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					Detroit Conference U.M.M.                             November 2007                                Editors: Bruce & Brian Gulliver

      The Presidents Corner
      G     reetings!

       In John 21:15, 16, & 17, Jesus asked Peter three times “Do you truly love me more than these”? Peter replied
      three times, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you”. Jesus said, “Feed my sheep”.

       I believe this equates to being spiritually fed, food nourished, and being a servant.

       In the above beach scene, Jesus led Peter through an experience that would remove the cloud of his denial. Peter
      had disowned Jesus three times. It is one thing to say you love Jesus, but the real test is willingness to serve Him.
      Peter had repented, and here Jesus was asking him to commit his life. Peter’s life changed when he finally realized
      who Jesus was.

       Our October 20, 2007, our Detroit Conference UMM Annual Meeting was a great success with good fellowship,
      good food, and good spiritual nourishment. If you missed it, you missed a great and wonderful experience. We
      had approximately 52 in attendance including 3 District Superintendents and 3 Pastors. A “Potato Drop”, 32,400
      lbs of potatoes bagged in 2,000 bags, was conducted with 153 participants. Young people and adults all were bag-
      ging these potatoes provided by Smith Brothers Farms of Erie, MI. The potatoes were distributed by “Food Gath-
      ers” organization and taken to soup kitchens and food banks to fight hunger in the Chelsea area. Organizations
      involved in the bagging process were the Chelsea: First Youth Group, Cub Scout Pack #435, Boy Scout Troops
      #425 and #476, Scouting Venture Group #412, families of Chelsea: First UMC, and the Chelsea Lions.

       Our keynote speaker was Joe Kelley, from St Francisville, La (Baton Rouge area). His goal is “For every man to
      be an effective leader in his family, his church and his community”. Joe states, “Love if not spoken orally will get
      caught in your throat and choke you, so you must tell people ya love them because God loves ya and so do I”. Joe
      shared 2 DVD’s with us about the devastation after Katrina and the recovery efforts of the United Methodist
                                                                          Your brother in Christ,
                                                                          Lee Donley
                                                                          UMM Detroit Conference President

                                                                                         Christmas Cards

                                                                         The Society of St Andrew, will be offering this
                                                                         year, Christmas gift donation Christmas Cards.
                                                                         Honor family or friends with a gift that helps
                                                                         feed the hungry. Each $12 gift provides about
                                                                         800 servings of nourishing food . Simply call
      the Society of St Andrew for the forms at 1-800-333-4597 , Email or sosa- The potato drop Sat. Oct.20-2007 at Chelsea First United Methodist Church, was attended
      by 153 volunteers from:Cub Scout Pack 435, Boy Scout Troops 425 and 476,Venture Crew 412, The Chelsea
      Lions,Youth groups ,the Mens group and families from Chelsea First United Methodist Church and United Meth-
      odist Men from through out the Detroit Conference. Their was 30,788 lbs of potatoes delivered in big nylon tote
      bags , each tote bag holding about 1800 lbs. We all filled over 2000 bags of about 15 lbs each. As your hunger
      relief advocate, I want to thank every one from the bottom of my heart. God Bless,Your Hunger Relief Advocate
                                                                              Howard Christian
                                                                                     November 2007              UNITED METHODIST MEN
                                                 THE LOG                                                          Page 2
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          Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger
 Dear United Methodist Men,
 Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger (MSAH) has successfully completed the bid
process of the State of Michigan and has been awarded the contract for 3 years to ad-
minister the "Sportsmen Against Hunger Fund"(Fund). Reimbursements for this first
year of participation (since Jan. 2007) from the State of Michigan have totaled more
than $2100. Since the 2006 hunting season's expenses, for the most part, had been paid
before Jan. 2007, this figure is mostly the result from reimbursements for venison taken
in the Detroit area Metropark deer herd thinning program. The DNR administrator for
the Fund has indicated that approx. $54,000 has been collected for the Fund during the
hunting and fishing license process of 2007 to date.

For the hunting season of 2006/2007, MSAH had about 30,000 pounds of venison processed in the program. Donations from United
Methodist sources totaled $4928.25 (32% of this year's revenue). On behalf of MSAH and the Detroit Conference UMM executive com-
mittee, we are truly thankful for your support. Our challenge now is to enable the MSAH program of feeding the hungry to impact as
many needy people as possible. Programs designed to increase the number of participating meat processors as well as increasing the
number of pounds of donated meat are being discussed and implemented. We have gone from 55 to over 60 participating processors this
year. Let us pray that this year's hunting season will be a good one for MSAH. And that the impact of the MSAH program will reach
even more families in need. Your commitment, to support MSAH
has helped us provide meat for approx. 120,000 meals this year in
Michigan, it is very much appreciated. THANK YOU!

