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                            ICS 470: Software Engineering
                                       4 credits
                                     Spring 2013
                                    Online course
                           January 14 through May 6, 2013

                 ICS Department (Information and Computer Sciences)
                            Metropolitan State University

Instructor:    Larry Gottschalk, Assistant Professor, ICS, Metropolitan State University
               Room NM L120, 700 East Seventh Street, St Paul, MN 55106-5000


Phone:         612 / 770-7741 (cell phone)

Office Hours: Tues 10 - 3; Wed noon -5, my office New Main L120.
              (Appointments are highly recommended.
              Call cell phone 612 / 770-7741 to obtain an appt time.)

               It is best to ALWAYS make an appointment, for I will be out of my office
               for dept meetings or faculty meetings, some of which will occur during
               these office hours.

Course outline
See worksheet attachment to this syllabus. It includes:
- week by week topics and reading schedule
- weekly assignment information
- project assignments and due dates.

               A      94% and above
               A-     90% and above
               B+     87% and above
               B      84% and above
               B-     80% and above
               C+     76% and above
               C      72% and above
               C-     70% and above
               D      60% and above, else

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S/N grading option: To receive a satisfactory rating (S), you must earn 70% or greater.
              If you want to take the course using the S/N grading option, you must
              inform the registrar before the second class meeting. Grading option:
                     "Students must select the grading option before the second class
              session of any course. After that time, students cannot change either from
              a graded to ungraded option or vice versa. Students should report any
              change to the registration office prior to the second class session." -- from
              Cynthia (Olson) Herring, Registrar, August 25, 1999

 Course Outcomes and Competency Statement
The student will know how to effectively and efficiently build software systems.
The student will know how to elucidate requirements, and use those build the system to
fulfill those requirements.
The student will know how to manage the software lifecycle.
The student will know how to select an appropriate process model for a project.
The student will know how to verify and validate a system.
The student will know how to manage a software project, including estimating effort,
time, and resources needed.

Weekly assignments and Projects Submitted Late
Weekly assignments and Projects segments are due in D2L on the date indicated on the
attached worksheet. You need to submit weekly assignments and projects by putting
them into the appropriate D2L drop boxes.

Weekly assignments and projects submitted late are discounted 25% per day. After the
4th day, they may no longer be submitted.

And, no work is accepted after May 6, 2013, the last day of this course.

Assignments/projects submitted to the wrong drop box will have a 25% deduction, as if
they were one day late. Grading of assignments/projects submitted to the wrong drop
box probably will be delayed.

All assignments/projects must be typed and submitted as either Microsoft Word file
format (.doc or .docx), or in rich-text-format (.rtf), or in Excel file format (.xls or .xlsx),
or in PowerPoint file format (.ppt or .pptx) unless otherwise stated. All other formats will
have a 10% deduction, providing I can manage to open and process the document. If I
can’t open and process a document that is not in one of the above formats, it will be
returned with a grade of 0.

Assistance from instructor
Please request assistance by an email to

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Grade Book distribution:
Your grades will be posted in D2L.

If plagiarism on an assignment is detected, you will receive zero for that assignment.
Plagiarism involves, but is not limited to:
- use of other student's work,
- use of work off the WWW.
Finding two assignments that are too similar to be accidental will constitute detection.

A second instance of plagiarism by the same student in the same course will result in an
F for the course.

1) Software Engineering, A Practitioner’s Approach, seventh Edition, by Roger S.
Pressman, 2010 ISBN number: 978-0-07-337597-7.

If you buy this book other than at the St Paul Book Store, make sure it is for use in the
United States. (Earlier editions of Pressman’s book have a variant published in India
that have a different ordering of questions at the end of each chapter.)

Prerequisite skill/knowledge
You should have taken ICS 370. If you are taking ICS 370 concurrently, then read
chapters 2, 3, 5, 6 and 12 carefully.

I also assume most learners have Web training in some form, such as taking ICS 225. If
that is not the case, then read chapter 13 carefully.

There are two forms of participation:
1) turning in weekly assignments and projects to the appropriate drop box.
2) participation in the course discussion board.

Lecture notes:
Each week a two or three page summary of what is significant in the current week’s
readings will be posted on the course website:         (.com, not .edu)

Receiving class notices for ICS 425
Class notices will be sent to the listserv for this course that is created by the IT
department. Therefore, class notices will go only to your Metrostate email account.

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Disability statement
If you have a learning or physical disability of any kind that will interfere with your
ability to turn in homework on time or to do the amount of homework or reading this
course requires, please contact the disabilities office. They will contact me and we will
work out alternatives for all the above.

University policy requires that the disability office be involved for such exceptions to be

Schedule of the course
According to University policy, you have from January 14 through May 6, 2013 to
complete this course. No work will be accepted after May 6, 2012.

Answering your questions
My practice is that when I am asked a general (not personal) question by email, I respond
to the whole class with the question and answer. It saves me being asked the same
question multiple times! I will follow this practice even more intensely during this online
course, since we don't have Q/A exchange in a classroom with most everyone present to
hear the question and the answer.

An incomplete will be given if an unavoidable event comes up in your life and disrupts
your ability to finish in this semester, PROVIDING at the time of the emergency you are
not behind in assignments, and have a passing grade at the time.

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