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					                                                     Minnesota State College and Universities
                                Minnesota Online Contacts and Quality Matters Affiliate Representatives, December 19, 2012
                                            red indicates QM rep, 2012 (2011-2012) affiliate status and confirmed affiliate status and date

Institution     Minnesota       Title                 Phone              Email                                          QM             Email
                Online                                                                                                  Institutional
                Contact                                                                                                 Representative
                Name                                                                                                    *QM certified
                                                                                                                        Trainer or
Alexandria      Jan Doebbert    Vice President of     320-762-4504
Technical &                     Academic and
Community                       Student Affairs
College         Kellie Tatge    Associate Dean of     320-762-4489                           Kellie Tatge
QM Affiliate                    Academic Affairs                                                                        *Certified Peer
2011, 2012                                                                                                              reviewer
Conf 10-17
Anoka-          Rita Resendiz   Academic              763-433-1135
Ramsey                          Technology
Community                       Designer
College         Kim Lynch       Dean of Innovative    763-433-18765                      Kim Lynch             Kim.lynch@anokaramsey.
QM Affiliate                    Teaching and
2012                            Learning
Conf 10-25      Amela           Desktop Services      763-433-1105
Anoka           Catherine       VP of Academic and             
Technical       Gatewood        Student Affairs
QM Affiliate    Deborah         Dean of Academic      763-576-4874                         Deborah Proctor
2011, 2012      Proctor         Affairs
Conf 10-4
Bemidji State   Julie Adams     Instructional         218-755-4219
University                      Design/Technologist
QM Affiliate    Beth Jensen     Instructional         218-755-4217
2011, 2012                      Design/Technologist
Conf 10-4       Robert J.       Interim Vice          218-755-2068

                                                                                                                             Minnesota Online Contacts 1
                Griggs          President for                
                                Academic Affairs
                Lynn Johnson    Associate Director,          
                                Center for Extended
                Brian Jambor    Educational             218-755-4218
                Tom Fauchald    Professor, Business     218-755-2758   Tom Fauchald    tfauchald@bemidjistate.e
Central Lakes   Rebecca Best    Dean of Workforce,      218-855-8143
College                         Economic &
QM Affiliate                    Regional
2012                            Development
Conf 10-25      Michael         Dean of Academic        218-855-8268             Michael Amick
                Amick           and Technology
Century         Anne Dorn       Director of Technical   651-779-3975
College                         Services
QM Affiliate    Mike Mendez     Instruction Design &    651-779-5762      Mike Mendez     Mike.Mendez@century.ed
2011, 2012                      Curriculum
Conf 10-17                      Coordinator
                Brenda          Academic Dean           651-779-3447
                Paul Coyan      E-Learning Specialist   651-779-5759
                                & D2L Administrator
Dakota          Linda Foster    Director of             651-423-8439        Linda Foster
County                          Instructional
Technical                       Technology
College         Julia Glenn     Academic Affairs        651-423-8484         Julia Glenn
QM Affiliate
2011, 2012      Leah Dwinnell   Instructional           651-423-8659
Conf 10-17                      Technology

Fond du Lac     Anna Fellegy    Vice President of       218-879-0878          Anna Fellegy
Tribal &                        Academic Affairs
QM Affiliate
                                                                                                        Minnesota Online Contacts 2
Conf 10-25
Hennepin       Zala Fashant    Dean, General          763-488-2549      Zala Fashant      Zala.fashant@hennepinte
Technical                      Education
QM Affiliate   Janessa                                        Janessa Gerling   Jenessa.Gerling@hennepi
2012           Gerling
Conf 12-14
*Hibbing       Steve Rossini   Instructional          218-263-2970                   
Community                      Technology
               Michael Raich   Dean of Academic       218-262-6702           Michael Raich
QM Affiliate
                               Affairs and Student                                                              
2011, 2012
Conf 10-4
               Aaron Brown     Speech instructor      218-262-7213             Aaron Brown

Inver Hills    Joan Kuzma      Vice President for     651-450-3618
Community      Costello        Academic Affairs &
College                        Student
QM Affiliate                   Development
2011, 2012     Mark            Director of            651-450-3373
Conf 10-11     Peterson        Academic
                               Technology &
                               Computing Services
               Anne Johnson    Dean of Business       651-450-3642
                               and Social Sciences
               Sue Dion        Instructional Design   651-450-3483         Sue Dion          sdion@inverhills.mnscu.ed
*Itasca        Barbara         Dean                        
Community      McDonald                                    

