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honouring the past... Understanding the present... Preparing for the future
01   Mission & Vision Statements
02   Message from the Foundation
04   Honouring the Past – A Brief History of Firsts
05   Preparing for the Future – Planned Giving
06   Donor Story
06   Funds
08   Contributors
09   Professional Advisors Play an Important Role
10   Understanding the Present – Grants
15   Preparing for the Future – In Easy Steps
16   Brant Community Foundation – A Charity for Charities
17   Treasurer’s Report
18   Highlights of Audited Statement
20   10 Principles
22   Board of Directors, Committees and Staff
24   Preparing for the Future – Making Your Mark in the Sands of Time
Mission & vision Statement

Mission Statement from donors of all means, and
To attract and manage permanent funds
provide grants to charitable organizations in Brantford and Brant County.

vision Statementa trusted agent and a catalyst for
The Brant Community Foundation is
philanthropy, benefiting our community - today and forever.
Understanding the Present:
       Message from the Foundation
                                           Foundations are forever – and because of that, we must     this fund will continue to benefit the Sanderson Centre
                                           Honour our Past, Understand the Present and Prepare        forever. As our reputation continues to grow, several
                                           for the Future.                                            other organizations have expressed interest in agency
                                           At the Brant Community Foundation the past year
                                           has been an exciting one. While there have been a          Brant Community Foundation Donors with Donor Advised
                                           few difficulties due to the world economic situation,      Funds discussed the repercussions of the economic
                                           responses from our supporters and donors have been         turmoil with us, and made the decision to give directly to
                                           overwhelming and inspiring.                                the charities of their choice rather than to erode capital
                                                                                                      that their funds have built up over the years. We thank
                                           It has been an eventful period for the world economy,      them for their stewardship of the charities they have
                                           the likes of which have not been seen for decades. The     chosen to support, and of the funds they have entrusted
                                           City and County have experienced business closures,        to the Foundation.
                                           job losses, reduced income for retirees, and our entire
                                           community has felt the effects. But even throughout this
                                           difficult time, we had two new agency funds started; one
                                           for Laurier Brantford and one for the Canadian Military
                                           Heritage Museum of Brant. The first grant from the
                                           John G. Wilson Family Fund for the Sanderson Centre
Dr. Robert Farley   Joanne Lewis           Foundation was awarded this year, and grants from
Chair                 Executive Director

Our first annual Community Leaders Breakfast was held
in June 2009. After his inspiring presentation, noted      highlights of the Year
philanthropist Murray Hogarth surprised us by starting
a Pioneer Petroleums Fund. The Asset Development and
Marketing Committees plan to make this an annual
event, bringing to our community a high quality speaker    Total Assets                 $5,177,789
with a topical and relevant message.
                                                           Gifts Received                $107,062
As part of our community leadership initiatives, the       Grants Approved               $112,753
foundation hosted an Earth Week Speaker Series in April
2009. Protecting the environment for future generations    Investment Performance Net     -11.32%
is an important issue in our community, and over 100
people attended each of the two public forums. As a        Organizations Supported             36
community foundation we must think not only of the
next generation, but all future generations.               Operating Expenses                  1%

Thank you to the donors, staff, volunteers, and board of
our Community Foundation. They understand that to be
prepared for the future, everyone must be included, and
everyone needs to help.

honouring the Past
a Brief history of Brant Community Foundation Firsts

the Brant Community Foundation has only been around for
11 short years but we have an exciting number of firsts.

Our first major assets were acquired through the generous donation of the trustees of
the Sheridan Place Retirement Home for Women. In 2001 when that corporation wound
up, our first Field of Interest Fund for the benefit of the elderly was created.

once the first fund was established, we then quickly
celebrated several other firsts:

