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					Invitation: News publishing seminar in Stockholm September 18, 2007

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                               Blan ditor
                         Henk hief E
                         eput lad van ven
                        at D n – “The ew
                                         Se       Newsroom
                           rde           N
                       Noo s of New
                                     ia”         of the future
                                                A seminar on newsroom trends,
                                                    experience and solutions
                                          hosted by CCI Europe and Oracle Corporation

                                            Dr. Die
                                          – Direc   tmar S
                                                  tor Ifra hantin
                                           – “The          Newsp
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                                                the Fu oom of
        Invitation to knowledge, strategies, trends & networking

 Newsroom                     Presented by Oracle Corporation & CCI Europe

of the future           Oracle Corporation and CCI Europe is              The seminar will offer a good opportunity
                        pleased to invite you to a seminar on             to network with other persons from your
                        “Newsroom of the future”. The seminar will        industry and as such provide sparing on the
                        focus on both requirements and solutions          theme “The Newsroom of the Future”.
                        for the future newsroom.
                                                                          The seminar will take place on:
                        To give the best possible input for the
                        requirement, we have invited Dr. Dietmar          Tuesday 18, 2007 in Stockholm
                        Schantin, Director of Ifra Newsplex, who will     at Oracle premises.
                        present some of the findings and recom-
                        mendations from the Ifra research.                For registration, please send and e-mail to:
                                                                 with your name,
                        From the newspaper side, Mr. Henk Blanken,        company, title, address and e-mail. You will
                        Deputy Chief Editor at Dagblad van het            receive a confirmation, including practical
                        Noorden in the Netherlands will present his       information later.
                        view on the future for newsrooms, especially
                        with respect to the new media.                    Registration deadline is
                                                                          September 7, 2007.
                        Oracle will give a presentation on Oracle as
                        infrastructure platform in the news industry.     The seminar is free of charge.

                        CCI Europe will present the philosophy            If you have any questions, please contact
                        behind the latest editorial development           Mr. Anders Fejring, Area Sales Manager,
                        “CCI NewsGate” as well as give a demon-           CCI Europe at or
                        stration of the solution. This will include the   telephone +45 87 33 54 27
                        digital publishing module based on Escenic
                                                                      The Agenda

9.30 – 10.00    Registration and breakfast           12.15 – 13.15 Lunch

10.00 – 10.15 Welcome by Oracle                      13.15 – 14.15 Demonstration of CCI NewsGate
by Lars Linderson – Channel Director,                by Peter Richardt – Application Specialist,
Oracle Sweden                                        CCI Europe
                                                     This demonstration will show the various aspects
10.15 – 10.30 CCI Europe – The company               of CCI NewsGate and how it fits into the future
by Anders Fejring – Area Sales Manager,              newsroom. The demonstration includes the new
CCI Europe                                           digital publishing module based on software
CCI Europe is fully committed to the news            from Escenic.
publishing industry. This presentation will give a
short overview of the company, the involvement       14.15 – 14.45 Oracle Infrastructure for Online
in the news industry and its partners around the     Publishing by Bengt Eriksson – Sales Consultant,
world.                                               Oracle Sweden
                                                     The presentation will present the Oracle Fusion
10.30 – 11.00 CCI NewsGate                           MiddleWare. What is it? What can it do to secure
by Henrik Bæk Jørgensen – Product Manager,           uptime and scalability, so that hot news can be
CCI Europe                                           read by everyone? What is it that makes this
We are witnessing the fruition of convergence        MiddleWare the best platform for the digital
in newsrooms. Online and new digital media is        publishing?
growing faster than ever before and cost savings
are now being examined at the group level rath-      14.45 – 15.00 Coffee Break
er than on a site by site basis. The media land-
scape is primed for change and CCI NewsGate is       15.00 – 16.00 The Newsroom of the Future
the technological infrastructure to compliment        by Dr. Dietmar Schantin – Director Ifra Newsplex
convergent goals. This presentation will give an     A strategic input on the future editorial/busi-
overview of CCI NewsGate and how it fits into         ness challenges and the impact on the editorial
the newsroom of the future.                          organization. The presentation will cover the
                                                     aspect of convergence as well as the organiza-        Guest speakers
11.00 – 11.15 Coffee Break                           tional decisions. Finally it gives input to how the   Dr. Dietmar Schantin
                                                     newsroom of the future will look like.                – Director of Ifra Newsplex
11.15 – 12.15 The Seven Laws of New New
Media by Henk Blanken – Deputy Chief Editor,         16.00 – 16.30 Conclusion                              Mr. Henk Blanken
Dagblad van het Noorden                                                                                    – Deputy Chief Editor,
This presentation will cover the clash between                                                             Dagblad van het Noorden
old and new media, the seven laws of new new
media and the return of the microcrowds. Henk
Blanken from Dagblad van Het Noorden will
present his view on the new media for the news
                                           Place & organizer details

 We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm

                                               Date:                                   CCI Europe A/S
                                               September 18, 2007                      Axel Kiers Vej 11
                                                                                       DK-8270 Højbjerg
                                               Registration:                           Tel: +45 87 33 55 88
                                               E-mail to:     Fax: +45 87 33 51 88
                                               with your name, company, title,
                                               address and e-mail

                                               Registration deadline is September 7,

                                               Oracle Svenska AB
                                               Kronborgsgränd 17
                                               164 28 KISTA
                                               Tel: 08-477 33 00
                                               Fax: 08-477 35 80