Lake           Hanna           Dean of Liberal Arts   218-733-7667                 Hanna Erpestad
Superior       Erpestad        and Sciences
College        Mark            Vice President for     218-733-7628
QM Affiliate   Magnuson        Academic and
2012                           Student Affairs

                                                                                                            Minnesota Online Contacts 3
Conf 10-31
*Mesabi         Thomas Pratt   Online               218-749-7775
Range                          Administrator
College         Shelly         Director of          218-748-2416          Shelly McCauley   s.mccauley@mr.mnscu.ed
Declined        McCauley       Technology and                                                       Jugovich
affiliate for   Jugovich       Instructional
2012 year                      Services
Metropolitan    Robert Bilyk   Instructional        651-793-1928      Robert Bilyk      Robert.bilyk@metrostate.
State                          Designer
University      Travis         IMS Site             651-793-1929
QM Affiliate    Morgan         Administrator
2011, 2012
Conf 10-4

Minneapolis     Lois Bollman   Vice President for   612-659-6305
Community                      Academic Affairs
and             Linnea         Dean of Academic     612-659-6103                     Linnea.stenson@minneap
Technical       Stenson        Affairs
College         Lynn Coffey    eLearning Director   612-659-6451      Lynn Coffey –     Lynn.coffey@minneapolis
QM Affiliate                                                   *Certified peer
2012                                                                                                reviewer
Conf 12-14

Minnesota       Timothy        D2L System           507-453-2722
State           VanLoon        Administrator
Southeast       Ron Sellnau    Interim Vice         507-453-2738                           rsellnau@southeastmn.ed
Technical                      President for
College                        Academic Affairs

Minnesota       Jill Abbott    Dean                 218-846-3796        Jill Abbott
Community       Kathy Brock    Vice President/CAO        
& Technical
College         Gary           Dean of Academic     218-736-1506
QM Affiliate    Henrickson     Affairs

                                                                                                        Minnesota Online Contacts 4
2011, 2012
Conf 10-10
Minnesota       Rhonda Ficek    Director of            218-477-2339               Rhonda Ficek
State                           Instructional
University                      Technology
Moorhead        Denise          Dean of University     218-477-4623
QM Affiliate,   Gorsline        College
2012            Barbara         Professor, School of   218-477-2695
Conf 10-11      Matthees        Nursing &
Minnesota       Becky           Dean, College of       507-389-1623
State           Copper-Glenz    Extending Learning
University,     David           Professor, Graduate    507-389-1629         David Georgina
Mankato         Georgina        Educational
QM Affiliate                    Technologies
2011, 2012                      Program
Conf 10-17      Linda Jacoby    Coordinator of         507-389-5758           Linda Jacoby *
                                Online Learning                                                       Certified Trainer
Minnesota       Kayla Westra    Interim Dean of        507-372-3435
West                            Distance Learning
Community                       and Technology
and             Pam Sukalski    Distance Learning      320-564-5059
Technical                       Library Coordinator,
College                         Granite Falls
                Jeff            Provost                507-372-3408                          Jeff.williamson@mnwest.e
                Suzanne         Administrative         507-372-3464
                Iverson         Assistant

Normandale      Sheri Steinke   Director of Online     952-358-8802    Sheri Steinke*      Sheri.steinke@normandal
Community                       Learning                                                              Certified Peer
College                                                                                               Reviewer
QM Affiliate    Michael                                     
2011, 2012      Berndt
Conf 10-17
                                                                                                          Minnesota Online Contacts 5
North          Kristine Boike   Interim Dean of       763-424-0964
Hennepin                        Academic and
Community                       Technology Services
College        Kathy Grady      IMS & Streaming       763-424-0743                     Kathy Grady
QM Affiliate                    Server Systems
2011, 2012                      Administrator
Conf 10-4      Jane Reinke      Vice President for    763-424-0819
                                Academic Affairs
               Guntis           Director of Online    763-488-0430              Guntis              guntis.dombrovskis@nhcc
               Dombrovskis      Learning                                                                      Dombrovskis
Northland      Brian Huschle    Interim Dean of       218-793-2592
Community                       Academic Affairs,          
and                             East Grand Forks
Technical      Elizabeth        Health and Human      218-793-2608   Elizabeth           Elizabeth.mcmahon@nort
College        McMahon          Services Division                                                             McMahon*
QM Affiliate                    Chair                                                                         Certified Trainer
Conf 10-4
Northwest      Jim Clark        Dean of Academics     218-755-4900                      Jim Clark 
Technical                       (Interim)
Bemidji        Sheila Lapp      Business Instructor   218-333-6674                    Sheila Lapp
QM Affiliate
Conf 10-10
Pine           Joan             Chief Academic        320-629-5116                Joan                BloemendaalJ@pinetech.e
Technical      Bloemendaal-     Officer                                                                       Bloemendaal-
College        Gruett                                                                                         Gruett
QM Affiliate   Paula            Director of           320-629-5180                    Paula Hoffman
2012           Hoffman          Academic Planning
Conf 10-4
*Rainy River   Steve Rossini    D2L Site              218-263-2970                           
Community                       Administrator,
College                         Instructional