           • First Matching Fund initiative for Children and Youth in Recreation        • First $5 million in assets
           • First Life Insurance Policy                                                • First Donor Designated Funds naming specific charities to receive
           • First Agency Fund for D.A.R.E., Drug Awareness Resistance Education          annual grants – Brantford Symphony Orchestra and
           • First Specified Gifts from existing Foundations;                             Glenhyrst Art Gallery
             Blacker Benevolent Trust (originally established in 1926) and              • First Scholarship Fund
             C. Gordon Cockshutt Foundation (originally established in 1953)            • First Funds established through BMO Nesbitt Burns/
           • First Corporate Named Fund – Apotex Pharmachem Environment Fund              Community Foundations of Canada Supporting Your Community Program
           • First Donor Advised Fund – Bill and Dorothy Campbell Fund
                                                                                        The Foundation now has 28 funds, offering donors flexible choices to ensure that we
           • First Municipal Fund – The City of Brantford Mayor’s Fund                  can match the needs of the community and the wishes of donors with the best possible
4                                                                                       results.
Preparing for the Future - Planned Giving:
                                   Making a Difference in your community
A planned gift to support your favourite charity is a way of remembering an organization
that you care about, and establishing a lasting memorial for you or someone you wish
to honour. After providing for the financial security of your family, you can specify a
gift to make a difference in your community.

           CREatE YoUR LEGaCY
           · Pledge of annual gift of cash
           · Transfer of securities / stock
           · Life insurance policy
           · Bequest in your will
           · Gift of other assets
           · Bequest of residue of your estate
           · Through a Charitable Remainder Trust
           · Donation of remainder of RSP or RIF
           · Donation of remainder of guaranteed annuity
           · Tribute donations to help another create a legacy

Your lawyer and professional financial advisor can assist you with the details.

Preparing for the Future:                                                                    Donald and Jo-anne wilkin –
     Donor Story                                                                             Canadian Military heritage Museum of Brant County Fund
                                                                                             Donald and Jo-Anne Wilkin understand that we cannot prepare for the future without
                                                                                             understanding the past. Strong supporters of the Canadian Military Heritage
                                                                                             Museum of Brant, they demonstrated their belief that the history and heritage of
                                                                                             the Canadian Military and the sacrifices made by them must be preserved. They
                                                                                             did this by starting a fund for the benefit of the museum.

