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									The Miniature Bulldog, The French Buldog
From its name, one can assume that the French Bulldog has originated from France but the truth is, this dog was originally developed in the United Kingdom to become a miniature English Bulldog. Also called Frenchie, the French Bulldog is also known as the clown and frog dog. Albeit its origins from England, the French had the most fervent liking for this dog and so the name French Bulldog was given to it.

It was said that around the mid 1800s, lace workers from England went to France in search for jobs and they brought with them little bulldogs. In their settlements, these little bulldogs became popular as ratters and loyal companions until such time that their populations grew. These dogs were then further developed using French Terriers and the resulting breed became a rage in Paris.

When the rage happened, Parisians were seen walking the streets with the French Bulldogs or also known today as the Frenchie. The Frenchie possessed an exotic look that passersby can't help but notice them and eventually, this led to chats with the owners. Old French postcards were seen illustrated with French prostitutes posing with their Frenchies and eventually, this rage spread across Europe.

Well-known personalities around the world were seen to have Frenchies and these include: the Russian royal family, King Edward VII, Collete the author, and Toulouse-Lautrec. However, the current appearance of the Frenchie is credited to the American breeders who further improved this breed at the start of the century. The American fanciers were also the first people to create the very first French Bulldog Club.

The French Bulldog has a stocky and well-muscled body and has a weight of 20 to 28 pounds. The head, like an English Bulldog, is square and flat; the nose is flat like the Pug's and the ears are erect and bat-like. The tails are also short, should come naturally and not docked, and could be straight or screw-like.

This dog has a short, soft and smooth coat. Its skin is fairly lose and pleasant to touch. The coat colors commonly come in shades of brindle, fawn, white and every combination of these.

Many people love to have the Frenchie as a companion because of its pleasant and easy going nature. It is also remarkably playful, loving and sweet. This dog will never fail to make you laugh because it is comical in nature that's why it is called the clown.

Moreover, the Frenchie is also bright, alert and curious and it needs a daily dose of exercise such as walking. This dog, however, is extremely sensitive to temperatures that too much heat can give it a heat stroke. Apartment living is okay with this dog and the owner does not have to have a large backyard because it is not frenetically energetic.

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