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Alan Ludwig
Coordinator for the UMM Michigan Sportsmen against Hunger

                 Hunger Relief Advocate
 As your Hunger Relief Advocate, I need to tell you that the De-
troit Conference UMM are in fourth place in the top 10 Confer-
ences for donations. First place is Northern Illinois with
$9,654.54; second is Virginia with $8,648.50; third is Baltimore-
Washington with $8648.39; and fourth is Detroit Conference with $8,305.02. I know the Detroit Conference UMM will not let the Soci-
ety of St. Andrew, Meals for Millions, down and will end up in first place again.
 Our lowest amount donated for Meals For Millions was in 2006 with $22,549.06; our highest was $45,568.89 in 2003.
 I need a list of UM Men volunteers that have, or can get, a trailer and/or pickup and, of course, themselves to glean potatoes and other
produce at any given time. Generally speaking, 1 to 7 days. Without a way to haul produce there is no way to glean.
  The Society of St. Andrew has saved from waste 533,034,578 pounds of fresh nutritious food or 6598 billion servings of food. Remem-
ber that 36 to 37 million people are in danger of going hungry or not knowing where their next meal is coming from. Of that number,
over 10 million on any given day go without a meal -- and 1/3 to 1/2 of them are children. That my friends is a SIN.
 One way you can help is to order an Advent starter kit for your men’s group and/or your church. You can order the Advent Starter Kit
from the Society of St. Andrew, 800-333-4597 or             Howard Christian
                                                                               Detroit Conference UMM Hunger Relief Advocate

                                                          Marquette District 2007
 The UMM in the Iron Mountain area for this past year. We have continued to buy potatoes in 1000 pound lots for the Salva-
 tion Army and local meal programs. We lead another event for Salvation Army to meet an ongoing need / request for help.
 They recieved numerous request for diapers. Two churches got involved with a diaper drive Sunday. After the event we
 delivered over 3800 diapers from local UMC members. We did a fund raising weekend selling food at a local car show fol-
 lowed by a meal at Trinity UMC. The money was used to buy roofing supplies for repairs for cabins at Camp Michigamme.
 One roof was replaced along with other repairs. 11 men participated with only one injury for the event. The UMM spon-
 sored a church event where we brought in a speaker. who is a retired couple that dress in
 first century clothing and put on a program of a message and song while he carves a chunk of cedar with basic tools. This
 was a great program. scott ritsema         President of Marquette District UMM
                                                                                       November 2007              UNITED METHODIST MEN
                                                   THE LOG                                                          Page 3
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                                   The Detroit West District United Methodist Men
       As mandated by the 2004 Book of Discipline, the District men are a creative, supportive fellowship of men who seek to
know Jesus Christ, to grow spiritually, and to seek daily His will.

    Our purpose is to declare the centrality of Christ in the lives of men and in all their relationships.

   There are fifty churches in our District, forty-five charges. The executive committee continuously extends invitations to
churches that are not affiliated with the men’s organization and those that are not chartered, but to no avail.

    We are blessed and happy to be able to support the Upper Room Prayer ministry, Society of St. Andrew, Methodist Chil-
dren’s Home Society in Detroit, Pinkinton Center for the Blind, Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan and the Liberian Mission
Partnership Committee both physically and financially.

   On Saturday June 9, 2007, we sponsored our annual wives and sweetheart breakfast at Good Shepherd UMC in Dearborn,
Michigan. The host pastor was Rev. Kathy Charlefour. Our guest speaker was the Rev. Suzanne Walls, Pastor at Glenwood
UMC in Wyandotte, Michigan. She was aided in her demonstration by her husband, one of our District Men’s Vice President’s.
They did a marvelous job. We are thankful for them in the ministry.

     On Sunday September 9, 2007, our annual concert was held at Dearborn First UMC; Pastor, the Rev. Julius Del Pino. Par-
ticipants were men, women and choirs from other churches who helped to make our concert a success. We are thankful to them
and for them. To the members of Dearborn UMC, we thank them and to our District Superintendent, Dr. John Lee and Mrs. Lee,
we are truly thankful to God and to them for their ministry.

    Each month at our breakfast meeting, we invite someone to speak to us. Speakers present a variety of topics that are benefi-
cial to us. We have heard from educators, pastors, nurse and doctors, Big Brother’s, Big Sister organization and many more.

    We maintain a good relationship with many of our pastors and we pray that God will help us to continue in His footsteps.

                                   Clayton Nedd – President
                                   George Bennett – First Vice-President
                                   John Walls – Second Vice-President
                                   Lewis Moore – Secretary
                                   Robert Signoretti - Treasurer

                                                  Flint District Annual Report
 The Flint District 2006 Annual meeting was held at Goodrich UMC. The speaker was Rev. Jeff Maxwell.

 The annual fund raising dinner was held at Flint Hope UMC in late January, 2007. The dinner provided $900.00 to local Tall Pines Council
of the Boy Scouts of America. Paul Johns, Conference and District Scouting Coordinator, passes away on April 2, 2007. This position for
the Flint District is still open.

 We have continued to have our monthly executive board meetings at different church locations in the hope of getting better representation.
This has not been successful so the next meetings, the first Monday of each month, will be at Hope UMC for December, 2007, to June, 2008.

The Swartz Creek UMM are holding on interdenominational prayer breakfast on November 10, 2007. Bob Dutko, WMUZ talk radio host,
will present the message.

