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					Going green, being eco-friendly, green building, are all ideas which have been the trend for several years now. Most
people are conscious of the need to be as ecological conscious as possible, and also to limit our carbon footprint. The
fact is that, truly achieving this and living a much more earth focused life is easier said then done. When discussing
heating and cooling the house, there really is nothing glamorous about going green. Even so, if one is to actually do
ones best at lowering his or her’s electric usage, the HVAC system should be the first place to look for it truly is
typically the home's largest source of energy usage says Heating and Cooling Washington DC.

Heating and Air Conditioning Washington DC's New
Ways to Go Green
Switching an existing hvac system can be costly and for most a luxury if it does not need
replacing. Once it is time for a replacement HVAC unit though, there are several eco-
friendly systems currently available that will help in using less energy, being more energy
efficient. One starting point is by evaluating Energy Star systems.

Besides, or in addition to replacing an HVAC unit, there are several others things one
could do to help decrease the home's energy usage. Test the amount of insulation
presently in the house, the condition of the windows and the usage of floor coverings can
dramatically aid in lowering a home's energy usage. Poor insulation will affect the
complete performance of an HVAC unit by up to 30%. The insulation of duct work is
critical too. Any duct work in attics, crawlspaces and garages really needs to be adequately
insulated. In general, be certain that there are no cracks in the duct work. The common
home looses about 20% of the air flow through duct work due to cracks. The utilization of
a programmable thermostat can certainly help reduce monthly electric bills. Energy
experts advise a winter setting of 69 degrees and a summertime setting of 78 degrees. For frosty nights, drop it
down to 55 degrees.

The best way to Develop a Whole-House Plan
In regards to making an entire house plan of things to examine, the concept of "whole-house," what follows is a
variety of areas to take a look:
Heating and Cooling Units, Duct work, Lighting, Insulation, Air Sealing, and Weatherization, Windows, Skylights,
and Exterior Doors, Hot Water Systems, Interior Walls and Ceilings, Air Cleaning, and Exterior Finishes.

The employment of natural ventilation is beneficial in cooling the house. The usage of ceiling fans, window fans,
whole-house fans (like an attic fan), and in some cases just opening windows later in the day while the air
temperature outside is cooler than the indoors temperature, are good cost effective solutions. As for whole-house
fans, if they're to be left running for extended amounts of time, it does defeat the intent of lowering ones energy
bills. Also, if pollen and dust are concerns this may not be the best strategy. Nonetheless, they generally do quickly
pull hot air out of a home.

With no need of using solar pannels, one may tap into the usage of passive solar cooling. By planting deciduous
trees on the south, east and west sides of the home will give you shade in the summertime and let a lot of the light
from the sun in in the winter season. Then, by growing evergreen trees on the north side of the home will help
protect from winds in winter time. Throughout the summer months, keep window drapes or blinds shut on south
and west facing windows to help keep the property cooler. In the winter, open the curtains or blinds to let the sun's
warmth heat the home but don't forget to shut them in the evening to keep the cold air out.

We found the following article useful in terms of how to create a whole house plan:

Energy-saving tips: Creating a 'whole-house' energy efficiency plan ...

      Did you know that the typical U.S. family spends about $1900 a year on home utility bills?
      Unfortunately, a large portion of that energy is wasted. And each.

Windows and Doors
The utilization of stick-on weather stripping to close cracks around windows or doors should be used. The base of
exterior doors need to have a rubber flap installed at the base to produce a tight seal once the door is closed,
decreasing the utilization of ones HVAC unit.

Use lighting controls to help reduce utilizing electricity. Controls can automatically switch off lights when not being
utilized, such as employing motion sensors, times, dimmers, or photosensors. Try to use the most energy-efficient
bulbs and fixtures as possible too. If ones home permits, use natural light through windows throughout the daytime
as much as you are able. Light colored paint on interior walls can certainly help reflect the sun light too. Compact
fluorescent bulbs use 75% less electricity than incandescent bulbs and usually last Much longer. They also give off
less heat than incandescent bulbs, which helps cool a house too, making less us of ones system.

Exterior Home Finishes
Finishes including stucco, concrete, brick, steel, fiber-cement and aluminum are fantastic because of their longevity
and their ability to not crack or degrade. Natural wood on a house's exterior demands a certain amount of upkeep
and expense in doing so.

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Heating and Cooling Washington DC hopes this information will be beneficial in beginning or continuing to make
ones home more green and environmentally friendly!

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