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6971 Doar Road Awendaw, SC 29429 Telephone (843) 928 3100

Jeffrey Coan, Sr. Delores Cooper Miriam C. Green Bryan McNeal, Jr.

Dan Martin-Town Administrator

Awendaw Town Council Monthly Meeting Minutes May 4th 2006 at 7:30 P.M. The 5th of 12 meetings in 2006 1. 2. 3. Open meeting with Prayer and Allegiance Roll Call: Mayor stated that we had a Full Council in attendance. Approval of March Minutes:  A motion was made by Coan for the minutes to be approved as printed and 2 nd by Cooper.

which constituted the approval of the minutes from the month of March. which constituted the approval of the minutes from the month of April.

All voted in favor of the motion All voted in favor of the motion


Approval of April Minutes:  A motion was made by Green for the minutes to be approved as printed and 2 nd by Coan.


Public Comments:  Charleston County Sheriff’s Office: No Report  Awendaw Fire and Rescue Department: No Report  Citizens of Awendaw (Limit 3 minutes per person) (State your name and address) : No one on the agenda Volunteer Action Committee, Recreation and Library Committees:  Recreation: We did receive a letter from the State approving the project that Councilman Coan was working on, to put lighting


on the basketball court and the picnic area. The Mayor stated that the $3,000 was noted in both March and April minutes for the basketball court project and he would like for the May records to show that we have received the approval to spend the funds.


Council’s Report:  Councilwoman Green stated that she did not have a report but she did have a concern: Green was concerned about the road

work. She wanted to know if it was completed? It was explained that the road work was not completed and they have until June for completion. However, the Mayor stated that he drove down seewee road and he was not pleased with the feel or the look of the road. Dan Martin said they are just patching the road first and then they will pave it.


Mayor’s Report: a) Status of our water project: Phase I - Dan stated that the Town has received all of the contracts for the three

contractors. He said they would be scheduling a meeting for assignments. However, they are still waiting for Atlanta USDA Rural Development Attorney’s to give us instructions for the loan closing and as of today, May 4, 2006, Atlanta has not sent it to Columbia so Columbia can’t send it to us. Generators: Last Friday Dan had a meeting with all the Administrators of Charleston County and found out that there’s a program that will allow the Town to get some used generators from the Army Surplus and he is pursuing this. He is trying to get these generators from Fort Jackson. If we get the generators each one would save the town about $80,000 and that would be the backup for our treatment plant. Mt. Pleasant have some of these generators right now and the Administrator from Mt. Pleasant is the one that informed Dan about it and if the Town needs to go through the Law Enforcement, Mt. Pleasant has agreed to allow the Police Dept to buy the generators for us at $5.00 each and they will sign them over to the Town as long as the Town does not resell it and that’s in the agreement that the town will have with them. The generators will be ours but we cannot sell it to an individual. Councilwoman Green asked Dan what the timeframe was? Dan said they were looking at it now, hopefully we will have the generators next week if we can and if not we have it in the water budget to but it.
Status of Housing Project: We received notice that we’ve been awarded $100,000 from CDBG. We currently have


left in our 2005 budget approximately $30,000, ($26,000 of that was allotted for a projected identified earlier) Mayor Alston

asked for clarification on awarded funds. It was explained that we have been awarded the $100,000 but we will not receive it until August 1, after our contracts are signed.
c) Status of Roads: Porcher School Road will be resurfaced and that will start in the next week or two, as well as the

other three roads. The contracts have already been awarded. Dan spoke to the contractor and they would like to use the Town’s property to store their heavy equipment while they are doing the work and they have been given permission to park at Porcher School and here at the Town Hall. This company is not Banks they are out of Atlanta. They will repair the grounds before they leave. We have a written agreement with them. Question about the old asphalt…It was understood that the old asphalt would be used on the unpaved portions of some of the roads, the end of Porcher School Road being one of those roads. Dan explained that because these are private roads the citizens will need to sign up here at the Town and the asphalt would be dumped on their roads with the understanding that they will have to spread it. Councilman Coan ask if the old asphalt could be dumped here at the Town for the walking trail behind the Town. Dan further explained that what Mr. Jenkins understood from the previous meeting about dumping the old asphalt on White/Young Road and the end of Porcher Road was correct but because these are considered private roads so the citizens will have to request the gravel either from Banks or from the Town, they have a form. The Mayor also explained why citizens needed to be in attendance at our Town meetings. He shared with everyone a memorandum from the Charleston County Transportation Committee advising us of a meeting on Tuesday, May 9, 2006 at 11 am in room B225 Council Committee Room, on the 2nd floor of the Lonnie Hamilton,III Public Services Building, 4045 Bridge View Drive, North Charleston. d)
New Personnel: Our New Clerk is Sammie Brown, Resident of Awendaw, The Part-time Planning Assistant is LaChelle Gray

and The Water Clerk is Michelle J. Nesbitt.

