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MANNHEIM MEETINGS: Cradle of future films around
the globe
Mannheim, 21 October 2009
The management of the 13th MANNHEIM MEETINGS (11 - 15 November, 2009)
has published the complete list of the new film projects which will be presented at
the upcoming international co-financing and distribution market for arthouse films in
Mannheim (see following pages). There are 40 projects from 25 countries to be
negotiated with a total budget of 57 Million Euros.

Projects at the 13th MANNHEIM MEETINGS
country, production company, project title, director (sorted by regions)

Projects from Europe – North, West, South
   • Finland, Kinotar , "House of Hope", Director: Klaus Härö
   • Finland, Sweden, Aamu Filmcompany, "Gold Diggers", Director: Auli Mantila
   • France, Trompe Le Monde, "Consolation", Director: Kazuyoshi Kumakiri
   • France, Perspectives Nomades, "The Silence", Director: Chapour Haghighat
   • Germany, Razor Film Production, "Asphyxia", Director: Asli Özge
   • Germany, Austria, Mafilm, "Fly away", Director: Bernd Böhlich
   • Greece, Kinicon, "Copy / Paste", Director: Despina Charalampous, Panos Pappas
   • Ireland, South Wind Blows, "Silence", Pat Collins
   • Portugal, Fado Filmes, "One Day", Gonçalo Galvão Teles
   • Spain, Chile, Telespan 2000, "Allende, September 11th", Director: Miguel Martí
   • Spain, Armonika Entertainment , "The Watchmaker's Eyes", Directoe: Aitor Zabaleta
   • The Netherlands, Van Lieshout Filmproducties, "A Kronstadt Tale", Director: Ben van
   • UK, Germany, Pakistan, Hudson Pictures, Make A Move, "Cycle", Director: Silvana
Projects from Europe (North, West, South) - SCREEN ACADEMY SCOTLAND
   • Ireland, Estonia, New Irish Screen, "Down The Hatch", Director: Dome Karukoski
   • Czech Republic, Estonia, Nutproduction, Allfilm, "Xenophobia", Director: Andrew Bond,
       Susan Luitsalu

Projects from Europe – Central, East
   • Bulgaria, Bulgar Beats, "Estrogen", Director: Zornitsa Sophia
   • Croatia, Germany, Rixfilm, "Halima's Path", Director: Arsen Anton Ostojic
   • Hungary, "Inforg Studio", Big Transylvania Show", Director: Robert Lakatos
   • Latvia, Ego Media "Ogre", Director: Alexander Hahn, Martin Leidenfrost
   •   Poland, Prasa i Film, "Solstice", Director: Michal Rogalski
   •   Slovakia, D.N.A. Production, "Former People", Director: Robert Sveda, Diana Kacarova
   •   Slovakia, Czech Republic, Cineart TV Prague, "Brother (The Name of My Dog is Killer)",
       Director: Mira Fornay
   •   Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Fog n Desire Films, "The House", Director: Zuzana
   •   Slovenia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, A Atalanta, "Pasqua", Director: Ivan Marinovic

Projects from Canada
   • Canada, Clarity Films, "Grounded", Director: Jennifer Little
   • Canada, Artifact Films, "The Chamber", Director: Mark A. Lewis
   • Canada, Inferno Pictures, "Shed Devil", Director: Sean Garrity
   • Canada, France, Germany, Etch Media , "On A Good Day", Director: David Schulz
   • Canada, StoryLab Productions, "Bering Witness", Director: tbd

Projects from Latin America
   • Colombia, Contravia Films, "The Towrope", Director: William Vega
   • Colombia, Septima Films, "The Beach", Director: Juan Andrés Arango
   • Ecuador, Venezuela, La República Invisible, "No Autumn, No Spring", Director: Iván
       Mora Manzano
   • Mexico, Broken Doll Films, "So Long", Director: Maria Berns
   • Peru, Chullachaki Producciones, "Climas", Director: Enrica Pérez
   • Venezuela, Peru, Sudaca Films, "The Kid Who Lies", Director: Marité Ugás

Projects from Africa
   • South Africa, Fireworx Media, "Life...After Death", Director: Bridget Pickering

Projects from South Korea
   • South Korea Prime Entertainment, Sangsang Films, "Papa", Director: Ji-seung Han
   • South Korea, KAFA Films, "The End Of The Animal", Director: Sunghee Jo
   • South Korea, Japan, KAFA Film & TUA (Tokyo University of Arts), "The
       Depth", Director: Ryusuke Hamaguchi
   • South Korea, Uzbekistan, Flying Tiger Pictures, "Hanaan", Director: Ruslan Pak

An overview of all projects is available on the website

About the MANNHEIM MEETINGS (11 to 15.November 2009)
The MANNHEIM MEETINGS offer an effic ient and cost-effective opportunity to meet
respectable and committed arthouse business people from all over the world. Project-based
and pre-arranged individual meetings of 30 minutes make up the core of the
MANNHEIM MEETINGS. The informal and relaxed atmosphere, while at the same time
concentrated and professional, is well renowned. Valuable long-term business relationships
are the result - and an impressive number of concrete success stories.
The MANNHEIM MEETINGS are hosted by the „International Filmfestival Mannheim-
The MANNHEIM MEETINGS are substantially subsidized by the European MEDIA
For further information:
Marija Capek, International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg, Press Department, Tel: +49
(0)621 1560153, email: