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									NTT America Reinforces Role of IPv6 in Next Generation
Internet Applications
NTT America Joins The Planet as Sponsors for First Annual IPv6 Technology Conference in Texas

November 03, 2009 08:00 AM Eastern Time  

NEW YORK--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--NTT America, a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of NTT Communications Corpor
and a Tier-1 global IP network services provider, today announced continued support of its ongoing IPv6 initiative with a gold spon
annual IPv6 technology conference hosted by The Texas IPv6 Task Force at The Planet offices in Houston, Texas on November 3
Christman, NTT America’s Director of Product Engineering, will speak on real world applications and implementations of IPv6 for
Internet. Charles Sellers, senior product engineer, NTT America, will also present during the event.

While the expected depletion of IPv4 addresses and U.S. government mandates were the initial motivation for interest in IPv6, new
as IPTV, better security features, and the exponential growth in the number and types of devices with Internet access are fueling IPv
businesses that need to stay competitive on a global basis. The NTT Communications Global IP Network was the first and is one of
largest Tier-1 networks fully upgraded to run IPv6. By supporting IPv6 transit service in native, tunneled or dual stack modes, NTT
a flexible and speedy transition path for companies, allowing them to take advantage of new international opportunities in content an
ensuring business continuity and saving time through simplified network management. (Note: To view the NTT Communications Glo

“NTT Communications is a long time champion of the benefits of IPv6 and has worked with the North American IPv6 Task Force,
and most recently with the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center to promote IPv6 adoption,” said Cody Christman, Direct
Engineering, NTT America. “We are pleased that we can share our expertise including real world applications and transition paths o
level. This is really an indication of the importance of IPv6 to businesses that want to stay both innovative and competitive.” 

As host of the event, The Planet, the world’s largest privately held dedicated hosting company, has been working with NTT Americ
customers IPv6 access through an innovative dual stack approach, which provides the most efficient way to use both IPv4 and IPv
The Web site to register for the event ( ) is hosted on The Planet’s IT infrastructure and is available via IPv6 a
NTT Communications Global IP Network.

NTT America has been an advocate for the advancement of IPv6 for more than a decade. The company launched a microsite to pr
those interested in all aspects of IPv6 education and deployment to share information, questions and insights. The IPv6 microsite ca

About NTT America

NTT America is North America’s natural gateway to the Asia-Pacific region, with strong capabilities in the U.S. market. NTT Ame
subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation, the global data and IP services arm of a Fortune Global 500 telecom leader: Nip
Telephone Corporation (NTT). NTT America provides world-class Enterprise Hosting, managed network, and IP networking servi
customers and service providers worldwide. For additional information on NTT America, visit us on the Web at www.nttamerica.c

U.S. product information regarding the NTT Communications Global IP Network and its award winning IPv6 transit services may, by calling 877-8NTT-NET (868-8638), or by emailing

About NTT Communications Corporation

NTT Communications provides a broad range of global networks, management solutions and IT services to customers worldwide.
renowned for delivering reliable, high-quality security, hosting, voice, data and IP services; its expertise in managed networks; and it
IPv6 transit technology. NTT Communications’ extensive infrastructure includes Arcstar™ Global IP-VPN and Global e-VLAN, a
IP backbone reaching more than 150 countries in partnership with major Internet service providers, and secure data centers in Asia
and Europe. NTT Communications is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, one of the w
telecoms with listings on the Tokyo, London and New York stock exchanges. Please visit

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