Community Funds:                                            Blacker Benevolent Fund
                                                            C. Gordon Cockshutt Fund
Grants from the Community Funds address current             City of Brantford Mayor’s Fund               $58,551
needs as they arise. Grants are given to organizations      Community Fund                                $5,954
from any sector; arts and culture, education, health,
social services, recreation, etc. The Foundation’s Grants   Bob Glaves Fund                               $5,508
Committee reviews applications annually to address the      In-memoriam Legacy Fund                       $2,687
most pressing needs.                                        Charlie and Gretta Lewis Fund                 $4,848
                                                            vyrt and Barbara Sisson Fund                  $8,581
Field of Interest Funds:                                                                            Directed Funds
Grants from the Field of Interest Funds are restricted to organizations with                        DonoR aDvISED FUnDS
programs in a particular sector.                                                                    the donors who established these funds, decide who the recipients of these
                                                                                                    grants will be each year.
EnvIRonMEnt FUnD                                                                                    Bill and Dorothy Campbell Fund                     $276,167
Grants support projects in the environmental sector that protect and/or                             John and Leah Huigenbos Fund                        $36,304
restore environmental integrity, including land, air and water, and address                         Terry Stewart and Joan Stewart Butcher Family Fund   $72,187
identifiable environmental needs.
Apotex Pharmachem Environment Fund                       $8,828                                     aGEnCY FUnDS
Community Environment Fund                              $115,179                                    Funds have been set up to provide annual grants to these organizations.
                                                                                                    Brant Taletellers Fund                                $23,155
SEnIoRS FUnD                                                                                        D.A.R.E.—Drug Awareness Resistance Education        $379,126
Grants can be given in any sector but must be for projects and programs                             Mary B. Stedman Glenhyrst Art Gallery Fund          $171,076
for the elderly.                                                                                    Mildred S. Barrie Laurier Brantford Fund              $31,639
                                                                                                    Mary B. Stedman Symphony Fund                       $176,684
Sheridan Place Fund                                $1,551,988                                       Stedman Farringdon Burial Grounds Fund                 $8,706
                                                                                                    Donald and Jo-Anne Wilkin Canadian Military          $10,232
ontaRIo EnDowMEnt FUnD FoR ChILDREn                                                                    Heritage Museum of Brant County Fund
anD YoUth In RECREatIon                                                                             John G. Wilson Family Fund for the Sanderson Centre    $9,028
Grant applications from this fund are reviewed by the Foundation’s Youth
advisory Committee.                                                                                 BURSaRIES, SChoLaRShIPS anD awaRDS
Community Youth in Recreation Fund                    $91,317                                       Thomas E. Taylor Memorial Bursary Fund                            $23,347
                                                                                                    for BCI Graduate going into a Faculty of Engineering
Rotary Sunrise Youth Fund                              $4,670
Wescast Youth Fund                                     $4,670                                       Sharon Elaine Sienko Memorial Fund                                $24,881
                                                                                                    for awards to recognize endeavours/challenges of GEDSB students
                                                                                                    Mary Welsh Brant Waterways Foundation                              $8,543
Our staff and volunteers met with each donor to determine the type of fund most appropriate to       Environmental Scholarship
                                                                                                    for BCI Graduate going into Environmental Studies
his or her philanthropic intent. We extend our thanks to our donors for using the Foundation as a
means to leave a legacy to the community. Contact the office at 519-756-2499 for a confidential
discussion about starting a named fund.                                                                                                                                          7
Contributors June 1/08 to May 31/09
Lil and Bud Adams                           Rose & Dr. David Hirano                Julia Paulino                           In Memoriam
Mary Jane, David, Chelsea and Aidan Allan   Lesley Hirano                          Robert Peever                           Bill Allen                       Ed Harvey
Sandra & Jim Allen                          James Hitchon                          Angelo & Anna Pizzacalla                Marguerite Barry                 Connie Hayes
Jean Anderson                               Bruce & Joyce Hodgson                  Marguerite Rice
                                                                                                                           Dorothy Bilous                   Joyce Hodgson
Sondra & Robert Archibald                   Jerry Horak                            Betty Rivett
                                                                                                                           Marie Brazil                     Norah Langton
Mildred Barrie                              John & Leah Huigenbos                  Linda Robinson
Terry & Lynne Bateson                       Doug & Margery Hunt                    Dr. Walter and Jane Rolland             Dick Buchanan                    Alvin Marr
Dianne Belliveau                            James Ion                              Mary Saban                              Judith Crabb                     Colin Marr
Jim & Sunngan Berhalter                     Jiffy Lube                             Marlene Schepp and Charles Sisson       Karen Dargie                     Ryan Nadrofsky
Ron & Sherron Birkett                       Joanne & Dave Johnson                  Renate Schepp                           Florence Nellie Difelice         Merle E. Oattes
Geoffrey and Margaret Blacker               Denys & Bev Jones                      Murray & Janet Sharp                    Walter Dorsey                    Lawrence Pennell
Sherri & Brandon Bocchini                   Larry Kings                            Stephanie Sienko                        Mrs. Gerry Elder (Millie)        Margaret Paynter
Mary Jo Brock                               John & Sue Knill                       Dale & Margaret Simpson                 Len Ellins Sr.                   Phyllis Rayner
Sharon Brooks                               Joanne & Dave Lewis                    Vyrt & Barbara Sisson                   Barbara Frame                    Pat Telfer
Anne Buchanan                               Donald Ludlow                          Harvey Smith                            King Fraser                      James (Jimmy) Wilkes
Joan & William Butcher                      Norman J. Lundvall                     John & Margarita Sorensen               Mrs. Joan Hammil
Robin, Kelley, Emily & Jordan Butcher       George & Joan Mallon                   Mary B. Stedman
Bill & Dorothy Campbell                     George Mangolt                         Henry Stolp
Olga Consorti                               Rick & Anne Martin                     Americo & Anna Tarantello               tribute Donations
D.R.H. Farms                                Michael McClenister, Cynthia Swanson   United Volunteer Foundation of
Marvin & Melodie Daboll                     Dr. Andrew and Natalie Michalchuk        Brantford/Brant                       • In Honour of Vyrt and Barbara Sisson’s 150th Celebration
Davis Fuel Company Limited                  Mary Miklos                            Martin & Teresa Van Sloun               • In Honour of Jean Wilson’s 80th birthday
Gerald & Margaret Dowden                    Shirley Mitchell                       Richard & Carol Ann Westbrook
Pat Duern                                   Anne & Charles Muldoon                 Donald & Jo-Anne Wilkin                 • In-Memoriam Remembrance of Sharon Elaine Sienko’s birthday
Mohammed & Sohaila El-Farram                Helen Mulligan                         Teresa Winn                             • Speaker Appreciation Gift for Brant Community Foundation
Paul Emerson                                Walter & Opal Murphy                   Heather & John Wyatt
                                                                                                                           • Thank you to Bob Glaves
Robert & Brunhilde Foa                      Margot Neill                           Betty Young
Catherine Forbes                            Kim Neziol                                                                     • In Honour of Bill Campbell’s 75th birthday
Gerry & Marg Gamble                         Nipissing University                   The foundation has also received many
                                                                                   anonymous donations                     • In Honour of Michael and Louise Rutledge’s 25th Anniversary
Stanley & Fran Gavloski                     Ron & Margaret Parker
Donald and Helene Heys                      Orval & Muriel Parsons
Preparing for the Future: Professional advisors play an Important Role
Community foundations believe that professional advisors play an important role in providing opportunities
for clients to achieve their charitable wishes. They have a unique opportunity to “ask the charitable giving

