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									    Newsletter 2009
     3rd Quarter_

                               SAFETY FIRST
                               Bonaparte Corporation wants to promote an injury free environment
                               and provide a safe workplace possible for our employees,
                               contractors, clients and communities in which we work. We will
                               provide all of our foreman with OSHA 10 cards to give them the
                               knowledge needed to be competent people and implement safety on
                               their job sites. We will have weekly tool box talks to continue to
                               enforce the importance of safety. We expect all of our employees to
                               always be aware of their surroundings and look out for themselves
                               and others.

Looking Toward

                                                   The Future...
“With businesses, you go to the same places because you like the service, you like the people and they
take care of you. They greet you with a smile. That's how people want to be treated, with respect.
That's what I tell my employees... customer service is very important” (Magic Johnson).

Our company is only as good as the people that work for us. Respect must be given across the board
to ourselves, co-workers, and most important, the customer.
SPOT LIGHT CHA CAMERA Project (Siemens Building Technology)
                                                                       Bonaparte Corporation has partnered with Siemens on the
                                                                       Chicago Housing Authority camera project. CHA will be
                                                                       installing cameras in their senior living homes, family
                                                                       vertical and horizontal buildings. This is part of President
                                                                       OBama‟s stimulus package. This will help to increase life
                                                                       safety in the CHA communities. With over 20,000
                                                                       residential units, CHA is one of the largest Metropolitan
                                                                       housing complexes in the country. We are very excited and
                                                                       optimistic about this project. This is a 14 month
                                                                       project expected to start in early October. A special
                                                                       thanks to CHA and Siemens for being at the forefront
                                                                       of diversity participation goals in the city of

                                                                                                  AUTOMATION SYSTEMS
    JOC WORK—                                                                BUILDING                                  Bonaparte/ Divane
                                F.H PASCHEN, SNNIELEN / LEOPARDO

                                                                                                                                                        BROTHERS O’HARE PROJECT
 Bonaparte Corporation is                                             Bonaparte Corporation is                          Bonaparte Corporation has
 currently working on two                                                 building a great work                               patterned with Divane
Chicago Pubic School Joc                                             relationship with Siemens                         Brothers Electric at O‟Hare
    jobs with F.H Paschen.                                               Building Technology.                                  International Airport.
 Fermie and Carpenter are                                             Siemens is a fortune 100                           Together we are installing
           having American                                                  company with great                               and retrofitting runway
  Disability Act upgrades.                                         diversity goals. They truly                            lights. Divane Brothers is
     We are improving life                                             believe in helping small                        one of the biggest electrical
safety, upgrading lights in                                              MBE/DBE companies                             companies in Chicago; they
      the bathrooms, power                                                     grow. Bonaparte                             have become a mentor to
   upgrades, and installing                                            Corporation is currently                           Bonaparte Corporation to
        an assisted listening                                          working on two schools                                  help us become more
     sound system. Also at                                          with Siemens: Brenneman                              successful. Also, Melanie
           Carpenter we are                                            and Palmer (CPS). Both                                 Hemmer, their Safety
  upgrading the fire alarm                                         schools are upgrading their                         Director, has helped us over
       system and applying                                                HVAC systems to the                           and beyond with our safety
   computer infrastructure                                          latest Building Automated                                      program. Thanks.
         for a new lab. With                                              Systems Technology.
  Leopardo, we have three
    locations where we are
doing all the electrical for
        handicap accessible
        apartments: Fairfax,
    Shelburne, and Harper.
                      Employees: our most important asset!
   Gerry Bonaparte Black Contractor United
                                     When asked about his reaction to being invited to sit on the Board of
                                     Directors for Black Contractors United, Mr. Bonaparte‟s response was “I
                                     am very honored”. Black Contractors United has a very rich history of
                                     leading the fight to include minorities in construction projects here in the
                                     City of Chicago. Starting with a small group of black business owners,
                                     Black Contractors United has grown to include most of the top black
                                     owned business leaders in the city. “To take part in the struggle for
                                     inclusion and participation goals is something that is very important to
                                     me”. I think that it is a fair and responsible position to take when you
                                     allow everyone a chance to partake in the „American Dream‟ of not only
                                     owning but maintaining your own business through opportunities. Black
                                     Contractors is a strong advocate to help monitor and create job and
                                     contracting opportunities in the Chicago land area. „Cudos go out to
                                     B.C.U. for their great choice in

   Roberto Iniguez General Foreman
                                          Roberto Iniguez, has been an electrician since 1992. “I decided to
                                          become an electrician because I was intrigued with science and
                                          electricity. While I was in college and trade school, I also became
                                          interested in industrial technology, but instead decided to take a
                                          class in electrical maintenance. Ultimately, that‟s where I found
                                          my niche and that‟s what I love doing to this very day.”
                                                  On February 1996, Roberto joined the Bonaparte team and
                                          has remained a dedicated employee. February 2009, Roberto
                                          received a promotion as General Foreman for Bonaparte
                                          Corporation. Roberto is married to Leticia Iniguez and has three
                                          children; he is a dedicated family man.

  Pat Burke Senior Estimator/ Project Manager
Pat has over 36 years of service with IBEW local #134. He also has 20 years field experience in commercial,
industrial, and institutional construction. He continued his education in the electrical field taking night classes
in estimating, project management, controls, and computer applications. The past sixteen years he served in
many roles including project manager, operations manager, estimator and safety coordinator. He is a member
of the Family Association at Misericordia and an active volunteer for their fundraising campaigns.
                        Message From the President
                        The 2nd qtr of 2009 has been a remarkable one for Bonaparte Corporation.
                        Since March, the company has experience unprecedented growth by engaging
                        in several long-term relationships. We have been awarded several projects with
                        Siemens Building Technologies, and are very excited about a couple of new
                        projects that are in queu. Bonaparte has also become a part of the J.O.C.
                        program with F. H. Paschen. As a J.O.C. subcontractor, Bonaparte will have
                        the opportunity to participate in several fast-paced projects throughout the year.
                        In June we picked up two such project: Fermi School and Carpenter School. In
addition to the growing customer base, our Bonaparte family has also grown. Since January our
employee base has increased by over 25 percent to 70 full-time employees. I extremely excited about
the progress that we have made so far this year, and look forward to they many great things to come.

To: Our Employees
We would like to address this portion of the Newsletter to a subject that sometimes gets overlooked in
our day to day performance of our job tasks.
When any Bonaparte Employees are on a job site, small or large, the best way to impress our clients is
to act in a professional manner. You have to remember: Clients make paydays possible!
How a client perceives the Bonaparte Corporation is up to you. Are you polite? Are you as neat as you
possibly can be in your work situation? Do you curse or swear? Do you treat your coworkers and other
company employees with respect and consideration? It is imperative that you always adhere to a
professional manner and work ethic.
Sometime keeping proper paperwork seems to be a bother. But proper reporting of time, material and
company assets is paramount to securing profitability for our company. It‟s a simple agreement
between you and the Bonaparte Corporation. We promise to pay you for every hour you work.
You have to make sure that all additional work requested by our clients is documented and authorized,
in writing, before the add work is started. You have to notify your immediate supervisor of any
additional requests by the client. Doing work for a client and insuring proper billing should be high on
our list of priorities. It‟s important!

                               Phone: 312-431-9750 Fax: 312-431-9755
                  “17 Years of Dedicated Service and Running”

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