as described on page 232 of our text; and a second paragraph to
              inform me of how you are feeling about the ACC110 course thus far. What
              would you like me to change about it to better suit your needs?
             Post questions about these chapters and the mid-term exam on our BB
              Discussion Board
             Check the DB by Thursday night to read teacher & peers answers on “Review
              for the Exam”
             Call the Office Hours Hotline Wednesda y, 6-7pm or Sunday, 6-7pm to ask
              questions and review for the exam

  IV. Assessment
        Complete the Mid-term Exam posted at Homework Manager by
         Friday night at 10PM ! ! ! ! ! !

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