The following have been identified as key reasons people give to charity:

  • They have a relationship with a particular charity because of personal experience.
  • They have a wish to create immortality through a lasting legacy, or wish to obtain
    recognition for themselves or a friend or relative or colleague.
  • They desire to be a good person, feel compassion towards people and
    feel good about themselves.
  • They have a sense of social responsibility and a need to help others less fortunate.
  • They want to give something back to the community.
  • They are interested in making their charitable gifts work effectively.
  • They find charitable giving a way to pass on family values or civic heritage from
   one generation to another.
  • They appreciate the tax advantages.

We would be pleased to arrange a confidential consultation at your request.

Understanding the Present: Grants
Grants from the Brant Community Foundation support a wide range of projects in Brant and Brantford.
one of the recent grants to the John noble home was put to good use by their Recreation Department with
the creation of a new horticulture Program. with one part-time staff person and four dedicated volunteers,
residents flocked to the program. they planted outdoor gardens and hanging baskets. Using the herbs from their
herb garden, residents and day patients attended cooking classes and made “herb vinegar” for the bazaar. this
program appealed to all residents and day patients, and the program took part in S.K.I.P. (Seniors & Kids
Intergenerational Program). what a wonderful way for all generations to make a better community!

Grants made in 2008 – 2009
Grants from Community non-Designated Funds
Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Brantford                                 $3,500.00                      Five Oaks, Paris                                    $1,850.00
for core programs for children and youth, and service operations                                  for bus service for summer camps

Brant Interfaith Counselling Services                              $900.00                        Habitat for Humanity Brant                          $2,250.00
for Restorative Justice Brant program                                                             for housing project build

Brant Taletellers Guild                                            $540.00                        McGill University                                   $500.00
for 2009 Storytelling Festival                                                                    for the Blacker Library of Zoology

Brantford Symphony Orchestra                                       $925.00                        Personal Computer Museum                            $1,650.00
for symphony production costs                                                                     for environmentally-controlled storage for museum

Community Resource & Employment Service                            $1,100.00                      TOTAL                                               $13,215.00
for Christmas hamper program

Alert Program                                                      $1,650.00   Grand River Alliance                                          $3,100.00
for home security monitors                                                     for Community Builders Youth Leadership
                                                                               for youth leadership program for elementary school students
Arcady                                                             $600.00
for Christmas concert series                                                   Habitat for Humanity Brant                                    $1,900.00
                                                                               for housing project build
Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Brantford                                 $2,200.00
for core programs for children and youth, and service operations               Kids Can Fly                                                  $3,100.00
                                                                               for support of Roots of Empathy programs
Brant United Way                                                   $1,700.00
support of 2009 campaign                                                       Six Nations’ Art Council                                      $1,200.00
                                                                               for traditional craft instruction for summer program
Brantford School of Instrumental Music                             $415.00
for programming costs                                                          Victim Services of Brant                                      $600.00
                                                                               for court assistance program
Canadian Council of the Blind                                      $700.00
for computer training for visually impaired                                    Woodland Cultural Centre                                      $3,400.00
                                                                               for Planet IndigenUs aboriginal arts program
Canadian Industrial Heritage Centre                                $1,850.00
to build website with virtual museum displays
                                                                               TOTAL                                                         $24,815.00
Family Literacy Committee of Brant                                 $1,200.00
for books for the Forest of Reading program

