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					Want to get the best from your heating and cooling system and help in reducing your home's power costs? We all
do. Nobody wants to have to be shocked by an unannounced repair or breakdown. Now there are things that one
can do to assist in the overall performance and life span of any current unit that are not cumbersome or expensive
either. Aside from having the general knowing of if a replacement unit will likely be needed any time anytime soon,
the amount of money one may save on their monthly electricity bills is definitely reason enough to complete these
quick and simple maintenance tips.

Heating and Cooling Sioux Falls SD offers these suggestions for it matters to us to share as much related
information with our current customers, in addition to the general public as possible. We are around to answer any
questions you may have in regards to these. Here are several tips to help with enhancing the life of your present unit
and things you can do to help with keeping them running economically as to lower your monthly electricity bill.

Top HVAC Maintenance Tips from Heating and
Cooling Sioux Falls SD
The Importance of Clear Airways
Keeping airways clean and clear - Regular and adequate
airflow either to a heating or cooling unit is necessary. Among
the finest strategies to make sure this occurs is to frequently
change and inspect the air filters of the unit. Monthly is an
excellent rule of thumb. This may save hundred of dollars per
year in energy costs. Make sure the filters are not excessively
dirty and clogged.

Companies are now constructing air conditioner filters that
are cleanable as much as three times before they will have to
be changed.

Evaporator and Condenser Coil Maintenance
Evaporator and condenser coils - This might be a little more
involved than merely switching the air filters, but very            A typical home air conditioning unit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
important as well. When you are having a new unit installed,
or having a service technician over to examine a unit (maybe especially if you are having a household inspected that
you're most likely going to be obtaining), ask the technician the best way to look over these parts while he or she is
there. The evaporator can clog which results in the unit working harder than it would need to. Over time, this will
cause the system to wear down and one will not get the entire life out of the unit. A handy clean is to run water using
a hose over them. Make sure to do so gently and do not use a powerful stream of water. With regards to the
evaporator coil, warm water and dish soap ought to do the trick. A soft brush, like a toothbrush may be used to
clean the insides while being careful of not breaking the fins. Do not touch the coils by using your fingers. These are
very delicate and can bend readily. If it appears that grease is developing on the coil, a degreaser can be used on
this. Also be sure that the fan blades are thoroughly clean as well. Examine the belt to insure it is not too tight or too
loose and for excessive wear.

You could consider obtaining slime and sludge tablets to use in the air handler drip pan every few months. This will
help cut down on the amount of debris. If you see debris building up, you can use a shop vac to wash it out. When
cleaning the condensation tray beneath the evaporator unit, you may put a little bit of bleach into the weep hole
which will make sure fungus does build up. A piece of wire can clear away the weep hole well if it seems to be
clogged. Especially during highly humid days of the year, this ought to be checked weekly especially to make sure
the tray isn't accumulating too much water. A painless check is when the air conditioner is running, find out if water
is flowing from the drain lines. If no water is there, there is a real possibility you will find a clog.

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       The function of the condenser coil is to remove heat from the hot gas refrigerant so that the refrigerant
       becomes liquid again as air passes across the condenser coil. To maintain design temperatures and
       efficiency the ...

Maintaining outdoor coils clean and without any build up is extremely important as well. Make sure that plants,
grass, weeds, mulch are away from the unit. Also, clip any bushes or shrubs that start to grow too close to the unit. A
few feet of clearance around the perimeter of unit is most beneficial to make certain a lot of air flow is entering the

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Duct Work Maintenance
Insulation and duct work - Look at the insulation to guarantee it is still covered well around the duct work. Foil tape
may be used to secure any gaps or breaks in the insulation. Duct tape will not be as durable as foil tape. Any duct
tape on the duct work itself should really be got rid of and the surface cleaned. The use of duct mastic should then
be used, which will create a permanent seal that won't crack in time. Ensure duct work isn't crushed or visibly
destroyed. This may not be the most pleasurable activity to do inside an attic. Be sure to use gloves and a mask to
reduce the impact of working with insulation. Flexible duct work needs to be inspected to be sure it is not sagging.
In that case, secure it and examine for any kinks in the lines. Dirt stains around the supply registers might be a sure
hint that there exists duct leaks. Unless, of course, you are not switching your air filters on a regular basis.

Maintenance Checklist for Furnace Ductwork |


       Before turning on the furnace this winter, it may be wise to examine the status of the
       furnace ductwork.

Service Plans
Consider selecting a service contract from a local heating and air company to routinely inspect and perform
servicing on your system. They are generally priced reasonably and can give one the assurance that everything is
functioning properly and to its full potential, extending the life span of your system. Often times, the price of this is
readily offset by the electricity expense one will save throughout a year with a properly running system.

When going out of town - If you will be not at home for an lengthy time period, be sure to give your system a break.
If you have an adjustable thermostat, definitely us it to take into account the time of day towards saving electric
power costs. Even if you are not on vacation, or away for several days, making use of a variable thermostat is a
smart decision to use to manage the temperature of the home when you are not present.

Heating and Air Conditioning Sioux Falls SD is Here to Help
Let us know should you have inquiries about self examining your system. Our staff would love to assist you in in
whatever way we can. We have numerous servicing inspections we can conduct and would be pleased to show you
more about actions you can take as well to be sure your system continues to run proficiently. Detecting problems
early on is important in getting the maximum life out of a system and naturally the most affordable too. The money
one can save over the course of a year from a system operating at peak performance is higher than most would
think. Let Heating and Cooling Sioux Falls SD help you to tap into that saving! Financially, there isn't any great time
to have to replace a furnace or air conditioning unit and we wish to help make sure this will not be an unexpected
purchase for you and your family.

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