Fund-Raising Walk for Jennifer Barnett, May 11 by FlaglerLive


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									                  WALK FOR JEN

          Jennifer was enjoying two weeks in New York with her boys and her husband
   Jared, who had to go there to get a new pilot’s license. Jennifer decided to turn it
   into a family trip and packed the kids up to go with him. A call from a client
   changed their return home plans and Jared had to fly back earlier on his own.
   Jennifer and the boys flew American Airlines on Monday, February 4th. As she was
   boarding the plane at 8:15 pm, Jennifer sent Jared a text saying she was feeling
   dizzy. According to Bryce, her four year old, "mommy got sick and started throwing
   up and crying while we were in the air." She was rushed to the hospital when the
   plane landed in Atlanta. When they performed an MRI on Jennifer it showed that
   she had suffered from a brain-stem stroke.

                      Jen’s a fighter!
She is doing things the doctors sai
                                  d she would never do. Jennifer
loves the beach! When I went and
                                   saw her she was blinking to
communicate, and with only one
                                 blink, it was clear that she wante
a walk on the beach. A walk on the
                                   beach is a meaningful and
cherished way to honor her and
                                also help her family.

                         Saturday, May 11, 2013
9:00 AM, Flagler Beach South (across from water tower)
 For more info, contact Rochelle Stone 386-793-6993/

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