Farringdon Independent Church                                      $1,200.00
for community work

Canadian Diabetes Society                       $350.00     Alert Program                              $200.00
for workshop series for diabetes control                    for home security monitors

Grand Valley Educational Society                $600.00     TOTAL                                      $200.00
to encourage and enhance local post-secondary
educational opportunities
                                                            VYRT AND BARBARA SISSON FUND
Habitat for Humanity Brant                      $150.00
for housing project build                                   Brant Taletellers Guild                    $160.00
                                                            for 2009 Storytelling Festival
TOTAL                                           $1,100.00
                                                            TOTAL                                      $160.00
Brantford School of Instrumental Music          $100.00
for programming costs

TOTAL                                           $100.00

Brantford School of Instrumental Music          $85.00
for programming costs

TOTAL                                           $85.00

Grants: from Field of Interest Funds
Alzheimer Society of Brant                           $3,100.00   Nova Vita Domestic Violence                           $6,200.00
for caregivers retreat                                           Prevention Services
                                                                 for group counselling program for seniors
Arthritis Society, Brantford Branch                  $900.00
for assisted memberships for swimming and exercise               Ontario Geneaological Society,                        $350.00
Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Brantford                   $900.00     Brant County Branch
to deliver core programs for seniors                             to set-up new facility

Brant Taletellers Guild                              $500.00     Sanderson Centre Foundation                           $1,400.00
for community storytelling events for seniors                    to purchase chairs for Sanderson Centre

Brant United Way                                     $4,500.00   Stedman Hospice                                       $3,100.00
to support programs for seniors                                  for Day Patient wellness Program, respite care

Brantford General Hospital Foundation                $3,550.00   Thank A Vet Luncheon                                  $1,850.00
for Inpatient Rehabilitation program equipment                   for appreciation luncheon for veterans and families

Brantford Symphony Orchestra                         $925.00     Victim Services of Brant                              $1,250.00
for symphony production costs                                    for victim support programs

Community Resource & Employment Service              $2,000.00   Willett Hospital Foundation                           $1,200.00
for Christmas Basket program                                     for Urgent Care Centre at the willett hospital

John Noble Home                                      $6,200.00   TOTAL                                                 $37,525.00
for horticulture therapy program for residents and
day care participants                                                                                                               13
Environment                                                        Donor advised
APOTEX PHARMACHEM FUND                                             Due to the tumultuous economy of the past year, our donors with advised
                                                                   funds have chosen to give directly to the charities that they support
Carolinian Canada Coalition                            $150.00     rather than eroding the assets in their endowed funds. we thank them
to produce fact sheet about natural Carolinian areas               for their continued support of many worthwhile charities and for their
                                                                   understanding endowed funds during these unsettled times.
Carolinian Canada Coalition                            $450.00     Bill and Dorothy Campbell Fund
to produce fact sheet about natural Carolinian areas               John and Leah Huigenbos Fund
                                                                   Terry Stewart and Joan Stewart Butcher Family Fund
Grand River Conservation Foundation                    $1,200.00
for outdoor education equipment and learning tools                 Donor Designated
TOTAL                                                  $1,800.00   BRANTFORD SYMPHONY FUND
Youth                                                              Mary B. Stedman Symphony Fund                            $7,300.00
IN RECREATION, ROTARY SUNRISE AND WESCAST FUNDS                    TOTAL                                                    $7,300.00
Arnold Anderson Kidsport                               $2,800.00   GLENHYRST ART GALLERY FUND
for equipment for FunZone sporting stations                        Mary B. Stedman Glenhyrst Fund                           $7,100.00
Kids Can Fly                                           $1,200.00
for the 2009 children’s Book Camp                                  TOTAL                                                    $7,100.00
TOTAL                                                  $4,000.00   D.A.R.E. AGENCY FUND
                                                                   D.A.R.E.                                                 $16,000.00

14                                                                 TOTAL                                                    $16,000.00
Preparing for the Future - In Easy Steps

Many of our donors start small. Don’t be intimated by minimum
fund levels.