                                                                                                                  Minnesota Online Contacts 6
Ridgewater     Betty           Vice President of     320-222-5203
College        Strehlow        Academic and
QM Affiliate                   Student Affair
2012           Carl Polding    Dean of Instruction   321-222-5218
Conf 10-17     Julie Reinek    Instructor, Online    320-214-8588     Julie Reinek    Julie.reginek@ridgewater.
                               Specialist and D2L
Riverland      David Hietala   Dean of Extending     507-455-5881
Community                      Learning, Academic    ext 2250
College                        Affairs
QM Affiliate   Bill Dowden     Manager Office of     507-434-7384        Bill Dowden     Bill.dowden@riverland.ed
2011, 2012                     Instructional
Conf 10-4                      Technology
Rochester      Ginny Boyum     Interim Dean of       507-280-5081             Ginny Boyum
Community                      Academic Affairs
QM Affiliate
Conf 10-17

St. Paul       Shelley         Associate Dean,       651-846-1683                     shelley.bibeau@saintpaul.
College        Bibeau          Instructional
                               Technology &
South          Wes Taylor      Dean of Technology    507-389-7213                      Wes.tayor@southcentral.e
Central        Evan            Director of           507-389-7312
College        Peterson        Instructional
Southwest      Beth            Provost/VP of         507-537-6246
Minnesota      Weatherby       Academic and               
State                          Student Affairs
University     Dan Baun        Interim Chief         507-537-6251
QM Affiliate                   Information Officer
2011, 2012     Deb Buerkley    Professor of          651-338-3596            Deb Buerkley
                                                                                                         Minnesota Online Contacts 7
Conf 10-17                      Management
St. Cloud       Michael         Director of SCSU               Michael Penrod   mrpenrod@stcloudstate.e
State           Penrod          Online/Distance
University                      Learning
QM Affiliate
2011, 2012
Conf 10-4
St. Cloud       Lynette Olson   Vice President of     320-308-5382             Lynette Olson
Technical &                     Institutional
Community                       Sustainability
College         Kim Vossen      D2L Administrator     320-308-6011
QM Affiliate
2011, 2012
Conf 10-4

Vermillion      Shawn Bina      Provost and Chief     218-235-2169                      
Community                       Academic Officer
College *
Winona State    Ken Graetz      Director of E-        507-457-2339           Ken Graetz
University                      Learning
QM Affiliate    Elissa Hall     Learning Systems      507-457-2926           Elissa Hall
2011, 2012                      and Services
Conf 10-4                       Coordinator
Office of the   Todd Digby      System Director of    651-201-1812
Chancellor                      Academic
Staff and                       Technologies
Minnesota       Shelly Heller   Office Manager        651-201-1675   Shelly Heller    Shelly.heller@so.mnscu.ed
Online Staff                    Minnesota Online
                Carla           Online Marketing      651-201-1303
1-800-456-      Johanson
                Gary Langer     Executive Director    651-201-1676
                                Minnesota Learning
                Manuel López    Executive Director,   651-201-1664    Manuel López     Manuel.lopez@so.mnscu.e
                                Minnesota Online
                Teresa          Online Consortium     651-201-1302
                Theisen         Systems Director,          
                                                                                                      Minnesota Online Contacts 8
                                 Minnesota Online
                                 Call Center
                Lesley Blicker   Director of IMS       651-201-1413
                                 Learning and Next
                Paul Wasko       Director of Online    651-201-1810
                                 Academic Services

    Corrections to this list please send to:

Shelly Heller                                          Office Manager – Minnesota Online        651-201-1675
                                                       Quality Matters Administrative

    Updated December 19, 2011
    Northeast Higher Education District Hibbing, Itasca, Mesabi Range, Rainy River, and Vermillion make up the Northeast Higher Education District a
    consortium of five state colleges.

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