9. 2nd Reading of Rezoning of TMS 625-00-00-074 on Highway 17 and Seewee Rd from Agricultural General to Conservation: 2nd reading of Rezoning of TMS 625-00-00-074 on Highway17 and Seewee Rd from Agriculture General

(AG) to Conservation (C) (152.53 acres, owner: Birds of Prey). A Motion for the 2nd Reading was made by Jeff Coan and 2 nd by Delores Cooper. Motion carried.

10. 2nd Reading of Rezoning of TMS 661-00-00-030 on Highway 17 for Agricultural General to Planned Development: 2nd reading for the recommendation to rezone from Agriculture General (AG) to Planned Development (PD)

zoning classification of property 661-00-00-030 (4.36 acres, owner: Virginia Hicks). A Motion for the 2nd Reading was made by Delores Cooper and 2nd by Bryan McNeal. Motion carried.
11. 2nd Reading of Zoning Ordinance Amendments Chapter 1 Article 1.3.6 Fee Schedule: 2nd reading for

the recommendation-Unified Development Ordinance is changed to Zoning Ordinance and its cost is $20. The Comprehensive Plan cost is $25. The Awendaw Town Center Plan is added and costs $25. A Motion for the 2 nd Reading was made by Jeff Coan and 2nd by Bryan McNeal. Motion carried.
12. 2nd Reading of Zoning Ordinance Amendments Chapter 2 Article 2.1 Re-move lot depth-width ratio requirement: 2nd reading for the recommendation of the lot depth-width ratio. They recommend Amend Chapter 2. Description

of Zoning Categories, by removing all requirements for the lot depth-width ratio. A Motion for the 2nd Reading was made by Delores Cooper and 2nd by Bryan McNeal. Motion carried.
13. 2nd Reading of Zoning Ordinance Amendments Chapter 3, Table 1 add Residential and Conservation categories: 2nd reading for the recommendation for adding the Residential and Conservation categories. They

recommend Amendments to Chapter 3 Table of permitted Uses by adding the use columns for Conservation (C) and Residential (R). A Motion for the 2nd Reading was made by Miriam Green and 2nd by Jeff Coan. Motion carried.
14. 2nd Reading of Zoning Ordinance Amendments Chapter 11, Article 11.1 add definition of “Lot Area Measurement”: 2nd reading for the recommendation for adding the definition of “Lot Area Measurement”. They recommend

Amendments to Chapter 11.1 by adding the following definition of “Lot Area Measurement” Lot Area refers to the horizontal land area within lot lines, including freshwater wetlands and excluding any area below the Office of Coastal Resource Management’s Critical line. A Motion for the 2nd Reading was made by Jeff Coan and 2nd by Delores Cooper. Motion carried.
15. 1st Reading of 2006-2007 Budget Ordinance: 1st reading of an ordinance to adopt the 2006-2007 Fiscal Year Budget

for the Town of Awendaw. The Town of Awendaw is in need of a budget to guide and direct its receipt and expenditure of revenues during 2005-2006 fiscal year and section 5-7-260 of the SC Code of Laws, 1976 as amended, requires that certain acts by municipal council be done by ordinance, including the adoption of a budget. Section 1. Purpose. That this ordinance is adopted to provide the Town of Awendaw with an operating budget for the 2006-2007 Fiscal year. Section 2. Creation of the 2006-2007 Budget for the Town of Awendaw,

SC. By passing of this ordinance, The Town adopts as its’ budget for the Fiscal Year of 2006-2007 “Exhibit A”, incorporated fully herein by reference. Section 3. Transferability of funds-The Mayor and Town Council reserve the right, upon the approval of Council, to adjust the budget amounts so as to reflect actual revenues and expenditures in their respective categories, without the necessity of adopting a new ordinance or amending this ordinance. Section 4. Appropriation-The Council of the Town of Awendaw hereby appropriates the funds as set forth in Exhibit A for the purpose set forth therein. Section 5. Severability-If any part of this Ordinance is held to be unconstitutional, it shall be construed to have been the legislative intent to pass said Ordinance without such unconstitutional provision, and the remainder of said Ordinance shall be deemed to be valid as if such had not been included. Section 6. Effective Date-This Ordinance shall be effective beginning with the new fiscal year, July 1st, 2006 as its enactment by the Town Council of the Town of Awendaw. A Motion for the 1 st Reading was made by Jeff Coan and 2nd by Miriam C. Green. Motion carried contingent upon the sections that will take place in the closed session after the public meeting.
16. Financial Report for April: A motion made by Cooper for the Financial Report to be received as information and 2nd by


Financial Report for April– Dan Martin April Financial Summary Beginning Balance 04/01/06 February Receipts February Expenses Ending Balance 04/30/06 $130,452.35 $ 54,478.26 $156,280.52 $ 28,650.09

PAINE WEBBER ACCOUNT Beginning Balance as of 1/31/06 $104,591.27 Interest + 312.59 Balance as of 02/28/06 $104,903.86

17. Executive Session: Jeff Coan made the motion for Executive Session, 2 nd by Miriam C. Green. Motion carried. 18. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned Council will go into closed session .

Respectfully submitted, Town of Awendaw

*Minutes are not official until approved by Town Council on June 5, 2006 at 7:30 P.M.

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