 On May 10, 2008, the Flint District is sponsoring a spiritual for men at Lake Fenton High School auditorium. We are seeking 680 men who
want to be spiritually filled. We will have a DVD presentation from Purdue, 2005, and speakers Terry Prisk and Bob Keiderling (from Man
in the Mirror). A lunch will be part of the program.

 Our January fund raiser will be held in late January, 2008, to raise funds for our speaker from Missouri who heads up the P.E.T. program.
Ask me about P.E.T.

 Jim Walker; Flint District President
                                                                                         November 2007              UNITED METHODIST MEN
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                                     Saginaw Bay District UM Men Annual Report 2007

                  The District has had an exciting and busy year. Our spring district meeting “Where is God Leading
                  You” was held at Frankenmuth U M Church. Our guest speaker was Wyl McCully, followed by
                  three workshops. Good food and fellowship was enjoyed by all. Potatoes (1000#) were distributed to
                  the needy by participants of the meeting. God was definitely present during our fellowship.

                  Our first retreat was held on September 14-15, 2007 at “Camp Nissokone” in Oscoda. Forty men
                  enjoyed the message of Rev. Maury De Young from “Sportspersons Ministries International”.
                  Friendships were developed and new ways of spreading God’s word was learned by all. A survey was
                  taken at the end of the retreat and the results reflected the retreat should become an annual event.

    New officers installed for 2007-08 as follows:
    President:        Robert Andreotti
    Vice President: Neil Campau
    Secretary:        Bill Sansburn
    Treasurer:        James Hales

                                                         PORT HURON DISTRICT
 I have two new clubs in the starting faze- Algonac United Methodist Men and St Clair United Methodist men. We had a very
successful fall rally we had 116 men out. For our Spring Rally we had 94 men present. Our spring rally for 2008 has a different
format , it is going to be a day time rally with a session on being a Gods Man. I believe all clubs are doing well. Port Huron club
has Coats for Kids starting Nov.2 We have a team of 8 men and women going to Haiti in March, 2008. St Clair has a team go-
ing in Jan., 2008 I am very sorry that I can not attend the annual meeting because I sponsor a chili dinner for help in Haiti and it
is set one year in advance on Oct. 20.                                            Thank you and God Bless
                                                                                   Mel Scott
                                                                                   President Port Huron District UMM

                                                Detroit Conference President’s Report
 :The 3rd Annual UMMen’s Gathering will be at Lake Huron Retreat Center again on September 5-6-7, 2008.The early stages of a “No Man
 Left Behind” conference is being studied and contemplated as to the capability of a Detroit Conference UMM sponsorship. It would train
 men for leadership in their church and men’s ministry. The process being used in this type conference is finding out the stage of each local
     church’s men’s ministry and help them plan their next step for growth, not only in number, but also in spirit growth and missions.

                              Third Quarter Report of Detroit Conference UMM Charters and EMS from GCUMM
              Bishop Keaton Ann Arbor Detroit East Detroit West Flint District Marquette Port Huron Sag Bay                          TOTAL
     Charters                     12           9            12            26         3          27      13                            102
     EMS               1          16          23            20           158         2          18      19                            257

 A Detroit Conference UMM Scouting & Youth Serving Agency Coordinator is needed to carry out the responsibilities of this vital outreach
                ministry. If you are interested or know someone who might, please call me (Lee Donley, (248)236-9130).

     Detroit Conference UMM                          Vice President: Howard Christian                                 Wyandotte MI. 48192
           Officers 2007                                     8194 Henderson Rd. PO                                        (734) 282-5930
                                                               Goodrich, MI 48438                           
                                                                  (810) 636-7223
         President: Lee Donley                                                           Treasurer:
             1223 Brauer Rd.                                                                                              Gene Kramer
            Oxford MI. 48371                                                                                            2600 S. Euclid Ave.
              (248) 236-9130                                                                                            Bay City MI. 48706
                                                                         John Walls
                                                                   2111—21st Street                                       (989)893-6669
                                                           Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let
                                                           us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. Psalm 95, 1-2
                          Log is published tri-annually
                          By the Detroit Conference
                          1309 Ballinger Hwy. St.1
                          Flint, MI 48504
                          Vol.12 No 11
                          Address service requested

                                                          November 2007

                                              Upcoming UMM Events:
           Jan 19th 08              UMM CEC Meeting                         8:30am             Flint Calvary

           Mar 15th 08              UMM CEC Meeting                         8:30am             Flint Calvary

           May 23rd 08 Annual Conference CEC Meeting 9:00am                                   Adrian College

           Sept 5th 08       3rd Annual Men’s Gathering                     TBA                Lake Huron
           Sept 6th 08                                                                        Retreat Center
           Sept 7th 08
           Sept 20th 08             UMM CEC Meeting                         8:30am             Flint Calvary

           Oct 18th 08            UMM Annual Meeting                        TBA                    TBA

                                         UMM Supported Ministries
                                     Society of                                                                  Sportsmen
Scouting       Upper Room                                 Prayer Advocacy     Life Members   UMM Foundation
                                     St. Andrew                                                                Against Hunger

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