At the Brant Community Foundation part of our mission is to “be a
charity for donors of all means”. We enable all citizens in Brantford
and Brant County to fulfil their charitable plans. Making the first
step to start a fund is easy and can be affordable for any budget.
Many of our donors start out with a small donation.

Everyone has their own unique long-term financial and charitable
goals. A planned gift can ensure that your own best interests
are taken into account, while you succeed in meeting the needs
of organizations you may already support financially, or as a
volunteer. Come in and talk to us about what you would like to do
for your community, and your vision for the future.

Understanding the Present and Preparing for the Future

An Agency Fund set up for your favourite charity results in annual funding that they can use for important
needs as they arise. Grants can be used to cover program costs, equipment, administration or capital expenditures.
The charity’s board of directors determine the use as their needs change.

          Benefits of an Agency Fund designated for your favourite charity:
          • No need for a special committee of investment experts
          • No need for a comprehensive investment policy
          • No need to show large unrestricted reserve funds
             on your financial statements
          • No need to prepare separate Canada Revenue Agency filings
          • No need to pay extra investment management fees

Talk to your favourite charity and ask them how they rely on annual donations to support their operations.
We would be pleased to talk to you and the charity of your choice about preparing for the future.

treasurer’s Report

The fiscal year to May 31, 2009 has been very difficult for our investments as the decline in
values has eroded much of the gains achieved in prior years.

It is important to remember though that the income generated by our funds has decreased
only marginally and this results from reduced interest rates on the rollover of maturing bonds.
The brighter economic outlook suggests that, in time, our values will return and interest will

The Foundation Board ensures that our investments are made wisely with conservation of capital
as a primary goal.

We look forward to a future with increased contributions to manage and an increase in the grants
to deserving community charities, which is our mission.

Yours respectfully,
Terry Bateson

Highlights of Audited Statement
Year ended MAY 31, 2009
                                                                                                                           ENDOwMENT FUNDS
                                                                   Field of Interest Funds                         Donor Designated Funds
REVENUES                                                                2009                      2008                   2009                     2008
Investment income (loss) - net                                   $ (230,829)              $     47,742            $ (112,661)             $     22,283
Contributions                                                          5,920                    22,500                 47,807                   81,660
Services                                                                   -                         -                      -                        -
                                                                   (224,909)                    70,242               (64,854)                  103,943
Grants and Leadership Projects                                          43,325                  61,507                   30,856                 30,800
Fund management                                                         17,948                  20,607                    8,825                  9,608
Administration - Schedule 1                                                  -                       -                        -                      -
                                                                        61,273                  82,114                   39,681                 40,408

Excess (deficiency) of revenues over expenses for the year           (286,182)                  11,872                (104,535)                 63,535

Fund balances - beginning of year                                    2,063,019                2,074,891                 978,805                915,270

FUND BALANCES - END OF YEAR                                        $ 1,776,837            $ 2,063,019               $ 874,270             $ 978,805

18                                           The above statement of revenues, expenses and changes in fund balances has been excerpted from, and should be read
                                                                  OPERATINg FUND                                        TOTAL
               Non Designated Funds
                     2009                 2008                       2009                   2008                   2009              2008
           $    (325,234)            $ 65,775                 $         -            $         -            $ (668,724)         $ 135,800
                   51,850              138,698                      2,250                    540                107,827           243,398
                        -                    -                     73,284                100,455                 73,248           100,455
                (273,384)              204,473                     75,498                100,995              (487,649)           479,653

                   38,572                99,573                         -                      -                  112,753          191,880
                   25,437                28,339                         -                      -                   52,210           58,554
                        -                     -                   103,539                 84,346                  103,539           84,346
                   64,009               127,912                   103,539                 84,346                  268,502          334,780

                (337,393)                76,561                   (24,041)                16,649                (756,151)          144,873
                                      2,787,740                    85,160                 68,511                5,991,285        5,846,412
               $ 2,56,908
                                    $ 2,864,301               $    57,119           $     85,160              $ 5,235,134       $ 5,991,285

in conjunction with, the audited financial statements of Brant Community Foundation Inc. for the year ended May 31, 2009.
10 Principles
           these principles describe the ideals we strive for
           in all we do and all we say, all for community.

