Copperas Cove ISD Site-Based Decision Making Committee 2009-2010

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					        Annual Committee Activities
                                                            Site-Based Decision Making
      Participates in team building and SBDM staff
       development                                         Committee Organizational Chart
      Updates SBDM Committee brochure
      Conducts SBDM evaluations                                              School Board

      Applies for staff development waivers, when
      Applies for early out waivers, when applicable
      Provides input on all waivers submitted to
       TEA from the district
      Provides input for CCHS TAKS test day
                                                                                                                               TEA Recognized District
                                                                                                                                             1998 – 1999
       waiver                                                   Assistant Superintendent of                                                  1999 – 2000
      Approves grants                                        Curriculum and Student Services                                                2000 – 2001
      Approves curriculum changes                                                                                                           2001 – 2002
      Assists in development and approval of district                                                                                       2002 – 2003
       goals                                                                                                                                 2003 – 2004
      Assists in development and approval of district                  District SBDM Chair                                                  2008 – 2009
       plan and holds public meeting                                                                                               MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!
      Recommends date for Take Our
       Daughter/Son to Work Day
                                                                     District SBDM Recorder
      Submits Foreign Exchange Student Waiver
      Assists in developing calendar                                District SBDM Reporter
       Regular Committee Activities
      Regular meetings are scheduled
                                                                                                                                          Today’s Students
      Agenda printed, distributed, and                            District SBDM Committee                                               Tomorrow’s Leaders
       electronically transmitted prior to meetings
      Minutes printed, distributed, and
       electronically transmitted following
       meetings                                                   Campus SBDM Committee                                        Copperas Cove ISD
       SBDM representatives elected annually
       Campus representatives act as liaisons                                                                                  Site-Based Decision
       between the district committee and
                                                                  Department or Grade Chair
                                                                                                                               Making Committee
      Responds to Board requests on written
       reports                                                                                                                       2009-2010
The committee has also discussed but taken                                                                                        Established in 1991-1992
    no official action on the following:                                       Revised 10-06-09
                                                                                                                                  Theme created by the 1991-1992 District
      Changing grading periods to nine weeks            Copperas Cove ISD does not discriminate against any person                SBDM Committee, who wrote the original
      Student uniforms                                  because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability,       District Site-Base Plan
      Forty-five day prior notice for a teacher                   age, or any other basis prohibited by law.                     Past Committee Chairs: Kaye Patterson,
       changing campuses                                                                                                           Carol Lane (Rogers), Sheryl Dunlap, Fred
      Clear backpacks
      Homework policy                                       Compliments of the CCISD Educational                                  Oborne, Linda Williams, Carol Easters,
      Automated substitute system                                        Services Department                                      Bobby Payne, and John Gallen
                                                                                                                                  Superintendent: Dr. Rose Cameron
                                                                                  2009-2010                                       Committee Coordinator: Gail Milligan
            Creation of the                                   The District                       Site-Based Decision Making Committee Actions
          Copperas Cove ISD                         Site-Based Decision Making Plan
     Site-Based Decision Making                                                                                           2004-2005
                                                                                                 √ Distributed competition and scholarship materials
             Committee                                                                           to campuses.
                                                  Committee membership:         The charter      √ Addressed campus concerns about cafeteria, safety,
                                                  committee served three years in order to       class size, hiring, etc.
1990 The State Legislature passed SB1             provide continuity and consistency in          √ Made Sunset Review recommendations of six
and mandated districts establish a                                                               programs.
                                                  planning. Local BQA Policy states: "Each       √ Provided input for district staff development.
Professional Consultation Committee.              campus planning committee will select two      √ Assisted in the evaluation of the 05-06 District Plan.
CCISD established that committee on               representatives from its group. For the        √ Discussed 2005-2006 school calendar.
January 7, 1991.                                  1994-1995 school year, one representative
                                                  from each campus will serve for one year       √ Made recommendations on the Sunset Review of
1991     Following the 1990 fall elections,       and the other will serve for two years.        three programs
the State Legislature passed HB2885 in 1991       Beginning with the 1995-1996 school year,      √ Provided input on the 2006-2007 calendar
requiring districts to develop a plan for site-   each campus will elect one new                 √ Proposed and approved a date for “Take Our
based decision making and to submit the           representative to serve for two years. All     Daughters and Sons to Work Day”
                                                                                                 √ Reviewed August staff events
board approved plan to the Commissioner           future members will serve for two years. If    √ Evaluated NCLB changes and activities
by September 1, 1992.                             necessary, to ensure parent and community      √ Recommended approval of an Early Start Waiver
                                                  participation, the committee coordinator       √ Proposed that there be no Early Outs for 06-07
1992 A seventeen member CCISD                     will consult with the principals to secure     √ Approved three staff development reorganization
district committee was elected to develop                                                        days for 2006-2007
                                                  representation of at least two parents and                          2006-2007
the district's plan. The committee included       two community members. They will serve         √ Reviewed the 2006-2007 District Plan
seven teachers, one parent, one business          one-year terms.                                √ Approved the Homebound Waiver
person, one community member, one                                                                √ Discussed proposed changes to district curriculum
librarian, five principals, and one central                                                      √ Made recommendations on the Sunset Review of
                                                  The coordinator of the committee is the        five programs
office administrator. One board member            Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and     √ Provided input on the 2007-2008 Early Release and
served as a nonvoting member of the               Student Services. The chairperson is elected   Staff Development Waivers
committee. The committee's first chair was        by the committee from its membership and
CCJHS teacher, Kaye Patterson.                                                                                          2007-2008
                                                  serves a two year term. The 2001-2002          √ Made recommendations on school safety
                                                  committee added a reporter to expand           √ Participated in the D.A.T.E. process
1992 The committee presented the                  communication to the community.                √ Reviewed the Public School Foundation
district's plan to the Board of Trustees in                                                      √ Made recommendations on the Sunset Review of
August. The Board approved the plan and           Prior to writing the plan, the committee       three programs
it was submitted to and approved by TEA.          attended extensive training. The Texas                                2008-2009
                                                  Education Agency, the Texas Association        √ Disseminated information on unfunded mandates
                                                  for School Boards, and the Region 12           √ Provided input on the 2009-2010 calendar
                                                  Education Service Center all provided          √ Made recommendations on 2009-2010 staff
                                                                                                 development & waiver days
                                                  materials, trainers, films and research        √ Discussed the D.A. T. E. grant
                                                  materials to assist committee members in       √ Took information to campuses regarding several
                                                  writing the district's plan.                   current issues (swine flu, dropout rate, etc.)
                                                                                                 √ Developed and approved the updated SBDM
                                                                                                 committee responsibilities