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									April 28th, 2013                                                                                                Published by: wkcooley

Video Screen Capture
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Video     Screen                                Capture                                               Monday-Friday ($97/Month
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There are many different programs and software to be able to                                          Action Assignments with
do a video screen capture. Doing a YouTube search brought                                             Accountability ($97/Month
me to a great idea of just using my Quicktime                                                         value)
player to complete the task of video screen capture, but                                              Prosperity Team Training
unfortunately I have to new a version and even after                                                  Site – Step By Step Tutorials
purchasing it does not have this feature.                                                             ($497 value)
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Software                                                                                              Marketing System, Followup
As I was attempting to create a video I was first using Jing a                                        Emails & Webpages that will
free software you can download.                                                                       do all the selling for you.
After downloading the software the video turned out great.                                            ($197/Month value)
Then I had the obstacle of the Jing file being a SWF file and                                         Weekly ‘Hangout’ With
it would not down load onto YouTube in that format. I then                                            Leaders Over $10k/Month to
looked into programs that would convert the file over to a MOV                                        Help YOU Close Sales ($997/
file.                                                                                                 Month value)
I did not have a lot of luck. The free conversion websites would
not convert over to the MOV file format and so I tried going
to another format then to the MOV and I would end up with
audio but no video. So if you are technically challenged in this
aspect as I am I may have an alternative to your video screen
capture problems.

Video Screen Capture Alternative for The
technically challenged
So I decided I would attempt to do a video screen capture with
my phone. I was able to use Capture on my phone and directly
download onto YouTube. The quality may not be as high, but I
find that I do not waste hours trying to convert the video over
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Check it out and let me know what you think?
                                                                     Wendy Cooley, LMSW
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