1) wE BUILD CoMMUnItY vItaLItY                            3)      wE CREatE oPPoRtUnItIES FoR                         5) wE taCKLE PRESSInG ISSUES
Strong, vital communities are those in which everyone     DIaLoGUE anD InCLUSIon                                      We believe philanthropy has a role to play in addressing
can participate. They are resourceful and resilient.      Nurturing a vital community means reaching out and          some of the most pressing issues of our time. We
Community foundations nurture and build our               ensuring that people with different experiences and         tackle tough problems on many fronts through our
community’s strengths and assets. We respond to           points of view are included, especially those who are       grantmaking, investments, research, convening,
challenges and opportunities and support organizations    often excluded.; We bring people together to create         communication and participation in the public policy
and individuals to do likewise. We develop local          opportunities for respectful dialogue and joint problem     process. We work with other foundations, organizations,
leadership, invest in sustainability, champion justice,   solving. We enthusiastically participate when invited to    business and governments in our region and across the
and mobilize civic participation and resources.           dialogues convened by others.                               country on problems that require shared action.
2) wE UnDERStanD oUR CoMMUnItIES                          4) wE EMBRaCE PaRtnERShIPS
Sweeping changes to the economy, the environment and      More can be accomplished when we act together. We
demographics are just some of the trends affecting our    believe in the power of collaboration and joint action to
country and our communities. We actively participate      maximize our community’s opportunities and respond
in the life of the community, continually engage in       to our challenges. We initiate, participate in, and
consultation and discussion, track and report on local    support partnerships that build community vitality and
and national trends and respond to change.                are based on shared vision and mutual responsibility.

                                                                                                                      Community Foundations Canada’s new logo is
                                                                                                                      composed of more than a dozen unique variations
                                                                                                                      of the same shape, all moving together in
                                                                                                                      harmony. The shapes are different colours and
                                                                                                                      sizes, mirroring the communities that are home
                                                                                                                      to Canada’s community foundations. The logo is
                                                                                                                      modern and inviting. Full of movement and the
                                                                                                                      spirit of community.

6) wE EMBRaCE DIvERSItY anD                                8) wE BUILD CoMMUnItY aSSEtS anD                           10) wE aRE RESPonSIvE anD
     FoStER REnEwaL                                             ChaMPIon PhILanthRoPY                                      aCCoUntaBLE
We believe there is strength in diversity. As our          Permanent endowments and other philanthropic funds         We are reputable stewards of community resources and
community’s foundation, we have a responsibility to        are vital community resources now and for the future.      are committed to being accountable, responsive and
reflect its diversity. We continually renew our boards     We are passionate champions of philanthropy and            transparent. We continually look for the best ways to
and staff, reach out to understand different points        engage donors of all ages and from all walks of life       invest our assets to meet our mission. We are open and
of view, and engage the broader community in our           and traditions. Our donors work with us to find the best   accessible, fair and objective, flexible and timely as we
deliberations and decision making.                         ways to serve their communities while meeting their        work with grant seekers, donors, volunteers and others
                                                           charitable goals.                                          in the community.

                                                           9) wE LEaRn anD ShaRE what
7) wE GRant FoR BREaDth                                        wE Know
    anD IMPaCt                                             We have extraordinary opportunities to learn from
Grant dollars are community capital for seizing            the groups we fund, our donors, our partners and our
opportunities, finding solutions, sustaining what works,   colleagues around the country and the world. We gather
providing needed services, expressing ourselves and        data, question, reflect and evaluate so that we can have
taking calculated risks. We grant broadly across the       impact on the important issues in our community. We
spectrum of community life, supporting organizations       share what we learn with others.
and programs that are making a difference.
Board of Directors, Committees & Staff
The foundation is grateful to the dedicated core of community volunteers and professionals, all of whom make their special contributions
by assisting the board and staff. Our volunteers desire to make a difference in our community by giving of their time and expertise.

