The Future of Oil Professor Roland Horne Stanford University

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					"The Future of Oil"

Professor Roland Horne
Stanford University
2:00 PM on October 16th
Room 3404 at 20 Symonds St, School of Engineering.

He is a New Zealander who runs the Geothermal Program at
 Professor Horne did his Ph.D. here at Auckland in geothermal
reservoir modelling

In 2009, the world stands at a crossroads with regard to the
recovery and use of energy. Over recent years oil, the world’s
primary source of transportation fuel, has reached a “pinch point”
between supply and demand – with the consequence that price has
expanded rapidly to higher levels than ever seen before, then
dropped precipitously. Quenching the world’s ever-increasing thirst
for oil at a price that won’t bankrupt the economy is a problem that
has grown serious. Discovering and recovering increasingly larger
amounts of hydrocarbon resources will require new technology, as
well as a larger and a more sophisticated technical workforce. This
presentation will examine the future of three aspects: (1)
resources, (2) technology and (3) manpower. The petroleum
engineering discipline and petroleum education programs have
crucial roles to play in all three aspects.