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					Tour Sight In Taiwan
Taipei 101

             By Lily & Stephanie
About Taipei 101
An outstanding landmark is
enough to transform a city, e.g.
the Empire State Building in
New York City, the Eiffel Tower
in Paris. 101 stories above
ground and 5 stories below, the
508-meter-tall Taipei 101 is an
engineering feat that’s
expected to bring Taipei to the
world. Eight-floor structural
units are connected one by one
on top of each other to form the
whole. This kind of rhythmic
aesthetic is new to skyscrapers.
• Site Area:9,159 pings (30,277 square
• Total Gross Floor Area: 113,210.53 pings
  (374,219.95 square meters)
• Mall Floor Area: 56,206.47 pings
  (185,806.51 square meters)
• Tower Floor Area: 56,995.066 pings
  (188413.44 square meters)
• Parking Space: 1,800
About Taipei 101 Observatory
At 382 meters above the ground the 89F
Observation Floor offers visitors a
commanding view of the city and Taipei
Basin at all directions. The Observatory
is equipped with high-power binoculars,
drinks bar, image services, pre-recorded
audio tour guides in seven languages, &
souvenir shops.
         Dragon Feature-
         The Finale Show
• To showcase the high technology and
  aesthetics of the TAIPEI101 skyscraper.
• To offer international guests a striking
  experience of Taiwan.
• To offer the public a thrilling, informative,
  and entertaining new travel destination.
About Taipei 101 Mall
• Taiwan’s premier international
  shopping destination, featuring
  luxury goods, fashions, and fine

• Taipei 101 Mall has gathered
  together the finest in fashion and
  refined dining from around the
  world. Out customers’ wishes are
  thoughtfully catered to in a world-
  class space that brings together
  sensory delights, a wonderful
  atmosphere, and architectural
  aesthetics, giving form to limitless
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