                                                                                                                           Melodie Daboll, Chair
Board of Directors                                                                                                         Jean Anderson
Jean Anderson, Vice Chair                                                                                                  Chuck Beach
Terry Bateson, Treasurer                                                                                                   Doug Bowman
 Doug Bowman                                                                                                               Pat Davies
Dean Braund                                                                                                                Pat Duern
Dorothy Campbell                                                                                                           Lorrie Gallant
Melodie Daboll                                                                                                             Robert Glaves
Dr. Robert Farley, Chair                                                                                                   Bruce Hodgson
Lorrie Gallant                                                                                                             John Huigenbos
Bruce Hodgson, Past Chair                Board of Directors                                                                Julia Jacobson
John Huigenbos                           BACK ROW: Doug Bowman, Scott Lyons, Dean Braund, John Huigenbos, Terry Bateson,   Lucy Marco
Scott Lyons                              Bruce Hodgson FRONT ROW: Robert Farley, Jean Anderson, Melodie Daboll,            Vyrt Sisson
Ennio Trignani, Secretary                Dorothy Campbell Absent: Lorrie Gallant, Ennio Trignani                           Paula Thomlinson

Past Presidents                          asset Development                           asset Management                      Marketing
Committee                                Doug Bowman, Chair                          Terry Bateson, Chair
                                                                                                                           Scott Lyons, Chair
Dianne Belliveau                         Dean Braund                                 Jean Anderson
Anne Buchanan                            Bill Campbell                               Dr. Robert Farley                     Dean Braund
Bruce Hodgson                            Dr. Robert Farley                           Bruce Hodgson                         Doug Bowman
Nick Rizzo                               John Huigenbos                              Vyrt Sisson                           Bill Campbell
Vyrt Sisson                              Nick Rizzo                                  Ennio Trignani                        Dr. Robert Farley
                                         Vyrt Sisson                                                                       Peter Jackman
Environment Committee        nominating                                Community Supporters
Pat Duern, Co-Chair          Judge James Kent, Judge,                  Brant United Way, Jorj Takacs, Takacs Studios,
Vyrt Sisson, Co-Chair          Superior Court of Ontario               Ricter Web Printing Ltd.
John Huigenbos, Board Rep
Chuck Beach                  Len Offless, President,
Ralph Beaumont                 Brantford / Brant Chamber of Commerce
Jim Berhalter
Marguerite Ceschi-Smith      Randy MacKenzie, President,
Gordon Diver                   Kiwanis Club of Brantford
Robert Feagan
Joan Kanigan                 Donald Heys, President,
Eric Michler
                              Rotary Club of Brantford
Harry Sawchuk
Maureen Sinclair

Youth advisory Committee     Staff                                     The Brant Community Foundation wishes to extend their
                                                                       sincere gratitude to Ron St.Amand of Ricter Web Printing
                             Joanne Lewis, Executive Director          Ltd., and his talented staff for graciously donating the
Dean Braund, Adult Advisor
Brandon Brown, YAC Chair     Sandra Allen, Executive Assistant         design and printing of this annual report.
Alysha Azzopardi
Margaret Banas               auditor
Christopher Bialas           BDO Dunwoody LLP
Shayne Couillard
Maraya DeGrandis             Investment Counsel                         The Brant Community Foundation gratefully acknowledges
Lee Follis                   TD Private Client Group                    the financial support of Ontario Trillium Foundation. The
J.R. Gallarza                                                           Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Ministry of
Jonathon McDermid
Jennifer Romano
                             Logo Design                                Culture, receives annually $100 million of government
                                                                        funding generated through Ontario’s charity casino initiative.
Stefan Romano                Flying Camel Advertising and Design        The foundation provides grants to eligible charitable and
Jenna Sabolsky                                                          not-for-profit organizations in the arts, culture, sports,
                                                                        recreation, environment and social service sectors.
     Preparing for the Future:
     Making your mark in the sands of time
     Donors not only have the opportunity to support their favourite charities through
     endowment funds during their lifetime, but they also ensure that their support
     continues beyond their lifetime.

     Join the growing number of donors who are making a difference in our community
     through their generosity. We, at your community foundation, are dedicated to carry
     out your plans for philanthropy, either now, or in a planned way in the future.

     Please contact us at 519-756-2499
     for a confidential appointment.

30 Brant Avenue, Brantford, ON N3T 3G6
T: 519-756-2499 F: 519-756-2490
email: info@brantcommunityfoundation.ca

  honouring the past...
      Understanding the present...
                Preparing for the future

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