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									   MINISTRY OF EDUCATION                                   Government of the Cook Islands
            Maraurau o te Pae Api’i                                 Te Kavamani o te Kuki Airani

P.O. Box 97, Rarotonga, Cook Islands                       Tel: (682) 29357 Fax: (682) 28357



The Cook Islands Teaching Awards for Teaching Excellence recognizes educators
and staff who are helping Cook Islands students and young children realize their full
potential, in particular Cook Islands teachers and principals. This is an opportunity to
give remarkable Cook Islands professionals the recognition they deserve.

Who is Eligible?

All primary and secondary teachers employed in a school or ECE centre in the Cook

Suggested Award Categories: Note that in some years more than one award may be
given for a particular category whilst in other years, if there are no suitable nominees, an
award may not be made.

Excellence in Leadership – Sister Islands Schools
Excellence in Teaching – Sister Islands Schools
Excellence in Early Childhood Education
Excellence in Leadership – Rarotonga Schools
Excellence in Teaching (Primary/Area School) – Rarotonga Schools
Excellence in Teaching (Secondary) – Rarotonga Schools


       Promotes Cook Islands Language and Culture
       Demonstrates enthusiasm for teaching and learning - displays (passion for
       Makes an exceptional contribution to the school and the local community
       Inspires students to take on new challenges and reach their full potential
       Creates relevant, appropriate, innovative and challenging opportunities that
        help students learn e.g. integrates new technologies
       Is a role model and an inspiration to the education community
       Connects learning to student interests and to their lives beyond the classroom
       Uses relevant teaching methods to match student learning styles and needs
       Demonstrates a thorough understanding of curriculum
       Demonstrates a thorough understanding of assessment and evaluation
      Is committed to their own professional development to enhance teaching

Nominations for Leadership positions will consider the above criteria plus:

      Demonstrates effective and innovative utilisation of resources
      Displays a sound knowledge of curriculum and pedagogy
      Maintains an environment where excellence from staff and students is
       encouraged and achieved
      Demonstrates effective and current leadership practice.

Selection Panel:

The selection panel ensures transparency in the selection process; evaluates the
nominations and recommends recipients of the awards to the Secretary of

Each panel member represents a different perspective. The panellists will comprise:

      A member of the Ministry of Education Review Team
      A Ministry of Education Learning and Teaching Advisor
      The Early Childhood Education Advisor
      A member of the Ministry of Education Language Team

The panel will elect their own chairperson who will be responsible for ensuring that
the panel reaches a consensus and that everyone is involved in the selection

Students, teachers, principals, parents, school committees, island councils, Ministry
of Education advisory staff and other relevant stakeholders may submit nominations
on the approved nomination form by the required deadline.

The selection panel will meet to consider all nominations. They will verify all
evidence provided to support nominations and rank the top three nominations in
each category according to the prescribed criteria.

The nominees will make their recommendation to the Secretary of Education who
will consult with the Ministry of Education senior management team before
confirming the recipients of these awards.

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